Sunday Morning Coffee

Sunday Morning Coffee

Today’s Reading David Regan goes behind the numbers learning from small sample sizes Matt Grabusky at Big League Futures has the top 50 2014 mlb draft prospects (Great site to follow) Joe Giglio has Early season MLB overreactions you should avoid making Jeffrey Bellone asks “What Happened to R.A.Dickey?” Zachary D. Rymer says the designated […]

Zach McAllister Stream Team Week 4

Week Four Stream Team

Streaming pitchers in April is challenging. We don’t have enough data from 2014 to accurately analyze team’s hitting traits, and roster turnover negates much of the value we could gain from looking at last year’s stats. Enter Fangraphs’ sortable team stats page, which not only allows you to analyze statistics over any time frame and […]

Waiver Wire Report 1

Waiver Wire Report: Helpers and Hinderers

Welcome to another addition of the waiver wire report. This week I’ll identify some of the lesser owned players that may be available to you on the waiver wire. In addition, there are several players that are owned in more than 40% of leagues that you should really think about jettisoning from your roster.

Ball Street Roto Exchange 2

Ball Street: The Roto Exchange

I’m one who favors the “don’t overreact” approach in April. However, there are still some guys that I’d drop now without feeling any guilt. Granted that most of them are deep league plays — you don’t want to outright dump Pedroia just because his wrist is acting up — but when it comes to guys […]

Saving Nolan Ryan

Saving Nolan Ryan – The Oakland Bullpen

Throughout the season, I’ll be looking at bullpens for all 30 major league teams.  As closers fall off one by one (and they will), I’ll prepare you for who is next in line.  For holds leagues, I’ll list the most likely arms on each team to come through for you.  Finally, I’ll list a sleeper […]

Original Weekly Series

Aces in the Hole: Great Nate

Aces in the Hole: Great Nate

The aces in the hole feature is designed to help readers get a leg up on the opposition by uncovering hidden short-term value on your league’s waiver wire. This feature will analyze a few possible two start pitchers to target for next week while featuring one starter (not necessarily a double starter) poised to graduate […]

Weekly Assembly

Weekly Assembly: Dealing Braun

Weekly Assembly: Dealing Braun

Each week we will feature one reader question here. Each member of the Assembly will attempt to offer the best answer for you. Together you’ll have more than 100 years of experience responding to your issue. Shawn has a trade question.  Thanks for sending this in Shawn, we’re happy to help.  Check back in the […]