Jose Abreu looking at some April Fools

Looking at Some April Fools: Greinke, Abreu, Teheran, Freeman

As we wrap up the first month of games, there are always surprises, both good and bad. Everyone knows about Cardinals outfielder Jeremy Hazelbaker, and anyone who opted to pick him up after his first week is reaping the rewards — though only time will tell whether it will last. (Hint: It’s always safer to […]

Josh Donaldson from a different angle

Josh Donaldson from a different angle

It’s hard to make a case against the reigning AL MVP being one of the most exciting hitters in the league to watch. A great batter’s eye, a sweet swing and of course enough power to keep Toronto lit for days on end. The result is a batting average we can usually find around .300, and […]

Ball Street The Roto Exchange

Ball Street: The Roto Exchange – Week 3

Week 3 is all wrapped up. Things are looking good in Chicago with the White Sox leading the AL in wins, and the Cubs are tied with the Nationals in the NL with Wins. So far the Astros are the big disappointments, managing only 6 wins – this team should be much better. Ryan Braun […]

Brent Honeywell minor league report

Minor League Report: Honeywell dominates

Remember when I said this report was coming once a month? Well I lied. The format will be changed slightly. There will be around 10 players (give or take) profiled weekly who are recently hot or cold, as well as a few small updates from players that were on previous weeks reports. There will be […]

David Johnson A review of the

A Review of the “Short Body of Work” Fantasy Players

We’ve seen it before, right? A player has a phenomenal season statistically, seemingly coming out of nowhere, and he is rewarded with a huge contract for the next season. Or perhaps another player doesn’t make his mark until the playoffs, crucially stepping up at the right time. He too is rewarded with a gigantic contract […]

Minor League Prospects

Minor league report Volume 1: Drinking the “Hader”aide

Minor league report Volume 1: Drinking the “Hader”aide

One week sample sizes mean everything! Just kidding. For some top prospects experiencing a new level for the first time, or a quick start for someone on the verge of promotion can be big for how fast they move through the system. This feature will be appearing monthly as a brief check in to the […]

Player Spotlight

Ace Analysis: Archer and Wainwright

Ace Analysis: Archer and Wainwright

The goal of the Ace Analysis Series will be to analyze pitchers whose most recent performance has not met expectations and try to determine whether the results are due to skill change, or simply a run of good/bad luck. I will analyze both struggling aces and unheralded players showing signs of a breakout. As always, […]

Weekly Lineup Help

Waiver Wire Report: Outfield and Pitching

Waiver Wire Report: Outfield and Pitching

Outfield and Pitching: The two positions fantasy owners are always in need of help at, and when help isn’t needed we’re still looking though at these two positions. With so many player stats and rankings changing on a daily basis in the early goings, you’ve got to keep on top of things, especially when it […]