Field of Streams


Ahoy-hoy! Welcome to another edition of what no one is calling the feel good fantasy sports series of the season, Field of Streams! It’s crunch time now, folks. If I am not mistaken all head-to-head leagues will be in full on playoff mode (or close to it) come Labor Day, so the high risk high […]

Anthony Rendon Blown Call

Anthony Rendon: Blown Call

Before the season started, I had Anthony Rendon ranked as the 15th best second baseman in the league.  Not one of us here at Fantasy Assembly had him ranked in the top 10.  Paul Hartman was the most optimistic with a rank of 11 while Peter Waterman was at the opposite end of the spectrum […]

Waiver Wire Report 1

Waiver Wire Report: Crunch Time

For H2H leagues, playoffs are almost here.  Those in points and Rotisserie leagues, this is your last chance to make up any lost points you need to make that final push wherever you are lacking.  Five long months of playing and it all comes down to September.  Even if you are not one of those […]

Field of Streams


Well, here we are. If you aren’t already in the playoffs, this is probably the last weekend of your regular season, so it is crunch time. Let’s get right into the nitty gritty and help fetch you a championship. FRIDAY Jacob deGrom, Mets (vs. Phillies) - Young Jacob, I will admit, has turned out to be […]

Ball Street Roto Exchange 2

Ball Street: The Roto Exchange

As a Cubs fan, I can’t wait for Soler to get full playing time. I’m not drinking the “2015 World Series Champions” Kool-Aid, but I am at least optimistic that the Cubs will have a farm system and won’t trade away the future for an overpriced veteran. I know as well as anyone that prospects are […]

Minor League Prospects

Gambling on Prospects: September Pitcher Call Ups

Gambling on Prospects: September Pitcher Call Ups

This series will look at prospects and show whether they are worth an investment on your fantasy team. Every owner knows that the secret to a strong minors system is knowing who to throw away and knowing who to keep. Each player featured in this series will be given one of the following recommendations: Hold […]

Player Spotlight

Ace Analysis: House of Carrasco

Ace Analysis: House of Carrasco

Since the trade deadline for most leagues has either already passed, or is about to, this series will now focus on pitchers whose ownership percentages do not correspond with their ability level. Most of the pitchers featured here will be potential free agent pick ups, but occasionally I may feature a pitcher who is owned […]