2017 Quarterback Rankings

Over the next 6 weeks, the Fantasy Assembly’s greatest fantasy football minds will be coming together to produce our 2017 consolidated rankings. Join Andy Germani, Tommy Landseadel, Joe Mica, Dan Marcus and Neil Schnurbach as they help you prepare for your rapidly approaching football drafts.

All of our rankings assume standard scoring:

  • 6 points for TDs
  • 1 point for 10 yards rushing/receiving
  • 1 point for 25 yards passing – no PPR

Without further ado, let’s check out the ranks! N/R denotes a non ranking for that particular player.

  Player Team Neil Dan Andy Tommy Joe
1 Aaron Rodgers GB 1 1 1 1 1
2 Tom Brady NE 2 5 4 2 2
3 Drew Brees NO 5 4 2 4 3
4 Andrew Luck IND 7 2 5 5 4
5 Russell Wilson SEA 6 3 3 7 6
6 Matt Ryan ATL 3 14 8 3 5
7 Cam Newton CAR 4 9 7 8 9
8 Kirk Cousins WSH 12 11 6 6 7
9 Derek Carr OAK 8 10 10 11 12
10 Marcus Mariota TEN 15 6 9 12 14
11 Jameis Winston TB 9 8 14 10 16
12 Ben Rothlisberger PIT 11 19 11 9 8
13 Matt Stafford DET 10 12 12 17 11
T14 Philip Rivers LAC 13 18 16 14 10
T14 Dak Prescott DAL 21 7 15 13 15
T16 Eli Manning NYG 16 17 19 15 13
T16 Andy Dalton CIN 18 13 13 18 18
T18 Blake Bortles JAX 14 15 23 20 19
T18 Tyrod Taylor BUF 22 16 17 19 17
20 Carson Palmer ARZ 20 20 18 21 20
21 Carson Wentz PHI 17 23 22 16 23
22 Ryan Tannehill MIA 19 22 21 22 22
23 Joe Flacco BAL 23 21 20 23 21
24 Alex Smith KC N/R 24 24 N/R 25
25 Sam Bradford MIN N/R 25 N/R 25 24
Honorable Mentions: DeShaun Watson, Brian Hoyer, Mike Glennon

Which QB are you most willing to reach for?

Andy: I am not one to reach on a quarterback but if I was to reach for one before the fourth round it would be Aaron Rodgers. Barring injury Rodgers is as close to a lock as any quarterback in the league for 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns with a couple hundred yards rushing thrown in, but by the time I am ready to reach for Rodgers he will likely be long gone.

Joe: I don’t advise reaching for a QB early. But if you twisted my arm, it’s Drew Brees hands down. Only 5 QB in nearly 100 years of NFL history have thrown for over 5,000 passing yards, and Brees has done it 5 times.

Tommy: I would be pretty happy with many of the QBs ranked between 6 and 15. There is not a ton of separation there. For that reason, I am not even going to look at the QB position until the end of round 4, or early round 5. I view Matt Ryan as the best value of the elite options. That Falcons offense is a legitimate juggernaut, and Ryan has a better chance of finishing number 1 than outside the top 5.

Dan: Marcus Mariota is the quarterback I’m willing to reach on to ensure he makes it onto many of my rosters. The running game will continue to be the feature of the Titans’ offense, but Mariota should be able to take another step forward in efficiency, and his ability to run is a bonus. 

Neil: We are only one year removed from Cam Newton being the most dominant force in fantasy football, and now I see him ranked anywhere from 7th to 10th among QBs. I think his rushing comes back, and his weapons have improved with the drafting of Curtis Samuel. I am expecting big things.

Which QB will you be looking to avoid?

Andy: I won’t own Andrew Luck anywhere barring some crazy drop in ADP. ESPN ADP has Luck going before pick 60. With his injury history and the other quarterbacks available around him, and later, Luck isn’t worth the risk.

Joe: Based on ADP, Derek Carr is being drafted too early (81) for a QB with similar stats to Blake Bortles (126). Too rich for my taste. Next is Jameis Winston whose turnovers are climbing (2nd-most last season) along with his ADP.

Tommy: I won’t own Russell Wilson on any of my teams. He tends to get lumped in closer to the elite options as far as ADP, but he does not get the volume to produce elite numbers. He is safe and reliable, but players available 2 rounds later will produce similar numbers.

Dan: Matt Ryan had a career year as part of a hyper efficient offense. That propelled his passing numbers, but the team is due for regression, and that will also hurt Ryan’s stick as a fantasy QB.

Neil: Dak Prescott threw for over 300 yards only twice last year and threw either 0 or 1 TD pass 8 times. He did rush for 6 touchdowns, but I think that goes down. Prescott is a nice real life QB, but he is being overdrafted for fantasy purposes.

Which mid-round pick do you see
producing the biggest profit?

Andy: While I am not all aboard the Terrelle Pryor train, Kirk Cousins has better weapons than he has ever had. He had either 300 yards or two touchdowns in 11 of 16 games last season. With a relatively high floor and 25 plus point upside I like Cousins at his ADP. I also like Dak Prescott and I think he has a good year, but I know someone will grab him before me because of the Cowboys hype.

Joe: For a guy who misses games, Ben Roethlisberger sure can rack up the numbers (averages 293.5 ypg and 27.7 TD the last 3 seasons) when he is healthy enough to be on the field. But be sure to grab a healthy backup.

Tommy: I love Jameis Winston this year with all the weapons TB added. Everyone is talking about Howard, but Desean Jackson will completely change that offense for the better (at least in 2017). I also like the value on Cam Newton as a potential bounce back.

Dan: Try not to laugh, but Blake Bortles will return profit as a middle to late round quarterback. The volume of his passes will almost certainly fall due to the addition of Leonard Fournette, but that should lessen the pressure on Bortles and make him a more efficient passer.

Neil: Marcus Mariota actually threw for more touchdown passes than Dak Prescott last year, and is a better runner as well. He scored fewer points due to only 2 rushing TDs. Mariota has a high floor every week due to his rushing, and he is growing as a passer. This could be a good year for him.

Who are your favorite end-draft picks
to round out your roster with?

Andy: The added weapons to the receiving group as well as his crazy efficient red zone numbers could boost the stock for Marcus Mariota. He isn’t going to be throwing for 300 yards often, but he’ll make up for those missing years with 20 yards on the ground. Andy Dalton threw 4,200 yards last year and managed just 18 touchdowns. I think he is primed for a bounce back season and would confidently expect 4,000 yards and 25 plus touchdowns. 

Joe: Eli Manning hasn’t missed a game in 12 seasons. He threw for over 4,000 yards the last 3 seasons where he also averaged 30 TD a season. Plus, he now has Brandon Marshall to go with Odell Beckham and Sterling Shepard.

Tommy: I do not believe in drafting a second QB in most formats. However, if you need one, Carson Wentz is a great bargain. Philly added some nice weapons, and reports of his work ethic are absolutely glowing. Don’t be surprised to see Wentz produce top-10 QB numbers this season.

Dan: Andy Dalton has all the weapons to succeed and has the safe floor that is desirable in a backup quarterback.  

Neil: I generally only draft 1 QB, but if I am going to take a second QB, it will either be someone like Blake Bortles, who might turn the corner and become a high-end fantasy QB again, or DeShaun Watson, who has a chance to have a nice season as a rookie.

2017 Fantasy Football Rankings
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6 thoughts on “2017 Quarterback Rankings”

    1. Thanks Lefty!

      Cam is a tough one to rank. But, based on the latest news that the Panthers are looking to limit their deep passing game and try to keep Cam in the pocket more, you are probably right. His running ability and deep throws are what made him elite 2 years ago.

    2. For me there everyone is so close after the top two tiers really. The difference between Cam and like Ben or Stafford is just hope he can repeat the huge season from a couple years ago.

  1. No love for Taylor? Outscored Eli last year, has a higher per game potential that Dak (agree with Neil on players to avoid), and Bortles. And does anyone trust Rivers in L.A.? (jk…..sort of). But still… last year amount of games 24 or more was 5 to 3 in favor of Taylor. Amount of games with less than 16 was 3 a piece. Is it his risk of injury that scares all of you? Dalton and Roethlisberger say hello.

    Excellent work gentlemen. Love the Q/A…. if I were to add a question…

    At which point in the rankings do you deem the player expendable (10 team?), or in “need” of a backup plan (12 team?), or actual backup on the roster (14-16?)?


    Buffalo Billiever

    1. Thanks for the reply Chad!

      I am not sure about being expendable, but in terms of trade value, in shallower leagues any player outside of the top 75% of QB1 status is more or less untradeable. In a 12 team league, anything after QB 8 or 9 has no real value because streaming matchups can net an owner the same amount of points as QB 9 or 10.

      As you get into deeper formats (16 team, 2 QB leagues, etc.), that changes significantly. More teams end up rostering backups and replacement level talent can be non-existent. In those formats, any QB with a job can potentially have trade value.

    2. I like Tyrod. I just dont see big upside as with the other guys I had ahead of him. I feel like if he has a 300 yard 3 TD game that is more of a shock than a reasonable expectation. I understand the 20-50 yards he can toss in on a weekly basis but upside is limited in my opinion.

      Where guys like Dalton, Winston, Rivers I wouldnt really bat an eye if they had a 300 and 3 game. And I trust them more to stay healthy which is a potential issue for Taylor.

      In terms of expendable when it comes to QBs I basically agree with everything Tommy said in his response.

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