Waiver Wire Week 9

This is going to be a crazy week for waivers. A lot of guys popping up in interesting positions and a lot of people in need for starters in a week that is probably the worst bye week of the season.

Not only are there short-term fill ins, but we have some league winning potential players nearing their eligibility to return.

Everyone is going to have a different strategy this week. Many will be dumpster diving for a one or two week filler like Charcandrick West, Antone Smith, Peyton Barber, etc. while the rest will be looking to stock up with potential studs for the playoff run with the likes of Sammy Watkins and Adrian Peterson.

To me this is by far the most interesting waiver period of the season. I expect a lot of FAAB to be thrown around by borderline playoff teams.

In a vacuum I am not burning a waiver priority on any of these guys. If you need a win or a short-term fill in I would burn one on any of the top three, or even Hightower for a one week option.

If there are any players in your league that don’t show up on the list feel free to ask in the comment section below or on Twitter.

And like I said before, you know your league better than I do. Some of these bids might be far too high, some too low. Depth of the league and your roster construction has a lot to do with how much to bid as well. 

  Player Pos FAAB Burn waiver claim?


Charcandrick West RB 8-15% No


Antone Smith RB 8-15% No 


Peyton Barber RB 8-15% No  


Corey Coleman WR 8-15% No  


Alfred Morris RB 5-10% No  


Kapri Bibbs RB 3-10% No  


Tim Hightower RB 3-10% No  


Rob Kelley RB 3-10% No  


James Starks RB 0-5% No  


Sammy Watkins WR 0-5% No  


Adrian Peterson RB 0-5% No  


Dion Lewis RB 0-5% No  


C.J. Prosise RB 0-5% No  


J.J. Nelson WR 0-5% No  


Dontrelle Inman WR 0-5% No  

Charcandrick West – This is a little risky as the top add because we don’t know the status of Spencer Ware (concussion) or Jamaal Charles (getting his knee checked out again), but I think both won’t end up playing. The bad news is we wont really know anything by the time waivers clear, except maybe on Charles. West is a great play this week and I think is the Spencer Ware handcuff at this point, not Charles.

Antone Smith – I highly doubt we see Jacquizz Rodgers on Thursday. I keep going back and forth on Smith vs. Barber. Smith has been playing the number two role, so I would lean him. I think Barber is the better player, but that probably won’t matter on a short week.

Peyton Barber – See some of the comments above. Barber is the desperation play if you can’t get Smith or West.

Corey Coleman – Should be returning this week or next. With Josh McCown at quarterback he has wide receiver two upside.

Alfred Morris – Morris should be owned in every league. I have had him here for weeks and nothing has changed. There are reports that “there is a chance Elliott gets a lengthy suspension”, but read more than the headline – I don’t think he does. Morris is a must own regardless.

Kapri Bibbs – He is the Booker handcuff. Early in the game there was serious panic when Booker left the game. It looked like it was going to be the Bibbs show right away. Booker returned, though, and almost fumbled the game away while not doing anything special. I am still not completely convinced this isn’t going to be a committee.

Tim Hightower – You might be surprised he isn’t higher on this list. I don’t think he is good. I would assume the benching of Ingram is a one week thing. The matchup is great and he did have a great game against the Seahawks, but I don’t trust it.

Rob Kelley – There isn’t much upside here. He is about as good as Matt Jones, maybe. He isn’t going to be used in the passing game and he has very little big play ability. I see a lot of 2-5 yard gains and he breaks one or two for 15-20 yards if he gets a full workload.

James Starks – He is the only chance they have at being a true running back right now. When he returns in a couple of weeks he will be the closest thing to a real running back the Packers will have the rest of the season.

Sammy Watkins – He didn’t have surgery so all he has been doing is resting. He hasn’t had to rehab from a procedure of any kind. I think Watkins returns when first eligible in week 12. The bad news is you will probably have to wait until weeks 12 and 13 to see something before you use him, meaning you will be starting him for the first time in the fantasy playoffs. He could win a lot of people a title, or end a lot of people’s seasons in the first round of the playoffs. But if you want him you need to get him in one of the next two weeks. Once the return is imminent the FAAB price is going to go way up.

Adrian Peterson – Peterson is eligible to return week 11. I am far less confident in him as a stash and hope pickup than Watkins. He had the meniscus surgery and there isn’t a lot known about his rehab at the moment other than this tweet.

Where I have room I am taking a chance. It can’t hurt. Most of us have a lot worse on the end of our benches.

Dion Lewis – Blount is always going to have his role. The question is still what happens with the passing downs role. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lewis and White split reps in that role to start and then Lewis takes over. The good news is he is practicing. The bad is the Patriots signed Tyler Gaffney from the practice squad, meaning he might take the full 21 days before returning to play.

C.J. Prosise – I wouldn’t be shocked if he is this season’s out of no where late season fantasy stud that wins a lot of people championships.

J.J. Nelson – I love the talent. The issue was always the role. With much of the Cardinal receivers battling injury I want Nelson if I have the room. With how this offense operates there is a lot of upside here, if he keeps getting the snaps.

Dontrelle Inman – I like the Chargers playoff schedule for the passing game. Inman isn’t the most skilled, but he consistently plays the most snaps.

Deep league targets

Running Back: Paul Perkins (NYG), Andre Ellington (ARI), Alfred Blue (HOU), Ka’Deem Carey, (CHI)

Wide Receiver: Cordarelle Patterson (MIN), Brandon LaFell (CIN), J.J. Nelson (ARI)

Tight End: C.J. Fiedorowicz (HOU)

Quarterback Streamers

Dak Prescott @ Browns – Standard “quarterback going against the Browns” play here. Downside is Zeke might run all over the Browns and Prescott might not be able to do much.

Marcus Mariota @ Chargers – He has been playing really well lately. The touchdowns might not stick around, but for the streaming options the matchup is solid and the player isn’t horrible.

Sam Bradford vs. Lions – If Slay is out again I like him a ton. If he plays I still like him, but not as much. The Vikings don’t have a great run game so Bradford has to do some of the heavy lifting.

Colin Kaepernick vs. Saints – It’s the matchup along with the typical Kaepernick thing. The rushing yards help offset how bad he is as a passer.

Josh McCown vs. Cowboys – He is a borderline start every week now, but he is still very underowned because he missed so much time. The Browns will be in a lot of come from behind situations this year.

Defense Streamers

Packers vs. Colts – Any team that faces the Colts is a nice streaming option. A lot of times you are playing for the turnovers and sacks, not points allowed. 

Cowboys @ Browns – The Cowboys are a defense that is a play for a low point total. They will run the ball a lot and not give the defense much time on the field, limiting the turnovers and sacks, but also points allowed.

Dolphins vs. Jets – Ryan Fitzpatrick. That pretty much sums it up.


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Andy Germani

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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

11 thoughts on “Waiver Wire Week 9”

  1. What a crazy week! As it turned out, the commish was going up against the guy whose trade he vetoed, who woud’ve won if he had Stewart in his lineup like he wanted and is now pissed. What a shitstorm!

    So here’s my current setup:

    QB: Carr, Winston
    RB: Stewart, Gore, Michael, Henry
    WR: Evans, Hopkins, Robinson, Baldwin, Watkins (IR)
    TE: Rudolph, Henry
    DEF: Eagles
    K: McManus

    I’m a little worried about Michael at this point. With his diminishing results, and Rawls working his way back into the fold, he might be looking at a timeshare come playoff time. Should I be looking to make a deal of say Michael and Robinson for Howard?

    As for pickups, I’ve only got 7 acquisitions left for 8 weeks of games, and one of those should be to dump my kicker for his week 11 bye. I’m not desperate at any position and can weather the upcoming bye weeks, but I am worried whether I’ll have 3 starting RB’s once the playoffs hit. With that in mind, I’m eyeing Lewis, Starks and perhaps Morris, depending on the Ezekiel news. Prosise might be a decent handcuff for Michael, but I’d hate to be rostering 2/3 of a committee. Also someone dropped CJ Anderson last week….think he’d be worthy of being one of my 4 keepers for 2017? I could move Watkins to my bench, and stash him in my IR slot.

    If I do make a move, I think Henry will be the odd man out…he’s got a bye week coming up and that pretty much seals his fate….

    Thanks again, as always!

    1. One of the reasons you shouldnt veto is it just makes no one happy. One thing I have seen and I agree with is that if you are vetoing a trade be prepared to kick the owners out of the league. Because if you veto you are saying you dont trust those owners.

      I wouldnt do that for Howard. After what just happened with Howard I cant trust that he is the back. He had back to back 100 yard games then Carey came back and he was on the bad side of a timeshare. I think the Bears want to go hot hand, because John Fox is an idiot. Right now Howard should get the first crack at the hot hand. I do think he is the best back in the backfield but that doesnt mean he gets the work.

      See if you can trade Michael for Martin plus something else.

      With your situation there really isnt anyone out there that you must add with an acquisition cap. Morris would be the one I would go for if any.

      Just curious. Is the 7 moves you have left more less or about in the middle of the pack compared to everyone else?

      1. The 1st place team has 5 left, a couple other have 9 moves, the rest have over 10.

        I’ve got 2 offers out now:

        Baldwin for eifort
        Michael and Robinson for Bell

        And I just submitted an offer of Baldwin for Martin straight up…

        1. would try to buy lower for Martin. He still isnt practicing. Looks like he would miss week 10 too at a minimum maybe week 11. Then again Baldwin hasnt been great

  2. I have Gronk and I’m 6-2 so I’m not worried about playoffs. Should I carry L.Green or Ebron as a backup for playoffs or spend that roster spot on an RB/WR lottery ticket?

    1. Sorry for the late response wasnt around most of the day.

      Id rather spend the roster spot on a RB lottery ticket and if something happens to Gronk playoff time just grab a fill in TE. You can probably grab someone on the levels of those guys from waivers then.

  3. Is McKinnon worth blowing a high waiver claim? OR I have an empty bench slot and an Ir slot open. So I can pick up a player Starks or Rawls then place one of these guys in IR. Which one? I then can still pickup another rb like claiming McKinnon off waivers or another rb from free agency. Barber, D. Washington (handcuff for my L. Murray rb), Bibbs, Dixon, Perkins, etc. What do you think? Thank you.

    1. I wouldnt blow a high waiver claim on McKinnon. He really hasnt done anything this season.

      I would prefer Rawls to Starks. I think Rawls is actually good Starks is just going to benefit from the situation when he returns.

      I wouldnt handcuff Latavius mainly because I dont think there is one person that takes over just like a few weeks ago when he missed time.

      Of the guys you listed I would take the shot on Perkins out of all of them. After Perkins would be Bibbs.

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