2015 Early Rankings Feature Image

Early 2015 Rankings: Third Base

Third Base has bulked up some since last season with the emergence of players like Todd Frazier and Josh Harrison.  Anthony Rendon and Nolan Arenado have both taken positive steps and Manny Machado is hoping to stay healthy and join the ranks of the new blood.  We also add Carlos Santana to the mix now […]

TheWaiting Game

Waiting Game: Comparing Third Base Tiers

Method This series goes position by position, comparing the average production you get out of the top 5 ranked, the next 5 players, and so on. We’re looking for where the value of players starts to drop, so that you can see how long you can wait on a position and what kind of hit […]

Prospects Grid

The Prospect Grid: Third Base

Each week throughout the off-season, we’ll be focusing on a single position for the 2015 season and beyond. Dynasty rankings, 2015 rankings, player profiles, bounce back candidates, drafting recommendations, and this: the new Prospect Grid. This tool isn’t just for those in deep leagues with minor league systems, but hopefully can be of use to […]

Manny Machado Bounce Backs

2015 Third Base Bounce Backs

During preparation for 3B Week our group of writers at Fantasy Assembly collectively agreed that this was the toughest group to gauge in our position roll-outs to this point. Just wait until we get to shortstops next week. Ugh. There’s a fairly even distribution of youth, guys in their prime, and aging veterans at the […]

2015 Dynasty Rankings

2015 Third Base Dynasty/Keeper Rankings

Each week, the Assembly will put together their positional rankings for keeper/dynasty leagues.  Players are ranked with the next five years of 5 x 5 category production in mind, so when you see Manny Machado ranked ahead of Adrian Beltre that does not necessarily mean that we believe Machado will be the superior short-term option. […]

Mortal Kombat Murphy La Stella

Mortal Kombat: Murphy vs La Stella

Welcome to another edition of Mortal Kombat, where we take two potentially evenly matched players and pit them against each other to see who the better man is.  This week’s matchup is quite interesting.  On one side we have Daniel Murphy of the Mets who has come into his own the past few years.  Looking […]


Early 2015 Rankings: Second Base

Early 2015 Rankings: Second Base

Second Base may not be full of power hitters or elite bats, but it is deep with solid hitters that can provide help in at least three categories.  The top 5 are obviously the ones you want, but the next 5 make excellent substitutions should you not want to reach.  If you don’t end up with a […]

Weekly Assembly

Weekly Assembly: Keeper Targets

Weekly Assembly: Keeper Targets

Each week we will feature one reader question here. Each member of the Assembly will attempt to offer the best answer for you. Together you’ll have more than 100 years of experience responding to your issue. Timothy has a question about targeting keepers.  Thanks for sending this in Timothy , we’re happy to help.  Check […]