Week 16 Waiver Wire

Whether this is your final run at waivers or you have one more go at it before a week 17 matchup, the basic idea doesn’t change. Use whatever FAAB you have left to get one of the top options.

You will notice I didn’t put in FAAB amounts or if you should burn a waiver claim. It is because you just have to do what you can to get the guys you need. 

If you play into week 17 it might change things slightly. If a player isn’t a big help to you or your opponent you might want to keep that trump card for the championship week. Maybe a big name running back gets hurt and there is a handcuff out there, and saving a few bucks guarantees you anyone you want on waivers next week. I am only doing that if the likes of Montgomery and Powell aren’t out there.

You will notice that I included higher owned players than I normally do. Mainly because there aren’t many nice options this week and picking up a speculative add like Paul Perkins at this point doesn’t help much. If a guy is owned in your league just go on down to the next guy on the list.

For those of you in the championship, if you have players playing in late games or on Christmas day, something that you might want to do on Saturday before players lock is if you aren’t starting a player, drop him to cover yourself.

For example if you have Mike Gillislee, or anyone from that slate on your bench playing Saturday in the early games, drop them before kickoff and grab the best available option playing in the next slate of games.

The chances are slim, but players do get injured in warmups. Having a fallback option never hurts. Also, you could just drop whatever player got injured during warmups or is a surprise inactive.

If there are any players in your league that don’t show up on the list feel free to ask in the comment section below or on Twitter.

And like I always say, you know your league better than I do. Some of these bids might be far too high, some too low. Depth of the league and your roster construction has a lot to do with how much to bid as well. However, at this point, there is little reason not to spend whatever remaining FAAB dollars you have stashed away.

1 Ty Montgomery RB/WR 6 Derrick Henry RB 11 Ronnie Hillman RB
2 Bilal Powell RB 7 Robbie Anderson WR 12 Kenneth Farrow RB
3 Justin Forsett RB 8 Travis Benjamin WR 13 Tyreek Hill WR
4 Dion Lewis RB 9 Brandon LaFell WR 14 Aldrick Robinson WR
5 Kenneth Dixon RB 10 J.J. Nelson WR 15 Tyler Lockette WR

Ty Montgomery – If he is out there do whatever you can to get him.

Bilal Powell – Should be a great option. They might just let him show what he can do regardless of Forte’s status.

Justin Forsett – Boring, but he is the guy in Denver now.

Dion Lewis – Finally helping people. I don’t think anyone started him though. He might be back in the role he had last season.

Kenneth Dixon – I think the matchup in Pittsburgh would lead to Dixon playing more as the passing downs back.

Derrick Henry – Really becoming more involved. If you are desperate he gets the Jaguars, and if anything happens to Murray he is a great start.

Robby Anderson – Great ever since Petty took over.

Travis Benjamin – Sadly Benjamin’s return to, seemingly, full health probably ends the WR2 value for Dontrelle Inman.

Brandon LaFell – Green is supposed to be back. Just in case he isn’t LaFell is the guy you want.

J.J. Nelson – Huge risk because of his lack of involvement. Big plays are what he relies on.

Ronnie Hillman – I think if Gordon is out that Hillman is the back to start.

Kenneth Farrow – Did not do well in his chance to show something.

Tyreek Hill – You might be surprised to find him this low. With Maclin back he just isn’t involved enough between the targets and snaps.

Aldrick Robinson – He is the guy I want in week 16 if Julio is out again. Led the team in snaps among receivers.

Taylor Gabriel – If he doesn’t score he is no different than Hill. He player fewer than 50 percent of the snaps this week.

Week 17 speculative adds

This is tough to call right now but teams that are most likely, I think, to have nothing to play for in week 17 are the Cowboys, Steelers, Dolphins, Buccaneers, and Patriots. A lot more will become clear after next week’s game, but it doesn’t hurt to be a week early

  • Darren McFadden
  • Alfred Morris
  • Tony Romo
  • DeAngelo Williams
  • Eli Rogers
  • Charcandrick West
  • Kenyan Drake
  • Charles Sims

Playoff Streamers

A lot of people stream the quarterback and defense positions on a weekly basis. Now is the time of the year that you might want to hold two, or maybe even three, of these players for the playoff run. Below are some options to grab now if you have the space to possibly pair together for a playoff run.


Not many great options. I couldn’t imagine going into a championship week starting Blake Bortles, but the Titans secondary is that bad.

Week 16

  • Jameis Winston @ Saints
  • Blake Bortles vs. Titans
  • Colin Kaepernick @ Rams
  • Matt Moore @ Bills

Week 17 (if you play this week)

  • Jameis Winston vs. Panthers
  • Blake Bortles @ Colts
  • Tyrod Taylor @ Jets


There are a lot of really nice options. The Chargers and Titans both have great matchups and the Rams aren’t a bad fallback

Week 16

  • Titans @ Jaguars
  • Chargers @ Browns
  • Bengals @ Texans
  • Rams vs. 49ers
  • Raiders vs. Colts
  • Packers vs. Vikings

Week 17 (if you play this week)

  • Bills @ Jets
  • Steelers vs. Browns
  • Cowboys @ Eagles


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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

8 thoughts on “Week 16 Waiver Wire”

  1. Do u like Montgomery and Alshon Jeffery more than Farrow and AP if playoffs go through week 17? I’m not sure I’d start jeffery but picking him up might be a good defensive move. I think Farrow is the drop between him and AP if it comes down to it.

    1. I’d rank them Montgomery, Jeffery, Peterson, Farrow. With Farrow as borderline useless for week 17. Id try to hang on to Peterson if possible just in case he shows something this week, but I would be fine dropping him if I had to

  2. Below is my roster for our championship. Honestly, very lucky to be there with all of the injuries my team has had recently.

    QB – Rivers
    WR – Julio
    WR/TE – Ty Montgomery
    WR/TE – Jordy
    WR/TE – Eifert
    RB – Powell
    WR/RB – Kelley

    BN: Rawls
    BN: Jordan Matthews
    BN: Graham
    BN: M Gordon
    BN: Moncrief

    What are your thoughts are my starting line-up and would you swap anyone for BN and/or waiver player? I was considering Rawls for Kelley (due to matchup). Was a little concerned with Eifert.

    Notable waiver wire options: Cameron Meredith, Brate, Ginn, Locket, Robby Anderson and Wallace.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Do you have to start at least 1 tight end? The only one I would consider benching would be Eifert to play Rawls. Both are similar players. Low floor with a pretty decent ceiling. Rawls is going to get more opportunity so I would lean him if I had the choice.

      1. I don’t have to start a TE. I have Montgomery in as a WR/TE since he still has that eligibility (WR/RB). Rawls would have to take the place of either Kelley or Powell. Would you swap out Eifert for any of my other benched WR/TE’s or any of the waiver options I listed?

        1. Ah I looked at the roster wrong. In my head I saw the slash and just had flex in my head not just WR/TE.

          I would stick with what you have in that case. Eifert is no different than Moncrief, and might actually be a better bet. Didnt get to it in time but I wouldnt have started Matthews over him anyway.

          1. I might lean Robby Anderson. He has a bigger target share week to week and I dont want to have to cross my fingers and hope Moncrief gets in the end zone, because that is pretty much what he has been this season.

            Moncrief is a fine option if Anderson is no longer available

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