Beauty is in the O-Line of the Beholder

As fantasy owners, we realize that generally the success of an individual player may hinge on several factors. Either directly or indirectly, it may include his teammates, his coaches, the schedule/opponent and even his offensive line.

But even the most stellar of statistics can be met with controversy.

Take the Chicago Picasso sculpture at Daley Plaza in Chicago. Sources say that even at its unveiling in 1967, Pablo Picasso never explained what the sculpture was intended to represent.

Depending upon the angle that the sculpture is viewed, some say it was supposed to be a woman. Others say it is a dog. Critics have called it a giant insect, or worse.

Love it or hate it, the sculpture has also inspired other artists.

Here is an unveiling of another sort. It is a compilation of varying offensive line stats in one convenient chart.

Like the Chicago Picasso, depending upon your view, you may see only what you care to see. Maybe only a handful of these stats will inspire you? Or like some critics, the value may be controversial.

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Just a couple of notes:

  • All categories are explained below.
  • Most all categories are ranked. Rankings are from best to worst.
  • The worst 5 of each group are in red font.

Click HERE to view/download an excel copy of the above chart.

Pen: Total penalties against the O-line. Includes holding, false start and illegal hands to the face penalties:. All numbers are based on average calls during a 16-game regular season.
PenRk: The ranking for penalties.
Neg: This is the total number of negative rushing plays for each team – or rush attempts for lost yards.
NegRk: The ranking for negative rushing yards.
Sacks/Hits: The combined number of sacks plus QB hits.
SacHtRk: The ranking for giving up the combined number of sacks plus QB hits.
Totals: Combined number of penalties, negative rush yards, sacks and QB hits.
TotRk: The ranking for all categories.
Frequency: This is the total number of all categories divided by each team’s rushing attempts plus their passing attempts.
FreqRk: The ranking of the best to the worst.
Off : The team’s 2016 offensive yardage ranking.
AvgRk: The average rank of all statistical O-line categories.

Best O-lines

Penalties: Texans, Bills, Packers, Bengals and Cardinals.
Negative Yards Allowed: Colts, Saints, Steelers, Raiders, and (tie) Bears and Redskins.
Sacks/Hits: Raiders, Steelers, Titans, Giants & (3-way tie) Saints, Patriots and Cowboys.
Totals: Steelers, Raiders, Giants, Saints, and Titans.
Frequency: Steelers, Raiders, Saints, Giants, Titans.
Average: Steelers, (tie) Saints and Raiders, Cowboys, Patriots, and Titans.

Worst O-Lines

Penalties: Raiders, Buccaneers, Redskins, Eagles, Chiefs
Negative Yards Allowed: Bills, Buccaneers, (tie) Eagles & 49ers, Dolphins.
Sacks/Hits: Browns, Colts, Cardinals, Seahawks, and (tie) Buccaneers and Rams.
Totals: Browns, Buccaneers, Cardinals, Seahawks and Colts.
Frequency: Browns, Rams, Buccaneers, Seahawks, and (tie) Vikings and 49ers.
Average: Brown, (tie) Rams and Buccaneers, (tie) Vikings and 49ers.


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  1. Great work Joe. I’m really surprised by Arizona’s line being so bad last year. Just goes to show you how great David Johnson was last year.

  2. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I was kind of surprised how often the Bucs, Hawks and Cards made the “bad” list of categories, considering that you don’t necessarily associate those teams with a poor offense.

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