Saving Nolan Ryan

Closer Report: Trade Winds Abound

This is the fine time of year for real life baseball; for fantasy players though, it’s a time to batten down the hatches, cross your fingers and hope your closer doesn’t end up a setup man for another team.  The first shoe dropped this week in Texas (ok it was last week in San Diego, […]

Anit-Waiver Wire Report 1

The Anti-Waiver Wire Report

All year I have discussed players you should pick up.  Everything from one week wonders, newly promoted prospects, speculative closer grabs, etc..,  You name it, I’ve listed it.  Today I’m going to take a reverse approach and examine some highly owned players that should be making their way to the waiver wire.  These players (for […]

Ball Street Roto Exchange 2

Ball Street: The Roto Exchange

Who’s ready for another MVP battle between Trout and Miggy? I hope they both have stellar second halves and make it interesting for a third season.   Players on the Rise Neftali Feliz – He had good stuff before his injuries. He did well enough in AAA, and if he can keep it up all […]

Miggy and Mike Top 150 Dynasty

Top 150 Players for Dynasty Leagues: Mid-Season Update

This is the third installment of the year for my Top Dynasty Players Rankings, and as always I thank you for reading! My (best) intention will be to maintain that frequency for upcoming seasons as player values are ever-changing. This list is a snap-shot today of how I would rank the best 150 players in […]

Kyle Gibson Dr Jekyll

Kyle Gibson: Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde

In 1886, Robert Lewis Stephenson released The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The story, a classic most of us probably read in high school or at least read the cliffs notes for, tells the tail of Dr. Henry Jekyll and his evil counterpart, Edward Hyde. The phrase has become so popular that […]

Ace Analysis Zach Wheeler

Ace Analysis: Wheeler and Young

I am now taking a focused look at two pitchers each week. One feature will go under the hood and examine a commonly owned pitcher who is either struggling or exceeding expectations, while the other will look at an arm that falls under the 40% owned threshold. All of the analysis in this piece will […]

Minor League Prospects

Gambling on Prospects: Second Half Surgers

Gambling on Prospects: Second Half Surgers

This series will look at prospects and show whether they are worth an investment on your fantasy team. Every owner knows that the secret to a strong minors system is knowing who to throw away and knowing who to keep. Each player featured in this series will be given one of the following recommendations: Hold […]

Player Spotlight

Upon Closer Review: Nelson Cruz Vs Josh Donaldson

Upon Closer Review: Nelson Cruz Vs Josh Donaldson

The Fantasy Assembly’s Second Half Hitter Rankings were released on Friday, and as I did last week with pitchers, I will use this space to examine one player who I have ranked far higher and one player who I have ranked far lower than the rest of our staff writers. Those two players are Nelson Cruz and Josh […]


2014 Rest of Season Top 150 Hitters

2014 Rest of Season Top 150 Hitters

We’re a little past the half way mark in baseball so it’s time to take stock in what players have done in the first half and predict what they’ll do in the future.  Each Assembly member was asked to rank their top 150 hitters going forward.  We then took those rankings and consolidated them in […]