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Field of Streams logoHey howdy, sports fans! Time for another whirlwind trip into the Field of Streams! I have got a bevy (did he say “bevy”) of good streamers for you for this upcoming weekend, but in the immortal words of Hitch, “you can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been”. What does that mean? Well, it means we’re gonna look at how last weekend’s streamers preformed before getting to this week’s recommendations.

Okay, well, last week five (barely) streamers took the hill and went, 3-0, with a 2.25 ERA, a 1.17 WHIP, and a 4.13 K/9. Okay the strikeouts weren’t there, but it’s tough to complain about the overall numbers. As you know, not all streams are created equal, as always, there were Ins, Outs and What Have Yous...

Tyler Chatwood
7 3 4 1 4 W
Jorge De La Rosa
Rockies 6 6 2 2 4 W
Jerad Eickhoff
Phillies 5 2 0 0 1 ND
Bud Norris
Dodgers 0.1 0 1 0 0 ND
What have you
Jeremy Hellickson
Phillies 5.2 9 1 3 2 W
Total 24 20 8 6 11 3-0-2

Alright, now that I’ve wet all of your appetites, let us get to the main course..


Blake Snell, Rays (vs. Twins) – Mr. Snell has only allowed more than three earned runs in one of his nine 2016 starts, which is a good jumping off point. Snell also has not allowed more than two earned runs in any of last four starts with three of those being quality starts, so he seems to be coming into his own. At the very least, before digging a bit deeper, it seems he has a low implodability factor. Okay, but let’s reel this in a bit and focus on what he has done of late. Over his last four starts, Snell has a 2.25 ERA, a 2.51 FIP and a 3.08 xFIP, which makes him primed for some streaming. Add in a ground ball rate sitting at 44% and a K/9 over 10 in those last four games and I Snell, er, smell, some potential cheap fantasy goodness.

Now, while that is all fine and well, it isn’t to say this is an easy peasy decision; Snell has been less effective at the Trop, and the Twins are absolutely raking right now. So, I did have some slight hesitation, but I am going with Snell’s recent goodness over the Twinkies recent hotness.
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Ervin Santana, Twins (@ Rays) – Don’t like Snell? How about the guy from the opposing dugout taking the hill. Although I have him listed second here, I actually like Big Erv better. It’s been eight consecutive starts since Santana has allowed more than three earned runs. Six of those eight starts have been quality and, for that matter, five of his last six starts have been quality as well. Amidst those last five quality starts lie two complete games, so Erv has been dealing of late. Now, I wouldn’t be serving you properly, as your streaming guru, if I neglected to mention that the xFIP over his last six starts is up near four, but the FIP is sitting at a very respectable 2.90 which is nice. The strikeouts have not exactly been flowing like wine, but when streaming we cannot always be super picky, right?

Another reason I like Erv over Blake in this one is because of the opponents. While the Twins have been raking, the Rays have not. Over the past two weeks the Rays are 27th in wOBA and just outside the bottom third of the majors in runs scored, so I think Erv has a good shot at yet adding another quality start.
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Jerad Eickhoff, Phillies (@ Padres) – Eickhoff has been pretty solid for the Phils this season, allowing more than three earned runs in just four of his 22 starts this season – two earned runs or less in six of his last eight starts. Eickhoff has only allowed one run to score over his last twelve innings pitched so he is somewhat in the middle of a hot streak.

For much of the season I would have said that the fact he is facing the Padres was enough to keep that “streak” going, but the Friars have shown some bits of life of late, so maybe not the pushovers they once were. That being said, Eickhoff already threw seven shutout innings against these Padres and I think he’s good for at last a quality start in San Diego.
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Homer Bailey, Reds (@ Pirates) – I have generally been a bit gun-shy about going with 1. pitchers returning from Tommy John surgery and 2. Homer Bailey. Bailey has had his moments, sure, but never enough for my liking. All that being said, here I am, recommending Homer Bailey. We don’t have a whole lot to go on, since this is only his second start since returning from the DL, but that first start was darned decent.

Bailey managed to get almost two-thirds of batted balls to be grounders while also striking out more than a batter an inning. Yes it is one start, and yes it was against the Padres in San Diego, but I’m just gonna take what I’m given. The good news is that the Pirates offense is in the bottom third of the league over the past couple of weeks, so this one may be ripe for some more fantasy goodness.
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Matt Andriese, Rays (vs. Twins) – I already mentioned the Twinkies are hitting the ball pretty well, but Matt Andriese has been throwing the ball pretty well when he starts. Well, I didn’t really need to qualify this, since Andriese has pitched well as a reliever as well, but for our purposes the starter numbers are just more relevant. Andriese has made nine starts this season, and in those starts has rattled off an ERA of 2.87 which is not to shabby to say the least. While the xFIP is over four, the FIP as a starter is a nice 3.04.

The strikeouts are nothing to write home about, but a high ground ball rate (47.5%) can counterbalance that a bit. Andriese has also not allowed more than three earned runs in any of his four home starts this season, and overall he has a 2.36 home ERA – so there ya go. Sunday is a little light for streaming so if you have to, and Jon Gray is already taken, Matty may be the way to go.
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Dylan Bundy, Orioles (@ White Sox) – As a starter, Bundy has been very decent thus far in 2016, posting an ERA of 3.00. Mix in some first round draft pick hype and just like that, Bundy is on our streaming radar. The 4.66 FIP as a starter shows that there is some room for regression, but the K/9 over ten makes me think I can deal with it for streaming purposes (you know how Willie likes his strikeouts).

But before we get too hasty with that regression talk, let’s check out Bundy’s last three starts where he has an ERA of 1.53, a FIP of 1.56 and an xFIP of 2.51. The K/9 is still over ten in those starts, and the ground ball rate is at 50%, so maybe Bundy is ready to get rolling after all?

Even if he isn’t, the White Sox should not prove to be too tough on young Dylan this time around given their recent offensive numbers. You see in the most recent fortnight, the Pale Horse are 23rd in wOBA, 24th in ISO and 27th in runs scored, so this seems almost too good to be true for streaming.
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Well, that’s all I got. Seriously, go on, get outta here, go stream!

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