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Field of Streams logoWell folks, welcome to yet another action-packed edition of Field of Streams! The season is winding down, so not long before we part ways for the winter. Luckily we all have football, and my fellow Assemblymen will continue to help you with all the fantasy thoughts you need!

But baseball is still here, so let’s stay on point. For whatever reason, several of last week’s recommended streamers ended up having starts moved up or back (or skipped all together) and only four ended up starting.  I am going to throw Alex Reyes’ numbers in here since he did pitch on my recommended day, albeit out of the bullpen. Point being, if your lineup was set, his numbers would still count for you – but I digress.

The five remaining pitchers went 1-3 with a 4.33 ERA, a 1.19 WHIP and a 5.00 K/9. So, you know, not fantastic, but not atrocious either, right? Here are the Ins, Outs and What Have Yous of last week.

Jerad Eickhoff
6 6 0 2 4 W
Tyler Anderson
Rockies 7.1 6 2 2 2 ND
Ryan Vogelsong
Pirates 4 6 1 5 2 ND
What have you  
Alex Reyes
Cardinals 3.2 2 0 1 6 L
Jeremy Hellickson Phillies 6 9 0 3 1 L
Total 27 29 3 13 15 1-2-2

Well, dem’s the apps, now onto the main course!


Ervin Santana, Twins (at Tigers) – Since June 25th, Big Erv has a 2.52 ERA over 13 starts. Ten of those 13 starts have been quality, and in only one of those 13 starts did he allow more than three earned runs. His FIP over this span is 3.25, and the K/9 is a respectable 7.56. You want more? Okay, you got it! Within that span Santana has a high quality start against the very Tigers he faces on Monday – throwing seven innings of one run, six hit ball. Now his FIP and xFIP for that start were less than spectacular, but the Tigers are not exactly keeping scoreboard operators too busy of late. While their ISO and wOBA are middle of the pack, only five teams have scored fewer runs than the Tigers over the most recent fortnight. To me that smells like a forthcoming quality start for Erv.
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Bryan Mitchell, Yankees (vs. Dodgers) – The sample size is small for the 25-year old, but it’s what we have to work with. One start is hardly enough to formulate much of an opinion, but that one start was very decent. Mitchell shut the Blue Jays out for five innings while allowing just four hits and two walks. The FIP was in the mid-threes so seems like some more fantasy goodness could be en route, and I think you will see it on Monday. While Mitchell’s sample size is about as small as it can be, a sample size that is a bit larger is the last two weeks of Dodgers offense. In that time span, the Dodgers are 22nd in wOBA, 17th in ISO and 21st in runs scored. Add in that fact the Dodgers will face Mitchell for the first time, and I think you can get a bit of fantasy goodness on the cheap.
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Ivan Nova, Pirates (at Phillies) – Since joining the Bucs, Nova is 5-0 with a 2.53 ERA and a 0.93 WHIP, looking like yet another Ray Searage reclamation project gone good in Pitchburgh. Nova has really started hitting his stride over his past four outings, in which he has allowed no more than two earned runs in any start, sporting a sub-two ERA. The strikeouts won’t blow you away, but the other numbers will, and the Phillies have been fairly punchless for the last, well, most of the season. Even if you think Nova will fall off or implode, the odds of that happening against the Phightins is quite low.
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Clayton Richard, Padres (at Giants) – I have always kind of liked Clayton Richard. Well, I guess that is to say that I like his name, but his pitching has left something to be desired over the years. Right now, though, I think we can ride his current hot streak. Since his recent insertion into the Padres rotation, Richard has had five starts, allowing no more than two earned runs in any of them, while going at least five innings. In that span he has an ERA of 0.90, and while the 3.48 FIP makes it seem like a regression is a coming, it looks like one we can live with. The current Giants hitters don’t look to pose much of an obstacle for Richard’s streak; over the past two weeks they are 25th in wOBA and 23rd in runs scored. I say ride this Clayton streak for all it’s worth!
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Steven Brault, Pirates (at Phillies) – I will say, I am not all that familiar with Brault’s work, but he’s under Ray Searage’s tutelage in Pitchburgh which is a great start. Speaking of great starts (see what I did there), Brault hasn’t really had any, per se. In his five starts this season he has yet to allow more than three runs, but has also gone five or more innings just once, going less than five twice. So, he is not blazing through opposing hitters or anything, and his FIP is in the fours, so there’s definitely a good amount of risk with him. But the Phillies are the Phillies. If you have followed baseball this season (and if you are reading this I am guessing you have – unless you’re my mom. Hi mom!) you know the Phillies are about as far from an offensive juggernaut as you can get. Still a bit riskier than some of my other streams this week, but my gut is telling me to stream away.
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Robert Gsellman, Mets (at Nationals) – Okay, so in three starts Gsellman has not been so spectacular, judging by his 4.76 ERA, but I think we know by now that doesn’t always tell us the full story. Gsellman is inducing grounders at close to a 50% rate, while striking out almost eight batters per nine innings – probably why his FIP is 3.21 over those three starts. Again the sample size is small, but when streaming we often have to try and extrapolate from such data. It’s at least promising and shows us that some fantasy goodness could be coming soon from Gsellman, and that soon could be Wednesday against the Nats. Over the past couple of weeks the Nats have posted the 8th worst wOBA, 4th worst ISO and are 22nd in runs scored. It’s still a bit risky, but I like the odds for Gsellman!
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Jerad Eickhoff, Phillies (vs. Pirates) – Eickhoff has been a recurring character in our Field of Streams, and with good reason. He has had many a decent start, but also many an iffy start. A 3.86 ERA is not generally ownable unless it is a deeper league, or if, say, it is a name pitcher. That being said: an ERA of 3.86 and a FIP a shade over four points to a pitcher that is gonna be on my streaming radar, so here we are. Eickhoff has three straight quality starts, but his ERA is still just 3.50 over those starts, and he neither strikes out a ton of batters nor gets a lot of ground balls so it’s tough to understand how he does it. I don’t see much to help me, but  I find it interesting that batters don’t pull the ball much against him. I haven’t dug too deep into that, but maybe, just maybe, there’s  something there? Eickhoff has not faced the Pirates yet, so I hope that gives him a little added edge. If desperate you could get a cheap quality start here.
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Drew Hutchison, Pirates (at Phillies) – If the desperation is really creeping in, Hutch may be your guy. This one is gonna be pretty short cause I am not gonna use what you’d call supporting “data” here. I am going almost all gut. I have always liked Hutch, and he has certainly had his moments. You know some other guys that have had their moments? Most additions to the Pirates pitching staff under Ray Searage. J.A. Happ, the aforementioned Ivan Nova, and several others. Now, usually it takes a new addition a start or two to get acclimated. The good news here is this will be start number two for Hutch as a Pirate, so I think you will be pleasantly surprised with his performance.
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That’s all I got… go on, get out of here… go stream!

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