Buy Low/Sell High Week 9


If you are reading this article, thank you.  If you are not I will be under the assumption you are curled up in a ball crying.

This was one of the worst weeks for injuries that I can remember, and because of those injuries this will be a big week for trading as a fair amount of teams will be looking to the trade market in an attempt to fill the loss of a key player.

Not only was this a rough week for injuries, but a lot of players will be lost to byes this coming Sunday.

The Cardinals, Lions, Ravens, Texans, Chiefs and Seahawks will all be on bye for week nine.

Just like every other week, ask any questions you may have in the comment section below, or if you need a quick answer ask me on Twitter @TheSportsGuy40.

Good luck in your matchups, and happy trading!


RB – Justin Forsett

Sadly Steve Smith tore his Achilles and is done for the year, and possibly for his career. Forsett is the best thing left in Baltimore. Forsett has struggled the past three weeks, but I would expect his workload to increase pretty significantly when the Ravens come out of the bye.

Potential buy low offer: Jarvis Landry for Forsett

RB – Giovani Bernard

He wasn’t used nearly enough this week. The worry is that this is what the Bengals want to do for the rest of the season. Bernard looked great with the few touches he got, and I think the Bengals will give him more work than he received this week. The running back landscape is changing; Bernard is a very solid running back two rest of season.

Potential buy low offer: Brandin Cooks for Bernard

RB – Chris Ivory

I am putting Ivory as a buy low, but I am a little hesitant in doing it. He appeared to be hurt last week and was in and out of the game, but he participated in practice and played a majority of snaps this week. My concern with Ivory is health, but with the rash of injuries to running backs this season (and this week) I think Ivory can be a nice buy low option as long as he stays healthy.

Potential buy low offer: Allen Robinson for Ivory

RB – Danny Woodhead

I am a big fan of his for his “usual” consistency. Woodhead is a great plug and play as a second running back with a nice floor. He only got five touches this week compared to Gordon’s 23. I don’t think the Chargers can keep giving Gordon this many touches if they want to win games. This team’s strength is in the passing game and the best passing downs back on the roster is Woodhead, and it isn’t close.

Potential buy low offer: Willie Snead for Woodhead

WR – Antonio Brown

His first game with Roethlisberger back at quarterback didn’t go well. Roethlisberger looked rusty in his first game back from injury and it definitely hurt Brown’s production. Brown was targeted a lot, and with Bell out Brown should have a huge second half of the season.

Potential buy low offer: Alshon Jeffery and Alfred Blue for Brown

WR – John Brown

Brown was active but was only going to play if there was an emergency. He will go into the bye week as one of the top receivers in one of the top offenses in the league. The bye week should get him healthy and returning to form. If you can afford to not have him next week, I would be buying.

Potential buy low offer: Charcandrick West for Brown


QB – Drew Brees

What happened in the Superdome was crazy. Most of what I saw in this game, for both teams, was really bad defense. The Saints aren’t going to score like this every week. This game had a lot of receivers running wide open. When the Saints get inside the 10 they are a running team. Brees is a in the bottom half of the top 10 quarterbacks for me rest of season. You might be able to sell him to someone thinking he is back in the top five.

Potential sell high offer: Brees and Jarvis Landry for Amari Cooper

QB – Eli Manning

The rollercoaster that is Eli Manning’s season continued. Manning struggled badly the past two weeks and was given a great matchup with the Saints horrible defense this week. Eli, like Brees, benefited from some terrible defense in this game. Odds are if you have Eli you weren’t relying on him as your every week starter. This is the week to pair him with a running back or a receiver for an upgrade.

Potential sell high offer: Manning and Charcandrick West for LeSean McCoy

RB – Latavius Murray

Murray has a tough upcoming schedule, but running backs are at a premium right now. If you have the depth at running back where you can afford to get rid of Murray, now is the time to do it. Target the Le’Veon Bell or Matt Forte owners who are probably panicking right now.

Potential sell high offer: Murray for Brandon Marshall

RB – C.J. Anderson and Ronnie Hillman

I see the running success the Broncos had this week as more of an outlier rather than something that will continue. Both of the backs played well and rotated fairly evenly it seemed. I have them listed as a sell high here, but that is only if you can get around top 15-20 running back value. I am not sure you will be able to, but it is always something that is worth looking into. 

Potential sell high offer: Anderson or Hillman for Martavis Bryant

WR – Brandin Cooks

The targets in the Saints offense are spread out far too much for Cooks to be anything more than a weekly flex. His six catches were fourth on the team and his 88 yards were third. I was a Cooks believer in the preseason, but after seeing some of the Saints games this season I don’t think he can be more than a boom or bust player.

Potential sell high offer: Cooks for DeAngelo Williams


QB – Philip Rivers

I think this is the perfect time to buy him. Rivers gets the Bears this week and then heads into his bye in week 10. Coming out of the bye his remaining schedule includes the Chiefs twice, the Raiders, Jaguars, Dolphins and Broncos. If you play through week 17 he will get the Broncos a second time. I am confident in Rivers putting up high-end numbers in all of those games except against the Broncos.

I would take him over: Andrew Luck, Carson Palmer, Cam Newton, Ben Roethlisberger


RB – Melvin Gordon

Gordon was force-fed the ball yet again, and as usual, he struggled. Gordon has been getting touches like he is an elite running back, but he hasn’t done anything with them. If you can sell him for anything I would do it. Even in a lost season I can’t see the Chargers continuing to give him the ball.

I would take over him: DeAngelo Williams, Danny Woodhead, Charcandrick West, Darren McFadden.


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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

91 thoughts on “Buy Low/Sell High Week 9”

  1. +1 What a painful week 8. I lost both Bell and my fill-in quarterback (Fitzpatrick) that i picked up 3 weeks ago in anticipation of Palmer’s bye week. I am debating if i should invest in a RB1 which would likely require me to trade away (A. Brown) or roll with Lewis, Yeldon, and Woodhead as my RBs. My main idea (since I have coleman) is targeting Freeman in Freeman and M. Bryant for Brown and Woodhead/Yeldon. The Gurley owner has been very against trading Gurley…but I could try Gurley and James Jones for Brown and Yeldon. I’m not sure who else I could target. As far as the QB situation, any tips of QB’s to pickup? Currently P. Manning is still out on waivers…but I’m not sure if he’s the best fill-in for me. Thank you sir. I’m facing my toughest matchups weeks 9 and 11. I anticipate making the playoffs… so i’m starting to think i may start to look towards picking up players with good playoff schedules rather than good weeks the next couple of weeks.

    1. The only guy I lost was Bell but it came in two of my four leagues. I managed to dodge the rest of the week 8 bullets.

      I wouldn’t make a rash move to trade Brown just to get an RB1. I have no problem with the Freeman trade you mentioned. I would not recommend making a trade that sends away Brown just to get a running back.

      Just remember what the Brown did in the first two weeks when Bell was out of the lineup and Ben was healthy.

      If you want a dart throw you can get Peyton but I don’t really buy him returning to a top 12 type quarterback.

  2. I see you also like Rivers ROS. What about Rivers, Lacy, Bernard for Brown and Palmer? That owner also has Fitzgerald and Keenan Allen. He was the one that said the only player he’d trade Lacy for was Brown. He may go for it now. Maybe not. I figured trading for Rivers may be good and would help me with a bye (at least this week). I still like the idea of Freeman, though… tough call. Needless to say Bell’s injury has me scrambling and wanting to fill that hole… i may just have to keep Brown if i can’t get Gurley or Freeman or if I can’t get an upgrade at QB.

    I drafted with the idea that I would have many running backs cuz they’re less durable.. but i got awy from that…Had too much invested in a the top player. Maybe i should look at a trade for brown that would give me moderate talent and crazy depth like that Lacy trade? It’s so hard to give up Brown, but Pit offense may stall without RBs.

    1. I am a fan of Rivers rest of season. I listed that I would take him over Palmer rest of season but it is just about a lateral move, the gap is really small. Brown for Lacy and Bernard isn’t nearly enough.

      To trade Brown you would truly need one of those elite running backs in return. As sad as it is that group is pretty much down to Gurley and Freeman, two guys who were drafted outside the top 50.

      You have three good running back options at the moment and a pretty loaded receiving corp. Even if you lose another running back you have two that you can start fairly reliably.

      Maybe you can go for Langford on waivers this week, or DeAngelo if he is available.

      1. Thanks for the replies. I agree it’s pretty slim pickings in the RB category. I guess Lewis, Yeldon, and Woodhead are pretty solid if i have a good receiving corp. How would you rank these options for me? 1. The aforementioned freeman trade 2. staying put 3. Forsett + Marshall for Brown/Calvin + Yeldon/Lewis/Woodhead

        I just found something. Kirk Cousins is available as a free agent…and i could pick him up today if i dropped Allen Hurns for him. I’m thinking that’s a crazy thought…but I’m not sure if having Cousins for week 9 and beyond would be a good move due to my WR depth. I could also try to get him or Manning on waivers this week. P.S. DeAngelo is availabe on waivers, but i’m ranking low on waivers this week because they reset based on reverse standings.

        1. Another idea…trade Carson Palmer instead of Brown. The Andrew Luck owner (currently 1-6) has Forsett and Marshall and just lost Steve Smith. Luck looks rough, but has a good schedule ROS. What would be a good trade offer? Palmer + Calvin + Diggs for Luck + Forsett + Marshall? Or I could substitute a running back for Diggs because he’s trading Forsett (Lewis or Woodhead).

          1. Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, had a rough/busy night.

            In response to your last question.

            Luck carries some risk but he also has a ton of upside. Marshall also came out of this weekend a little dinged up and I worry about what happens to his value if Smith has to start any amount of games instead of Fitzpatrick. I like buying on Forsett. I think he is about to become a big focal point in the offense.

            Calvin hurt his ankle in the loss against the Chiefs. No one will know how serious that injury is because they are on a bye this week and they dont have to release any injury information. Ankle injuries can linger and hurt receivers for a number of weeks so I don’t mind selling Calvin right now.

            All in all it is a fairly even trade. You assumed a little more risk in the deal with the players you got but that little extra risk also has a lot more upside.

  3. No worries man. Hope all is well with you. Thanks for the feedback. I Really hope it works out ROS. I am second and playing the top team this week. I am thinking about waiver wire tonight.. And my QB situation. Should I pick up P. Manning or Gino Smith and drop Fitzpatrick? Manning is rated above Luck this week and I need a fillin for Lucks bye week next week. Is there another QB you like for next week? I am also debating about dropping coleman or Adams if i can get one of the few good players on waivers. Which would you drop, if any?

    1. All is well. Just had to work.

      For next week Bortles has a good matchup but he is probably owned in a lot of leagues.

      I like Hoyer just about every week. He is consistently putting up good numbers and has one of the better receivers in the NFL to throw it. It also doesnt hurt that he is trailing in games a lot and he gets garbage yards.

      For week 9 Luck has a horrible matchup. I like Winston, Mariota, and Carr. I dont know if I would have the guts to start those guys over Luck but it is probably better to sit him for one of those guys.

      I would drop one of those guys for Malcom Floyd or Aiken if they are out there. It is a tossup between those two as to who I would want more. I would probably lean Aiken but I like Floyd’s offense more.

    2. Obviously I would rank DeAngelo Williams as the number 1 priority. Langford second then those two receivers. They slipped my mind because I don’t know if they are readily available.

      1. I just noticed the guy who traded me has bortles and Taylor for backup QBs. Which player of mine would you trade for him, of any. I see that bortles has favorable match ups this week and next. Carr, Manning, mariota, and Winston are on waivers.

        1. I wouldnt trade for Bortles unless you can get him for one of your lower end bench players.

          Youre probably better off just adding one of those other guys off of waivers and keeping your depth.

          1. Quick question: You mention Bortles has a good matchup “next week” Are you saying he’s startable week 9 and 10 or just week 10? He has the NYJ and BAL these next 2 weeks.

          2. Sorry, should have made that more clear.

            For Bortles by “next week” I meant week 10 for Luck’s bye. Even though the Jets got run over by the Raiders I still think that is a good defense.

            Can you post your roster again as it stands now? I have the basic idea of who you have but cant remember all the players.

          3. My Lineup:
            QB: Luck, Fitzpatrick
            WR: Antonio Brown, B. Marshall, T.Y. Hilton, Allen Hurns, Stefon Diggs, Davante Adams
            RB: Forsett, Dion Lewis, TJ Yeldon, Tevin Coleman

            I’m starting to like Carr more as a pickup this week and a possible play ROS if Luck does not improve. Would you take him over Winston and Mariota at least for this week? I was hoping i could get a QB to cover both weeks possibly…I may be able to get Bortles for Coleman…but i’m not sure.

  4. The waiver claims ended up netting me Winston and Carr for Fitz and Bell. Bortles owner if offering Bortles for Winston. I am leaning towards taking the trade and starting Carr this week and Bortles or Carr week 10. It’s kind of a toss up to me. Any thoughts? Also, someone else dropped Aiken to waivers so I could pick him up later this week.

      1. Thanks. Just did the Bortles for Winston trade. I am thinking Adams still has value so is there a receiver i could pair him with and a target to trade him for? I was thinking Hilton/Diggs + Adams for M. Bryant? Are there any 2 for 1 trades I could do with my receivers?

        1. I am not sure Adams really has any value. The Green Bay passing attack has not been good this year and he is third in line on that team behind Cobb and Jones.

          I wouldnt sell Hilton right now. His value is so low and he gets the Broncos this week so it might go even lower before he goes into his bye. Coming out of the bye he gets Atlanta and TB and a nice playoff schedule of Jacksonville, Houston and Miami.

          If you can do Diggs and Adams for Bryant I would probably do that deal. To me that is essentially Diggs for Bryant and I would rather have Bryant rest of season.

          1. My bad. Early morning brain fog. Aiken was not dropped this morning. The owner who has Bryant also has Aiken though. Would there be a trade available there? What is Aiken’s value ROS?

          2. My opponent this week has the injured JAX TE (Thomas) and Austin Seferian-Jenkins is available as a free agent. Should I pick him up and drop Coleman? I know your philosophy is worry more about making your own team better…but i read a bold prediction that Seferian-Jenkins may go off for a few touchdowns this week in his return. (I could also wait to pick him up on Friday once the trade for Bryant goes through and i have an empty roster slot.) I know he’s of little value to me since i have Olsen, but might he have some trade value?

          3. I like Seferian-Jenkins with Vincent Jackson out. I wouldnt drop Coleman.

            If anything happens to Freeman Coleman is a guy everyone is going to want. At this point Coleman might be the best rue handcuff left in fantasy.

            You could go ahead and grab ASJ when your trade goes through.

          4. Do u like Hillman over Yeldon? The owner is who I’m facing and has him on the bench this week in what should be a good match up for him. I’m trying to think of any other trades I could do to help me in RB th is week with Forsett out.

          5. I like Yeldon a lot more than Hillman. I dont trust that the Broncos running game is fixed after just one week. They are going to keep rotating their backs there too so the amount of touches he got last week is pretty much his ceiling.

          6. I see that Fitzpatrick is now starting Sunday. Ugh, I dropped him earlier in the week and picked up Winston and subsequently traded him for Bortles. Do u like him or Carr this weekend? I currently have Carr, Bortles and Luck. I could pick up Fitzpatrick or ASJ tomorrow with my open roster spot. I am a bit worried about my match up this week. She’s currently in first place. Projections have us pretty even. She has Blount and I have Lewis. It could come down to which type of game NE plays.

          7. I wouldnt grab another quarterback. If you want the best play for this week I think it is Carr then Winston. Next week for Luck’s bye Bortles has a fantastic matchup.

            You can start Carr or Winston this week if you want to avoid the Luck against Denver which is probably a good idea. Whatever QB out of Carr and Winston you want to start leave the other one on the waiver wire.

            Fitzpatrick looks like he will start but there is ligament damage in the thumb and there is worry that he could struggle or aggravate it by taking a snap under center and then end up only playing a half.

            I would avoid Fitzpatrick. QB is the one position where you really cant afford to take a single digit output.

          8. Yea, I traded Winston for Bortles so it looks like Carr this week and an empty roster spot. I don’t like seeing that Hilton did not practice. That pretty much rules out Luck against Denver, even though in a vacuum he has the higher upside. It’s tough starting Carr when my opponent has Crabtree.. Mainly to watch as a fan 😛 but it looks like the best move.

          9. Do u think it’s too early to buy low on Matt Forte? He’s predicted to miss 2-3 weeks and has a pretty good schedule for week 13 and beyond. Yeldon has a decent playoff schedule but Forte’s looks betterbetter? Would u trade for Forte straight up? On another note… Ingram has the best playoff schedule it looks like. Maybe I should target him.

          10. Do you still like Lewis more than Deangelo Williams? The more I read about it.. most think he’s a top 15 back and he’s basically rested the past 5 games (although lewis did rest a few games too) so he’s fresh and should be able to carry the workload. I was wondering if I should get a trade together for Deangelo tonight to have him for Sunday. Lewis for Deangelo straight up? Lewis and Bryant for Deangelo and Alshon Jeffery?

          11. I thought I answered the Forte question last night but I guess it never posted. I don’t think I would be buying low unless it was pretty low. Like top 20 RB value. I think there is a non-zero chance he doesn’t play again this year. Not saying that it is likely or that I think it will happen, but you have to remember that if you are trading for him.

            I trust Lewis more than DeAngelo rest of season. DeAngelo is a top 15 back but so is Lewis. If we redrafted today both are probably 2nd/3rd round picks.

            On a week-to-week basis DeAngelo will out touch Lewis but I think Lewis does more with his touches because of how he gets them. DeAngelo is also 32 years old and I don’t think he can handle week in week out 20 -25 touch games without getting hurt. So I believe the Steelers will either limit his touches, around 15-18, or he will end up getting hurt.

            The Steelers also have the Raiders, Seahawks, Ravens and a bye remaining on their schedule. Lewis has some tough run defenses to go against as well but that actually plays more into his game. The tougher the run defense is the more snaps he plays because the Patriots are going to be passing.

          12. Thank you sir. 🙂 I take it you would not trade for either of those guys then even with yeldon or hurns in an offer? I just picked up ASJ to fill empty roster spot, but realized Sproles is also available. Who would have better value going foward (both trade value or otherwise) is there anyone else i should pickup instead? Thanks again!

          13. Keep ASJ. He has good upside and the receivers in Tampa Bay are hurting. Sproles wont ever be anything more than a flex.

            I wouldnt have a problem trading Yeldon plus something for them. I like Yeldon rest of season but those two guys are ahead of him.

          14. I thought you meant Lewis or DeAngelo. Then I just remembered you already had Lewis. I would do Yeldon straight up for Forte. Anything more than that is a big risk in my opinion.

            For your situation you seemed locked and loaded for the playoffs.

            Total rest of season I would take DeAngelo over Forte pretty easily but Forte upon his return, whenever that is, will vault right back into the top five at running back. Forte is more likely to win you a championship by having a great playoff stretch than DeAngelo.

          15. Thanks. I put the offer out there. How much would u value Mark Ingram’s favorable playoff schedule? I’m wondering if I should look to do a 2 for 1 for him. I am worried I may be getting too many equal level players that I won’t be able to start. Do u like him more than Forte?

            Also, I just realized the Forte owner has Freeman so would you offer him the insurance of Freeman’s handcuff if he doesn’t like Yeldon alone?

          16. I like a healthy Forte more than a healthy Ingram but I like Ingram more because Ingram has more available games to play.

            I am actually finally on the Ingram bandwagon now that Khiry is out and it is just Ingram and Spiller back there.

            You could throw Coleman into the deal. Coleman is probably the most valuable, if not at least in the top 3, handcuffs in fantasy.

            I would try to play up the fact that Forte is hurt and might be out for a while while he is getting a good player to help him for the rest of the season.

          17. Both offers for Forte rejected. I just saw a story by CBS the IND will ‘lean more on Frank Gore’ under the new OC. Knowing that, how much value do u give him ROS? That could significantly hurt my Hilton/Luck production. With my receiver depth, should I offer Hilton for Gore before this news goes viral prior to INDs bye week? I’m not sure I’d want to bet against my #1 QB that way though. I do have Carr and Bortles though ROS. Thoughts?

          18. Also, with ASJ now unlikely to play this week, would picking up Marques Coleston or even Haskins and dropping ASJ be a good move Or does ASJ still carry a higher upside ROS?

          19. It is just coach speak. They might run a couple more times per game but they wont lean on the run as long as they have Luck. It does not benefit any coach to come out and say what they are actually going to do. Essentially take every thing that a coach says with a grain of salt. Actions speak louder than words.

            I wouldnt want any part of Coleston. He hasnt done anything all year. He had one long catch where no one covered him.

            If you wanted to dump ASJ for someone else you can because with him unlikely to play people aren’t going to be jumping all over him on the waiver wire.

          20. Thank you. My thoughts exactly on ASJ being ok to drop, but none of these available players seem to be attractive. Do u have any sleepers this week that could go off for a nice game and be good trade pieces next week? If no one stands out, I may just hold on to ASJ in hopes of him returning next week. He seems to have a big role on that team if healthy.

          21. Wow. 2 weeks in a row. Dion lewis out with what appears to be an ACL tear. Any RBs I can pick up in the next 30min before ASJ plays?

          22. ASJ hasnt done anything in weeks and Gaskins hasnt really done anything at all. At the moment neither but Gaskins is at least playing this week so he has a chance to increase his value.

            Upside pickup would be Sims of the guys I listed. If something happens to Martin he has huge value. Gaskins is probably a week to week flex at best.

          23. Just noticed Darren Sproles and Dwayne Harris are also available. So it’s basically sproles, Harris, ASJ, or Haskins.

          24. Assuming Freeman doesn’t go off… I may have to look at trading Brown to get Freeman. My roster is already locked for this week, so my plan would be to have the guy with the most trade value.

            Gaskins and Thomas are the only ones avail of those guys listed.

          25. And then Big Ben went down?? Wow, did u have Pittsburg WRs or Lewis? Here is an interesting writeup I found on the injuries of the week.

            I’m in disbelief. I figured I’d need to trade AB for a top RB this week, but now AB and M Bryant have lost a lot of value. On the bright side, Luck looked solid and Hurns had a good week against a tough defense. I look forward to your buy low and sell high tomorrow.

            PS I lost 112-116 this week to the top team. Week 10 is an easier match up for me and I have another tough one week 11. 6-3 record so far. As always, thanks for all the help Andy. Good times.

          26. Ya it was another rough week. Ben gone for a few weeks, Latavius concussed, McCoy hurt his shoulder, Lewis. Probably more but that is off the top of my head.

            Ben, Brown and Hurns are all in tommorow’s article.

            It is always tough to lose close games. So much second guessing and what if type things. You had a pretty good scoring week so that is always something you can hang your hat on.

  5. Is the potion below a misprint or would you really prefer Gordon over those backs?

    You stated that you don’t think the Chargers will continue to give him the touches, but prefer him over those 4? I’m confused….

    “RB – Melvin Gordon

    Gordon was force-fed the ball yet again, and as usual, he struggled. Gordon has been getting touches like he is an elite running back, but he hasn’t done anything with them. If you can sell him for anything I would do it. Even in a lost season I can’t see the Chargers continuing to give him the ball.

    I would take over him: DeAngelo Williams, Danny Woodhead, Charcandrick West, Darren McFadden.”

  6. Andy!

    Back Again. Fortunately I avoided most of the injuries aside from Allen in 1 league

    I’m trying to trade for either dwill or Lewis

    The Lewis owner is in 9th, but very active. He’s the one who had been spearheading those vetos

    He offered me Lewis and Langford for DT

    I’m also considering offering DT and blue for dwill to that owner. Only problem is the league has vetoed 2 of our attempted trades. I asked the veto guy if they’d veto any deal with me and a bottom half team and he said no not if it’s a “fair” deal.

    Thoughts? Which would you pursue.

    10 team Yahoo, .5 ppr, 3WR/2RB/TE/ 2 Flexes with return yards:
    QB: Dalton, Big ben

    RB: [s]Foster[/s], Gore, Woodhead, Abdullah, Blount

    WR : ODB, Demaryous, Nuke Hopkins, Landry, John Brown, Moncrief, Travis Benjamin, Diggs

    TE: Gates

    1. I have thought about this trade for a little while and cant really come to a 100% decision. I think you get good value but you arent the team that should be trading one player for two players. You should be doing the two for one the other way. You have a ton of depth this deal just gives you even more of it.

      Not only that but if I was you it would kill me to do a trade with a guy that keeps vetoing my trades.

      I would lean no. Are there any 1 for 1 DT for a running back possibilities. Not with this team but anyone else. Maybe LeSean McCoy or Mark Ingram.

      1. Man i totally feel where you are coming from, and I’m glad you’re of the same mindset. This guy (a “friend” of mine) has been such a dick, and he’s also been trying to give me overpayed offers for lewis all year–he’s as obsessed w/ ff as i am, but his team is in 9/10.

        Update: he also offered me Lewis + G Tate for my J Brown + Diggs + Moncrief

        While i don’t give up a “stud” in that deal, I feel like i’m overpaying for lewis, right? Diggs is near and dear to my heart at that point, so maybe i’m overvaluing my guys…idk

        I’m not against doing a deal b/c i know i have to be objective about that stuff and can’t let my anger get in the way of winning that cash and sticking it to them haha.

        Also: What about the offer I mentioned for DWill? DT + Blue for him? Or DT + Blue + Moncrief for Dwill + Antonio Andrews (just heard he’s the starter in TN)

        Is that too much? Too little? I feel like they CAN’T veto that….right? right? lol. That guy said they wouldn’t veto a deal “as long as it’s fair”….thanks MOM.

        Eagerly awaiting your thoughts…

        1. I like that new deal a lot. You give up 3 guys who are marginal on your roster. They are all startable but you dont need all 3 of them.

          Lewis is an under the radar stud. He is averaging double digits and has only had one single digit week and that was when he played injured.

          Pre trade lineup was something like

          RB: Woodhead
          RB: Gore
          WR: Demaryius
          WR: Beckham
          WR: Hopkins
          FLEX: Landry
          FLEX: Diggs/Brown/Blount/Moncrief

          After the trade

          RB: Woodhead
          RB: Lewis
          WR: Demaryius
          WR: Beckham
          WR: Hopkins
          FLEX: Landry
          FLEX: Blount/Gore/Benjamin

          I like Lewis slightly more over DeAgelo because of the Patriots offense and I fear DeAngelo’s schedule and how healthy he can remain if he gets 20 touches per week.

          I think I would do the deal for Lewis. Essentially your lineup adds Lewis while only losing possible options for your second flex.

          The emergence of Michael Floyd should hurt John Brown’s value in the future as well.

          1. Yeah i do see your point and it’s a legit one. It kind of saps my WR depth, but I’m left with a studly starting lineup. Lewis has been awesome this year getting high teens weekly.

            Would you
            a) try to swap out somebody for diggs–i feel like he’s this yrs ODB
            b) try to get a piece that you wouldn’t immediately drop (aka Tate who is useless in my opinion)
            c) just shut up and do the deal? lol

          2. I think Diggs is a good player but I think he is a borderline top 20 upside guy rest of season.

            Tate is easily droppable but like I said if Calvin is hurt he will be a nice guy to have but I have no problem finding a different piece.

            If you want to try to do some negotiating where you can keep Diggs or get someone other than Tate in return.

            If all else fails I would do that deal the way it is.

            Even when you get a trade offer that you will accept I think it is always worth trying to negotiate a little because if you can get a better deal do it but worst case scenario you already have a deal in place that you like.

          3. I agree with you bud.

            Do you have any suggestions on negotiations you’d pursue?

            His team: (and he doesn’t seem too keen on including a QB in the trade–i do have david carr right now as my 3rd qb, likely will drop him for T Coleman or something)

            QB: cutler

            RB: Lewis, Langford, JStew, Mcfadden, Hillman, CJA, R Mathews, Starks

            WR: Hurns, JMatthews, Tate

            TE: Watson, Graham

            I like: Lewis (obviously), Langford (i have a sneaky feeling they may sit forte out ROS, but who knows, it’s only supposed to be a grade 1 mcl), all of jstew/mcfadden/hillman/cj w/ mcfadden prob the most; I also like Hurns.

            Benjamin has been a top 20 guy until the past 2 wks in our scoring w/ .5 ppr and return yds, though has fallen off. I’m not sure if i like him or diggs ROS.

            What do you think good sir? I really enjoy this spit balling!

          4. See if you can get any of his running backs instead. He has a large amount and it might actually make more sense for him to give up one of them more than Tate.

            Because who you get will just go on your bench I would rank them based on their upside.

            Mathews, Anderson, Hillman, Starks.

            You can aim higher for the other guys but I doubt that you could get anyone higher than those guys.

            All of them have “win you a championship” type upside if they get a full time job.

          5. So it looks like from the offer he made w/ tate, he would actually drop starks. I guess i could ask him to include him so he doesn’t get swiped off waivers, but i’d prefer any of the other 3 probably, just b/c idk if lacy will get hurt. I thought about including carr, but he hasn’t responded to my asking about jstew + lewis for diggs/moncrief/brown–he turned down lewis for mocrief + brown not surprisingly.

            I like those 4 names you tossed out there though. It gives me a good direction to go

          6. Well he’s being coy now when i’m asking for any of those guys (hillman/cja/mathews/etc). He says he’s entertaining offers from the other guy (shady owner) who’s in 3rd. I think he’s playing me but i guess i’ll just take do lewis plus starks for those 3.

            Thumbs up?

      2. Also i’m doubtful that the Shady owner would trade, he’s in 3rd, and we’ve talked about a deal but he always says he’ll get back to me but never does.

        Ingram owner is a friend, but he’s kind of gun shy w/ all this league drama and every time i make him an offer (even reasonable ones) he just is like “give it a rest bro” haha.

        But here’s the links to the rosters for due diligence:
        and screenshots:

        1. Check out my previous comment. I like the Lewis trade for you. You give up a lot of depth for an under the radar stud.

          Something else to add to that. Even though Tate has been bad this season there is uncertainty with Calvin’s ankle. If it is a serious concern that would force him out a game or make him be a decoy Tate gets some really nice value.

        2. Ok I took the deal with tate. He was being weird about it with Starks (even though he’s dropping Starks. So when I offered that he starts backtracking and just trying to get Diggs for jstew or Starks (seriously?), so I just accepted that offer he hadn’t cancelled

  7. QB Cam, J. Winston, ( Romo IR)
    RB Foster (IR) Hill rd 10 keeper, Ryan Mathews, Pierre Thomas, J. Bell
    WR D. Thomas, B Cooks, S Diggs, W Snead, Hurns, D Moncrief, (J. Nelson IR- rd 13 keeper)
    TE D Walker
    Def St. Louis, Cincy
    K B Walsh

    I am 2-6 after being nailed by injuries and bad luck. Trying to package 2 WR to land Latavius Murray, who I can add to my keeper set in the 9th rd next year. Other owner isnt going for it yet. He offered Murray for D. Thomas straight up, who can not be kept by any team since he was a rd 1 pick.
    At this point in the year, Do I take the deal to add to lock up Murray as a keeper for next year and beyond….or do I still go for it with a lineup built around Cam, Thomas, and a boatload of #2/3 WR’s? Any and all advice appreciated with the trade deadline a week away…

    1. If Demaryius can’t be kept and you do not have a realistic chance at the playoffs you need to shop him.

      How do your keeper rules work? In regards to Murray does the round value go from 9 to 8 etc or something like that over the years?

      At this point in the season I would start trading anyone and everyone that you wont be keeping for any sort of keeper value you can get.

  8. Exactly. No 1st rd picks can be kept. We can keep one new player a year, a round of the previous year. I kept Hill only this year in the 10th, I can add Nelson next year in the 13th, and if I trade for Murray, I can keep him in the 8th since he was already “kept” by another team….
    I am 2-6, scoring points but running into injuries and bad luck. I have the most points scored against me (played against Eli in his 6 td game, Julio when he was on fire, Freeman in his huge game). I have 8 teams ahead of me, but the last playoff seeds record is 4-4….I’m on that fence where I’m asking myself is it worth it to stay the course this year, or grab a sweet keeper while I can to pair with Jordy in the late rounds and build myself back up for next year…

    1. Ya I hear you on bad luck. The question you have to ask yourself really is even if I do manage to make the playoffs do I have a realistic shot at winning it all? In redraft you are always going for it but in keeper/dynasty formats you have to bite the bullet at some point and realize it isnt happening.

      Murray for Demaryius is a solid deal. Are there any other good keeper value guys that you could trade for that Demaryius is better than? What is Le’Veon Bells keeper status? Murray for Demaryius is a solid fallback option because you cant keep Demaryius anyway.

      When it comes to fantasy baseball when I would be in that kind of situation I would always just throw a league wide post saying hey player A is on the block I want to trade him give me your best offer. Once everyone knows a guy is out there to be traded for it creates a little bidding war.

      But if you dont want to go that route like I said a later round Murray for an unkeepable Demaryius is a good deal.

  9. My team in a 12 team. 5ppr
    qb : Dalton
    Wr : B. Marshall
    Wr : D. Thomas
    Wr : D. Adams
    Rb : D. Murray
    Rb : Lacy
    Te : Barnidge
    flex : C. Thompson
    K : McManus
    Def : phi, car
    Bench : R. Matthews, C. Michael, V. Davis, Watkins, Gates

    What’s up Andy? How’s it going this week? I’m needing some insight into a couple questions on trade and wire pickup.
    1st, what do you think about Watkins and Gates for Calvin Johnson? Because, I’ve been meaning to get him and I finally found this combo to get him in a trade today. I think adding him as a wr 3 was a solid trade.
    2nd, if this was your team and you had the opportunity to land OBJ would you give up Lacy? Rb would be weak, but wow OBJ in as a flex ….
    3rd, wire pick up. Looking for priority, so here we go;
    rbs K. Williams, T. Riddick, Cobb, Rawls, Sproles
    wrs D. Green -Beckham, Marques Wilson, Harris, N. Agholor

    As always I appreciate all this input you’re able to offer. Thank you.

    1. FYI, the reason I’m weak at rb is I lost L. Bell this past Sunday ( owner of D. Williams was asking to much in trade all season ). Leasson learned pay for your number one handcuff. Also, I’ve used my depth to build other positions.

      1. Ya I lost Bell in a league too. DeAngelo Williams was owned just about all season and then I didn’t do my due diligence and notice that he was dropped literally the week before Bell went down. So obviously I didnt get him even though I spent every last FAAB dollar I had. So disappointing. Oh well.

    2. In regards to how I am doing it depends on what league you are asking about. I have a dynasty league where this week due to byes and undroppable injured players I am starting Chris Thompson, Jacob Tamme in a flex spot and I might have to start Andre Johnson. Its an ugly week for me.

      I dont think Watkins has much value and you have Barnidge so you have a nice tight end option after Gates. On pure value and roster construction that is a great deal for you.

      I would absolutely give up Lacy for OBJ. Beckham is a stud Lacy is in a lost season. You could always turn around and flip one of your stud receivers for a running back or two. I would think you can get a running back that is better but has less name value than Lacy.

      Based on what I would do in a vacuum it would be Wilson, DGB, Riddick, Rawls, Agholor, Williams, Sproles

      For your team you need running backs more but none of those guys are fantastic options. You could move Riddick up to first but his upside is limited. Of the running backs Karlos Williams has the highest upside if you want to swing for the fences.

  10. Hey Andy,

    Would You do AB for Freeman? Half PPR with return yards. Start 2RB 3WR TE flex.

    WR AB, Edelman, Cobb, Dez, Moncrief, Diggs, John Brown
    RB Gurley, l Murray, Woodhead, Langford

    1. In .5 PPR its a lateral move so it depends if you want a running back or receiver more. In a start three receiver league I think it might be better to keep Brown.

      1. Yeah I hear you on that.

        I’m pretty loaded at WR which is why I’m considering it. Dez AB Edelman Cobb moncrief Diggs John brown.
        also it’s a keeper league and I can keep 2

        1. Ya you are pretty loaded at receiver. Freeman and Brown are both elite players at their positions. The running back position is a lot worse than receiver. Thinking about it more I probably would rather have Freeman. I really think Brown is about to take off for a huge second half though.

          1. Yeah I agree with you on ab. That’s The only reason I’m hesitant. You think Freeman will keep killing it ros?

          2. J, if I may throw in my 2 cents…if u get Freeman, you may want to pickup his handcuff, Tevin Coleman. The ATL offense looks great and imho Coleman would be able to step in and play Freeman’s role very well if an injury occured.

          3. He wont be number one fantasy running back but I think he will be top 5. When I have watched him this season he looks really good. It helps that he gets great blocking too

          4. Thanks fellas. Yeah idk, after today’s AB i’m going to have a hard time trading him…looking pretty beastly even w/ that big ben injury. Landry does better than vick. Though freeman may be a buy low now if this is his floor…

          5. Have you guys already read tomorrow’s article on some black market website? Between your two posts you have mentioned like half of the guys that are in there ha.

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