Buy Low/Sell High Week 8


If you have a playoff spot all but locked up, congratulations.

Now that we are beyond the halfway point in the fantasy football regular season you are in an interesting situation.

At 7-0 or 6-1 it could be time to trade away your valuable depth in order to upgrade your starting lineup. 

If you have four great receivers and can only start three, do a two for one trade to get a better receiver.

Find that team in a bye week crunch and trade them Allen Hurns and Donte Moncrief for Amari Cooper. You would be surprised what a desperate owner will do in order to keep their playoff hopes alive. 

You might have to overpay to get a trade done. Don’t be afraid to overpay. If your starting lineup gets better for the long haul do the deal. As long as you have one player on your bench that you can plug into your lineup if an injury occurs, your team should be ok. Holding onto Allen Robinson as a fourth receiver doesn’t help your team if you aren’t playing him.

I have said it before and will say it again, keep trying to make your team better. Just because you are sitting pretty or almost eliminated doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep trying to improve your team. 

Just like every other week, ask any questions you may have in the comment section below, or if you need a quick answer ask me on Twitter @TheSportsGuy40.

Good luck in your matchups, and happy trading!


RB – Dion Lewis 

Lewis played through an injury last week and sat out this week with the same injury. James White took over the passing downs role and played the majority of the snaps; White was on the field for 44 snaps compared to Blount’s eight. White did very little with his snaps, only getting one carry and three receptions. The Patriots may have kept Lewis out to give him extra time to recover for a Thursday night game against the Dolphins.

Potential buy low offer: Allen Hurns For Lewis

RB – LeGarrette Blount

The Patriots didn’t have a lead to milk the clock late, and they played a team with a great front seven; a recipe for disaster for Blount. He will be up and down all season, but the Patriots aren’t going to have too many games where they don’t even try to run the ball. They also might not have many games where they don’t win by 20. He is a must play in games the Patriots are big favorites or playing a bad run defense.

Potential buy low offer: Ryan Mathews and Kendall Wright for Blount

WR – Julian Edelman

I am including him as a buy low, but I am worried about Edelman. He has struggled ever since he hurt his finger early last Sunday night and Danny Amendola has gotten a lot of work. I am not sure if today’s below average output was due to New England’s knowledge of the injury or if the Jets just took him away. Either way I think Edelman can be bought at second receiver value. Danny Amendola is a must add at this point with the concern over Edelman’s finger.

Potential buy low offer: Jonathan Stewart and Donte Moncrief for Edelman

WR – DeAndre Hopkins

An obvious stud, Hopkins only managed 50 yards in a game that the Texans threw 49 times. The game turned into garbage time in the second quarter so an owner would hope Hopkins could do more with his extended garbage time, but I wouldn’t worry. It looks like Foster is done for the year and Hopkins will go back to the only weapon in the Houston offense.

Potential buy low offer: Emmanuel Sanders and DeMarco Murray for Hopkins

WR – Brandon Marshall

Marshall’s streak of 100-yard games ended against the Patriots. Marshall had a big drop in the game that turned the tide and gave New England a chance to win. Marshall is still the go to guy in this offense, some of the better defenses in the league might be able to take him away, but his next two opponents (at Oakland and at home against the Jaguars) shouldn’t be able to.

Potential buy low offer: Latavius Murray for Marshall

WR – Odell Beckham Jr.

I am just throwing him in here because he is still an obvious stud. If someone is willing to trade him away for anything less than top five receiver value jump on it.

Potential buy low offer: Andrew Luck for Beckham Jr.


QB – Ryan Tannehill

I think it is easy to say that the Miami won’t be putting up 42 points per week. The Dolphins play New England on Thursday night and should come crashing down to Earth. I am not sure if owners can get great value for Tannehill, but as a throw in to an owner who needs a quarterback, or a bye week fill in, he could be a little sweetener to get the deal done.

Potential sell high offer: Tannehill and Lamar Miller for Todd Gurley

RB – Mark Ingram

If you have been following my week-to-week writing you should know how I feel about Ingram. This was his first really good all around game and he was taken out for goal line work, losing two touchdowns to Khiry Robinson. This was Ingram’s first 100-yard game of the season and he lost some of his goal line work to Robinson. Ingram still has his bye week coming in week 11 so you won’t have him for at least that week. Ingram does have a nice playoff schedule, but you have to get there in order to capitalize on it.

Potential sell high offer: Ingram for Beckham Jr.

RB – Lamar Miller

Miller was fantastic this week. This week will be one of the best fantasy point games of any player in the league this season. At this point I see Miller as a borderline top 10 back. The coaching change has given him a bigger workload. A cause of concern is who these huge games have come against. He ran all over a Titans defense that has only been able to stop an injured Boobie Dixon and a Texans defense that has just been awful all season. I think after this two-week stretch you can sell Miller as an elite back, around the top five value. 

Potential sell high offer: Miller for Hopkins

RB – Charcandrick West

West had a big game against the Steelers, but I don’t see the Chiefs getting too many chances to give West 20 plus carries. The Chiefs play the Lions and then have a bye week before getting Denver. Selling a player during his bye week is typically difficult, and West is almost guaranteed to get shut down against the Broncos.

Potential sell high offer: West for Allen Robinson

RB – Darren McFadden

The oft injured “Run DMC” got a lot of work when Joseph Randle left the game early with a lower-back injury. McFadden isn’t built to handle a big workload every week. If Randle is out for any amount of time, McFadden looks like he will serve as the primary back until he inevitably gets injured. Sell him while he is still healthy.

Potential sell high offer: McFadden for Martavis Bryant


RB – T.J. Yeldon

This was the first time I got an extended look against Yeldon, and I came away really impressed. Yeldon ran all over a strong Bills front seven. It was disappointing to see Toby Gerhart get four, yes four, chances from the one yard line and not score while Yeldon sat on the sidelines. The Jaguars had a really interesting (I guess you could call it interesting) offense in short yardage situations. Hopefully the short yardage struggles will make it so they decide to use Yeldon more in those situations.

I would take him over: Jeremy hill, Carlos Hyde, Eddie Lacy, Latavius Murray, Frank Gore.


QB – Russell Wilson

This one is a tough call. It feels as though Wilson isn’t running that much this year, but he is on pace for roughly 250 less yards on the ground, about 1.5 points per game. The big difference for Wilson is the lack of rushing touchdowns. He hasn’t found the end zone on the ground this season after doing it six times last season. Wilson still carries value so I think if you can sell him as a top 10 quarterback you should do it. He isn’t good enough to get by on passing numbers alone; he needs to do more on the ground to be a useful quarterback on a weekly basis.

I would take over him: Tyrod Taylor, Philip Rivers, Blake Bortles, Carson Palmer, Andy Dalton.


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Andy Germani

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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

86 thoughts on “Buy Low/Sell High Week 8”

  1. Do you think OBJ will be have good value ROS despite the hamstring injury? Would you offer Calvin/Hilton and Diggs/Woodhead for him?

    I’m also looking at Brandon Marshall and Hopkins. Would you offer the same options for them? The Marshall owner is now 1-6. The Hopkins owner lost Foster and Charles to injury (but still has Miller). I may want to throw him a bigger bone for Hopkins in that case. OBJ is going to end up 4-3 or 3-4 this week.

    1. I am not all that concerned about the hamstring. He barely missed any snaps the past two weeks, I want to say he only missed five but I am not 100 percent sure on the exact number.

      I would do that if you can pull it off. I would rather keep Woodhead around just because, knowing your team, your receiver depth is much better than your running back depth.

      I would rank them rest of season

      The gap between Hopkins and Beckham is miniscule. I would have no problem someone preferring one over the other. I still think Marshall is a top level receiver but he is still a tier below the Hopkins and Beckham tier.

  2. A guy in my league (0.25 ppr + returns, 1 point per 15 yards) needs an RB. I have Lacy and Woodhead behind Gurley. Would you trade Lacy or Woodhead for Landry or Sanders?

    1. Is it time to cut my losses on Lacy? Landry has been a top-5 WR in the league. What is it going to take to get him?

    2. I like Woodhead a lot in any league that provides points for catches.

      I would rank Sanders ahead of Landry. Landry is primarily yardage guy, the two touchdown game is more of an anomaly than a trend. I do worry about Sanders and his sprained shoulder. That injury can really limit a receiver. Randall Cobb had it in the preseason and he, among others, have reported it still bothers him and will continue to bother him through the end of the season.

      I don’t have a problem trading away Lacy, but I think I would hold tight. It is a tough position to be in. If Lacy comes out of the bye and struggles again you are stuck with him, no one will trade for him and you cant start him anytime soon. But if he does good then you have one of your top picks back at, at least, starting running back value. Look at the running back position right now, it is a wasteland. I would take the chance that Lacy got rested during the bye week and can provide value for his owners. But like I said I don’t have a problem trading him away if it can help your team.

      1. I recently trade Robinson/D.Johnson for Hopkins/Boldin.

        Now I’m think of moving Cooks/Moncrief for Dez Bryant.

        My WR stable would be Hopkins, Bryant, Washington, Boldin.

        Is it worth giving up that WR depth for Bryant? I’d be hurting in week 9 with bye weeks but Hopkins-Bryant would be a pretty harsh 1-2 punch in week 11 and beyond.


        1. Love that first trade.

          If you can do that deal for Dez that is also a good deal for you. I think Dez might struggle for a week or two as he gets ramped up and has to deal with Matt Cassell at quarterback.

          If you can afford to take a loss in week 9, not that your completely tanking but dont have a good shot, I think I would do that deal.

          Once Romo returns and those guys are out of a bye you might be sitting on two top five receivers.

  3. Andy my friend!

    I have another conundrum…
    So my team is killing it, but now w/ foster down my RBs are Woodhead, Gore, Blount and Abdullah. Woody is doing great but doesn’t seem sustainable. My WRs are crushing, but i need to shore up the RBs.

    I have an offer for my Woodhead and Gates for his L. Murray and D. Murray

    League 3: 10 team Yahoo, .5 ppr, 3WR/2RB/TE/ 2 Flexes with return yards:
    QB: Dalton, Big ben, Tannenhill
    RB: Foster, Gore, Woodhead, Abdullah, Blount
    WR: ODB, Demaryous, Nuke Hopkins, Landry, John Brown, Moncrief, Travis Benjamin, Diggs
    TE: Gates
    K: empty
    D/ST: empty

    Part of me feels like it’s a slam dunk, and part feels like woody is ~#3 rb in .5 ppr and gates is a top 5 TE so far.


    Here’s the rosters for the league:

    Available TE include L Green, Ebron, Donnell, Gilmore, Watson, R. Rodgers. Idk who i’d get off the ww since i’m probably going to be in 1st place

    One guy keeps offering me D. Lewis but he’s asking a lot. His recent offer was Lewis + Aiken (aka trash) for my T. Benjamin (until this week had outscored keenan allen in our .5 ppr and return yds format) + Abdullah + Diggs.

    I feel like that’s too much for lewis–even though i’m a big fan. Thoughts on a counter or other potential offers? The rosters are linked above.

    1. The trade for the Murrays definitely helps out your running backs but I really like Gates as a top tight end option. There are reports out there that are saying Gates could miss multiple weeks so that does make him less appealing.

      I really like Woodhead in leagues that get points for receptions. He gets it feels like a minimum of 5 per week with the upside of 10.

      I am not sure how I feel about the trade overall. You still have good, albeit not great, options at running back with Blount, Woodhead, and Gore. I would look to move a receiver

      What you have to bench weekly out of your receivers is probably #2 or #3 receiver worthy on just about any other team in the league.

      Looking at that owner’s team I would go for Freeman. What he has to start at receiver is flat out disgusting.

      Pair a receiver with one of your running backs or one of your better receiver with one of your bottom ones.

      I would start out trying any 2 of Landry, John Brown, Moncrief, Travis Benjamin, Diggs. I doubt he goes for it but you never know, he did start Cole Beasley this week.

      If he doesnt bite try a 3 for 2 where you get Freeman and Jeffery. That might mean Demaryius, John Brown and a running back.

      The main thing to target with him is giving him receiver depth.

      You could try a similar approach with the Peterson owner, also lacking receiving options.

      1. Hey thanks Andy!

        So here’s the issue–he refuses to give up Freeman (huge falcons fan) or lynch. He’s also a SD fan so seems to be fixated on woody and gates….he’s also my brother in law, so i think he’s being a dick.

        The AP owner would be a good target, but i’m nervous b/c he’s kind of a taco and we already had a trade vetoed–tbh i don’t blame them, it was AP + Cam for J brown + moncrief + abdullah a few weeks ago. No collusion so i wouldn’t have vetoed but i really couldn’t say why he was down for it. Since then my league has been up my ass and vetoed a legit Keenan allen for Abdullah + Diggs + Moncrief deal.

        I’d love to go after AP again, even though i’m not high on him vs. his league-wide value.

        a) any options for the murray owner?
        b) options (that wouldn’t be vetoed–i hate this league)–for the AP owner?
        c) any other targets around the league? I really want gurley, but his owner rebuffed a Gore + j brown offer earlier this weekend, and is pretty stacked overall so idk who i’d offer.
        d) had an eye on ingram but he’s not super wr hungry
        e) the lev bell owner will NOT trade with me
        f) the dion lewis owner has some interesting rbs and garbage at WR–see above for the offer.

        Help! I’m panicking w/o foster.

        1. That is unfortunate about the vetoing of trades, stuff like that just drives me crazy.

          Maybe you can do two receivers for Lewis and Dez. Try two of Landry, John Brown, Moncrief, Travis Benjamin, Diggs. If he doesnt like that you could try Demaryius plus something small.

          If you really want to you can do three of Landry, John Brown, Moncrief, Travis Benjamin, Diggs for Dez and Lewis. I think your best move would be to target a top level running back with your receiving depth. That bad news is it seems like all of those backs aren’t options for you in the trade market.

          Trading for a Lewis/L Murray/ D Murray is nice but it doesn’t improve your starting lineup a ton, pretty much just gives you the flexibility to play matchups. I like Woodhead as a week in and week out play and then you can play matchups with Blount/Gore.

          I usually dont say this but you might be better off holding the depth you have rather than give it to someone you might play in the playoffs.

          One guy, if you are willing to wait, to target could be T.J. Yeldon. He has a bye this week then gets the Jets, but he did just run really well against a good bills front seven.

          After that they play Baltimore, Tennessee, Indianapolis, Atlanta, and New Orleans.

          1. he’s asking for either brown + moncrief for lewis or brown/moncrief + woodhead. Then he said his “final” offer is lewis for brown + diggs + abdullah. He mumbled something (via text) about cmike too (he has him) but idk how i feel about that.


            I’m trying to offer brown + moncrief + abdullah for forsett + gostowski. Which (if either) do you like better?

          2. and i’d definitely be interested in yeldon, but i think his owner is hard to deal with. He’s a frenemy and i think he doesn’t want me to do well lol. but i could test the waters, his wr are pretty weak if you look at the roster link

          3. It seems like a lot to ask for a guy who struggled and then missed a game with an injury. It doesnt look like he is willing to sell low, really looks like he is trying to sell high.

            Brown for Lewis seems like a fair deal straight up. I dont mind parting with Abdullah but Diggs and Brown seems like overkill.

            I like the deals about the same. The second deal gets you a little better running back but it forces you to give up a little more, Moncrief>Diggs.

          4. would you prefer giving brown + diggs + abdullah for forsett + gostowski? This is a guy w/ whom i had a trade for AP vetoed (it was a ridiculous trade but again not my fault he’s a dummy).

            So i’m very aware of offering him something “fair” that the league won’t veto. What is your preferred offer from my team for him (i’d like to include gostowski since he has blair walsh too and i have 0 kicker at the moment).

            Thanks again!

          5. I would probably prefer the Benjamin, Diggs, Abdullah for Lewis deal. See if you can get Tate, Stewart, Hillman, Starks, Michael, Hurns or either of the Mathews thrown in instead of Aiken.

            You might not have Lewis for this week though. His status for Thursday is still uncertain.

          6. Hmm is it you like Lewis >Forsett or you don’t want to give up brown? I can probably make an offer for Forsett without brown if that’s the issue. What would be your ideal offer (non-vetoable of course…. I hate this league)

          7. I like Forsett more, but the difference isn’t enough to give up Brown.

            Looking back at the teams in your league. Do you think it is possible to get Lynch? Or is that one of the untradeable owners in your league.

            Could also try to get Forte.

            Maybe throw a buy low offer on Jeremy Hill. Toss him on your bench and see if he turns it around. But I wouldn’t trade for him at anything more than a top 25 type running back at this point.

          8. Hey sorry for the late reply. Posting here b/c i can’t reply down below.

            I hear what you’re saying, and i can definitely give him a lesser offer–do you have any suggestions?

            He also has AP. Am i crazy not being that high on him? He’s been kind of meh, only had a few “stud” weeks, and even had a few sub 10pt games. What would you consider a “fair” offer for him from my lineup?

            If i can get a deal in place, i don’t want to go through this veto b.s. again.

            As far as Lynch, his owner (the one who is offering L and D Murray for my woodhead and gates) said lynch and freeman are off the table. I’m not sure if he’s just bitter b/c his team isn’t doing well and has given up so doesn’t want to trade b/c he figures he’s out of it regardless, or what. He’s my brother in law so maybe he takes pleasure by sticking it to me haha.

            Idk what i’d offer him since he didn’t even ask for a wr in that other deal. What do you think would be a good lynch offer?

            One thing i do like about the Murray murray deal is i think i could flip demarco for maybe Eiffert and Lacy (+/- a piece added in i’d imagine). Would that change your outlook on that deal at all?

            Re: Lewis–i feel like his owner is just going to try and gouge me since he’s in the dumps as well and has no interest in helping me out w/o getting an overpay from me. I can ask him about dez/lewis but i can’t imagine he’d do it w/o raking me over the coals.

            Re: Hill, what would you offer his owner? He’s actually pretty decent at WR 1-3, but his qb is weak as is his rb and flex.

            here are the rosters in pic form, and here’s a link as well:


            I’m very curious to hear your thoughts and i’m sorry to blow up the page!

          9. It isnt crazy to not love Peterson, he has been underwhelming for Adrian Peterson this season. You have to remember how bad the running back position is now though. He is still in the elite group.

            I am just not blown away with the Murray deal. It adds some depth to your team but you have a ton of flex depth as it is and you have Woodhead as a solid RB and the Gore/Blount matchup play as RB 2.

            If you do end up flipping him for Eifert and Lacy that means you pretty much trade Woodhead and Gates for Lacy Murray and Eifert.

            I honestly think I would rather have Gates and Woodhead.

            It does look like Hill is on a team that doesnt matchup with you trade wise. You could toss a similar buy low offer for Lacy as a throw on the bench and hope he bounces back kind of guy.

            Any chance you can get McCoy?

            I dont really have any issues with all of your potential deals. They are decent deals but not deals that are really really helping you.

            Throw your response to this at the bottom as a new thread. After a while these replies can get hard to follow.

          10. I hear you on those deals. I guess it kind of depends on how you view woodhead ros. Do you think he can keep this up? His points last week were all garbage time, including a 2nd td on a called back keenan allen TD (shoulda been allowed from what i hear).

            I just wonder how sustainable that is, and whether a guy w/ a more stable role might not be better to have. Murray seems pretty steady, though he doesn’t seem to be getting the carries you’d expect (only got 50% snaps last week i think, though i wonder if that’s b/c it was a blowout and they wanted to save him?)

            I can try to offer maybe DT + Moncrief for marshawn lynch? his owner probably wouldn’t take it even though it’s a great offer imo. What do you think? Too much? too little? give different guys?

            Also, re: mccoy. His owner is the 2nd place guy (it ertz when eiffert), very saavy it seems. Idk what i’d offer, though he def has room for another WR. I wish i could get antonio brown off him too…

            Can you think up a deal that he’d say yes to but would ultimately help me (ideally a blockbuster with mccoy + AB for 3 or 4 of my guys? I’d love to dump DT, but i know ppl aren’t very high on him.


            Also, I offered tannenhill to the C West owner in hopes he hates his QBs…

  4. Hey Andy! Totally, off topic… but you’re so resourceful at FF advice.. i wondered if you knew anyone or a good site who could help me with fantasy basketball advice…Thanks!

    1. I personally am not a fantasy basketball guy. I have played randomly in the past, usually just a “hey you want to do a fantasy basketball league” that me and a friend will do with a bunch of random people. So research never really came into play.

      I did really get into daily NBA last year so if you ever decide to go that route I might be able to provide some help.

      You could always head over to FantasyRundown. They provide a lot of links to sites that provide free information for it.

      Sorry I cant be a better help. Basketball just isn’t big where I am, Pittsburgh, and I just never got really into it like I have with other sports.

      1. i’ll chime in. Basketball monster is the best fantasy basketball site imo. It’s pay, but if you’re in money league(s) it’s the best. Straight data driven

        1. Thanks guys.. I’ve done a 8-team league with a friend of mine and 6 ‘regulars’ on the internet for the past 3 years. This the first year i’ve ever thought to use a ‘strategy’ (largely since I found Andy/this site week 6 🙂 ) The FB is an 8 team H2H and they have 15 categories… and most rankings and strategies use 8/9 categories. I have the 7th pick and I’m a bit lost on if “punting’ strategies would work on a 15cat league or if I just go with best overall pick like i have in the past.

          Thanks for chiming in ‘J’… it’s not a paid league, so I’m not really up for investing in it. But that’s good to know if I do a paid league.

          1. When I would randomly do my leagues I would just pick the best players. I didnt really look at punting categories.

            But again you can take that with a grain of salt because like I said I never really got in depth looking at the strategies or anything like that.

  5. How’s it going this week? Started 0-2 and went on a 4 game win streak until this weekend. So, 4-3 with six games to play with the playoffs in site, I countered an offer to get D. Thomas. After , some negotiations, a Hyde injury, and another flop by Ellington he’s ready to trade. Instead of the original trade offer (D. Thomas and Wallace for lacy), he’s going with D. Thomas for Hillman and Duke Johnson.
    My team would be after the trade,
    qb : Dalton
    Wr : B. Marshall
    Wr : D. Thomas *
    Wr : K. Wright
    Rb : L. Bell
    Rb : Lacy
    Te : Barnidge
    flex : D. Murray
    Bench : Stafford, R. Matthews, Watkins, D. Adams, Gates

    1. Going pretty good for me. In one of my leagues about I was in a similar boat, started 0-3 and I am on a little 3-1 streak.

      I like that deal a lot. I don’t know if Hillman is going to be the guy in Denver. One good game where snaps were equally split doesn’t make me a believer.

      This trade lets you keep Lacy’s upside too. There are some bench running backs you can find on the waiver wire this week as well. The Texans guys, Turbin, Riddick, Cobb, McFadden or West if they are available.

      1. Thought I would update you on the trade (D. Thomas for Hillman and Duke Johnson). If it doesn’t get vetoed, which I doubt, my team will be set up nicely for the playoff push. Thanks for the assist.

    1. Depends on what selling high is. I think he is still around the number 10-15 running back.

      I am not sure how much higher you could get than Murray. If you wanted, drawing a blank on your team, to pair him with one of your better receivers you could go for a top tier running back the Bell, Gurley, Freeman, Peterson, Forte, Lynch group.

      If you target the next group of running backs I wouldnt give up a ton. All these guys have their warts and I dont see them as a substantial upgrade over Murray.

      Ivory- big injury history and may be hurt now
      Ingram- touchdown dependent
      Martin- Charles Sims gets a lot of work, injury history and his team has to be in games for him to do good
      McCoy- probably my favorite of this group
      Miller- has a rough upcoming schedule but he is on fire right now
      Forsett- two big games this year and nothing else

      Yeldon, Bernard, DeMarco, Lewis, Woodhead, Gore, Stewart I have on his level or just below. Its about preference when it comes to those guys.

      1. I have an offer out there: Gurley for Calvin, Murray, Lewis/Woodhead. I just had a thought though… With my WR depth.. would it be advisable to do a 1:1 trade for a top RB with Antonio Brown? I have been trying to deal Megatron, because I believe AB is more of a ‘sure thing’…but i think the other owners may like AB’s value a bit more and Megatron has a pretty nice playoff schedule. Tough call. What are your thoughts? Thanks.

        1. I meant to include this with the last post:

          My Lineup:
          WR: Antonio Brown, Calvin Johnson, T.Y. Hilton, Allen Hurns, Stefon Diggs, Davante Adams
          RB: Le’Veon Bell, Latavius Murray, Danny Woodhead, Tevin Coleman, Dion Lewis

          1. Oh man…. just read about the OC coaching change in Detroit. Wow, that looks to be good for Stafford and deep plays (Megatron). Have you heard about that? Should I be holding onto Calvin?

          2. Ya I am aware of the coaching change. There are no guarantees it does anything for the offense though. Miami is an extreme example of a midseason coaching change working. More often that not nothing really changes with the team

            I think it does bode well for Calvins targets. I dont know if it means he will be the elite elite guy. He is still one of the better reaceivers in the NFL but he isnt in the elite elite tier like he used to be.

            In my reply I said that see what else you could get from him in that trade but if you could you could also just make it a 2 for 1 by trading Calvin and just 1 RB.

        2. Brown is Roethlisberger returning to the field away from being the by far number one receiver in my opinion.

          If you are trading Brown you better get Gurley or Bell in return, and you already have Bell. I am not sure I would really want to take any other backs in a straight 1 for 1 with Bell.

          And if I recall correctly you get some points for receptions right? That makes Brown even more valuable.

          You start 2 RB, 2WR and a flex weekly right? Or do you start 3 WR and a flex?

          If it is just two receivers that is a pretty solid deal. You are probably giving up more than the real value of Gurley but when trading depth for a star you are going to have to do that.

          Are there any bench pieces that he has that you could possibly get in return?

          1. Standard scoring. 2RB, 2WR, 1 Flex

            Their team:
            RB: Gurley, Abdullah, CJ Anderson, Andre Williams
            WR: Dez, Edelman, Tate, Wheaton, Marvin Jones, James Jones

          2. Maybe you could get James Jones back. I mean you can try to get Dez or Edelman back but I highly doubt that happens.

            Realistic throw in players for that deal I would probably rank them James Jones, Abdullah, Marvin Jones. James Jones is a lot higher than the other two though.

          3. They’re pretty high on Gurley.. so I’m not sure even the 3 for 1 will go through. Would you offer Antonio Brown for Gurley if that deal falls through? Or just sit tight. The league is pretty divided on the records… so I’m fairly certain I’ll make the playoffs. I need to decide now if i want to push for the #1 spot in playoffs or put more attention on getting players who have favorable schedules during the playoffs…

  6. J,

    In leagues where you get points for receptions Woodhead is a high end RB 2 if not inside the top 10. Week to week he gets solid, but unspectacular, yardage numbers with some nice reception totals. I think he can keep up what he is doing. I wouldnt expect the touchdowns to keep up but a TD every 2-3 games I can see being sustainable.

    The Demaryius and Moncrief offer is fine. Your Lineup would swap out Demaryius for Lynch and then you would have to start two of Gore/Blount/Brown/Landry/Benjamin.

    I dont think it really does anything for you other than get you a RB but in reality your lineup is kind of making a lateral move from Demaryius to Lynch because, in essence, that trade is just swapping Demaryius out of your Lineup for Lynch.

    His weakness is RB depth so it is harder to get a deal going with him.
    You could try


    If you do that I think you could go ahead and do the trade for the Murrays because you will need RB depth again.

    When both of those trades are done you could be looking at
    RB: McCoy
    RB: Murray
    WR: Brown
    WR: Demaryius or Beckham
    WR: Hopkins
    TE: Eifert
    Flexes would be two of: Landry/Benjamin/Lacy/J Brown/Moncrief/Gore or Blount

    You could get away with tossing one of your flex option receivers into that deal if you had to. You have six really good options at the flex, you will be fine if you go down to five. I would do what I could to make sure it is Demaryius that gets traded away and not Beckham.

    1. I really like that DT/Gore (i doubt he’d take blount) + QB (would you rather give up tannenhill or dalton?) for AB + shady–>seems like a minor landslide for me, no? I guess it’s all how he values AB and shady.

      I’d hesitate to throw in one of my flex guys b/c i’d worry it’d make him too powerful, or do you think i shouldn’t worry about that?

      I have a strange feeling that the murray twins guy isn’t going to do that offer–he let it sit for like 12 hrs before i just cancelled out of hesitation. I’m debating putting together a lynch offer of Brown + Gore or something, but knowing him he’ll reject just on principal.

      Do you think there’s a shot at the first offer going through if made? As an AB owner in several leagues i wouldn’t trade him for almost anything

      1. I never really worry about how good I might make another team when I make a trade. The only time I might care about it is if I am really torn on whether to do the trade or not, kind of like a tiebreaker.

        There is no guarantee you play him in the playoffs. There is really only 1 thing you can control and that is your starting lineup on a week to week basis. You cant get to the championship if your starting lineup doesnt do better than everyone elses during the playoffs. You also might not even play him on the way to the playoffs, someone else could knock him off before you would have to play him.

        As for which quarterback, I would give Tannehill first then Dalton but I would do either. The original deal I put there is like a best case scenario, there is a good chance he would want more in that deal. You can easily toss one of your lower end receivers into the deal and your team is still set.

        The Evans deal is definitely acceptable. Dalton has been a top quarterback this season. He has value. You upgrade at two positions while giving up Dalton as the big piece you lose which is no problem because you have Ben, I think that offense is going to be amazing when he gets back.

        1. That’s definitely sound advice my man, and i tend to agree. I think my team would be stronger than his after the trade anyway, though i like ivory (but he’s got injury q’s).

          We’ll see what he says, he said he’d get back to me when i asked if there’s any guys he’s interested in.

          As for the evans deal, it kind of fell through (wasn’t there to begin with I’m guessing)> My friend is stressed w/ a baby on the way and doesn’t want to deal w/ the pressure of trading haha.

          I’m thinking of throwing out an offer for lacy–i hear he’s healed up and starks is banged up. Maybe moncrief + abdullah for lacy? his owner is in last place and is fairly reasonable.

          Side note: Would you offer John Brown + Blount + Benjamin for AP? Is that a “fair” trade? Benjamin is stellar in this format w/ return yds and .5 ppr

          Thanks as always! I enjoy our strategy talks

          1. You could probably get Lacy for just Moncrief. You can toss Abdullah in there if you want to. I would rather take a flier on Lacy than Abdullah.

            I would see what happens with the first trade first though.

            If your league vetoes trades they probably won’t let that Peterson trade go through.

          2. Yeah i agree on the AP thing for sure–I feel like I’d have to give up a stud such as DT or something to get him. Theoretically that’s ok b/c i can slid landry into the wr3 slot and still have 2 flexes (gore/j brown/benjamin/etc) but as you mentioned earlier it may kind of net out. Though having a stronger rb may be a net gain

          3. Yeah i’ll throw it out there for lacy–i might as well throw in abdullah b/c i need to roster a d/st and a kicker haha. I’m going w/o them in hopes of making a trade. (plus i may have to pickup a TE for gates)

            Which trade do you mean i should try first–the one w/ the mccoy/AB owner?

            And if you think that AP trade would get vetoed, what would be your preferred offer if you had my team (that wouldn’t get vetoed?)


          4. Ya the one I mentioned trying with Demaryius or Beckham.

            It is hard to say with Peterson. It almost seems like you would have to severely overpay to get the trade to go without a veto.

    2. Also, I’m contemplating offering something like Dalton + Moncrief + Abdullah for C. West + Evans–thinking he’s poised to break out. Do you think
      a) that’s a viable offer/something he’d accept
      b) a good one on my part

      i think west could be big and has an eaasy playoff sched (i think NO, SD, and Bal or something)

  7. Andy, do u like Lewis this week over Woodhead and Murray? (if Lewis plays tomorrow) I think he has the best match-up of the group. Murray appears to have the toughest match-up.

    1. I do like him assuming he plays.

      Wednesdays are usually when I start looking for potential start/sit guys and Lewis would be a start if this was a Sunday game. Although I really have no clue if he is playing or not.

      Murray is in a really tough spot with his matchup this week. The Jets are great on defense. Woodhead has a great matchup this week as well.

        1. I think it is a tossup between Lewis and Woodhead. Normally I would say Lewis over Woodhead but I think to avoid the risk I would start Woodhead.

          Neither is a huge upside play but I think Woodhead has the higher floor. Lewis could be active play 10 snaps and realize he is still hurt and not play anymore the rest of the game.

          I think I would go with Woodhead this week. The great matchup against the Ravens and the Lewis reaggrivation concern has me liking Woodhead more this week

          1. It looks like Lewis is a go for tonight on the reports. Does the early report change your thinking? I just read how chandrick west has a great ROS schedule (esp in playofffs). Should I trade for him? He may be a buy low.

          2. Lewis is a tough call because no one really knows anything about the injury, the Patriots keep things close to the vest. Lewis does have a higher ceiling than Lewis but I dont know if it is enough to make me want to risk Lewis reaggrevating an injury and leaving early.

            I dont buy West as anything special at all. I wouldnt worry about his schedule. He would be behind just about every one of your running backs, I would only take him over Coleman.

  8. Hey Andy,

    So I’m getting nervous because Sunday is approaching and I have these roster spots need to fill (TE with gates out, K, and d/st). I’m in first so if I take an L not the end of the world but I’d like to consolidate my guys

    I was thinking about offering Benjamin, blue and Abdullah for lacy and eifert bc I need a TE anyway. Is that a good offer or weak?

    Benjamin until last week had outscored Keenan Allen in our return yards and . 5ppr format.

    10 team Yahoo, .5 ppr, 3WR/2RB/TE/ 2 Flexes with return yards:
    QB: Dalton, Big ben, Tannenhill
    RB: Foster, Gore, Woodhead, Abdullah, Blount, blue
    WR: ODB, Demaryous, Nuke Hopkins, Landry, John Brown, Moncrief, Travis Benjamin, Diggs
    TE: Gates
    K: empty
    D/ST: empty

    Thanks! I’m full of anxiety lol

  9. That is a perfectly good offer. You get a really good tight end in Eifert and you also get a really good flier in Lacy.

    You might have to toss in another player to get it done.

    You can probably drop a quarterback. I would drop Tannehill. Carrying three usually isn’t necessary, especially when Dalton has already had his bye.

    Dropping Foster will open up a roster spot as well.

    If you cant get a trade done dropping Foster, Blue, and Tannehill can get you a full lineup. Blue isnt a horrible guy to have on the bench but you will never start him and I really dont see him being a difference maker.

    1. Ok thanks. Yeah I thought it was pretty fair. We’re too late in the season to go by preseason ranks (with lacy and Benjamin).
      Oh and my bad I didn’t remember to delete foster from my lineup. I dropped him already, so I’d need to drop another person.

      If you had to include another person in the deal who would you offer?

      Side note: I offered that ab and shady owner the tannenhill, DT and Gore for AB and shady. He said he’s not moving AB Unless it’s an “unreal” offer. Awaiting a counter. I think he’s trying to sandbag me by picking up ebron and ASJ, when he has kelce.

      Thoughts on the eifert offer who to add in?

      1. Tannehill, Gates or Diggs.

        Tannehill just because I dont think you need three quarterbacks when you can only start one.

        Gates because if you get Eifert you dont need two top level tight ends. I think Gates is slightly better when he is on the field but he is hurt now and no one knows how long he will be out.

        As for Diggs it is just because I wouldnt throw anyone of your running backs into the trade and Diggs is the lowest of your receivers.

        If you have to throw another player in it would be one of the first two. I would push to give Tannehill first.

        1. He’s got luck and rivers so probably have to be gates or Diggs. I love them both so it’d be very tough! You’re right about gates though. I’d have eifert

  10. Do u like Chris Johnson on AZ rest of season? What would u trade off my team for him? Freeman, Gurley and peterson owners not trading those guys it looks like.

    1. Man, tough one to watch. My opponent this week has Patriots DST too. I totally get why you suggested to play it safe with Woodhead…and i agree it was a toss up, but man.. 16pts and looked solid. I had Lewis in my lineup up until 5 min before kickoff too. I hope Woodhead can match that this week. On the bright side..Lewis was picked up off waivers last week, 😛 and he may now be my top RB2 or at least holds significant value. Thanks for all the help!

      1. He looked great. Totally healthy and you know for the future you can safely put him in the lineup. As I was watching that game I was thinking I sure hope he took the risk and started Lewis ha.

        On the bright side, for me at least, my buy low Patriots looked pretty good during the game.

        As for Chris Johnson I am not buying. He is good week to week right now but I am not convinced he holds the job through the rest of the season

        1. Just traded Murray for TJ Yeldon, straight up. The owner did not want Yeldon + Marshall for Megatron and Murray, but seemed to jump on this one. I hope I didn’t lose in this trade….im excited about his more favorable schedule… I just hope the carries and pts come.

          1. I like Yeldon more rest of season. You will have to put up with the bye this week and then a tough matchup next week against the Jets. After that you have one of the few three down backs in the NFL with a great schedule.

          2. Thanks for the confirmation. My opponent also has AJ Green this week. Should i offer TY Hilton or a combo of Diggs and Hurns for him? I’m not sure what’s reasonable. I could also target Alshon Jeffery on a diff team.

          3. I like Green more rest of season. I doubt you can get Green for Hilton straight up. You would probably need Hilton and Hurns or Diggs.

            Jeffery I think is close to Hilton rest of season value wise, although I have Jeffery a little bit above Hilton.

            I dont know if I would do Hilton plus Diggs or Hurns for Jeffery but you could if you wanted to.

            Sorry for the late reply, didn’t see this comment until not that long ago.

  11. Update: I did a trade of Eifert his and Lacy for my Benjamin (.5 ppr and return yds, has 120 pts this yr so far), Blue and Abdulla (he has andrews and sproles as 2 of his rbs who start/flex). I immediately got several leaguemates texting/emailing saying it was “unfair” and should be “vetoed” etc etc. b/c the other guy is in last place. He said he wants Benjamin and needs to take a chance on some upside b/c his team clearly isn’t working.
    Did I do something wrong here? Benjamin himself has almost as many points as eifert (84) and lacy (44); abdullah has 69 pts since return yds are valued, etc etc. THese are the same guys who vetoed after a keenan allen (his) for my moncrief, diggs, and abdullah. Doesn’t seem fair to veto to me

    1. No you’re fine.

      People are getting mad because your team gets better in a trade. When teams in pro sports make a trade teams dont go running to Goodell saying “Mr. Commissioner they made a good trade for their team can you veto it. I dont want someone else to get better.”

      I really hate when people veto trades.

  12. J., if trading away Moncrief AND Diggs, with Abdullah as a throw-in for the emergent Keenan Allen, was vetoed? I’d venture to say that you have a good case against the other owners who are colluding to block your trades. Diggs has swiftly elbowed his way to the front of the Viking O, while Moncrief benefits mightily from the presence of Hilton.
    There may be no recourse for you, depending upon your commissioner, but I’d consider looking for a new, more competitive league next season.

  13. Hey! So I am 7-0 in my friend’s league, but people rarely trade, if at all. My roster consists of:

    QB: Brady
    QB: Palmer
    WR: Hopkins
    WR: TY Hilton
    WR: Landry
    RB: L. Bell
    RB: Dion Lewis
    RB: Woodhead
    W/T: Decker
    W/R: Jeffery
    W/R/T: McFadden
    K: Josh Brown
    K: No one
    DEF: Arizona
    Bench: Bernard
    Bench: Blount
    Bench: Travis Benjamin
    Bench: Moncrief
    Bench: Cooper
    IR: Romo (doesn’t eat a roster spot so I keep him)

    Right now I am playing with just 1 kicker because I picked up McFadden this week and the person I am playing this week is just total trash (I’m already a 75% fav after Thursday). However, I know I’ll need to drop someone to pick up a QB for next week (I don’t want to play with THREE open spots (QB, K, DEF) next week as even with a K and DEF slot open I’ll at least be 50/50 to win). After that things get much, much tougher as I won’t be playing the inept portion of the league. Who would you suggest dropping to pick up a QB (and then I will drop that QB after week 9 to get my kicker position filled…so I’m not “leaving” points on the table)? Blount since I have Dion Lewis? Travis Benjamin? We are standard scoring…1 pt for each 10 yards, and we get extra points for 40 yards on 1 play; bonus points at 120 yards for the game.

    I’ve tried to do a 2-1 trade for a couple weeks but apparently most people either don’t understand the art of negotiations or just don’t respond. Frankly, I think they don’t want to trade with me since I’m not in their inner circle of friends, this is my first year in the league, and I am 7-0 (2nd best team is 4-3). So I will handle things on my own and my goal is just to go *fingers crossed* undefeated because I know it would irk them to no end. lol

    I’m a little nervous of the champ week 16 round as many of my player’s matchups are not exactly “ideal”. Suggestions?

    1. You addressed the thing I was going to recommend, a two-for-one trade.

      I wouldn’t want to drop any of these guys but I would drop them in this order.


      One thing I can recommend that you try for next week is try trading one of these guys for a defense you like or one in a good matchup. If you are going to get rid of one of them you might as well get something slightly better than what is on the wire.

      Your team is pretty loaded. If you wanted to you could try for a serious overpay to get someone but your team is really good as is.

      Maybe try Palmer and someone for Rodgers.

      I understand you dont want to sit with three empty spots in your lineup but if you are 7-0 and the next best is 4-3 you have the breathing room to afford a loss, worst case scenario you still have a two game lead on second place.

      If it was me I would try my hardest to get a trade done but if I failed I would drop at least one guy so I could start two quarterbacks.

  14. Bro, you have a huge team. You have a top-3 QB in Brady and a 2nd tier backup slinger in Palmer, both LeVeon Bell and Dion Lewis are studs who will only see their value rise as temperatures fall, Jarvis Landry and DHop’ are amongst the most targeted pass catchers in the league while Jeffrey amounts to 35% of the Bear O…. the point of my assessment is that… trading adds fun and interest to the competition…but you’re running away with the league. For Lombardi’s sake, Amari Cooper is bench depth. Give them nothing… and beat them handily.

    1. Thank you jameyman! I’ve worked very hard to get the team to where it is. I value, over most anything else, targets as usually targets = more catches = more yards = more chances at a +6 TD = more points = more wins. After draft day, I was “rated” as the worst draft in the league (my team looked A LOT different than what I posted above) and projected to go 2-12. Now I’m projected to go 13-1 (2nd place team at 9-5). After weeks of waiver tweaks, I obviously haven’t done much the past few weeks. Wish I had picked up Freeman when I had the chance (still thought Coleman, which I had at the time, was going to be the starter when he got back). 😉 But having a team that strong may be against the law or something, lol. I guess the fact that I am asking if I should drop Benjamin or Blount to have a full team (ie not taking a 0 each week in one of my kicker slots) is a good problem to have.

      But I’m sure you’ll appreciate this: my best trade (week #3) was: I gave up Lacy and got Hopkins, Blount, and their #1 waiver wire slot, which I used to pick up Dion Lewis. They had originally offered me Crooks and Spiller, but I negotiated up. 😉

      1. The draft is only one part of building a fantasy team. Owners put tons of time into the draft when sometimes half of that roster either doesn’t make an impact or doesn’t last more than half the season before being dropped or traded.

        Being active on the waiver wire, making the right start/sit decisions and making trades are really important too.

        1. Andy’s point is dead-on, but clearly…. you, too, have mastered the art of “walking the waiver wire.” Andy Dalton, Devonta Freeman, James Jones, Keenan Allen, Stephon Diggs, Gary Barnridge, Tyler Eifert… all ‘wire grabs. It’s an art, assessing the weekly leftovers to see if any gems lie amongst so many baubles. Yet, aggressive wire play has keyed every league championship, regardless of sport. The draft is just the opening act of a league championship win!
          Very best of luck, bro.

  15. ***IMO, McFadden is your cut. He has amassed 1 plus week, he’s 3.5 yards and a cloud o’ dust. Dion Lewis and to a lesser extent, Blount, afford you the depth to part with the former Raider back.

  16. Thanks for the advise!…just to give you an idea of what I’m dealing with, a few offers I just made:
    -I offered Palmer and McFadden for Rodgers per your suggestion. The guy’s comment:
    But that would be giving me a player with a bye week in week 9…I would be shooting myself in the foot! As soon as I asked him to make me a counter-offer and made another offer to him, he shut down and I haven’t heard back from him. This is not unusual…for weeks he has BEGGED me for a trade. But every time I suggest one, he just strings me along but never acts. The only formal offer I’ve gotten from him was Charles for Hopkins…the day after Charles tore his ACL, lol.
    -I offered McFadden and Benjamin for Keenan Allen. Offer rejected with the text: Terrible trade, if you want Allen I’ll need a reliable WR1 or RB1.
    -I offered Blount and Benjamin for Josh Brown…trade just sitting there…more than likely, I’ll never hear back. I’ve tried to trade with this guy before and that’s what he does.
    -I offered Decker and Benjamin for Josh Brown…same guy and result as stated above.

    As you can see, I’ve certainly TRIED to make a trade, but offering a reliable WR1 for Allen makes no sense as how would that make me better? What happened to being able to offer two high potential WR2/RB2 players for a middle of the pack WR1?
    This is why I feel, in the end, I’ll just end up having to drop someone to pick up my QB. I’ll maybe try to shop for a backup QB to trade for, but considering these league members either ignore my trades or, for some reason, think the players on my team are trash/low end WR2/RB2 players, I doubt I’ll be able to pull one off. They think Cooper is a low end WR2 lol!!

    Go figure: 1) After all their talking about how bad my players are, I’m sure there will be a rush to nab whomever I drop. 2) With all the talk about how they don’t like my players and that I get “lucky” each week, that’s one of the main reasons I want to win out. At 7-0, maybe I know what I’m doing?

    So you suggest my drop be Decker more so than anyone else?

    Thanks again!

    1. For me it would be Decker or McFadden. Decker might have the better rest of season but if McFadden sticks as the starter and you drop him you will regret it. The upside lies with McFadden. The obvious risk is McFadden gets hurt like he tends to every year. Like I said I really wouldn’t want to drop any of those guys but you have to.

      And ya I hear you on the trades. Being on the side trading away two players is typically hard because people usually don’t want depth unless they are really desperate for starters.

      Your team is obviously loaded, they are just jealous I think.

      It seems as though some of the guys in your league are casual fantasy or NFL fans. Thinking Cooper is a low end WR2 at this point in the year is ludicrous if you are really paying attention to what he is doing.

  17. Thank you for these articles, i just stumbled upon them last week and they are a great read. I’m a fan 🙂

    You have Murray as a Sell High now, with a suggestion being Marshall, but I feel my team is better at WR than RB. But then again, I recognize a lot of my RBs as players you like to see on teams right now, haha. Gotta love the matchup dependent players.
    Who would you be looking to get for Murray with this lineup? Other thoughts? I’m 7-1.

    Roethlisberger, Newton
    Woodhead, L Murray, Gore, Blount, Yeldon
    Beckham Jr., A.J. Green, Moncrief, Lafell, Aiken

    Starters: QB, RB(2), WR(2), TE, FLEX(2), D/ST
    Bench: 5

    1. Just want to make sure you are aware this article is from last week. The week number is for the upcoming week so Buy Low/Sell High week 8 means the week leading up to week 8. I noticed you mentioned that Murray is a sell high which is from the week 9 article so I am assuming you read it but just in case you didnt you can see it here

      With that being said for your question on what to do with Murray.

      You have great star receivers and a ton of good quality depth at running back. Like you said it would make more sense for you to target a running back. I usually do potential cross position trades because it is usually pretty hard to get one-for-one trades done within the same position.

      Are there any teams in your league that could use Roethlisberger or Newton? You could package Murray with one of them to get a nice upgrade. You could package Murray with another one of your running backs if you dont want to go the Murray plus QB route.

      After hating on him all year I do finally like Mark Ingram now that Khiry Robinson is out for the year. I like McCoy as well. The rest of the running backs in that you can get in a package deal I probably wouldnt do it.

      In your situation I would go for Ingram and if I couldnt get him keeping Murray is fine. You arent forced to start Murray every week so you can play matchups with your running backs.

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