Austin Meadows - Glendale Desert Dogs - 2015 Arizona Fall League (Bill Mitchell)

Minor league report: Look at more than season long numbers

Checking in on those fantasy prospects and seeing some underwhelming numbers? Now that were are almost into June season long numbers are almost meaningless. Now could even be the best time to pounce. Fantasy owners are less likely to notice a hot streak from a minor league player than a major leaguer on their roster. […]

Shelby Miller Mind Games1

Mind Games

Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening – whichever is applicable to you. Meet the Parents was a romantic comedy of sorts. Released in 2000, it followed the ups and downs of Ben Stiller’s first visit with his future In-Laws. While the movie was filled with memorable moments and plenty of laughs, the most comical […]

Field of Streams

Field of Streams: Week 9 Weekday Streamers

It certainly is good to be back in the swing of things, firing what I deem to be good streaming options your way. Of course, in my stead the good Reverend, Jim Finch, was gracious enough to cover for me. His streamers from last weekend fared well, but it looks like Mr. Finch got a […]

Waiver Wire Report 2016

Waiver Wire Report: Down the Road

The fun thing about the waiver wire is, every time you think there is nothing left of value, more players pop up to prove you wrong. I am constantly looking on the waiver wire, not because I have to be, but because it is the only way to stay one step ahead of the rest […]

The Closer

The Closer: A Vote of Confidence

If you’ve paid attention to the late innings for any period of time, you know that a vote of confidence is the kiss of death. If you own a closer who has gotten a vote of confidence you have shuddered I imagine. In recent seasons a veritable fantasy baseball rogue’s gallery has received votes of […]

Deep Thoughts by Paul Hartman

Deep Thoughts by Paul Hartman: Week Eight

Each week I will look at the best targets for AL-NL Only and very deep leagues (think 30 teams). While the following players may not be of interest to those in standard leagues, extremely deep leagues are becoming more and more popular. As I do every week, I sincerely recommend playing in this type of […]

Ezekiel Elliot early RB and WR Draft

Early RB and WR Draft Results and Analysis

My die-hard fantasy football aficionados and I held our annual Suicide Draft recently for the 2016 season. The idea for the league happened one off-season about 6 years ago. It was May and most of our fantasy drafts were an agonizingly long 3 months away in August. As much as our fantasy withdrawal hurt, not […]

Minor League Prospects

Minor league report: JD Davis destroying the Texas League

Minor league report: JD Davis destroying the Texas League

Some owners might already be looking at 2017 and beyond after rough starts to the 2016 season. It might be too early in my book to pack it in for 2016, but it never hurts to prepare for the future. This week features a handful of prospects that don’t appear on too many prospect lists, […]

Player Spotlight

Has Nick Castellanos Finally Reached His Prospect Potential?

Has Nick Castellanos Finally Reached His Prospect Potential?

As recently as 2014, Nick Castellanos was a top-20 prospect entering the season. For two full seasons, he underwhelmed those in dynasty leagues who expected him to quickly reach his full potential. It’s a common issue — managers see a prospect with a “star” ranking as his ceiling, and they get frustrated when he doesn’t […]

Weekly Lineup Help

Field of Streams: Week 8 Weekend Streamers

Field of Streams: Week 8 Weekend Streamers

Well, here I am folks, back from my brief hiatus to provide you some streaming options for this upcoming weekend. A big thanks to Jim Finch for filling in, in my absence. Let’s see how he fared. Last weeks streamers went 3-1 with a 3.17 ERA, a 1.15 WHIP, and a 5.48 K/9. The strikeouts […]