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Format Specific Pitching Targets

The time is now! Draft season is upon us! The draft is easily the most important single event for your quest to dominate your fantasy league. While a good draft does not necessarily guarantee success, a bad one can doom you to a year of mediocrity. What can you do between now and your fateful […]

Corey Kluber why I finally waited

Why I Finally Waited on SP

Every year, it’s the same story. I manage to build top-tier SP rotations on most of my leagues. I think it’s because (A) I often pick SP earlier than my league mates, (B) I seem to be really good at analyzing safe SP and upcoming SP (and let’s admit it, I get a bit lucky), […]

Pitchburgh Pirates

Welcome to Pitchburgh

Pitcher preview time here at Fantasy Assembly and I could not be giddier! In the words of  Homer Simpson, “woo-hoo”. Love me some pitching previewing, projecting, prognosticating and alliteration. The thing about pitching is there are a lot of things that are out of your control as said pitcher. Park factors and the defense behind a pitcher […]

waiting on starting pitching

Wait on Starting Pitching…After You Draft an Ace.

Starting pitching is the topic fantasy baseball players love to discuss most. It certainly is the topic we have the strongest opinions on, and the most wide-ranging as well. I’ve seen some experts argue for choosing Clayton Kershaw second overall. Most others will state that they refuse to take a starter before the tenth round […]

2015 Ranking Image

2015 Starting Pitcher Rankings – Top 100

In past years you would have to act quickly if you wanted an elite pitcher.  Welcome to the new world order, where pitchers rule supreme in what seems like an endless supply.  Miss out on a top 10 guy; no problem, the players from 11 to 20 are only a step below.  If you wait […]

Draft This Not That

Draft This, Not That: Starting Pitchers Part I

We have reached the fantasy baseball jackpot. Last week I claimed that outfielders were by far the deepest offensive position in this game of numbers we like to play. The truth is, even the outfielders cannot hold a candle to the depth on the mound in Major League Baseball these days. Where I think you […]

2015 Rankings

2015 Outfield Rankings – Top 75

2015 Outfield Rankings – Top 75

Normally outfield is where you would look for your 20/20 players, but those are becoming a rarity these days as Ron Vackar pointed out in an article several months ago.  That doesn’t mean that you won’t find 5 category players here, you just have to lower your standards and adjust your thinking once you get […]

Keeper/Dynasty Rankings

2015 Top 200 for Dynasty/Keeper Leagues

2015 Top 200 for Dynasty/Keeper Leagues

Over the past two months we have been bringing you our dynasty / keeper league positional rankings.  This is the culmination of all that hard work, our top 200 players for dynasty/keeper leagues.  Players are ranked with the next five years of 5 x 5 category production in mind by each of our 6 experts […]

Prospect Rankings

Top 25 Outfield Prospects

Top 25 Outfield Prospects

There are some exceptional outfield prospects in the game today. From big power-hitting guys who should contribute in 2015, to big base-stealing threats who are a few years away, to everything in between. Kevin broke down for us the high offensive standard for outfielders in fantasy baseball. Here are 25 players that can potentially achieve […]