Buy low/sell high: Bye weeks

I tried to find buy lows and sell highs this week and I struggled a lot more than I expected to.

Just like every other week there will be someone on Tuesday that I realize should have made the cut here. But this week, most of the high performers felt like good options to keep, or guys that you aren’t going to be able to sell. Should you sell Eli Manning? Sure, but who is really buying?

Bye weeks are coming. People will likely just now be realizing they need a fill in for next week. I tend to beat this drum over and over again, but find teams that are struggling and see if you can trade for the people they have on bye, assuming you are in a good spot yourself.

The bye week buying is a little different than buying based on injury optimism. We know with a bye week, one week gone then you get him. Try to buy someone like Ty Montgomery right now. No one knows what is going on. He could be out one week or he could be out five and then be hampered by the injury for weeks after.

Trading someone away once they are hurt works in your favor almost every time. I can’t remember the last time I traded, or saw someone trade, for someone that was hurt and they came back when expected.

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RB: Mark Ingram

I have seen some talk of it already. The Kamara is the back for this offense. He is taking over. Through four weeks Ingram is out touching Kamara 57-35, and Ingram is coming off of back-to-back 14 carry games.

Kamara got a big usage bump in week four with 10 receptions; he had 10 total coming into the week.

I think the Ingram owner will be panicking because of how much work Kamara got, and all the “Kamara looked better” talk. It all plays up to be able to buy Ingram dirt cheap.

If you buy now you might be able to do it at about top-30 running back value. Maybe a flexish receiver like Garcon or Rishard Matthews can get a deal done.

RB: DeMarco Murray

This blowout doesn’t tell us much. The game was basically over by halftime, and then when Matt Cassel entered the game it was all over.

No snap count data is available right now for this game, but in the first half it definitely felt like it was still more Murray than Henry. I still don’t think there is any risk of Murray losing a grip on this job – barring injury.

If Mariota is out, it is one of those good news bad news situations. Maybe they run more, but teams know they want to run and let Cassel try to beat them.

He doesn’t need the 20 touches some hoped he would get on draft day. He can split with Henry and survive on 15 touches per week which is still an easy expectation.

RB: Joe Mixon

I am still buying. I thought this week would go a lot better than it did. The best thing is that look at the touch distribution.

Yes, he didn’t go off and didn’t score, but he touched the ball 21 times, 15 more than Hill or Bernard.

This is Mixon’s backfield now. Be happy you still have the chance to buy low because of the low yardage total this week.

WR: Antonio Brown

Second time in the last three weeks he has struggled to put up big numbers.

Just like I said, go get Bell if you can get him for anything less than draft day value, and the same goes for Brown. He has a rough matchup with the Jaguars next week and then the Chiefs, but Brown isn’t a player that you worry about matchups with. Maybe it means he is a top-8 receiver instead of the number one guy… who cares.

He nearly missed a touchdown this week as he was tackled inches short of the goal line before Bell scored.


RB: Jordan Howard

He was here last week and is here again. Same reasons, but this week the performance wasn’t quite as good.

RB: Ameer Abdullah

I can never buy into Abdullah as an actual fantasy asset. Riddick is used more in the passing game, and the Lions seem to want to go run first.

I could be wrong. Maybe this was the start of something new where they try to run and they do it with success.

I will bet against it. If you can pair Abdullah with a receiver to get a top-20 back.

Carolina Panthers

All of them. I did something similar to this a few weeks ago with the Bengals as a buy.

The Panthers have been terrible offensively this year, and the Patriots defense might just be a one week remedy.

I can’t under any circumstance, but Devin Funchess. I don’t believe in the talent. If you can get anything I would sell. Even if you can just move him for one of this weeks waiver wire wonders.

Cam is just another quarterback at this point. The position is so replaceable that he basically needs to be MVP Cam again if he is going to be worth keeping as a must start quarterback.


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6 thoughts on “Buy low/sell high: Bye weeks”

  1. Would Garcon and Landry be good buy low targets? What’s your opinion on them? 10 team Half PPR League

    1. I might be the wrong guy to ask because I am typically just not high on the Garcon/Landry types. The PPR all stars basically.

      From a roster construction perspective I would rather try to trade for a similarly struggling WR3 type like Martavis Bryant where the ceiling is much higher but the floor isnt all that much different.

      If you can get Garcon or Landry for a hot player like maybe Funchess and or Will Fuller I would do something like that.

      Those are just two guys that dont distinguish themselves from that insanely large pool of WR3 type players that make me want to go get them.

      But long story short in terms of value. They would be buy lows. I just dont like the type of player.

    1. I would. Watson is a replacement level QB and you get the 2 best players in my opinion.

      I basically look at it as trading Cooks so you can upgrade from Ertz and Fournette to Gronk and Bell and I would do that.

      Assuming of course Cooks isnt your WR1. Or at a minimum you have other startable receivers in his place.

      1. ThNks. That’s the issue – I have Lockett, sanu , doctson and smith schuster Howver, I have hunt as well

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