NFL Waiver Wire Report: Week 4

Week three was a bit of a let down in terms of waivers outside of one name. There were very few injuries and performances from players that aren’t owned that actually inspire optimism. No, I am not at all interested in Marcedes Lewis or Geronimo Allison.

Others that were good performers for the most part are already owned. There are players that I would like to have that are not on the list below because they don’t meet the one-third of leagues threshold. For example someone inexplicably dropped Pierre Garcon Thursday in a league I am in. He would be at or near the top of this list with only Smallwood having a chance to be above him.

This is the last waiver wire period before you will need to be getting bye week fillers. This time next week you might have to add players to cover bye weeks as the four teams on bye (Atlanta, Denver, New Orleans, Washington) are pretty loaded with fantasy relevant players.

If you need a running back, spend what you can for Smallwood. He isn’t a game breaker, but if you aren’t going to spend for him then who are you really waiting for?

The percentages are just recommendations. Every leagues and situation is different. If you have a question specific to a player or situation feel free to ask in the comment section below and I will do my best to help you out. You can also reach me on twitter –

Players that make this list are owned in less than a third of ESPN leagues. If multiple players are listed with the same FAAB range it means they are relatively equal, but in a pinch the ranking on the left is the order I would rank them. 

  Player Position FAAB Burn Waiver Claim ESPN %Owned
1 Wendell Smallwood RB 20-40% Yes 2.00%
2 Alvin Kamara RB 10-15%   10.70%
3 Chris Johnson RB 7-12%   5.40%
4 Devin Funchess WR 7-12%   11.20%
5 Jamaal Charles RB 5-8%   21.10%
6 D’Onta Foreman RB 5-8%   5.00%
7 Brandon Oliver RB 5-8%   0.30%
8 Jamaal Williams RB 5-8%   1.40%
9 Andre Ellington RB 0-5%   0.80%
10 Alex Collins RB 0-5%   0.20%
11 Cooper Kupp WR 0-5%   17.60%
12 Jaron Brown WR 0-5%   4.20%
13 Mike Tolbert RB 0-5%   0.70%
14 Paul Richardson WR 0-5%   3.10%
15 Allen Hurns WR 0-5%   11.40%
16 Matt Breida RB 0-5%   0.90%
17 Shane Vereen RB 0-5%   27.10%
18 Alfred Morris RB 0-5%   0.80%
20 Charles Clay TE 0-5%   7.4
20 Jared Cook TE 0-5%   26.1%

1. Wendell Smalwood: This is kind of what you are hoping for on the waiver wire when it comes to running backs. Smallwood should be the guy to get the most snaps on a weekly basis; just don’t expect a lot of touchdowns. When they get inside the five that is Blount time.

2. Alvin Kamara: He is getting close to being the back to own in New Orleans. Ingram still should be the guy, and to be honest should be getting more work than he is. Kamara is explosive, and while many thought Peterson being around meant that we wouldn’t see him used a lot until next year, that isn’t the case.

3. Chris Johnson: He got the most work this week, although he didn’t do a whole lot with it. I guess he is the back to own here.

4. Devin Funchess: He is a slow tight end with bad hands playing receiver. That is basically what you are getting here. The only reason he is this high is because if Benjamin is out someone has to catch passes, but to be honest it might not even be Funchess.

5. Jamaal Charles: I would guess if he is on your wire you will need to spend more because people will think there is a time share in Denver – not the case. Snaps were about the same as they were through two weeks, the Broncose were just playing from behind so they didn’t run a lot.

6. D’Onta Foreman: He will likely never overtake Miller, but in case of an injury he, I think, would take the backfield over for a week or two. I think he slots into a 10 touch per week role going forward.

7. Brandon Oliver: Melvin Gordon suffered what is being reported as a minor bone bruise. I don’t like any injury, but this one doesn’t seem all that serious as he played pretty well through it and he came back later in the game. Oliver is nowhere near Gordon’s talent, but this is kind of what you are going for when you fish the wire for running backs.

8. Jamaal Williams: There are not many signs of it, but either Ty Montgomery is going to get less work at some point or he is going to get hurt. If he suffers a muscle injury he has the dreaded sickle-cell trait which from what I understand means a longer timetable for recovery. Even if something happens I think Williams ends up splitting work so don’t get too excited.

9. Andre Ellington: Played a decent bit, and in his extremely limited work he was the most effective. I don’t think he takes over ever, but with 10 touches a game he can do more than others in the backfield can with 15.

10. Alex Collins: Did well in what was complete mop up duty. I still think he is a better talent than West and there will be a chance to overtake him.

11. Cooper Kupp: Might be surprised to see him this far down, I am actually surprised he even qualified, but he just doesn’t excite. There arent going to be many occassions where Kupp is a starter, and leagues that he would be startable he would likely already be owned.

12. Jaron Brown: Scored an early touchdown but did little after that. As long as John Brown is out he is worth a spot on the end of a bench. He is playing a ton of snaps which is important, but also telling if he can’t do much with those snaps.

13. Mike Tolbert: McCoy always seems like he is banged up. Tolbert appears to be the pretty clear next man up if something happens. I do think he is a solid player but if McCoy goes down this offense will be a mess.

14. Paul Richardson: Doug Baldwin has a groin injury. If he is out Richardson gets some more looks. The Seahawks passing game might be picking up after its typical early season struggles.

15. Allen Hurns: I think Lee is the one you want, but Hurns has scored in back-to-back games.

16. Matt Breida: Carlos Hyde misses time almost every year. Breida feels like the next man up if something happens.

17. Shane Vereen: A boring bench running back that you will never be able to count on for more than five points. But if you have to go to the bench that is better than nothing.

18. Alfred Morris: I guess he is the handcuff now from reading some reports. It is anyones guess

19. Charles Clay: He is an option near the goal line and as “safe” as any tight end is outside that top group.

20. Jared Cook: Cook has been playing a lot of snaps and running a lot of routes. He has 13 catches through three games which is good sixth among tight ends.


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  1. So after that trade I just have mariota on the roster, Which QB would you pick up to be on my bench: Rivers,Smith,Wentz,Goff,Siemian or Cutler?

    1. Id just roll with Mariota and if he gets hurt or need a bye week replacement add one then.

      If you are dead set on adding a second QB I think Rivers, Wentz, Smith would be my order. Id rather another RB or WR lottery ticket than a QB

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