Start or Sit Week 9

I hope if you’re reading this it is for the enjoyment, not because you are desperately searching for starting options.

This isn’t just a six-team bye, it’s a six-team bye with a lot of good fantasy options missing. The Patriots, Cardinals, Texans, Bears, Redskins and Bengals are all off. Not only are those teams gone, but high-end options are hurt.

There isn’t a ton of advice to give in terms of start or sit in situations like this. If you are looking for advice in a week like this, more often than not it is should I start this low-end option or that one. The good news is even if you, or I, am wrong, the options are so low-end that there won’t be much of a difference between the two.

Good luck this week. Hopefully you run into someone more ravaged by injuries and bye week issues than you are.

If you have any players you have a question on feel free to ask in the comment section below or on Twitter.

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No HalfTime BannerQuarterback


Marcus Mariota @ Chargers: Don’t be scared off by that red bad matchup rating you might be seeing. The Chargers have allowed a lot of yards per game this season – six games of at least 270 yards, but not many touchdowns through the air as teams have scored on the ground.

What you can expect: 250 yards passing, two touchdowns, 25 yards rushing

Dak Prescott @ Browns: Ryan Fitzpatrick was the first to not throw for at least two touchdowns against the Browns. The Cowboys will be able to do what they want on offense. Bryant’s return helps Prescott a lot, as he finally gets a weapon in the passing game teams can be afraid of.

What you can expect: 275 yards passing, two touchdowns


Derek Carr vs. Broncos: Here is your typical “don’t start this guy because he plays the Broncos” play. I don’t care what he did last week, I am not starting him unless I have no other options.

What you can expect: 200 yards passing, one touchdown, one interception

Matt Stafford @ Vikings: The Vikings have been bordering on dominant against the pass this season. The good news if you plan on playing Stafford is that, like most weeks, the attempts will be there.

What you can expect: 250 yards passing, one touchdown, one interception

Russell Wilson vs. Bills: Until he starts running he is a sit for me. I wouldn’t even say anything if you wanted to drop him.

What you can expect: 250 yards passing no touchdowns

Ben Roethlisberger @ Ravens: Historically, for whatever reason in his first game back from injury, he doesn’t perform well. In what should be a smash-mouth type rivalry game I am avoiding Big Ben if I can.

What you can expect: 275 yards passing, one touchdown, two interceptions

Digging deep

Sam Bradford vs. Lions: I don’t think Bradford is good, but this is a deep, cross your fingers and hope the matchup plays out kind of thing.

What you can expect: 250 yards passing and one touchdown

Colin Kaepernick vs. Saints: Great matchup, and the classic rushing yards add to his value. Issue is Kap hasn’t thrown for over 200 yards in his two starts.

What you can expect: 200 yards, one touchdown, one interception passing, 70 yards rushing

Running Back


Mark Ingram @ 49ers: Yea, I am still starting him. He should get the first crack at the 49ers porous run defense. He might have a short hook, and if he fumbles again he might be benched for the foreseeable future.

What you can expect: 90 yards rushing and a touchdown

Charcandrick West vs. Jaguars: With Nick Foles starting and Spencer Ware out, West is going to get all the work he can handle in a great matchup.

What you can expect: 100 yards rushing and a touchdown, four catches for 35 yards

Theo Riddick @ Vikings: Riddick isn’t your typical 18-touch running back. What makes him better is he gets half of those in open space through the passing game. It is a tough matchup and Riddick isn’t a great bet to score, but the total yards should definitely be there. Eric Kendricks is out for the Vikings, which should help him in both the pass and run game.

What you can expect: 35 yards rushing, Eight catches for 80 yards and a touchdown


Isaiah Crowell vs. Cowboys: I feel like he is here every week. At this position its hard to sit anyone, but the Cowboys should be leading this one early. I could see a lot of Duke Johnson by halftime.

What you can expect: 35 yards rushing

Ryan Mathews @ Giants: It’s good that Doug Pederson finally started watching his own games, recently saying that Sproles could become the lead back. Mathews hasn’t played more than 50 percent of the snaps once this season. If he is going to pay off he needs to find the end zone.

What you can expect: 25 yards rushing, one catch for 10 yards

Carlos Hyde vs. Saints: You will have to keep an eye on him Saturday and Sunday but I don’t think he plays and this is a late afternoon game so you will be without a lot of your options. Sit him and don’t worry about it.

Digging deep

DuJuan Harris vs. Saints: Like I said above I don’t think Hyde plays. Based on the last time Hyde didn’t suit up Harris looks like the guy to own, and the 49ers alluded Harris climbing the depth chart earlier this week. This is a great matchup and Harris could be a really nice option that is on the wire almost every where.

What you can expect: 50 yards rushing, three catches for 25 yards

Duke Johnson vs. Cowboys: It’s a tough week so many of the digging deep type players are going to be the third down type backs that won’t get many carries. Duke is as good of a bet as anyone in this area to finish with around 10 touches this week.

What you can expect: 10 yards rushing, six catches for 50 yards

C.J. Prosise vs. Bills: They said they were going to get him more involved. While I don’t usually listen to coach speak I wouldn’t be surprised to see him continue to get work. He is the passing downs back and is playing just as much as Michael lately. 

What you can expect: 15 yards rushing, five catches for 50 yards

Wide Receiver


Donte Moncrief @ Packers: T.Y. Hilton is either going to be out or less than 100 percent. Moncrief has a nose for the end zone and the Packers have been atrocious in the passing game with one outlier of a Matt Barkley led Bears.

What you can expect: Five catches for 70 yards and a touchdown

Davante Adams vs. Colts: He has 25 catches in the past two weeks. The Packers are going with the underneath passing game right now and Adams is benefiting.

What you can expect: Nine catches for 90 yards

Michael Thomas @ 49ers: In an offense that spreads the ball out a ton Thomas seems to be the one that is most likely to be involved week-to-week. It’s a great matchup. The only concern is the Saints might just run the ball all game long.

What you can expect: Six catches for 80 yards and a touchdown


Michael Crabtree vs. Broncos: He is heading into the no fly zone and I feel much less confident in him than I do Cooper. It is going to be a rough week for the Oakland passing game.

What you can expect: Three catches for 35 yards

Doug Baldwin vs. Bills: Until the Seahawks can prove the offense isn’t broken I don’t want to start anyone in the passing game. The Bills are an average matchup in terms of playing against receivers.

What you can expect: Three catches for 40 yards

Digging deep

Dontrelle Inman vs. Titans: He is on the field a lot every week. Sometimes that is all you can ask for. With a lot of the Charger passing game banged up, Inman is a decent flex option this week.

What you can expect: Seven catches for 85 yards

Sammie Coates @ Ravens: All it takes is one play. With Roethlisberger back he has a better chance to get one of those long balls and take it to the house. I don’t feel super confident about this call for this week. Rest of season I do think he will win some people some championships.

What you can expect: Three catches for 85 yards

Kenny Stills vs. Jets: I like his chances of burning the obviously limited Revis. As the speed threat going against the Jets I feel like it is a lock that he has a long touchdown.

What you can expect: Four catches for 90 yards

Tight End


Antonio Gates vs. Titans: No Hunter Henry this week. Gates has 19 targets in the past two games and is now competing against some banged up receivers and no Henry. He is an easy start in a week where there are so many high-end options on bye.

What you can expect: Six catches for 65 yards 

Kyle Rudolph vs. Lions: The Lions are a great matchup for tight ends and Rudolph is good enough to take advantage.

What you can expect: Five catches for 60 yards and a touchdown

Digging deep

Lance Kendricks vs. Panthers: The Panthers are one of the worst teams at defending tight ends this year. While “against tight ends” stats are some of the most misleading out there, it is worth noting. Kendricks has at least seven targets in three of the last four games.

What you can expect: Five catches for 55 yards 


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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

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    1. I would go with Taylor. Tough matchup with the Seahawks but he has shown to have a really nice floor this year. The extra 3-6 he gets from rushing every week is a nice help

  1. Steve Smith Sr. Is available. Do u like him over Corey Coleman this week or Rawls ROS? I see Rawls and coleman as having the highest upside/trade value… I’m currently starting coleman this week, but don’t think I’d start coleman or SSS with green, Evans and jeffery all clear of byes going forward. I don’t know too much about the SSS situation ROS though. Thanks!

    1. I would take the Chance on Coleman or Rawls over Smith. The upside is much higher and Smith is at the very tail end of his career. The injuries, bumps, and bruises probably arent going to stop.

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