Buy low/sell high: The deadline approaches

With a lot of trade deadlines either passed or over this week, this might be your last chance to add someone to a playoff run.

Rather than the normal buy low, I am just going with buys this week. The idea is still the same. Instead of buying someone at the bottom of their value, today is about buying at lower than perceived value.

Now that bye weeks are over it is going to be harder to sell depth for a star or starter. You will likely have to trade a WR2 and a flex to get that upgrade you want rather than a few weeks ago trading a WR2 and a bench piece.

In keeper or dynasty I am in the camp of trade anything and everything to ensure a title. I don’t like to worry about 2018 or 2019, especially in football.

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QB: Philip Rivers

The rest of season schedule is pretty nice, and Rivers showed some of his old self this week. Keenan Allen was more involved, and if that continues down the stretch he should be a consistent top-10 quarterback.

RB: Kareem Hunt

It is pretty well known that Hunt has struggled since his crazy start to the season. He had 77 total yards on 21 touches, and while that isn’t great, when that is part of a struggle you have to remember it could be much worse.

I think Hunt can still be the top-five running back he was early in the year. He isn’t on the level of Bell, but he is in that next tier. I think you can buy him as a top-10 type and there is plenty of room for upside at that price.

RB: Joe Mixon

He is still getting the work. At this point you have to buy as a bench stash. Hopefully whoever owns him in your league is desperate for a win and can’t take another week of Mixon.

The line is bad and I don’t see any reason for that to change. Earlier in the year I was much more confident he would be a league winner down the stretch. Now I think you are going to have to see that first good week while he is on your bench.

RB: Doug Martin

Another frustrating player. Martin came out of the gate hot with the Thursday night game against the Patriots, but he hasn’t done anything since. He is another player who might have to have a good week on the bench before you start him. Similarly to Mixon, he still is in that lower half of the top 20 because of his volume if you are desperate..

RB: Jerick McKinnon

He has had a couple down weeks in a row, yet he is still roughly even with Murray in touches and he has the ability to do a lot more with those touches. Murray is going to likely have a better shot to score, but the big play ability and the passing game work are both in McKinnon’s favor.

Murray’s big game should make McKinnon an easier buy this week.

RB: Danny Woodhead

Woodhead didn’t play a ton of snaps, but he ran a lot of routes. The Ravens aren’t going to blowout too many teams like they did with the Packers. Woodhead should slide right back into the role he had as a solid top-20 back.

RB: Ty Montgomery

I don’t like buying injury optimism, but his price should be so low since it has been what feels like forever since he was a usable asset.

Jamaal Williams is not going to take the job and Jones won’t be back anytime soon. If Montgomery plays with Jones on the sidelines I think he is a candidate for a lot of receptions out of the backfield.

WR: Stefon Diggs

Adam Thielen had another huge game and it looks like he is the number one in the passing game. The good news is that means Diggs is going to be an easier target. I think they are 1 and 1A, and now that Thielen is going to get some more attention Diggs should have better weeks.

TE: Evan Engram

I think Engram is in the tier of tight ends right after Kelce and Ertz. He is a difference maker at tight end and that can’t be said about a lot of players at any position.

I am not sure what caused him to have a down week. Whether the weather had something to do with it or if it was Shepard being out. Either way, use it to your advantage.


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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

13 thoughts on “Buy low/sell high: The deadline approaches”

      1. He’s got, Murray, AP, Deon Lewis, Alex Collins, Theo Reddick, Derick Henry, and Austin Henry. I like let’s the most especially for kupp

        1. When it comes to Kupp it is dependent on what you really need. I think Lewis is my favorite then Collins and Henry.

          If you don’t need something immediately I would like the upside of Henry. But if you need a starter now I would take Lewis.

  1. He’s willing to trade Lewis for kupp. He’s hurt at WR and has a plethora of RB so Lewis is like #4 on his depth chart. Trading Kupp does damage my WR depth but I think it’s worth the Gamble

    1. He has been. I was saying sell before but he is still producing. I guess he is a hold because his upside is so much better than everyone else at receiver that you might get.

      1. Well I just traded Hopkins for Fournette, Which is surprising, I thought for sure that would be declined , Thoughts?

          1. Here was my team before the trade: give you some better insight
            QB: Wentz
            RB: Freeman,Coleman,Gordon and Mccoy
            WR: Hopkins,K.Allen,Cooks, Diggs, Funchess and Antonio Brown
            TE: Olsen, witten and Doyle
            K: Butker
            Def: Broncos

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