Buy Low/Sell High: Week 2

Crazy how much one week can change. Dez Bryant is terrible! Cue up a 100-yard game. The Saints can’t stop anyone! Holds one of the leagues best quarterback and receiver duos out of the end zone.

None of us ever know what will happen week-to-week. All we can do is use the information provided from one week, as well as some past seasons, to make our best guess at the future.

I saw a tweet today that perfectly depicted the NFL. In essence it said the most unpredictable week in the NFL would be a week that we actually predicted.

That’s what this buy/sell article is all about, using past and present information to make trades and make your team better for the long haul. You’ll make bad trades and you’ll make good trades. As long as you have sound reasoning on why you’re doing what you’re doing you can stand behind it. Trust the process. Making a panic trade is the worst possible thing you can do in a fantasy football league.

Buy Low

QB – Andrew Luck

He ran into the impenetrable force that is the Broncos’ defense. I think a lot of people expected the down day for Luck. His owners probably viewed him as a top quarterback option every week when he was drafted, not someone who was going to bring down a roster. Luck is still a contender to be the top quarterback any given week.

Potential buy low offer: Matthew Stafford and Jeremy Maclin for Luck.

RB – Todd Gurley

I don’t care how bad the Rams looked on offense. Todd Gurley is one of the best running backs in the league and he will find running room. This offense was bad last year and he ran wild some weeks. There is no doubting how much he means for this offense’s success. You can’t ask for much more than what he is. He is going to get nearly 20 touches every week regardless of the outcome and he is a great talent. He had two bad matchups in a row. It will get better.

Potential buy low offer: Kelvin Benjamin for Gurley

RB – LeSean McCoy

McCoy hasn’t had the best start to the season. The Bills have really struggled to run the ball and just recently fired their offensive coordinator. Sometimes that works out – sometimes it doesn’t. With McCoy I can’t see how the Bills don’t give him the ball about 20 times per game.

Potential buy low offer: Melvin Gordon and Sterling Shepard for McCoy

RB – Lamar Miller 

I don’t think too many people should be panicking, but if you ever checkout Sunday football Twitter you can usually get a good gauge of who buy low players are. A lot of people were not happy with the 83-yard game. Miller hasn’t been great from a yards per carry standpoint, but the touches are there. They want to feed him and he does have talent. Don’t give up on these running backs who aren’t blowing people away after two weeks.

Potential buy low offer: Mike Evans for Miller

WR – Allen Robinson

Two games with less than 75 yards and no touchdowns. He only got five targets this week, but last week he got 15 and was routinely mauled by Packers’ corners. Robinson is going to pick it up. He has a game against the Ravens and then the Colts coming up. Don’t let Robinson’s buy low window close by not making a move for him this week.

Potential but low offer: Eric Decker and Matt Jones for Robinson

Sell High

QB – Tyrod Taylor

If you watched the game Thursday you know why he is here. If you just saw the stats you might not. Taylor had 150 plus yards and two touchdowns on two plays. The rest of the game he was very underwhelming, you could also say bad. People liked Taylor preseason and you might be able to get that interest back and find someone.

Potential sell high offer: Taylor and Giovani Bernard for Stafford

RB – LeGarrette Blount

His value is dependent on the games score. The Patriots lead big and want to chew clock, it’s Blount time. If not, he is usually not that highly involved. For the next two weeks he could be potentially operating with a third string quarterback. While that might mean more carries, it probably also means more men in the box and the Patriots aren’t in chew clock mode in the second half.

Potential sell high offer: Blount for Marvin Jones

RB – Latavius Murray

That box score should be frightening for any Murray owner. Washington and Richard were involved a lot, and if it wasn’t for two touchdowns Murray wouldn’t have much value at all. Good news is overall his season point total is decent enough that you can probably sell him for a back of similar preseason value.

Potential sell high offer: Murray and Corey Coleman for Ryan Mathews

RB – DeAngelo Williams

This is probably the most obvious of sell highs. Spencer Ware owners might tell you how they regret selling Ware this week with Charles coming back next. Williams has a shelf life of one week. After that he goes back to being a five touch per game player and only an option if you really need a prayer of a flex option. There is a slim chance the Steelers go to a closer split than they did after Bell returned from suspension last season, but the odds of that are not high enough that you can risk keeping him another week. Obviously if you own Bell keep Williams, if not target the Bell owner with Williams as a player to get an upgrade at the position of your choice.

Potential sell high offer: Williams and Brandon Marshall for A.J. Green

Sell Low

WR – Sammy Watkins

The foot injury is going to be a concern all season. Him sitting a few games would be better for his owners because when he is active, more often than not he is your best option.

I would sell him for: Marvin Jones, Jordan Matthews, Allen Hurns

Buy High

WR – Will Fuller

I wasn’t a buyer at all in the preseason. There is no denying he is a big playmaker. My thought was how much can he do working as the third option behind Hopkins and Miller. Right now it doesn’t seem to matter. He will have his random down weeks like any receiver will. but he is now a high upside third receiver for fantasy teams.

I would take him over: Tajae Sharpe, Tyler Lockett, Emmanuel Sanders


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Andy Germani

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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

47 thoughts on “Buy Low/Sell High: Week 2”

  1. 0.5ppr + pp 15 yard returns. Start 2RB, 3WR, 1W/R/T. I avoided the big injuries so far, should I try to make some moves or hold for now?

    QB Brady, Carr
    RB Langford, Gore, Sproles, Dixon, DeAndre Washington, Howard
    WR Green, Robinson, D.Thomas, Lockett, Gordon
    TE Ebron, Bennett

    1. No real need to make moves now but I think this is a great week to go after the owners who lost key players to injury.

      You would be surprised at some of the trades you can pull off when you target a team that lost an injured player or two. So look at the Martin, Peterson, Abdullah, Woodhead, Foster, and Stewart owner. Obviously some will be more panicked than others.

      Make sure you do your due diligence on waivers this week. There will be a lot of running backs that can be plays for 1, 2, or even more weeks. Grabbing those guys can help make it so you can afford to do a 2-for-1 trade and keep you with decent depth.

        1. I think Coleman is a nice buy because I think people have a negative thinking on him because he is splitting work with Freeman.

          He is a 12-15 touch per game running back while many dont view him that highly. I really dont like Langford and I think that he loses his job sometime soon.

          Langford might similar maybe a 12-18 touch player maybe but at a much lower efficiency.

          I think you can make that swap pretty easily and actually get something else with Coleman as Langford is a starting RB right now and has a decent point total through 2 weeks thanks to his TDs.

          1. Coleman might be the best of the group.

            Kind of looking at Coleman, Gio, Blount. You might be able to target a panicked Martin or Stewart owner in need of a RB right now. Riddick is interesting as well but his upside is limited as a runner.

            Coleman and Gio have top 5 RB upside if the starter goes down. The rest dont have that upside but already have defined roles.

      1. I think you might have jumped a bit too early on Gurley but it could end up being the best time to sell. If he struggles again next week you would be lucky to get that value.

        Cooks is a great piece to have in a PPR so no matter what I dont think you will ever completely regret the deal

    1. Solid deal there. Rodgers is also a good buy low option. The good news for Murray is that he did play most of the snaps but he split a lot of touches and Eli is always up and down week to week.

      1. Thanks. I also got Woodhead (which I got heavily chastised for) but I’m throwing him out regardless. I didn’t want to counter only to have the owner retract the deal. Murray’s sharing with Washington and Co. scares me a bit.

        Would you say the better pickup is McKinnon or Fozzy btw?

        1. I hear you on taking it and not countering. Too many times I have countered a deal then the owner gets a change of heart or a different trade offer and I end up having to give up more or not get a deal done.

          The upside lies with McKinnon. If I had to guess he will have more games in the role. I think that neither is a true starter for their team. Asiata will steal McKinnons TDs and some other work.

          Fozzy I think splits a decent bit with Artis-Payne when he is active, Tolbert, and then his quarterback might be the best goal line runner in football.

          Given the choice take McKinnon but Fozzy isnt a bad fallback. Dwayne Washington from Detroit is also a nice add with Abdullah injured. Drake is also worth a flier if you have the room.

          1. Yeah, the sharing and vulturing in Carolina doesn’t tempt me. I’ll let someone else take on that risk. I have Sims as a handcuff to Martin for now, but would you say that there’s greater upside in grabbing Ajayi or Washington over McKinnon? I remember Asiata’s vulturing all too well, unfortunately.

          2. McKinnon is still the highest upside but he comes with risk. Cant ignore that one of the best running backs in NFL history couldnt find running room behind that line.

            Washington will still be splitting time with Riddick in an offense that wants to throw around 35 times per week, but Washington should have a stranglehold on the goal line work.

            Ajayi fumbled yesterday and Drake seemed to get a lot of work after that. I like a healthy Drake over a healthy Ajayi, but Drake has health concerns himself.

  2. QB: Marcus Mariota
    RB: Lamar Miller, Latavius Murray, Jamaal Charles, Giovani Bernard, James White, Christine Michael
    WR: Mike Evans, Michael Floyd, Tyler Lockett, DeVante Parker, Eli Rogers, Tyrell Williams
    A. Luck and Allen Robinson owner just lost Steward and Woodhead to injury. What about trading Murray, Mariota, and Bernard for Luck and Robinson? I’m 0-2 so far (even tho i had 102 pts this week) Non-PPR. If he declines, would Miller be too much? Thanks!

    1. That would be a great deal for you if he accepts. I wouldnt include Miller. I would try to use your end of the bench guys as sell highs in trades.

      Michael had a good week and Rawls was dinged up. Williams looked great. Gio had a great receiving day. I think you should be able to package Murray with a few of those guys to get the Robinson and Luck combination.

      Its nice to have all that depth but week to week they dont help you a ton being in your bench except for to trade them to someone else. The bye weeks are coming soon so you dont want to completely unload your bench but this week should be a great waiver week so you can trade your depth and add another 1-2 players with just as much value and upside while improving your starting lineup.

      1. How about M. Floyd for Fuller? Or C. Michael + Locket for Fuller? Also, is E. Rogers a drop candidate for better WW options this week?

        1. Ya I would drop Rogers for the available guys this week. Only real reason Rogers was enticing last week was because it was such a lackluster week for waiver wire guys.

          I think you might be able to get more for Michael if you target the Rawls owner. I like Fuller a lot but he is a rookie and the type of player that is going to have a lot of boom or bust weeks.

          I still think I would rather have Floyd but it is really close now compared to just a week ago

          1. Rawls owner has Manning and Winston as his QB’s. Langford, D. Williams, A.J. Green, R. Cobb, M. Crabtree, and Travis Benjamin as his main player. He appears to be low on RB’s as Rawls his only RB on bench. Would you target Crabtree or Benjamin with maybe a package deal with C. Michael and Lockett/White? Although white is looking more like a drop candidate these days…

          2. I wouldnt target Benjamin right now because his value isnt as high as you would probably have to pay to get him right now.

            White is probably on his last leg so to speak and with no really great QB the next two weeks he might not do anything until week 5 when Brady returns.

      2. Miller, Mariota, and Bernard offer was rejected. Would Williams, Mariota, and Miller be reasonable for Robinson and Luck? I figured he’d want more RB’s due to the loss of his…but…maybe not?

  3. Strongly rejected Lockett and C. Michael for Crabtree stating they don’t even add up to the minimal production of Crabtree…but stated he would be willing to part with Kenny Britt or Travis Benjamin as he only sees them as bench players. Good move to offer the same for either of those guys?

    1. I would keep Michael at this point. Running backs are worth more than receivers of the same level. Rawls is dinged again and although it isnt serious its worth monitoring.

    1. He is worth an add for sure but I worry about his role. Rivera hinted that he is a change of pace back and we saw what happened last season when Stewart went down. It was Cameron Artis-Payne getting the work.

      It would be a true split between the three backs (Fozzy, CAP, Tolbert) and Cam getting the goal line carries. The upside there is limited. Unless you really desperately need a starter I might save some waiver money and let others spend.

      There are a lot of nice options this week that I think my strategy will be to bid on the top names, but I doubt high enough to get them, and end up with the lower end guys like Washington, Asiata, Drake and let people spend 30% on the McKinnon’s and Whittaker’s.

      Stay tuned though because I am going to be doing some work tonight and tomorrow I will get a waiver wire article out there with my order, how much I would pay for them, and a small outlook on each player.

  4. 10 team STD,

    QB: Luck
    RB: McCoy, Ware, Gore, Foster, Abdullah, Henry
    WR: AB, AJG, Jordy, Snead, Enunwa
    TE: Fleener

    Got offered Ingram and Locket for Snead and Henry. Thoughts?

    Thanks for the great content!

    1. That is really nice buy low opportunity for you. While I am slightly concerned with Ingram’s usage lately I would still call him the best player in the deal there.

      And with Snead I like him but you are getting crazy good value for him there

      Thanks. I am glad you enjoy it

    2. Sorry messed up on my roster and league, haha.

      12 team STD:

      QB: Luck
      RB: McCoy, Ware, Gore, Foster, Abdullah, Henry
      WR: AB, Jordy, Hilton, Snead, Enunwa
      TE: Fleener

      Thanks again

      1. I didnt even look at the roster because I liked the value of the deal so much.

        Looking at it this doesnt really change much. Actually probably like it even more for you with your running backs. Ware soon to be losing work, Foster hurt, Abdullah hurt.

  5. 10 team STD:
    QB: Rodgers, Prescott
    RB: MGordon, Langford, Elliot
    WR: Kelvin Benjamin, Cooper, Robinson, Diggs, Lockett, MWallace
    TE: Ertz, Gates

    Got offered Mike Evans & Legarrette Blount for Robinson
    Should I take it? If I do I would have to drop a player or include one in the trade
    If so, should I add Lockett or Wallace
    Also was thinking of countering Mike Evans & Crowell for Robinson / Lock/Wall

    1. Even though I have Robinson as a buy low and Blount as a sell high I dont hate that deal

      You add some solid RB depth in Blount without taking a serious downgrade at receiver. I do like Robinson more long term but Evans isnt far behind.

      If it is a 1 QB league I would trade/drop Dak. I cant see ever starting him unless Rodgers is on a bye.

      That is coming soon (week 4) but I dont know if anyone would jump to get Dak. But you know your league better than I do so if a lot of QBs are owned and there is nothing near Dak’s value on the wire you can hang on to him for 2 weeks then dump him after Rodgers bye. If that is the case I would dump Wallace.

  6. Qb-Stafford, Palmer
    Rb- elliot, cj, Langford, Woodhead (argh)
    Wr-obj, evans, fitz, Maclin, Marvin Jones
    Te- gates

    .5 ppr and 10y/pt receiving

    Was offered Bell for Fitzgerald and was thinking of throwing in Langford to make it happen (probably gonna dump Langford at some pt anyway for waiver pickup) Too much or should I jump?

    1. I would definitely do anything I could to get Bell. At this point in time he might be my #1 or 2 overall player with just 1 more week of being out.

      I would do that deal in a heartbeat as it stands. I might even just throw him Langford to guarantee it so he doesnt back out.

      1. He was also asking about obj. I’d hate to give up on him before he has one of his patented big games but would obj for Bell still be a good for you? I’m fairly deep at WR with 5 good ones (can only play 3)

        1. That is much more of a toss up. I love Bell. I would see what it would take to get DeAngelo as well to lock in that running game if Bell got hurt again.

          You have 2 good QBs maybe try to go Fitz, a QB, and Langford. If push came to shove I would end up doing Beckham for Bell but that would be my worst case scenario.

  7. PPR league: Was offered Lamar Miller and Michael Floyd for Gurley and Tyrell Williams, is this a pass, thoughts?

    1. That is a really really tough one. I’d prefer Floyd over Williams and I want to think I would prefer Gurley over Miller.

      I think the safety is in Miller and Floyd. While I do think Gurley is great and everything that situation is a slight concern. Miller is going to get nearly as much work as Gurley in probably a better offense.

      I think I would take Miller and Floyd but man is that a close one. If he offered it to you you might be able to sneak in another small player that could help you out.

  8. Really thinking I need to get a better WR and possibly a QB after getting McKinnon and Washington today. What if I trade L. Murray, C. Michael, and mariota for A Robinson and bortles? Do u like bortles ROS? Also thinking of doing the deal without the QBs.

    1. I hate betting on Bortles because his value is tied so much to garbage time scoring. I do like him more than Mariota and Murray and Michael for Robinson is a good deal in itself so I would do that.

      Robinson is about to go on a fantastic stretch. I assume if you dont buy before kickoff on Sunday you might not ever get the chance again.

      1. Picked up bortles and Robinson! Thanks Andy! Do I have a trade offer for Coleman now? Would Lockett and Washington be too much? What about doing d. Parker or T. Williams straight up? Thanks again!

  9. See if you can get someone to buy with just Lockett. There was a lot of preseason hype there.

    I might be too high on Washington but man am I excited about his potential with the Lions while Abdullah is out.

    But if it comes down to it I dont think I could turn away giving up just Lockett and a complete unknown in Washington for Coleman.

    1. Or what about M. Floyd for Tevin Coleman? Also, for my empty roster spot…am I missing something regarding Wheaton? I figure he’s the #2 WR on one of the leagues best teams… Is he not worth a roster spot?

      1. I wouldnt hate doing Floyd. Coleman is seriously underrated.

        With Wheaton there is just so much unknown with the Steelers 2nd receiver. I wouldnt be surprised if it is game plan dependent week to week. Some weeks it will be Coates, some weeks Wheaton, sometimes Rogers.

        He might have some great games but the odds that you will start him when he has those great games are slim.

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