2015 Quarterback Rankings

The Fantasy Assembly team is proud to kick off our football content with our 2015 Quarterback rankings! For now, our football group consists of myself (Tommy Landseadel), Joe Mica, and Andy Germani, but there may be another writer or two joining us as the fantasy season moves along. Over the next three weeks, we will unveil all of our positional ranks with RBs coming later this week.

Discussing where to draft a quarterback always tends to bring out some lively debates. They are the highest scoring players in most fantasy formats, and while it is true that QB is a position that you can wait on and still end up with some high quality options, there is also a strong case to be made for taking one of the top dogs.

Despite what some experts may tell you, there are many different ways to draft a winning fantasy football squad. The key in determining when to pull the trigger on your QB totally depends on the specifics of your league and the tendencies of your league mates. Always be sure you completely understand the intricacies of your league before heading to the draft table. For example, the value of Aaron Rodgers in a 14 team, two QB league with 6 point passing TDs and no PPR is much different than his value in a 10 team, 1 QB PPR league with 4 point passing TDs. In the former, Luck and Rodgers should probably be the top 2 overall picks. In the later, they don’t really make a good value until round 4 or 5. It is all about supply and demand and the quality of replacement level QBs.

Without further ado, it is time to get into the rankings! Please feel free to discuss in the comment section.

Rank Player Tommy Joe Andy
1 Aaron Rodgers 2 1 1
2 Andrew Luck 1 2 2
3 Peyton Manning 5 3 3
4 Russell Wilson 4 5 4
5 Drew Brees 7 4 5
6 Matt Ryan 6 7 7
7 Cam Newton 14 6 6
8 Tony Romo 9 10 8
9 Ben Roethlisberger 3 12 13
10 Tom Brady 10 11 10
11 Ryan Tannehill 8 15 9
12 Matt Stafford 13 8 12
13 Eli Manning 11 13 11
14 Philip Rivers 12 14 17
15 Joe Flacco 16 9 21
16 Colin Kaepernick 18 18 16
17 Jay Cutler 19 16 19
18 Sam Bradford 15 25 15
19 Andy Dalton 17 19 20
20 Carson Palmer 22 24 14
21 Marcus Marriota 21 NR 18
22 Teddy Bridgewater 24 17 NR
23 Alex Smith 25 20 25
24 Derek Carr 23 21 NR
25 Jameis Winston 20 NR NR
25 Blake Bortles NR 22 24
Players marked NR were not ranked.

1. Which QBs are you most willing to reach for during your draft?

Andy: I don’t typically reach for a QB. If there was one to reach for early, it is Aaron Rodgers. There are a lot of good QBs this year, but I think that Rodgers is the only one that really sets himself apart. I like Luck as well, but I could see them running more this year, meaning less pass attempts for Luck with the addition of an actual running back. After that, I am content to wait and be the last guy to get a starter.

Joe: Joe Flacco – New offensive coordinator Marc Trestman has had first year success everywhere he has been. Everywhere! In his first season in San Francisco in 1995, as OC his passing offense ranked 1st. In his first season in Arizona in 1998, Trestman’s passing offense ranked 8th. His first year in Oakland, the Raiders ranked first, and in his 2013 debut with the Bears they ranked 5th. And while it may not mean much to some, as first year head coach with the 2008 Montreal Allouettes in the CFL, Trestman guided 36-year-old Anthony Calvillo to 5,633 passing yards and 43 TD.

Tommy: In my opinion, drafting a fantasy QB is 100% about value. After the top 4 are off the board, there really is not a huge difference between QB 5 and QB 15. There are only three players who I would consider reaching for this season: Luck, Rodgers and Roethlisberger. Luck and Rodgers are each head and shoulders above the pack and deserve their lofty rankings. The question is whether or not you want to, or can afford to pay the top 20 overall price required to nab them. While Big Ben is not as dynamic as these two, the Steelers’ offense is shaping up to be a real juggernaut. If I can snag Ben after the top 45 or 50 players are off the board, I will strongly consider it. Otherwise, I will take what the draft room gives me after everyone else has made their QB1 decision.

2. Which QBs will you be looking to avoid this season?

Andy: There aren’t any at the position that I am really terrified of. If there is a guy that I like less than others, it is probably Matt Stafford.

Joe: Sam Bradford – While his career numbers have improved gradually each season, they’re average at best. Add in his injury history (ankle sprain, ACL). To believe he will not only be healthy all year, but also instantly better after not throwing a pass in an NFL game for almost 2 years makes me very cautious.

Tommy: I want no part of Peyton Manning or Drew Brees this season. Both men are in the decline phase of their careers and both are in the midst of offensive restructuring that appears to focus more on the run game. I have no doubt that they will continue to perform as top 10 QB options, but I believe their name brand value will cause them each to be overdrafted in most leagues.

3. Which “average joes” are you willing to settle for if you pass on the top QB options?

Andy: If I don’t draft Rodgers early, I will wait until the last guy in my top 15 is available. I don’t see a huge difference between the guys I have in the 6-15 range and I would rather wait and load up on other positions.

Joe: Matthew Stafford has lost some value this year and has dropped to a low-end QB1 ranking. In the last three seasons, however, Stafford has averaged nearly 300 yards per game (only 4 QB have a better average in that time span) and averaged 30 TD per season. Plus, he hasn’t missed a game since the 2010 season.

Tommy: Joe Flacco fits the bill here quite nicely. He has very little upside, but he is all but guaranteed to finish inside the QB top 15. He is the perfect match to pair with a riskier high ceiling QB like Sam Bradford, Jameis Winston or Colin Kaepernick if you choose to wait at QB.

4. Who are some late round lottery ticket QBs that you feel may hit it big this season?

Andy: The late round QB that can really make an impact this year is probably either Robert Griffin III or Marcus Mariota. The top 15 QBs are really solid so I don’t know if a really late round guy can have much of an impact at this position. If anyone can, it will be one of the running quarterbacks, but I wouldn’t put too much hope into it.

Joe: Colin Kaepernick – He’s clearly being drafted as a low-end QB2 backup. Interestingly in 2014 standard scoring leagues, Kaepernick finished just one point behind Cam Newton who is on the other end of this year’s QB draft spectrum. The new 49ers coaching regime promises to take advantage of Kaepernick’s skillset rather than force him to be a pocket passer.

Tommy: I look for high ceilings in the late rounds. You won’t see me drafting a guy like Alex Smith, because what is the point of that? Also, if I do invest in an elite QB, I will almost always pass on drafting a second signal caller. For late round upside, I like both rookies. Jameis Winston is in a great situation with a handful of impressive, big bodied receivers to throw to. He has a chance perform right away, although there will be some ups and downs. Marcus Mariota also has a sneaky good receiver core and could make an early fantasy impact with his ability to scramble. Lastly, if you want to gamble on a second year QB, take Derek Carr ahead of Bridgewater. Teddy B. is getting all the hype this year, but I just don’t see him getting the volume needed to be a consistent fantasy performer. Carr, on the other hand, could be in for a nice second year leap now that Amare Cooper and Michael Crabtree are in town. Volume is important, and I expect Carr to get plenty of it while throwing the ball downfield more often in year 2.

2015 Fantasy Football Rankings
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11 thoughts on “2015 Quarterback Rankings”

  1. Great to see you guys branching out!!! Will love to hear your thoughts on all things football. Here’s a Qb questions I’ve been struggling with. I’ve got a 12 team league where the ydge is weighted kind of low. Pretty standard rosters except you can flex a Qb. I know everyone says if you can start two QBs then your first two picks should be QB’s. Problem with this league is that no one values QBs they way the should. Last year I had the 1st overall pick and traded back to 4 because I knew regardless of how it went I was going to get a top 3 Qb and I was right. It went Shady, AP, Charles and I took Rodgers. I followed it up with AJ and Alf before taking Matty ICE in the 4th. So here’s my question, this year I pick 8th and totally agree with avoiding Brees and Manning. I’m assuming Luck and Rodgers will be gone, there’s two ppl ahead of me who actually value QBs, so what Qb if any would you target at that spot? Or do I wait on it since this league has shown me I can and grab two QBs in the 3 and 4? Keep up the good work and look forward to reading responses.

    1. Thanks for reading Jeremy, and great question!

      Wilson and Roethlisberger are the next two for me. I would probably go with Wilson, because I think you would have a decent shot of landing Big Ben later, maybe even in the third round. I think Roethlisberger is going to do big things with all those weapons, but he is also more likely to be available later on. Also, if passing yardage is scored low, Wilson’s rushing totals are going to be relatively more valuable.

      If you are confident that your league mates will continue to undervalue the QB position though, you might be best suited by taking an RB or elite WR with your first pick, unless Luck or Rodgers somehow fall. Assuming the top 5 RBs are all gone, taking a guy like Jeremy Hill or whichever WR you like best would still likely allow you to get either Wilson or Big Ben in round 2. I don’t think I would wait until round 3 though, simply because you are picking toward the end. If that QB run starts, you could be looking at a weak QB1. A lot can happen in 14 picks, and it is best to stay ahead of the run in a 2 QB league.

      1. Thanks for the quick response. I played around with a mock on an app tonight and truly believe there’s a slight chance one of the two might fall to me and worse case I think I’m looking at L. Bell and any WR not named Dez available. I should add this is a MN based league so AP will be gone in the first 3 if not #1. If that’s the case I’ll take my chance with not having Bell for two weeks. I can plug in a goal line guy for a game or two. Now if you could delete my post before any of the owners in my league see it I would appreciate it…….. 😉

        1. Just curious, but you said you thought Bell might be available. Aside from the 2 QBs, who else do you think goes in the top 7?

          I was guessing that Bell, Charles, AP, Lacy and Lynch would be most likely to get drafted.

          1. This league has been around for about 20 something years and I’ve been part of it for 11 or 12 now so i feel like I have a good read on the owners. The first pick goes to our commish who has said for as long as I’ve know him he’ll never take a Qb at 1 so I’ve got him down as AP and if not AP then Charles, he’s the only one who would look the other way on Bells suspension so he may surprise me. Next pick is the commish’s wife and ditto for her on the Qb thing so I figure she’ll go Charles unless AP is there. She got hurt by the AP suspension last year so I think she’ll pass on Bell with a bitter taste in her mouth. At 3 I have the first Qb going, Luck. 4 is a MN transplant living in Seattle and his team name is Packer Haters so I have him taking Beast Mode. 5,6 and 7 are a mix of Lacy, Rodgers and Dez. I know for a fact Dez won’t get to me as #7 is a die hard Cowboys fan and took Dez in the first last year. As with any draft one person could totally surprise me but that’s how I have it panning out for now.

          2. So not only do I now realize that the way I worded my response earlier seems to make me look like an asshole but I was also pretty far off. You were right with Bell going #1. Not only that but here’s how the first round went…

            1 Prior Lake Snake Eyes Le’Veon Bell
            2 Sheli’s Frankensteins Adrian Peterson
            3 Studs Eddie Lacy
            4 Packer Haters Jamaal Charles
            5 The Henchmen Andrew Luck
            6 G’s Money Aaron Rodgers
            7 How Did U Not Beat Me? Marshawn Lynch
            8 Stoli Sevens Dez Bryant
            9 Muskie Hunter C.J. Anderson
            10 Willard’s Team DeMarco Murray
            11 The Return of the Beest Justin Forsett
            12 Gamblegators Jeremy Hill

            Sorry I just copied and pasted. I took Dez at 8, very happy with it. I ended up with D.T. in the 2nd round and really, really wanted Matt Ryan or Roeth in the 3rd but they went just before so I ended up taking Brady. I was the 2nd person to draft their 2nd qb, which was Rivers in the 6th. Long story longer Tommy you were spot on and thanks again for humoring me when I thought I knew everything. Here’s my final roster….your thoughts if you don’t mind.

            Duke Johnson
            Andre Williams

            Cheers and look forward to reading everything Sept-Feb

        2. Jeremy,

          I did not think your response came off negatively at all. We can all give advice based on what an average league looks like, but only you know the people in your league. People do not always follow the draft script, so combining your knowledge of your league mates’ tendencies along with your own personal football knowledge can allow you to dominate your draft.

          Looking at your team, I think you have a playoff caliber team for sure. I am not a big fan of Keenan Allen, but I think once Martavis Bryant returns, you will have 3 every week studs to play at WR. Your QB situation looks very good with Brady and Rivers. I also think Tyrod will make for a a sneaky good bye week replacement at a really cheap cost, so well done there!

          I do not love your RB situation, but every team goes into the beginning of the season with a weakness somewhere. You invested in WRs and QBs early, so naturally you will be a little weak here. Aside from Ingram, you do not have another clear cut fantasy starter, but I think you did very well accumulating quality depth. Between your Cowboys, Sankey, Williams and Duke Johnson, hopefully 1 or 2 will emerge as trustworthy starters. I think they will.

          I only have two suggestions:

          Be prepared to upgrade your defense. The Eagles were great last season, but mostly because of many return TDs that are difficult to rely on. Do not be afraid to cut bait and play matchups.

          Second, I think Funchess is the one player on your roster who looks droppable to me. He does not appear to have a guaranteed starting roll and I think Greg Olsen is the only pass catcher in the Panthers’ offense trust worthy enough to start. Because you have 4 stud WRs ahead of Funchess, I don’t think you really need the depth there.

          If Matt Jones is available, I would grab him for Funchess. If not, perhaps somebody like Tyler Lockett or even Khiry Robinson to give you some insurance in case Ingram goes down.

          Anyhow, good luck in week 1! You are off to a great start with Brady!

          1. Thanks Tommy!! Yea I’m not too crazy about my D, I usually stream, and they were the best available in the draft. We have a trans fee of $2 in this league so most owner grab a second D and K in the draft to try and avoid any bye week issues. I’m ok with spending $2 as it allows me to draft depth in rds 10-13 when everyone is scrambling to get in on the K and D run. As far as Funchess goes he’ll be the 1st one gone as soon as there’s something of value out there. Slim pickings right now. Good luck to you too. I love this time of year.

  2. Question….scoring system is below…I’d like your opinions

    Passing Yards 25 yards per point; 3 points at 400 yards
    Passing Touchdowns 4.5
    Interceptions -2
    Rushing Yards 10 yards per point; 3 points at 150 yards
    Rushing Touchdowns 6
    Receptions .5 0
    Reception Yards 10 yards per point; 3 points at 150 yards
    Reception Touchdowns 6
    Return Touchdowns 6
    2-Point Conversions 2
    Fumbles Lost -2
    Offensive Fumble Return TD 6

    My keepers currently are Aaron Rodgers, Justin Forsett, Emmanuel Sanders, Joseph Randle(If I want or I can enetr a mini-draft) with 2 of them…

    I’ve been offered Big Ben and Charles for Aaron Rodgers…


    1. Very good question! This is a tough one. If not a keeper league, this would be a slam dunk, one sided steal for you. Since it is a keeper, however, Rodgers will still be elite in 5 years and you likely won’t even be rostering Ben or Charles by then.

      Here are a couple points to consider:

      Since you get .5 PPR, QB value is somewhat diminished. Charles will get a ton of receptions to bolster his scoring totals. The extra .5 for a passing TD is nice, but is really pretty insignificant compared to the .5 PPR. If we are talking about 1 year, Charles is a top 5 overall pick in this format and Rodgers is likely a late second/early third round value because of the PPR.

      Roethlisberger is also a potential top 3 QB this year with all his weapons. I anticipate that the gap between him and Rodgers this year will be worth a Chris Ivory type player instead of a Jamal Charles type.

      All that said, however, you do have to consider that the guy getting Rodgers will get more out of this deal in the distant future. Charles probably has 2-3 more seasons of high level production, but when he starts regressing, you will wish you had Rodgers.

      Basically, it boils down to whether or not you want to cash Rodgers in for 2.5 years of an RB stud. I think the value is good, but it all depends on personal preference.

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