Minor League Report: Potential Call-Ups

Redraft owners will be looking to the minor leagues for help at this point in the season. Many of the breakouts are either owned or already broken and busted. Below are some players that could be September, or sooner, call ups to help fantasy owners down the stretch. You may think some of the names are obvious, but Guerrero is available in almost 70% of Yahoo leagues. Just because they are obvious names doesn’t mean they are not on waivers.

  • Vlad Guerrero Jr

Pretty much the consensus top prospect at this point; only service time concerns are holding him down. The hope is come September they will call him up rather than try to make it look “good” similar to the way the Braves did with Acuña. If they call him up this year it is going to be a lot harder to justify him not being on the MLB roster to start 2019. I don’t think I need to tell you why he needs to be owned in any format. If he does get the call he is going to be a big difference maker down the stretch, big enough that even the 50/50 odds of him being called up make him an easy choice at number one.

  • Eloy Jimenez

He is in the same situation as Vlad Jr. Neither has any reason to come up this year other than it is good for baseball to have its young future stars in the big leagues. The White Sox seem like they are more likely to promote him than the Blue Jays for Vlad Jr., or maybe that is just how I feel. Either way, if someone isn’t already stashing him he is a must own for a potential good average, good power stretch run.

  • Francisco Mejia

The first guy that is probably available in redraft leagues. His value is higher if he has catcher eligibility, obviously, but there are some deeper league (15 team roto type) appeal at other spots. I think he has a much better chance of getting called up down the stretch, but the impact won’t be as deep. For a catcher the stats will be more than helpful, and they will be better than anything on the wire by a good bit, but at the other positions he is kind of just another guy.

  • Jesus Luzardo

I have been down on Luzardo most of the past year, but it’s hard to not be high on him at this point. His innings shouldn’t be much of an issue. He could bump up to 150 or so and not have it be a serious problem. The Athletics would get a nice boost down the stretch by adding him to the rotation as other guys start to wear down. I wouldn’t be expecting him to get called up, but it isn’t a thing that I would bet against, especially when it comes to the A’s.

  • Peter Alonso

Raking in Las Vegas, Alonso could get the call at any moment. He has really shot up prospect lists this year after being a little bit of an afterthought this time last year. Power and average down the stretch while (likely) hitting in the middle of the order? Yes please.

  • Austin Meadows

A pretty good bet to make an appearance down the stretch, Meadows has shown some signs of fantasy relevance this season already. The trade helped out his chances of playing this year as he doesn’t have to deal with the crowded outfield in Pittsburgh anymore. Not a ton of power in his bat, but a definite help in five outfielder leagues.

  • Kevin Newman

If you only need one shortstop he really isn’t worth your time, but in 15 team leagues with a middle infield spot Newman might be worth a speculative add. Jordy Mercer is far from a road block and Newman would be a nice potential boost to the top of the Pirates lineup with a solid average and some speed. If you need some late season steals and an average stabilizer Newman could be your guy.

  • Justus Sheffield

For as good as the Yankees have been, their rotation is far from a dominant force. The Yankees don’t need him because the division is basically gone, 10 games back as of this writing, and I don’t think they really need him to hold onto their wild card lead. He would make sense as a call up to help them keep home field for the wild card game. If I had to choose him or Luzardo I would go Luzardo, although I think his chances of getting the call are slightly higher and he is the slightly better pitcher right now.

  • Luis Urias

Urias hasn’t put up the numbers that would make you think he has one of the best pure hit tools in the minors, but he does. The issue is there isn’t anything else in the profile. He can help stabilize an average down the stretch. He is no lock, but it is rumored he will be up before the season is over.


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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.