Bottom of the Barrel

Second Base Bottom of the Barrel

Last week when I brought you the bottom of the barrel first basemen, I did so with the intention of highlighting some of the non ranked players that could be of some use for the 2015 fantasy season. Just because we didn’t think highly enough of players like Billy Butler, Steve Pearce and Mark Teixeira does not […]

Mookie Betts place your betts

Place Your Betts

Look, it’s 2015; you’re not a junior high school boy.  Well, I, and most of our readers, probably aren’t anyways. For those male junior high Fantasy Assembly readers, thanks for reading! Also, just bear with me for a bit, I’m going somewhere with this; you don’t need to race your friends to be the first one to get to […]

2015 Ranking Image

2015 Second Base Rankings – Top 25

Looking back at last year’s rankings; many of the names are still the same.  We did lose valuable pieces like Matt Carpenter to other positions; overall the landscape hasn’t changed, only their places in the rankings.  Free agency for this position has been somewhat uneventful with the biggest news coming via trade.  Ben Zobrist was […]

Dustin Pedroia Do Not Draft

Don’t Pick Dustin Pedroia

I remember the good old days of middle infield production. At shortstop you had the three R’s, Hanley Ramirez, Jose Reyes, and Jimmy Rollins, with Tulowitzki when he was healthy. When it came to second base, there were guys like Utley, Cano, Kinsler, Phillips, and Pedroia. As time passes, these names have faded from the […]

Jason Kipnis Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned: Second Base

Fantasy baseball players have their minds on the future. We pore over projection systems. We want the stud prospect. We read all year-long about next week’s two start pitchers. There are never any articles about last week’s two-start pitchers. When it comes to player performance our focus on the future should be commended. After all, […]

Prospect Rankings image

Top 25 Second Base Prospects

There aren’t typically a lot of second basemen among the best prospects in baseball. Not only is the offensive standard for second basemen generally quite low, but often it is the shortstop prospect who slides over to second base to fill a team need at the major league level (think Javier Baez) . It’s not surprising, […]

2015 Rankings

2015 First Base Rankings – Top 30

2015 First Base Rankings – Top 30

First base is where you’ll find the power for your team.  Eleven players hit 30 or more home runs in 2014 and seven of them qualify for first base, eight if David Ortiz qualifies in your league.  Another eight first base eligible players hit between 25 and 29 home runs.  I say eligible for first because over […]

Keeper/Dynasty Rankings

2015 Top 200 for Dynasty/Keeper Leagues

2015 Top 200 for Dynasty/Keeper Leagues

Over the past two months we have been bringing you our dynasty / keeper league positional rankings.  This is the culmination of all that hard work, our top 200 players for dynasty/keeper leagues.  Players are ranked with the next five years of 5 x 5 category production in mind by each of our 6 experts […]

Prospect Rankings

Top 25 First Base Prospects

Top 25 First Base Prospects

Major League First Basemen often come from other positions in the minor leagues, meaning you won’t often find a lot of minor league first base prospects with a lot of hype or on Top 100 prospect lists. With the exception of a handful here, this year is not really any different. The offensive standard for […]