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With only 2 weeks left in our dynasty divisional breakdown, we have finally reached the NFC East. A division defined by the Patriots and everybody else for the past 20 years. And the same holds true for fantasy. The difference in weapons and fantasy points between the Patriots and the rest of the division is massive.

That highlights an important point to remember when building out a team whether in redraft or dynasty. If you’re torn between 2 players, take the one on the better offense. Somebody like Sony Michel or Chris Hogan doesn’t even have to be all that good a player to produce in fantasy. Michel might stroll his way to 10 touchdowns and outproduce a potentially better Kenyan Drake thanks to the offenses they find themselves in.

Just look at Todd Gurley in 2016 vs 2017. The Rams had no offensive line, horrid QB play, and no creativity whatsoever in 2016. In 2017, Sean McVay rebuilt Jared Goff, the offensive line was bolstered and Gurley and the receiver were set up to succeed thanks to the offensive coaching. Gurley didn’t magically become a great player. He always was one, but his offense ruined him for a year.

And with that thought in mind lets dig into the AFC East…

Buffalo Bills

Undervalued – Josh Allen, QB

Allen has been getting a lot of hate in a lot of places for being a wildly inaccurate QB propped up by flashy yet less meaningful traits like size and arm strength. To be fair, the people saying all this are right. Allen has long odds to be a franchise QB for Buffalo especially considering the incredible lack of talent they have surrounded him with on offense. But he is still a top 10 NFL pick. Even though I don’t like Allen as a prospect, we should account for the chance he hits big just like we have to account for the chance Saquon Barkley or DJ Moore busts. There’s no reason not to take a cheap flyer on Allen in the later rounds of rookie drafts.

Overvalued – LeSean McCoy, RB

If you checked out our preseason RB rankings already this week you may have noticed I’m pretty low in Shady for this season. Well as a 30-year-old RB facing potential suspension, his outlook only gets worse when you move to a dynasty format. If you can find somebody valuing him as an RB1 based off of his history and name then sell while you still can. The RB position is deep and full of potential RB1 who aren’t playing on atrocious offenses and on the brink of being forced into retirement.

Deep Sleeper – Zay Jones, WR

I feel bad that I keep ripping on the Bills here but seriously…this offense is looking rough. On the bright side that may allow second year WR Zay Jones to see enough targets for fantasy relevance. There really isn’t much other young talent at the skill positions and Jones was a 2nd round pick last year. Just try to ignore the fact that he only caught 36.5% of his targets last season – he’s basically free after all.

Miami Dolphins

Undervalued – Albert Wilson, WR

Jarvis Landry left town but he left a lot of unclaimed targets behind. Wilson could fit into the slot and mop up a good number of them. Will he be Landry 2.0? No. But the Dolphins clearly wanted and went after him in free agency. And like most players, I push as undervalued – he’s still super cheap.

Overvalued – DeVante Parker, WR

Guys, it’s not going to happen. I think this is year 7 of people claiming that finally Parker will break out but the result will be the same as the last 6 times. Flashes of brilliance but ultimately a mediocre season that’s barely usable for fantasy purposes. OK its only Parker’s 4th season, but the point is – Parker just isn’t that good. He’s athletic and big and can make impressive catches from time to time, but the nuance and skill needed to really excel at WR has never been there and I refuse to be caught betting on that to change.

Deep Sleeper – Frank Gore, RB

Does Frank Gore’s 12 year streak of 200 carries or more finally come to an end this year? Probably. But Kenyan Drake has never proven he can carry a heavy workload and Gore isn’t a player I imagine staying on the sidelines. He might have one last “one last year” left in him still.

New England Patriots

Undervalued – Rob Gronkowski, TE

Maybe he retires next offseason or whenever Brady finally retires but until he does he is still the most dominant tight end in the game. Last year he averaged over 17 PPR points per game. That is a massive edge to have over every non Travis Kelce owner in your league. Yes, he’s had injuries and talk of retirement. But Gronk is STILL a legit WR1 who you get to play at TE. Don’t overthink this.

Overvalued – Julian Edelman, WR

The fact that the Patriots WR corps is so thin right now gives me a little extra confidence but I think Edelman’s job is more uncertain than most people think. Lets be honest – if by week 8 Braxton Berrios is averaging 6 catches a game from the slot while Edelman rides the bench, every one of us would just sit back and say “classic Patriots”. And even if he hangs onto productivity for this year I have to imagine Edelman is nearing the end of the road as a fantasy starter with both he and Brady aging quickly.

Deep Sleeper – Cordarrelle Patterson, WR

I feel proud to be one of the few people to never have been suckered into the Cordarelle Patterson hype train at any point in his career. But now when everybody has given up, I’m finding myself buying in. For starters I doubt he’s owned in your league right now, so why not. But on top of that Patterson is only 27 and has always been a great athlete. There’s been talk he should even play RB. Now I doubt that happens, but the point is I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bill Bellicheck to move him around as an offense weapon and work some touches to him a couple of times a game. And the Patriots WR core is thin with Julian Edelman’s suspension, Jordan Mathews’ release, and Malcolm Mitchell’s injury.

New York Jets

Undervalued – Quincy Enunwa, WR

Enunwa broke out with 857 yards as a 3rd year receiver in 2016. After missing all of 2017 due to a neck injury nobody seems to care that Enunwa is still only 26 and coming back to a team who may have just added a legit franchise QB in Sam Darnold. He’s not great but he’s also a much cheaper alternative to Robby Anderson with similar levels of upside and risk.

Overvalued – Robby Anderson, WR

I actually really like Anderson as a player and think he might end up as a legit WR2 if he can stay out of trouble. But Anderson has always struggled with that. It was the knock on him coming out of college and has continued to be a problem in the pros. He simply isn’t somebody I trust to have on my roster when I know his value might vanish in an instant.

Deep Sleeper – Chad Hansen, WR

As you can tell by my answers in this section, the Jets wide receivers are a bit up in the air. Enunwa, Anderson, and Jermaine Kearse should get the first cracks at targets but none of them are so good they should feel locked into starting. Hansen meanwhile has been drawing rave reviews from Jets camp all summer.

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