Minor League Report: Time to make a move

It is just about midseason, and a lot of prospects have been mentioned in this space since the beginning of the season. In the coming weeks many will make my midseason list, and while many will be left off, it doesn’t mean adding or monitoring them was a waste.

The goal is to add these deep names before they make the jump. Maybe you added Sandy Alcantara and Thomas Szapucki last year, and then when they got hype in the offseason flipped them for other pieces. Deep league adds that you took a flier on turning into real MLB assets.

In many cases, that is what I am hoping to do with the deeper names I profile here. Not add them and expect them to be part of my team, but add them and flip them for something else.

For many people this is the time where their prospects are about to be used to acquire major league talent. Don’t be afraid to part with your prospects; everything they can give you is just theoretical production. Use them to get assets for a playoff push.

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All stats are through Sunday June 18.

Redraft Radar

  • Yoan Moncada 2B/3B – White Sox 
  • Amed Rosario SS – Mets
  • Chance Adams P – Yankees
  • Willie Calhoun 2B – Dodgers

No change here for me. I wouldn’t be stashing anyone unless you really have a free bench spot for except Moncada, but I don’t think a promotion happens for another few weeks for him.

Options that are closer provide less upside than the ones I listed here. If I am forced to stash or keep someone on my radar I want a real impact bat, not someone who is at best replacement level.

Who’s hot

Scott Blewett P – Royals (A+)

  • 2017: 78 IP, 3.92 ERA, 1.31 WHIP, K: 74 (22.0%), BB: 29 (8.6%)
  • Last two starts: 12 IP, 1.50 ERA, 0.83 WHIP, K: 22 (46.8%), BB: 4 (8.5%)

I cheated a little here with Blewett as I used his last two starts instead of three. He has gone six innings in each of those starts and has struck out 10 and 12 over those starts. The strikeouts over the past two starts are surprising as he has never been a big strikeout guy and doesn’t profile to be one. Overall he doesn’t have any great pitches.

At 6’8” there is always going to be excitement that he can use the huge body to help his stuff play up. I wouldn’t count on the strikeouts keeping up, but if you have an open roster spot in a deep league take a shot and see how the next two starts go

Miguel Andujar 3B – Yankees (AAA)

  • 2017: .316/.348/.498, 8 HR, BB: 14 (4.7%), K: 38 (12.8%), 2 SB
  • June 11-25: .389/.431/.519, 1 HR, BB: 3 (5.2%), K: 4 (6.9%), 0 SB

I feel like I have been lower than most on Andujar. Scouts say he has nice raw power, but he hasn’t shown much power in his career.

He is on pace to have the best power season of his minor league career; his previous high was 12. My issue with Andujar is I don’t think he does anything all that well. Sure he could hit .270, maybe even .280.

The problem is how deep a league do you have to be in to make a .275 average and 20 homers valuable? Those numbers are fine, but they are replacement level and I still think that is his ceiling in the majors. I wouldn’t be surprised if most years are .270 and 15-18 homers.

Maybe a 15-team roto league he can start as a middle infielder, but anything less than that – not really.

Peter Alonso 1B – Mets (A+)

  • 2017: .234/.291/.449, 5 HR, BB: 7 (6.0%), K: 28 (23.9%), 1 SB
  • June 11-25: .285/.457/.769, 3 HR, BB: 5 (10.9%), K: 7 (15.2%), 1 SB

Alonso was a second round pick out of Florida last year. He improved every season in college and ended up with 14 homers and a .374/.469/.659 slash line. That great junior season rolled into a good first season in the minors as he hit .321/.382/.587 with five homers last year.

The hit tool issues have come to fruition this year as he is striking out just about 24 percent of the time. His best tool is his raw power, but he might not make enough solid contact for it to play up.

Yusniel Diaz OF – Dodgers (A+)

  • 2017: .293/.358/.452, 7 HR, BB: 28 (9.5%), K: 62 (21.1%), 5 SB
  • June 11-25: .442/.483/.750, 2 HR, BB: 5 (8.6%), K: 7 (12.1%), 1 SB

I think Diaz profiles more as a better real life prospect than fantasy. Mainly because I don’t think he will ever hit 20 homers in the majors, and he won’t ever steal 20 plus bases to offset the power loss.

Diaz does, however, have above average tools just about everywhere. He should be able to stay in centerfield and hit .290. I think Diaz will be best used as a trade chip in any fantasy league. Maybe in deep leagues he is worth hanging onto because I do think he will end up in the majors at some point.

Jason Martin OF – Astros (AA)

  • 2017: .307/.361/.533, 11 HR, BB: 24 (8.4%), K: 65 (22.8%), 11 SB
  • June 11-25: .404/.436/.673, 2 HR, BB: 3 (5.5%), K: 10 (18.2%), 1 SB

Admittedly I didn’t know a lot about Martin until I saw his numbers over his hot stretch. He was drafted way back in 2013, and someone who was drafted that long ago that we don’t hear much about usually isn’t worth getting excited about. But Martin is still just 21 years old.

He struggled in the low minors when he was just 17 and 18, but since then he has hit .279/.354/.481. The power has come out the past two years as last year he hit 23 homers as a 20-year-old in high-A and is following it up this year with roughly the same power pace. If things go right Martin could have his second straight 20/20 season while playing most of the year in AA.

Martin is way off the radar, and I wouldn’t even add him yet in a 30-team league. I would monitor him for the next month or two to see what happens. If he keeps up the homer and steal output maybe it will be worth an add.

Matt Manning P – Tigers (A-)

  • 2017: 9 1/3 IP, 0.00 ERA, 0.96 WHIP, K: 14 (37.8%), BB: 3 (8.1%)

Manning was one of the big arms from the 2016 draft, and I’m not surprised he is having success in the low minors.

From the preseason

“Manning has a great fastball curveball combination for a 19-year-old and can hit upper 90s with his fastball. He should be able to run through the low levels of the minors with his ability.”

Just over nine innings and 2017 hasn’t changed my opinion on him at all. If you are in a league where guys three or so years away are worth owning I would add Manning sooner rather than later.

Checking in


  • Francisco Mejia has 10 hits and 10 strikeouts in his last 10 games.
  • Rafael Devers just as it seemed he was nearing a promotion Devers hit a small bump in the road as he is hitting .220 in his last 10 games.
  • Mike Soroka gave up his first run since May 31 in a six inning outing, but the outing only came with two strikeouts.
  • Joey Lucchesi’s strikeout rate took a huge hit as he only struck out three in his last start.
  • Eloy Jimenez is hitting .205 in his last 10 games


  • Brendan Rodgers was promoted to AA, and through four games is 2-14.
  • Alex Verdugo is 21-42 in his last 10 games, but has no homers in the stretch.
  • Shed Long, like Rodgers, was promoted to AA, and like Rodgers in limited time, has struggled.
  • Ryan McMahon can’t stop hitting and is 24-49 in his last 10 games
  • Alec Hansen hasn’t pitched since the last writing.
  • Forrest Whitley struck out seven and walked one over four innings in his last start.


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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

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  1. Hi Andy, really like this site. I’ve been following the “Prospects on the cusp” sort of articles floating around the web, but no one seems to know when Chance Adams will likely be called up. I’m seeing August, Sept, even saw “next 2 weeks”…. Do you have any insight as to when he could come up?
    I’m currently stashing him in my 12 team points keeper league.


    1. It is so hard to gauge because he could, should, be up pitching with Sabathia on the DL. I am pretty sure he could do better than Cessa. Right now all I can guess is that if someone else needs a DL stint he is the guy and if he pitches well they will find room for him. It also could take long struggles of someone else in the rotation. Like Pineda struggling for a month or Tanaka never turning it around.

      It really could be any of the times you listed. The Yankees have struggled in recent weeks so maybe they go to him sooner rather than later to avoid slipping too far in the AL playoff race.

  2. In the lower minors Jason Martin was the Greeneville Astros MVP. He struggled at TriCty due to injury. After that he’s been a top 30 team talent.

    1. Im definitely interested to follow the rest of his season, but the Astros have so much outfield depth and prospect depth to do anything he might need to find a new organization if he wants to be more than a taxi squad guy going back and forth when the team needs a healthy body

  3. I am in 12 team dynasty would you trade Zach Grienke for Ryan McMahon and Stephen Piscotty? We have tons of high end pitching prospects coming Flaherty, Holmes, Glasnow (IF he can figure it out)

    1. Unless there is some keeper cost involved in that deal I would hold Grienke. In regards to the pitching prospects, you can never have too much pitching.

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