Start or Sit Week 6

This week shouldn’t be a week where too many people are scrambling for replacements. Not many players got injured last week, and only Mike Evans, Stefon Diggs, and Jerick McKinnon are on bye. Sure Doug Martin is too, but his owners have been without him for a while already.

Sometimes the difference between a playoff berth and the consolation bracket is the decision you make in a week like this when your team is at full strength. Did you sit Tevin Coleman last week in favor of Isaiah Crowell? That 20-point difference could have been the difference between a win and a loss, also for end of season tiebreakers. 

At the end of the day trust the process. Do the research and look at your options. If that tells you to start player A over player B don’t regret it if it doesn’t work out, and if after all of your research you still can’t make a confident call, go with your gut. Nothing is worse than starting the guy that people say you should start when you feel like you should start the other one, and then your “gut call” guy goes off on your bench.

Good luck in week six; here’s to hoping we can avoid the injury bug this week

A disclaimer here on the “what you can expect” section. This is not what the player is locked into. This is an if this pick works out what you can expect. It does not take into account the player’s floor or a ceiling. For a lot of the digging deep options the floor might be 2-3 points while the players that are starts are 7-8 points. 

If you have any players you have a question on feel free to ask in the comment section below or on Twitter.

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No HalfTime BannerQuarterback


Matthew Stafford vs. Rams: To say the running game is beat up might be an understatement. Stafford did a lot of damage with little yards last week by throwing for three scores. Justin Forsett is the team’s goal line back. Maybe they trust him more than Riddick, maybe they don’t. Either way, if the Lions are going to score it’s most likely to involve Stafford.

What you can expect: 300 yards, two touchdowns

Dak Prescott @ Packers: The Packers can be beat through the air. Eli Manning didn’t take advantage of it last week, missing receivers numerous times throughout the game. The Cowboys will run early and often, but Prescott will have his opportunities to do damage through the air.

What you can expect: 25o yards, 15 yards rushing, two total touchdowns

Brian Hoyer vs. Jaguars: A nice matchup, and Hoyer has been on fire, for fantasy, since taking over the starting job. He is among the leaders in fantasy points and passing yards since taking over. It will most likely end soon, but for now I would start him as a nice streaming option.

What you can expect: 300 yards, one touchdown


Kirk Cousins vs. Eagles: Matt Stafford had a deceivingly good day as I noted before. I don’t think Cousins is a great quarterback, and the Eagles defense is better than a lot of people think.

What you can expect: 250 yards, one touchdown, one interception

Andy Dalton @ Patriots: I don’t want any part of the Bengals this week outside of A.J. Green, and that is only because he is a bona fide stud. I think this could get ugly quick for the Bengals.

What you can expect: 250 yards, one touchdown, one interception

Digging deep

Alex Smith @ Raiders: He starts a great string of matchups. With Jamaal Charles back in the lineup those safe dumpoffs can go to the house at any moment.

What you can expect: 275 yards, two touchdowns, 15 yards rushing

Colin Kaepernick @ Bills: It won’t be pretty. The completion percentage might be bad, he might only throw for 200 yards, and he is a turnover waiting to happen. He is almost a lock for 50 yards on the ground anytime he plays. Blaine Gabbert was getting about 34 yards on the ground per game and Kaepernick blows him away with his running ability.

What you can expect: 200 yards, one touchdown, one interception, 50 yards rushing, one rushing touchdown

Running Back


Jamaal Charles @ Raiders: I have been waiting for this for a while. Not only as a fantasy owner but as a football fan. Charles should be returning to a decent workload for the first time in about a year. People are saying he isn’t going to get a big workload, but as I said before, he doesn’t need one. Charles can make plays in space and take anything to the house at any point. The Chiefs also aren’t in a spot to ease him back in more than they already have. At 2-2 they need to get wins, and that should mean giving the ball to their best player on offense.

What you can expect: 60 yards rushing, three catches 45 yards receiving, one touchdown

Isaiah Crowell @ Titans: Even in a game that the Browns played from behind from the start he played 65 percent of the snaps and got 13 carries. The Titans are better on defense than expected in the preseason, but Crowell should get a decent workload and is the team’s best bet to score when they get inside the 10.

What you can expect: 75 yards rushing, two catches for 15 yards, one touchdown

Christine Michael vs. Falcons: The Falcons have been deceivingly good against running backs this year; playing primarily from ahead teams have abandoned the running games. Michael is the no doubt lead back while Thomas Rawls is still out.

What you can expect: 85 yards rushing, one catch for 10 yards, one touchdown

Tevin Coleman @ Seattle: He gets looked down on for what he does because of the lack of touches. Some players just don’t need the touches to be successful. Coleman is a big play threat and has received double-digit touches every game this season. He has 473 total yards this season with most of them coming via the passing game. There is always a risk with someone who gets so few touches, but Coleman gets the kind of touches you want a player to get. He has at least 70 total yards in three of four games and has scored at least 11 points in all but one game this season.

What you can expect: 40 yards rushing, four catches for 50 yards 


I am just saying this now. It is nearly impossible to really recommend sits with how bad the running back position is now. So don’t be shocked when I am saying bench some lower end guys. Odds are, for a lot of you, these guys are actually starting options.

Matt Forte @ Cardinals: The workload is continuing to trend in the wrong direction. This is a terrible matchup, and the Jets should be trailing early which should limit his playing time.

What you can expect: 60 yards rushing, two catches for 10 yards 

Jeremy Hill @ Patriots: He is dinged up, and this is a game that the Bengals should be playing from behind. His value is completely tied to his ability to get carries from inside the five this week.

What you can expect: 55 yards rushing

Digging deep

Giovani Bernard @ Patriots: Jeremy Hill is beat up, and this is a perfect game for Bernard; he tends to do most of his damage when the Bengals are playing from behind and they are 8.5 point underdogs against the Patriots. He is a borderline must start this week in PPR and a solid low-end RB2/flex in standard.

What you can expect:  30 yards rushing, five catches for 55 yards

James White vs. Bengals: It finally happened. White has a larger role now that Tom Brady is back. In a game that the Patriots dominated from just about start to finish it was White, not the expected run out the clock back Blount, that had the team lead in running back snaps. White is never going to win you your week out of the flex spot, but he has a solid floor, well, until Belichick decides to Belichick.

What you can expect: 20 yards rushing, four catches for 55 yards

Wide Receiver


Larry Fitzgerald vs. Jets: This matchup is great regardless of if Revis plays or not. The Jets have been one of the worst defenses in the league when it comes to defending opposing receivers. The Arizona wide outs should be able to feast on this secondary.

What you can expect: Seven catches for 90 yards, one touchdown

John Brown vs. Jets: Remember what I was just saying with Fitzgerald? Brown is more of a speed threat than Fitzgerald and should be a big play threat. Don’t worry about last week’s low performance. Carson Palmer should be back, and Brown, who is now functioning as the number two receiver, should be in for a big game.

What you can expect: Six catches for 100 yards, on touchdown

Julian Edelman vs. Bengals: I am surprised he isn’t just about universally started. Sure he didn’t have a huge first week with Brady back, but it is coming; he had 10 targets last week.

What you can expect: Seven catches for 85 yards

Doug Baldwin vs. Falcons: Another guy I was surprised to see isn’t in the 90 percent started range. Russell Wilson should be healthy and ready to rock against the Falcons. Baldwin should be able to avoid the top Falcons corners by playing in the slot. Don’t sit Baldwin this week.

What you can expect: Eight catches for 110 yards

Jeremy Maclin @ Raiders: Maclin hasn’t made an appearance in the buy low articles, but he really could have. He has at least seven targets in every game this season. No one is going to expect him to be a number one receiver, but he doesn’t have to be. The matchup against the Raiders is great for Maclin. 

What you can expect: Five catches for 80 yards


Terrelle Pryor @ Titans: Pryor’s exciting breakout was really short-lived. He might get a handful of quarterback snaps every week, but he isn’t going to do enough there to make it something to count on. The quarterback situation isn’t good right now, and while Corey Coleman is out there is no other passing game threat for defenses to worry about.

What you can expect: Four catches for 50 yards

DeSean Jackson vs. Eagles: Always a weekly boom or bust option, Jackson gets a tough matchup against the Eagles. The best thing going for him this week is he might have extra motivation to beat his former team. If you bench him you do it knowing he could easily go 3 catches for 120 yards and two touchdowns and no one would really be shocked. I would put my money on this being more of a 3 for 30 type game.

What you can expect: Three catches for 30 yards

Digging deep

Sammie Coates @ Dolphins: I am not too concerned about the hand injury. It might mean that if (when) this game turns into a blowout he might not play much in the second half. It isn’t locked in, but he is looking like he might be the guy to fill the void left by the suspended Martavis Bryant.

What you can expect: Five catches 100 yards

Robert Woods vs. 49ers: Woods is coming off of a down week. If the Bills are going to throw the ball Woods is going to have to get a decent amount of targets.

What you can expect: Six catches for 80 yards

Tight End


Martellus Bennett vs. Bengals: He is a startable tight end every week, and he is on the field for a team that is going to score three or four touchdowns every week. As a big red zone threat he can score multiple touchdowns any given week. The Bengals have yet to face a real tight end threat this season. Don’t be deceived by the low yardage allowed numbers.

What you can expect: Four catches for 70 yards, one touchdown

Zach Miller vs. Jaguars: Miller has either 70 yards or a touchdown in three straight weeks. With Hoyer at quarterback he is a top-10 option.

What you can expect: Five catches for 70 yards

Gary Barnidge @ Titans: After a terrible first week Barnidge has seen an increase in targets every week. If he can get another eight targets this week he can be a top-10 option.

What you can expect: Five catches for 70 yards

Digging deep

C.J. Fiedorowicz vs. Colts: My call last week was Ryan Griffin as the Texans tight end you want. Griffin got hurt early leaving the door open for Fiedorowicz. With it not being a lock for Griffin to play this week, Fiedorowicz could have another nice game.

What you can expect: Five catches for 60 yards, one touchdown


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    1. Palmer would be my guy this week. Even with his struggles lately that matchup is too enticing. I do think Hoyer should have a nice game as well so either way you should be in a solid spot.

      Both Coates and Snead are a little beat up. I like the Coates matchup more. Just make sure he is officially active Sunday morning. The Steelers should be able to move the ball at will against the Dolphins.

    1. Really tough call. I would say Baldwin.

      The Falcons seem content to not give Julio 15 targets per game like in the past. But I wouldnt be shocked if on any given day Julio went for 100 and a touchdown

    1. I think targeting the Ben owner right now is a good idea but I would want more than Lewis and a defense. Lewis we have an idea when he will return but we also thought he would be ready at the beginning of the year. And while the Denver defense is elite you can stream and usually still have good weeks

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