Tommy John Don't Forget

Don’t forget the Tommy John’s

Starting Monday we will be rolling out our starting pitcher rankings, with Dynasty rankings on Monday and 2015 rankings Friday.  Several sites have already posted their starting pitcher rankings, most of which can be found over at Fantasy Rundown.  While looking over these lists (ours included), I can’t help but notice several names missing.  Those […]

Jake Odorizzi Sleeper DuJour


For some time now, Jake Odorizzi has been a favorite pitcher of mine.  I have a soft spot for high K rates, this is true, but why wouldn’t I?  Strikeout pitchers are awesome!  Anyways, Odorizzi is a good strikeout pitcher.  Therefore, in case you got lost there, I have a soft spot for Odorizzi.  I realize […]

Mortal Kombat Fister Ryu

Mortal Kombat: Fister vs Ryu

Welcome to another edition of Mortal Kombat, where we take two potentially evenly matched players and pit them against each other to see who the better man is.  This week it’s righty verse lefty as Nationals starter Doug Fister takes on the Dodgers Hyun-Jin Ryu.  Looking at SP draft averages for 2014, Ryu was taken in the […]

Felix Hernandez King of Redrafts

Is Felix Really a King in Redraft?

I love starting pitching. In my numerous points leagues, I tend to acquire an elite pitching rotation over an elite offense, and I’m in the top third every season. Two of these leagues do weigh pitching more heavily, but the others do not. As good as elite hitters are, I find I can often acquire […]

TheProspect Grid

The Prospect Grid: AL Starting Pitchers

Each week throughout the off-season, we’ll be focusing on a single position for the 2015 season and beyond. Dynasty rankings, 2015 rankings, player profiles, bounce back candidates, drafting recommendations, and this: the new Prospect Grid. This tool isn’t just for those in deep leagues with minor league systems, but hopefully can be of use to […]


Pocket Aces?

It’s really cool how Major League Baseball has done this whole retro late-70’s throw back thing the past couple seasons. Hitters are really doing a bang up job of imitating hitters from the pre-steroids era. Seriously though, if these hitters get any better at mimicking what hitting was like in the late-70’s they may not […]

2015 Rankings

2015 Early Rankings : Outfield

2015 Early Rankings : Outfield

Outfield is an important position to fill depending on how many active OF slots your league uses. Unlike other positions where you only use one (not counting 2 catcher leagues and those that use CI & MI players), with outfielders you are playing a minimum of 3. Most leagues have upgraded to using 4 while some use 5 or […]

Keeper/Dynasty Rankings

2015 Outfield Dynasty/Keeper Rankings (Top 60)

2015 Outfield Dynasty/Keeper Rankings (Top 60)

Each week, the Assembly will put together their positional rankings for keeper/dynasty leagues. Players are ranked with the next five years of 5 x 5 category production in mind, so when you see Bryce Harper ranked ahead of Jose Bautista, that does not necessarily mean that we believe Harper will be the superior short term […]

Weekly Assembly

Weekly Assembly: The Final Three

Weekly Assembly: The Final Three

Each week we will feature one reader question here. Each member of the Assembly will attempt to offer the best answer for you. Together you’ll have more than 100 years of experience responding to your issue. Ryan has a question about keepers.  Thanks for sending this in Ryan, we’re happy to help.  Check back in […]