Rusney Castillo Cuban Missle

Rusney Castillo: Cuban Missile Crisis

On Friday, the Boston Red Sox signed Cuban defector Rusney Castillo (Rusney Castillo Peraza) to a 7 year 72.5 million dollar contract.  This deal tops the 6 year 68 million dollar deal signed by Jose Abreu last year by the Chicago White Sox.  Prior to signing, the 27-year-old Castillo was a member of the Los Tigres, the nickname […]

Field of Streams


Come on in, it is time for more streaming fun! Before we get to the matter at hand, let’s see how last weekend’s streamers fared. Last weekend’s seven streamers went 3-3, with an ERA of 4.12, a 1.33 WHIP and a 9.07 K/9. So, not spectacular, but workable. Of course not all streams are the […]

Ball Street Roto Exchange 2

Ball Street: The Roto Exchange

When I look for bad pitching performances each week, reversing the rankings, it’s always painful to see a page full of starts where no one averages more than 4.0 IP per game. And if that doesn’t make my cringe enough, it’s particularly painful when I see a pitcher on one of my rosters. I’m looking […]

When healthy, Tulo and Cargo are a dynamic duo. The problem is they are not always healthy.

Wheeler Dealer: Playing for keep(er)s

The fantasy baseball season is winding down. Perhaps your league has 1 or 2 more head-to-head weeks before the playoffs start. Maybe you still have a shot to make the postseason. Maybe, like me, you would need a lot of help to get into the playoffs.  For those of you in standard leagues, the trade […]

Davis new Dunn or Reynolds

Is Chris Davis the next Adam Dunn or Mark Reynolds

Coming into the season, Chris Davis was almost a unanimous choice for a first round pick. On average, 5 hitters when before Davis in most drafts, Mike Trout, Miguel Cabrera, Paul Goldschmidt, Andrew McCutchen, and like him or not, Carlos Gonzalez. We knew he would not hit over 50 home runs this year, but everyone […]

Minor League Prospects

Gambling on Prospects: September Hitter Call Ups

Gambling on Prospects: September Hitter Call Ups

This series will look at prospects and show whether they are worth an investment on your fantasy team. Every owner knows that the secret to a strong minors system is knowing who to throw away and knowing who to keep. Each player featured in this series will be given one of the following recommendations: Hold […]

Player Spotlight

Early Doubters Wong about Kolten

Early Doubters Wong about Kolten

Kolten Wong came into this season with a solid pedigree and a strong minor league track record.  He hit no lower than .341 during his 3 years at the University of Hawaii and showed double-digit power and speed.  Wong was drafted in the first round by the Cardinals in 2011 and moved quickly through their […]


Top 150 Players for Dynasty Leagues: Mid-Season Update

Top 150 Players for Dynasty Leagues: Mid-Season Update

This is the third installment of the year for my Top Dynasty Players Rankings, and as always I thank you for reading! My (best) intention will be to maintain that frequency for upcoming seasons as player values are ever-changing. This list is a snap-shot today of how I would rank the best 150 players in […]