NFL Waiver Wire Week 14

There is very little to be excited about on waivers this week. Maybe your league is different, but overall the pickings are thin.

We are at the point, and really have been for a week or two, where if there is something on the wire you want, use your claim or use all the FAAB you need to secure him. Every week could be your last, and if it isn’t your last your competition for waiver targets get cut in half every week.

As usual, feel free to ask any questions and I will try to help you figure out the best course of action. You can also reach me on twitter –

The Waiver Wire
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Aaron Jones – Jones came back surprisingly early, but only played two snaps. He can’t be trusted next week, and I don’t know if he can be trusted at all. The Packers probably split time with them and the offense isn’t rolling. But if you can make it to week 15 and Aaron Rodgers is back – things could get really interesting.

Marlon Mack – He is second basically because it is a very boring waivers week.

Corey Coleman – Did nothing as the Browns force-fed Josh Gordon. I still think the upside of a flex is there.

Marquise Goodwin – He has quietly been solid since week seven. With Garoppolo playing quarterback things should be looking up.

Mike Wallace – Had a big game, but it is really hard to trust anyone in that offense.

Corey Davis – This one is all hope. He probably won’t start for any team that was good enough to make the playoffs.

Dede Westbrook – He has at least done a little bit, unlike Davis. The offense isn’t ready to support two passing options.

Mike Davis – Just betting on a Seahawks running back. Even then it probably isn’t worth it.

Peyton Barber – The first signs of a Buccaneers running game in what feels like forever came with Barber getting the start.

Corey Clement – Complete lottery ticket.

Streaming quarterbacks for week 14
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Case Keenum @ Panthers – Keenum is by far the best option here. Don’t love the matchup and I hope you already have another better option already, but if you don’t, Keenum has been rolling with at least 280 yards or two touchdowns in five straight games.

Jimmy Garoppolo @ Texans – He couldn’t find the end zone against the Bears, but he gets a really nice matchup against the Texans. Overall Garoppolo’s fantasy day wasn’t great, but he threw for 293 yards, if he turned one or even two of those field goals into touchdowns he would have been a nice option.

Derek Carr @ Chiefs – The Chiefs are not playing well. It’s either the defense or the offense that is struggling. Carr torched the Chiefs in the first matchup. Michael Crabtree will be back and Amari Cooper might be back as well so he will have his weapons. Carr has steadily been fine recently. The upside hasn’t been there outside of the last Chiefs matchup.

Marcus Mariota @ Cardinals – Speaking of consistently fine. Mariota has scored at least 14 points in five of his last seven. He hasn’t thrown for more than 185 yards in the last two games, but it doesn’t matter how it happens as long as it happens.

Brett Hundley @ Browns – It’s all about the matchup, and crossing your fingers that he does work on the ground.

Streaming defenses for week 14
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Patriots @ Dolphins – The Pats against Cutler feels like an easy call.

Broncos vs. Jets – The Broncos defense isn’t as bad as it has been. McCown has played great, but how long will it last?

Titans @ Cardinals – Blaine Gabbert gets a bad defense, but I will bet on Gabbert having a turnover or two.

Cardinals vs. Titans – Mariota has been turning the ball over a decent amount since the bye.

Colts @ Bills – Bad, bad defense, but it looks like Peterman will be starting as of now.


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    1. Depends on need. If I need someone for this week I would go Davis. His role seems more defined.

      We dont know what will happen with Barber if Martin comes back this week. He should get the role but there is no way to trust it this week

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