Troy Tulowitzki so what about his terrible second half

So what about Tulo’s terrible second half?

If I were to describe Troy Tulowitzki in only two words, I would probably choose disabled list talented and fragile. When Tulowitzki is healthy, he is easily the most dynamic hitting shortstop and one of the most exciting hitters to watch. He goes on tears like no other, and for his entire career (pre-2015) was trying […]

Marcus Semien: Dark Horse for Top 5

Marcus Semien: Dark Horse for Top-5 SS

It’s been true for a few years, and 2016 is no different: shortstop is the most shallow position. Second base has had a rather strong core for years, with new names rising and falling with that core. Shortstop has often had Troy Tulowitzki at the top, but he can’t stay on the field. Neither can […]

2016 Prospect Ranking Image

2016 Top 25 Shortstop Prospects

We continue our prospect rankings with a look at the future of the shortstop position. As he will be throughout this series, Andy Germani joins me to rank the top shortstop prospects for 2016. Our rankings will be consolidated to give you our final site rankings, but you can see where Andy and I ranked them in the […]

Ian Desmond Player spotlight

Player spotlight: Ian Desmond

Prior to the 2016 season, Ian Desmond had three consecutive seasons of 20 home runs and 20 stolen. On average he was taken as the 28th overall pick and third shortstop off the board in 2015. He ended the season as one of the bigger disappointments, finishing as the 16th shortstop and 213th overall on […]

Draft This Not That

Draft This, Not That: Shortstops

The shortstop position began a major youth movement in 2015 with the arrival of instant superstar, Carlos Correa, followed by Francisco Lindor who looks like he could be Derek Jeter-lite, and then finally Corey Seager came on the scene late in the season. If you want Correa, Lindor, or Corey Seager to be a part […]

Corner Infield

2016 Third Base Rankings – Top 25

2016 Third Base Rankings – Top 25

What a difference two years can make.  Looking back at 2014 rankings we see a top five of Miguel Cabrera, Adrian Beltre, David Wright, Evan Longoria and Ryan Zimmerman.  Cabrera is the only top player left on the list, although he has shifted to first base.  Zimmerman also moved to first, but you can’t pay […]

Keeper/Dynasty Rankings

2016 Dynasty/Keeper Rankings: Top 200

2016 Dynasty/Keeper Rankings: Top 200

We wrap up our dynasty/keeper league rankings today with our top 200.  Just like with all the previous rankings, players are ranked with the next five years of production in mind, so the higher ranked player is not always the best short-term solution. Taking part in our dynasty rankings will be Paul Hartman, Kevin Jebens, […]

MIddle Infield

2016 Second Base Rankings – Top 25

2016 Second Base Rankings – Top 25

Second base is very deep in talent.  Not elite talent mind you, but steady reliable bats that can be taken at all points in the draft. How deep is the position you ask?  Dustin Pedroia is currently the 12th second baseman being taken in NFBC Drafts.  Neil Walker, Daniel Murphy, Ben Zobrist and Howie Kendrick […]