Buy Low Sell High: “Buy” Weeks

Buy weeks  for the next two weeks are hitting fantasy owners hard because six teams are on a bye during each of the next two weeks. These are the weeks where trades seem to fly around left and right because teams need to fill bye week holes on their rosters.

I preached it over and over again last year, but if you are 5-2 or better it is time to go to those owners that need a win and offer them non bye week players for those on a bye week. You might be able to buy for $0.80 cents on the dollar just because someone else in your league needs a win.

If you are 5-2 or better you should be concentrating on setting yourself up for a playoff run. One thing you need to take into account, though, is we don’t know what is going to happen in any given week, let alone what is going to happen in a game over a month from now. Sometimes it is better to work on getting a bye week, if your league has playoff byes, than it is to set yourself up nicely for the playoffs.

Guys get hurt and players struggle – if you have to win one less game to win a championship, that increases your chances exponentially.


RB: Melvin Gordon

He struggled again and gave up some snaps so I feel like some will try to turn this into a case of the injury being more serious. However, outside of Orleans Darkwa last week, the Broncos have been one of the best teams in the NFL at defending the run.

Gordon also got multiple chances from the one yard line and couldn’t score early in the game. He is still a no doubt first round pick for me if we were drafting again today; maybe you can get him at second round value.

RB: DeMarco Murray

The on again off again thing with DeMarco Murray. After a week where he looked way less than 100 percent, on a short week, and only getting a limited practice on Friday, he still outsnapped Henry 43-30 and out touched him 21-15.

I feel like I have said it 100 times this season – this is still his backfield. Yes, Henry is there and he will take touches, but barring a Murray injury, Henry is just playing second fiddle.

The bye week is coming next week so Murray can hopefully get healthier, and he also falls into the buy a player on a bye week strategy.

RB: Joe Mixon

Another guy that has repeatedly been in this space. Mixon had one of his most efficient games, but it came with less touches than prior weeks. He played one less snap than Bernard, as it looks like it is more of a 1-2 punch with them with Hill getting a few snaps here and there.

I am trying to wait patiently for the Mixon breakout, and I think the Mixon owner might be out of patience at this point. I would try to buy Mixon as a bench piece or flex option and wait for the breakout to come.

WR: Pierre Garcon

It was the first time all season he had less than eight targets in a game. It came in a game that was basically decided at halftime, and I am not sure how many second half snaps Garcon ended up seeing as a result.

Garcon isn’t typically the type of player I ever want because he is just boring, as I have said before. There is value in the PPR aspect of him. In standard leagues he has that – he isn’t going to give you a zero floor.

He is a WR3 in standard, and maybe borderline WR2 in PPR, but the bye weeks are coming for a lot of players these next couple weeks, and he isn’t one of them.

WR: Sammy Watkins

Assuming he isn’t already on the waiver wire, I would throw a dart at Watkins and hope he can turn things around like Cooper. Similarly to Cooper, Watkins is a supremely talented receiver. To this point, most of his success has been halted by injuries, and this year from what we know he is healthy.

He has had some pretty bad matchups, and he did get traded and had to learn a new offense right before the season. The Rams will head into a bye this week, after scoring 33 points with Watkins doing very little, and I wouldn’t be shocked if the Watkins owner is considering dropping him.

Send an inquiry. Try to buy for $0.10 on the dollar like Cooper, and then if it works out maybe try to sell him high. Or buy in and hold for the great production.


WR: Amari Cooper

If you have been reading basically any fantasy outlet, they probably told you to buy low on Cooper. If you did and you bought for $0.10 on the dollar you can probably sell for a pretty nice profit now. Nothing changes for me when it comes to Cooper. I still think he is extremely talented, and I still think he can have weeks like this, but he is still dropping passes.

For the big breakout game he did run out of the slot more so maybe that continues and he ends up as the borderline WR1 that people were hoping for preseason. Or he could go right back to struggling. He did still drop passes, and while this is the confirmation bias that says he is a good player, this is just a blip in the trend that had him going to a borderline droppable player.

If you bought him on the cheap you can turn him into a much better player than you gave up just a week or two ago.

QB: Derek Carr

The guy that did all of the throwing to Cooper is also a sell to me. Carr threw 52 times, and a lot of his yards and a touchdown came on that final drive that was aided by a combination of prevent defense and officiating going in his favor.

There will be people looking for quarterback help this week. Between the Rodgers owner being possibly desperate and two fantasy starters on bye next week, and another two or three in week nine, people might be scrambling to avoid having to start a waiver wire option.


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Andy Germani

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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

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  1. Great column once again.

    .5 ppr league (3 wr, 2 rb,1 flex) – What are your thoughts on dealing Ertz, Smith-Schuster and Doctson for Dez and Doyle?

    1. Green to Jones feels like a pretty lateral move. Green has a weird schedule rest of season where he basically faces a shutdown secondary every other week, Jax week 9, Denver week 11, Pittsburgh week 13, Minnesota week 15. So I might lean Julio there because of that.

      I think I would prefer Lewis to Engram but that is also close. Mainly the deal comes down to who is more valuable to your team, Lewis or Engram. If you have a black hole at tight end get Engram, but if not or if Lewis is like your RB3 that you might need some weeks, I’d keep Lewis as he has a chance to be their best RB rest of season.

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