Week 15 Waiver Wire

With only one (two if you play into week 17) waiver weeks left, if there is a player on the wire that you need or can help you win this week or next, you have to do what you can to get him. No saving it for someone better now. 

If the top names aren’t out there this week it doesn’t hurt to grab your handcuffs. Matt Forte and Melvin Gordon owners that survived week 14 will express how much they either regret not owning, or their happiness from owning, the handcuff prior to the running back getting injured.

If there are any players in your league that don’t show up on the list feel free to ask in the comment section below or on Twitter.

And like I always say, you know your league better than I do. Some of these bids might be far too high, some too low. Depth of the league and your roster construction has a lot to do with how much to bid as well. However, at this point, there is little reason not to spend whatever remaining FAAB dollars you have stashed away.

      FAAB Burn waiver claim?


Bilal Powell RB All Yes


Kenneth Farrow RB All Yes


Dontrelle Inman WR 2-10% Yes


Robby Anderson WR 2-10% No


Alfred Morris RB 2-10% No


Ty Montgomery RB/WR 2-10% No


Justin Forsett RB 0-6% No


Mike Gillislee RB 0-6% No


C.J. Anderson RB 0-6% No


Paul Perkins RB 0-6% No


Rex Burkhead RB 0-6% No


Dwayne Washington RB 0-6% No


Kenny Stills WR 0-6% No


Charles Sims RB 0-6% No


Charles Clay TE 0-6% No

Bilal Powell – He is here assuming Forte does not play week 15. I would prefer him to Farrow if both starters are out. At this point if he is out there you have to put whatever bid in to get him just in case.

Kenneth Farrow – Much more likely to be on the wire. There are reports that Gordon is “OK”, but I think that is more of a “he didn’t suffer a serious injury” type of OK. I can’t see Gordon playing in week 15. If Farrow wasn’t handcuffed and you need a running back, or your opponent does, you need to do whatever you have to do to get him.

Dontrelle Inman – At some point other people will buy in, I think. Everyone loved the schedule for the passing game, just no one wants Inman. Inman is averaging 4-5 catches, 80 yards, and a touchdown. He also gets the Raiders and Browns in the next two weeks.

Robby Anderson – He picked up where he left off last week. A deep threat that is getting a ton of targets. He doesn’t have to catch many of them to have a good game.

Alfred Morris – Still the most valuable pure handcuff. The bad news is he only has one chance for week 16 championship owners unless Elliott suffers an in-practice injury.

Ty Montgomery – They started using him as a running back a good amount again, but it did lead to him missing some time with a shoulder injury.

Justin Forsett – You have to be desperate to want him. I would probably prefer to grab one of my handcuffs to Forsett, but in a vacuum Forsett is the guy you want if you need someone for this week.

Mike Gillislee – He didn’t get much work in week 14. He is still a great handcuff option and is supposed to be the goal line back when they get in close.

C.J. Andereson – He might be back for week 16-17. Sure he is going to be hard to trust, but the Broncos brought in old man Forsett who has been cut twice and immediately gave him work.

Paul Perkins – He got 16 touches. Still splitting with Jennings, but he shows more burst when he gets a hole. You need to be in a deep league to be interested, and in a deep enough league he is probably already owned.

Rex Burkhead – Deep league or PPR add, but nothing more.

Dwayne Washington – Got a lot of work and finally did something. Riddick should be back next week pushing Washington to the side.

Kenny Stills – He is having a much better season than you would expect.

Charle Sims – Martin handcuff mainly. He did have appeal in the preseason as a desperation flex and could have that again.

Charles Clay – If, like me, you were a Gronk owner and you have been scrambling for tight ends, Clay gets the Browns. 

Playoff Streamers

A lot of people stream the quarterback and defense positions on a weekly basis. Now is the time of the year that you might want to hold two, or maybe even three of these players for the playoff run. Below are some options to grab now if you have the space to possibly pair together for a playoff run.

These are all players under 70% owned – many might be owned, but these options might be out there.


After a really rough quarterback week across the league the streamers aren’t great this week. My expected top option has rumors swirling that he doesn’t have a lock on the job. The second one has less than 14 points over the past two weeks.

I still want to roll with Taylor if possible. If I don’t end up with him any of the other three would be fine, but just fine.

Week 15

  • Tyrod Taylor @ Browns
  • Colin Kaepernick @ Falcons
  • Alex Smith vs. Titans
  • Trevor Siemian vs. Patriots

Week 16

  • Jameis Winston @ Saints
  • Blake Bortles vs. Titans
  • Colin Kaepernick @ Rams

Week 17 (if you play this week)

  • Jameis Winston vs. Panthers
  • Blake Bortles @ Colts
  • Tyrod Taylor @ Jets


The Falcons put on a show in week 14 and get another nice matchup this week. There are a lot of good options this week. The first three all are nice matchups and at home.

If you can manage the roster spot I would try to grab the Titans or Browns right now for week 16. Those defenses could have league winning weeks.

Week 15

  • Falcons vs. 49ers
  • Bills vs. Browns
  • Texans vs. Jaguars
  • Dolphins @ Jets
  • Raiders @ Chargers
  • Packers @ Bears

Week 16

  • Titans @ Jaguars
  • Chargers @ Browns
  • Bengals @ Texans
  • Rams vs. 49ers
  • Raiders vs. Colts
  • Packers vs. Vikings

Week 17 (if you play this week)

  • Bills @ Jets
  • Steelers vs. Browns
  • Cowboys @ Eagles


Need more waiver wire suggestions and Start-Sit advice, head on over to Fantasy Rundown.Fantasy Rundown Banner

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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

8 thoughts on “Week 15 Waiver Wire”

  1. Hope you are alive and well in your leagues. Playoffs start for me this week. I am looking at picking up Farrow and/or Inman and dropping Damian Williams and/or L. Green or Bennett. I’m thinking both TEs are holds though. Thoughts?

    1. Still alive everywhere for me. I expect to be eliminated in one of them this weekend though.

      I would hold both tight ends and drop Williams. Williams is no longer a must cuff for me because of the injuries to the offensive line.

      I would go Farrow first. The only way I wouldnt is if you and none of your potential opponents will use or need a RB this week and your opponent is desperate for a WR.

      For example if the guy playing you has like LeSean McCoy, Carlos Hyde, Doug Martin with like Benjamin, Robinson, Pryor at receiver you want to prevent him from getting Inman. If he wants and ends up with Farrow who cares. Its not like he is going to start him over you. You know what I mean?

      1. Michael Thomas, Adrian Peterson, Ryan Matthews, and Alshon Jeffery all available. Any must owns? I mainly ask to play defense and due to my ongoing concern of Julio’s outlook.

        1. I would probably order them Thomas, Peterson, Jeffery, Mathews. Thomas is a must add to me. Peterson is borderline must add because he gets the show me week this week and might be back to a good option for week 16 if he shows something this week.

          1. My 3 lowest players are Gillislee, Dixon, and Morris. I’m thinking Gillislee and Dixon are the drops for Thomas and Peterson. Hard to drop Dixon, but I’m thinking the upside is there more with Peterson? I don’t see myself starting Dixon over Ajayi, Ware or Stewart at this point.

    1. I think they are similar players. Which is why I dont understand why people havent bought in on Inman.

      That being said Williams is the better play week to week so he would be my choice. I just think they WR2 and flex rather than the WR2 and WR4/5 people have had them at for a while.

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