October Mock Roster Breakdown

Since we already analyzed each round of our super early mock draft earlier, this article will put all of the pieces together and look at everyone’s roster from top to bottom. You will see each owner’s complete roster and then get a few words most of the drafters highlighting both their own teams and some of the best and worst value picks made by others.

Nabae Asfar- Fake Teams

C- Wilson Ramos- Rd. 14
1B- Adrian Gonzalez- Rd. 5
2B- Dustin Pedroia- Rd. 2
SS- J.J. Hardy- Rd. 8
3B- Kyle Seager- Rd. 7
MI- Brandon Phillips- Rd. 9
CI- Todd Frazier- Rd. 15
OF- Mike Trout- Rd. 1
OF- Bryce Harper- Rd. 3
OF- Josh Hamilton- Rd. 10
OF- Will Venable- Rd. 17
U- Alexei Ramirez- Rd. 16
SP- Felix Hernandez- Rd. 4
SP- Cole Hamels- Rd. 6
SP- Gio Gonzalez- Rd. 11
SP- Jon Lester- Rd. 12
RP- Addison Reed- Rd. 13
RP- Danny Farquhar- Rd. 18
P- Huston Street- Rd. 19
P- Jarrod Parker- Rd. 22
B- Evan Gattis- Rd. 20
B- Chris Carter- Rd. 21
B- Roy Halladay- Rd. 23
B- Drew Smyly- Rd. 24
B- Nick Franklin- Rd. 25

Brian Creagh- Fake Teams

C- Wilin Rosario- Rd. 8
1B- Allen Craig- Rd. 4
2B- Aaron Hill- Rd. 6
SS- Andrelton Simmons- Rd. 11
3B- Miguel Cabrera- Rd. 1
MI- Anthony Rendon- Rd. 15
CI- Pablo Sandoval- Rd. 13
OF- Yaisel Puig- Rd. 2
OF- Giancarlo Stanton- Rd. 3
OF- Yoenis Cespedes- Rd. 7
OF- Norichika Aoki- Rd. 12
U- Neil Walker- Rd. 17
SP- Stephen Strasburg- Rd. 5
SP- Mike Minor- Rd. 9
SP- Francisco Liriano- Rd. 10
SP- Justin Masterson- Rd. 14
RP- Taylor Scheppers- Rd. 22
RP- Brian Wilson- Rd. 23
P- Ubaldo Jimenez- Rd. 16
P- Chris Archer- Rd. 18
B- Matt Garza- Rd. 19
B- C.C. Sabathia- Rd. 20
B- Carl Crawford- Rd. 21
B- Erasmo Ramirez- Rd. 24
B- Tony Watson- Rd. 25

Jim Finch- Fantasy Assembly

C- Joe Mauer- Rd. 14
1B- Edwin Encarnacion- Rd. 2
2B- Chase Utley- Rd. 12
SS- Zach Cozart- Rd. 20
3B- Josh Donaldson- Rd. 6
MI- Dustin Ackley- Rd. 24
CI- Matt Adams- Rd. 8
OF- Matt Holliday- Rd. 4
OF- B.J. Upton- Rd. 13
OF- Curtis Granderson- Rd. 11
OF- Michael Brantley- Rd. 16
U- Corey Hart- Rd. 18
SP- Clayton Kershaw- Rd. 1
SP- Adam Wainwright- Rd. 3
SP- Jordan Zimmermann- Rd. 7
SP- Johnny Cueto- Rd. 15
RP- Craig Kimbrel- Rd. 5
RP- Kenley Jansen- Rd. 9
P- Greg Holland- Rd. 10
P- Yovani Gallardo- Rd. 17
B- Kole Calhoun- Rd. 19
B- Jake Peavy- Rd. 21
B- Cody Asche- Rd. 22
B- Jeremy Hellickson- Rd. 23
B- A.J. Pollock- Rd. 25

Team Outlook:
My strengths would be my pitching staff. I would put my top 4 above most teams in the league. Combine that with 3 of the top 6 closers in the league and I’m feeling pretty good.

Major weakness at 2nd, SS & MI. Utley has a DL spot reserved, Cozart is below average and Ackley is…..well, nuff said. Granderson and Upton I’m optimistic on but not thrilled. I’m also worried about what Donaldson and Matt Adams will bring to the table. Half of my hitters are solid but the other half I’m not to sure about.

As for the outlook of my team, I shouldn’t be in the bottom 4 but it will take some of the questionable hitters to step up for me to finish in the top 4. I’m starting at .500.

Steal of Draft:
I would have to say Matt Kemp with the third pick in round 3. He’s dealt with injuries the past two years but you’re potentially getting an outfielder w/1st round production almost 2 rounds later.

I also like Julio Teheran with the 9th pick of round 13. 38 pitchers were taken before him and he finished ranked 21st in yahoo, in front of over a dozen guys taken before him.

Reach of Draft:
The first would be George Springer with the 9th pick in round 8. Houston is in no rush to bring him up and he’s destined to start the year in the minors. The OF was full at this point so the pick could have been used better.

Second would be Michael Cuddyer with the 6th pick in round 7. Prior to his career year he was a mid round pick at best and I’m not buying the career year from the 34 year old.

Strong Teams:
Asfar – Fake Teams: The infield isn’t full of stars but it is solid all around with no holes, nice sleeper catcher, 2 stud outfielders, strong pitchers. Another OF & SP and its all systems go.

Alex K – Fake Teams: The corners are well manned, the middle is unimpressively solid and the outfield is full of power. The top half of the pitching staff is strong but will need some good fortune for the bottom. Another SP and RP and this could be a team to beat.

Ray Guilfoyle- Fake Teams

C- Salvador Perez- Rd. 14
1B- Mark Teixeira- Rd. 17
2B- Alexander Guerrero- Rd. 20
SS- Ian Desmond- Rd. 3
3B- David Wright- Rd. 2
MI- Starlin Castro- Rd. 10
CI- Chase Headley- Rd. 15
OF- Andrew McCutchen- Rd. 1
OF- Alex Rios- Rd. 4
OF- Hunter Pence- Rd. 5
OF- Alex Gordon- Rd. 7
U- George Springer- Rd. 8
SP- Zach Greinke- Rd. 6
SP- Matt Moore- Rd. 9
SP- Hyun-Jin Ryu- Rd. 11
SP- A;J. Burnett- Rd. 12
RP- Grant Balfour- Rd. 16
RP- Glen Perkins- Rd. 13
P- C.J. Wilson- Rd. 18
P- Martin Perez- Rd. 19
B- Ryan Howard- Rd. 21
B- Ervin Santana- Rd. 22
B- Eric Young Jr.- Rd. 23
B- Denard Span- Rd. 24
B- Marlon Byrd- Rd. 25

Team Outlook:
I didn’t plan on going pitching heavy in the draft, but that is exactly how my draft turned out. With Zack Greinke, Matt Moore, Hyun-Jin Ryu, C.J. Wilson and A.J. Burnett in my rotation, I have two possible #1 starters in Greinke and Moore, and three #2 type starters in Ryu, Burnett and Wilson. Now, there is still a chance Burnett retires, but I think he was as good as ever in 2013, so I see him returning for another playoff run with the Buccos. Now, I would prefer to have another closer in a pitcher heavy roster, so that could arise via trade or waiver wire.
My offense is built around players who can hit for decent power and steal some bases, as I drafted several 20-20 type players in Andrew McCutchen, Hunter Pence, David Wright, Ian Desmond, Alex Rios, and George Springer. I also drafted two bounce back candidates in Starlin Castro in the 10th round and Mark Teixeira in the 17th round. Castro is a better hitter than he showed us in 2013, so I see him returning to the hitter we saw in 2012. Springer was a reach in the 8th round, but I am high on him.

Steal of Draft:
Tommy made an excellent pick in the 19th round nabbing Bartolo Colon. He is a steal that late in any draft. The same can be said for Jim’s pick of Corey Hart in the 18th round. Hart, depending on where he lands, is an excellent bounce back candidate. If he signs in Boston, he could put up a 25 home run, 80 RBI season in that lineup.

Reach of Draft:
My pick of George Springer in the 8th round looks like a reach now. I assumed he would be the Astros starting CFer on Opening Day, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. I am not a fan of drafting closers in the 5th round, so I think Jim’s pick of Kimbrel there is a few rounds too soon for me.

Strong Teams:
I think in a mixed league with 12 owners, every team looks great on draft day, and will all depend on which team stays injury free and has players that perform up to their draft day values.

Paul Hartman- Fantasy Assembly

C- Jason Castro- Rd. 21
1B- Prince Fielder- Rd. 2
2B- Robinson Cano- Rd. 1
SS- Jose Reyes- Rd. 3
3B- Xander Bogaerts- Rd. 7
MI- Jimmy Rollins- Rd. 15
CI- Jose Abreu- Rd. 9
OF- Jason Heyward- Rd. 4
OF- Christian Yelich- Rd. 12
OF- Oscar Taveras- Rd. 13
OF- Coco Crisp- Rd. 16
U- Aramis Ramirez- Rd. 17
SP- Jose Fernandez- Rd. 5
SP- David Price- Rd. 6
SP- Gerrit Cole- Rd. 8
SP- Shelby Miller- Rd. 10
RP- Joaqin Benoit- Rd. 18
RP- Cody Allen- Rd. 23
P- Michael Wacha- Rd. 11
P- Zach Wheeler- Rd. 14
B- Taijon Walker- Rd. 19
B- Jonathan Villar- Rd. 20
B- Joe Kelly- Rd. 22
B- Khris Bryant- Rd. 24
B- Nick Castellanos- Rd. 25

Team Outlook:
I love my rotation. Fernandez, Cole, Price are all aces. Miller, Wacha and Wheeler all could be.
Taijuan provides ace potential, though I’m not counting on it in 2014. My bullpen is weak with Benoit and Cody Allen, but if I can slide Wacha and Kelly in as RP-eligible starters I’ll make do. I never pay for saves…it’s fool’s gold 🙂
My offense has some holes, but Cano, Fielder, Reyes can hopefully hold down the fort, while I hope for big things from a ton of youngsters.
I’ve got a decent balance of power and speed, but I need some youngsters to step up. I do believe I targeted the right ones though and I expect to be competing for the league title 🙂

Steal of Draft:
Joe Mauer at pick 158 seems like a steal by Jim. Mauer is an unpopular Catcher to target with injury concerns as well as his obvious lack of power. In round 14 though, he’ll make Jim look good.
I also liked Jeff’s (rotowords) 24th round grab of Kevin Gausman. That’s the time to take a high upside gamble as opposed to a guy that will rotate on and off the WW. Gausman has awesome stuff and if he gets a rotation spot, I want him everywhere, especially at that price. Add in RP eligibility and he could be a key piece of a championship team. Things need to go really well for that to happen, but what other 24th round picks give that much upside?

Reach of Draft:
Kevin’s grab of Kinsler in Round 4 might have been great value in the past, but I see an opportunity to get equivalent (or better) value much later. His Daniel Murphy grab 6 rounds later, or the Walker grab by Brian in the 17th even.

My pick of Bogaerts in the 7th was a reach and is surely to be mentioned in others’ replies , so I might as well address it: I swore I’d get him, and after seeing 9 third basemen selected by pick 73 (and 4 of them right before my pick) I figured it would be my last opportunity. I’ll always overpay for guys I want and not knowing the group, I probably could have waited another round. Truthfully I had Cole and Bogaerts queued up in the 7th, and ended up getting Cole in the 8th, so reach or not, it worked as I wanted 🙂

Strong Teams:
Daniel Kelley
Nabae Asfar

Kevin Jebens- Fantasy Assembly

C- Travis d’Arnaud- Rd. 22
1B- Michael Cuddyer- Rd. 7
2B- Ian Kinsler- Rd. 4
SS- Jean Segura- Rd. 3
3B- Adrian Beltre- Rd. 2
MI- Daniel Murphy- Rd. 10
CI- Kendrys Morales- Rd. 14
OF- Adam Jones- Rd. 1
OF- Carlos Beltran- Rd. 6
OF- Shane Victorino- Rd. 8
OF- Leonys Martin- Rd. 16
U- Chris Johnson- Rd. 18
SP- Chris Sale- Rd. 5
SP- James Shields- Rd. 9
SP- Patrick Corbin- Rd. 12
SP- Doug Fister- Rd. 13
RP- David Robertson- Rd. 11
RP- Jonathan Papelbon- Rd. 15
P- Corey Kluber- Rd. 17
P- Tyson Ross- Rd. 20
B- Carlos Quentin- Rd. 19
B- Wade Miley- Rd. 21
B- Rajai Davis- Rd. 23
B- Adam Lind- Rd. 24
B- Neftali Feliz- Rd. 25

Team Outlook:
I’ve got great speed on my team, with Segura and R. Davis plus many 5-category contributors. I love my starting 4 SP, and Ross in the P slot is great (seriously, look at his starting stats in 2nd half). What I don’t like is my yearly injury-risk offense (Beltran, Kinsler), plus other guys who missed time in 2013 (Victorino, Cuddyer). However, in a redraft league I find that risk acceptable for the upside they give.

Steal of Draft:
I had four SP lined up in my queue for round 11, and they all went within the five picks right before me: Gio, Latos, Ryu, Wacha. Great value for these arms in round 11.

Reach of Draft:
Honestly, any big prospect picks before round 18. In redraft, drafting in October, there’s no idea whether they’ll even play in the majors in 2014, let alone be full-time starter (and break out). Taveras and Profar stand out. Could be huge, but Profar has no full-time role yet (I bet they trade Andrus), and Taveras could be in trouble for starting year if STL signs Beltran, or keeps Adams (moving Craig to OF). High-risk, high-reward picks in rounds 13 and 14 not for me.

Strong Teams:
Asfar did a great job picking first. I don’t love his bench but his starting players are so strong it shouldn’t matter. FakeTeams is good everywhere but for risks at MI/CI/DH. Honorable Mention to JimF for putting together the best pitching staff; a few too many worries on offense to make my top two.

Alex Kantecki- Fake Teams

C- Yadier Molina- Rd. 10
1B- Eric Hosmer- Rd. 4
2B- Jose Altuve- Rd. 9
SS- Asdrubal Cabrera- Rd. 15
3B- Evan Longoria- Rd. 2
MI- Howie Kendrick- Rd. 18
CI- Anthony Rizzo- Rd. 6
OF- Carlos Gonzalez- Rd. 1
OF- Jay Bruce- Rd. 3
OF- Brett Gardner- Rd. 14
OF- Nick Markakis- Rd. 19
U- Brandon Moss- Rd. 11
SP- Madison Bumgarner- Rd. 5
SP- Anibal Sanchez- Rd. 7
SP- Kris Medlen- Rd. 12
SP- Andrew Cashner- Rd. 13
RP- Aroldis Chapman- Rd. 8
RP- Jim Henderson- Rd. 16
P- Jeff Samardjiza- Rd. 17
P- Tim Lincecum- Rd. 21
B- Colby Rasmus- Rd. 20
B- Pedro Strop- Rd. 22
B- Chris Tillman- Rd. 23
B- Nate Schierholtz- Rd. 24
B- Junior Lake- Rd. 25

Team Outlook:
I took a safe approach in this mock draft, which is something I normally don’t do, because, HELLO, it’s a mock. That being said, I found that the flow of the draft and other draft picks dictated a lot of my decisions, which made it easy; I didn’t agonize over many picks. Eric Hosmer may have been my boldest pick in Round 4, but first base is a position I targeted early on because I think it’s an important position to get right. You can easily argue that Hosmer isn’t a guaranteed thing, which is why I also took Anthony Rizzo in the sixth. I think it’s important to take a starting pitcher in the first six rounds because that’s around the time the No. 1s become No. 2s. I liked getting Madison Bumgarner and Anibal Sanchez to lead my rotation, but I could have WHIP problems with selections of Jeff Samardzija and Tim Lincecum. After Carlos Gonzalez and Jay Bruce, my outfield is a little weak, so I think I should have targeted my third OF earlier on.

Steal of Draft:
I know this is obvious, but Bryce Harper in the third round is a tremendous value. What makes it even better is pairing him with the No. 1 overall pick, Mike Trout. Potentially, that’s two top-five players in the first 25 picks. Personally, I was surprised to see Harper make it out of the second round; I would draft him before Ryan Braun, Jacoby Ellsbury (depending on his free-agent destination) and Yasiel Puig. There were many pitching selections I liked, but the one that stuck out the most was Mat Latos in the 11th round. I think he’s a slam-dunk top-20 starter again, as he’s proven his near-elite status in a tough home environment. I view him as a true No. 2 with little risk.

Reach of Draft:
I’m a bit on the fence on this one: Yadier Molina. I selected him in the 10th round, initially loving that he fell to me. But as the draft went on, it became obvious that I should have gone in another direction. Three catchers went in Round 14, including Joe Mauer, Salvador Perez and Wilson Ramos. Mauer, especially, looks like a steal compared to my Molina pick. So while I don’t hate the pick, catcher appears surprisingly deep this year. I know Ray loves him some George Springer, but I think the eighth round is a bit premature; he should last well into the double-digit rounds in the majority of leagues. Is he even guaranteed a spot on the Opening Day roster?

Strong Teams:
Asfar’s team looks stacked with Trout and Harper in the outfield, and Felix Hernandez and Cole Hamels — two No. 1s — at the top of his rotation. I like how he addressed his infield early on, landing Kyle Seager, J.J. Hardy and Brandon Phillips in Rounds 7-9, respectively. I think all three are undervalued. The other team that sticks out to me is Dan S. from RotoBanter. He’s a smart dude, and his draft appears well thought out, even if he didn’t take his first starting pitcher, Sonny Gray, until Round 12. Taking three outfielders in the first four rounds was bold, but I think he pulled it off with an excellent draft.

Daniel Kelley- Fake Teams

C- Brian McCann- Rd. 11
1B- Albert Pujols- Rd. 5
2B- Jurickson Profar- Rd. 14
SS- Troy Tulowitzki- Rd. 1
3B- Pedro Alvarez- Rd. 6
MI- Johnny Peralta- Rd. 19
CI- Mike Napoli- Rd. 9
OF- Shin-Soo Choo- Rd. 3
OF- Jose Bautista- Rd. 4
OF- Austin Jackson- Rd. 8
OF- Michael Bourn- Rd. 13
U- Dexter Fowler- Rd. 18
SP- Yu Darvish- Rd. 2
SP- Matt Cain- Rd. 7
SP- Alex Cobb- Rd. 10
SP- R.A. Dickey- Rd. 16
RP- Rafael Soriano- Rd. 12
RP- Jason Grilli- Rd. 15
P- Fernando Rodney- Rd. 17
P- Joakim Soria- Rd. 20
B- Andre Ethier- Rd. 21
B- Cory Luebke- Rd. 22
B- Omar Infante- Rd. 23
B- Matt Harrison- Rd. 24
B- Alex Rodriguez- Rd. 25

Team Outlook:
My starting pitching staff turned out significantly better than I expected it to. I typically hold off on pitching and do a lot of waiver-wire streaming over the course of the season, so ending up with what could legitimately be four No. 1’s (with Darvish, Cain, Cobb, and Dickey) is well outside of my norm. Of course, diving on starters earlier than normal meant I waited on some other slots, most notably closer, where I have some age (Grilli), some inconsistency (Soriano and Rodney), and some don’t-even-know-if-he’ll-have-the-job-ness (Soria). It was risky, but I’m actually okay with the crew I have.
On the offensive side, health is going to be my greatest concern, with Pujols, McCann, Tulowitzki, and Bautista all far from health guarantees. If even most of them can stay on the field — let alone all of them — I definitely ought to be okay in home runs. All those guys, plus Alvarez and Napoli, are threats to lead their respective positions in power. I won’t be winning batting average in any leagues, but I think I’ll thrive in other categories. Ethier was my least favorite player I chose, and it’s likely I wouldn’t have touched him in a later mock; I took him on the very realistic chance that he ends up on the Yankees next year, where I think he could have a big year. If that doesn’t happen, Ethier isn’t worth much, but it was worth the risk in Round 21.

Steal of Draft:
My favorite pick of the entire draft was Julio Teheran in Round 13 by Tommy L. I had planned to take Teheran with my pick there, as I had him pegged as a 10th- or 11th-round value, and simply forgot when it came time for my pick. I think he has the best chance of any pick in Round 12 or later of winning a 2014 Cy Young Award. Other than that pick, I think one of the sneaky-better ones was Corey Hart, taken in the 18th round by Jim F. I have no idea why, but I’ve never been a Hart fan. He’s been a fine player, but whenever I see him I get a little annoyed. It’s a me problem, not a Hart problem. But when I try to think as objectively as possible, there’s every chance, if he can end up in the right situation, he hits 30-35 homers and returns ridiculous value.

Reach of Draft:
The obvious “reach” draft pick is Yasiel Puig, taken at the end of the second round, and I do consider that a reach, but I imagine I won’t be alone there, so I’ll pick two others. First, I live in Lexington and I bartend, which means I have heard more idle chat about Billy Hamilton being the next Rickey Henderson than any six other humans combined. I’ll admit he’s an intriguing pick, but I think the ninth round (where Peter took him) is too high for him in a 12-team league. If I had ended up with him in the mid-teens, that’d be different, but in the ninth round, you basically can’t be wrong about him. The other main reaches fit into the same basic category — Xander Bogaerts (Round 7, by Paul) and George Springer (Round 8, by Ray). If they come close to their respective potentials, they’re fine picks, but they basically have to return that value to be worthwhile. The floor is way too far below the ceiling for my taste.

Strong Teams:
The rosters of Alex K and Jim F were the most impressive (other than my own, obviously, because I am the best at all things) to me. There were obvious flaws to both — primarily shortstop, where Jim will be stuck starting Zack Cozart, while Alex has only the overrated Asdrubal Cabrera. But overall, these are rosters with few holes, both deep in starting pitching and with solid bats. Alex stole Eric Hosmer, who I end up with whenever possible, from me, and Jim has three of the best five or six closers in the game. If you’re going to have a weakness, shortstop is probably the place to have it, and it’s tough to find much else to pick apart about them.

Tommy Landseadel- Fantasy Assembly

C- Carlos Santana- Rd. 8
1B- Chris Davis- Rd. 1
2B- Jed Lowrie- Rd. 12
SS- Elvis Andrus- Rd. 6
3B- Matt Dominguez- Rd. 18
MI- Brian Dozier- Rd. 15
CI- Joey Votto- Rd. 2
OF- Justin Upton- Rd. 4
OF- Jayson Werth- Rd. 7
OF- Nelson Cruz- Rd. 9
OF- Alejandro De Aza- Rd. 17
U- Ben Revere- Rd. 21
SP- Max Scherzer- Rd. 3
SP- Cliff Lee- Rd. 5
SP- Clay Buchholz- Rd. 11
SP- Julio Teheran- Rd. 13
RP- Koji Uehara- Rd. 10
RP- Casey Janssen- Rd. 14
P- Rex Brothers- Rd. 16
P- Bartolo Colon- Rd. 19
B- A.J. Griffin- Rd. 20
B- Avisail Garcia- Rd. 22
B- Miguel Sano- Rd. 23
B- Brandon Morrow- Rd. 24
B- Khris Davis- Rd. 25

Team Outlook:
I have a couple weaknesses offensively, 3B in particular, but I also have enough strengths to cover that up. My team should finish in the top 3 in HRs and should not be worse than 6th or 7th anywhere if my team can stay relatively healthy. Everyone in my line-up has strong HR + SB ability and I have few BA drainers.

I would put my top 4 SPs up against anybody other than Jim’s. If Buchholz can give me 150 innings, the combo of Scherzer, Lee, Buchholz and Teheran is very strong. If the Rockies sign a name closer, I will be down to only 2 which is a concern, but Janssen and Uehara look fairly safe. My SP depth with Colon, Griffin, and Morrow is also solid.

Steal of Draft:
Jim Finch’s pick of Joe Mauer in round 14, especially now that he is an everyday 1B, and David Price towards the end of the 6th were the two best value picks to me.

Reach of Draft:
Peter Waterman’s selection of Manny Machado at pick 39 is pretty early given that he is no lock to be ready for opening day. Similarly, Hartman’s Bogaerts pick was way too soon. When you reach too far for a given player, you risk eliminating all of the potential upside from the pick.

Strong Teams:
I think that any number of teams could be contenders depending on how the season shakes out, but the two that I feel are most balanced right now are Asfar’s team and Quinton’s team. Quinton has both speed and power in spades and he has a solid pitching staff. Asfar has 0 holes in his offensive line-up and a pretty good pitching staff too.

Jimi Nix- Draft Host, Fantasy Assembly/Couch Managers

Y.Molina – 10th
J.Mauer – 14th**
T.Hunter – 16th
J.Samardzija – 17th
CJ.Wilson – 18th
J.Lackey – 20th
C.Crawford – 21st
J.Castro – 21st**
R.Howard – 21st

D.Ortiz – 4th
X.Boegarts – 7th*
G.Springer – 8th*
J.Abreu – 9th
B.Hamilton – 9th
C.Yelich – 10th

Strong Teams:
For a redraft league I was surprised at some of the picks, especially when they started talking about forming a league with no transactions, where versatility becomes a large factor. If this is a daily lineup league I’d say most all the teams will have trouble fielding full lineups on Monday’s and Thursday’s.

Anyway, I went through the rosters and came up with teams drafted by Creagh, Kanteki and Landseadel as teams with the best chance to win it.

Jeff Quinton- Rotowords

C- Buster Posey- Rd. 5
1B- Paul Goldschmidt- Rd. 1
2B- Martin Prado- Rd. 13
SS- Everth Cabrera- Rd. 6
3B- Brett Lawrie- Rd. 10
MI- Eric Aybar- Rd. 19
CI- Brandon Belt- Rd. 15
OF- Jacoby Ellsbury- Rd. 2
OF- Carlos Gomez- Rd. 3
OF- Domonic Brown- Rd. 7
OF- Torii Hunter- Rd. 16
U- David Ortiz- Rd. 4
SP- Homer Bailey- Rd. 8
SP- Hisashi Iwakuma- Rd. 9
SP- Mat Latos- Rd. 11
SP- Lance Lynn- Rd. 17
RP- Joe Nathan- Rd. 12
RP- Sergio Romo- Rd. 14
P- Ivan Nova- Rd. 18
P- John Lackey- Rd. 20
B- Will Middlebrooks- Rd. 21
B- Hiroki Kuroda- Rd. 22
B- Nick Swisher- Rd. 23
B- Kevin Gausman- Rd. 24
B- Emilio Bonifacio- Rd. 25

Team Outlook:
I see my offense, from top to bottom as the strength of my team. By waiting to grab both starting and relief pitching, I was able to put together a very deep, solid offense. I think this really shows in the production I will most likely be getting out of C, OF and UT from Posey, Ellsbury, Gomez, Dom Brown, Torii and Ortiz (and that doesn’t even include my top pick Goldschmidt). I do not think I had to sacrifice too much pitching either, as I think Latos/Iwakuma/Bailey and Nathan/Romo will be able to compete with any other pitching staff.

I see the biggest weakness of my team being middle infield. While I think that Everth, Prado and Aybar will be fine, and while I also think I got pretty good value on the last two in the 13th and 19th rounds respectively, this group will definitely not be a top producing middle infield.

Steal of Draft:
Gio Gonzalez in Round 11, Pick 1 by Asfar.
Joe Mauer in Rd 14, Pick 2 by Jim

Both these guys would have been values several rounds earlier
Reach of Draft:
Brett Lawrie in Rd 10, Pick 10 by Me
Xander Bogaerts in Rd 7, Pick 5 by Paul

It seems we both could have had these guys at least 2 rounds later

Strongest Teams:
Asfar FakeTeams and Alex K FakeTeams

Daniel Schwartz- Roto Banter

C- Jonathan Lucroy- Rd. 10
1B- Freddie Freeman- Rd. 1
2B- Matt Carpenter- Rd. 5
SS- Brad Miller- Rd. 11
3B- Ryan Zimmerman- Rd. 6
MI- Jedd Gyorko- Rd. 7
CI- Nolan Arenado- Rd. 18
OF- Ryan Braun- Rd. 2
OF- Starling Marte- Rd. 3
OF- Wil Myers- Rd. 4
OF- Alfonso Soriano- Rd. 8
U- Billy Butler- Rd. 9
SP- Tony CIngrani- Rd. 13
SP- Sonny Gray- Rd. 12
SP- Danny Salazar- Rd. 14
SP- Alex Wood- Rd. 20
RP- Steve Cishek- Rd. 15
RP- Bobby Parnell- Rd. 16
P- Ernesto Frieri- Rd. 17
P- Marco Estrada- Rd. 21
B- Adam Eaton- Rd. 19
B- Kolten Wong- Rd. 22
B- Oswaldo Arcia- Rd. 23
B- Rick Porcello- Rd. 24
B- Jonathan Niese- Rd. 25

Team Outlook:
You’ll see (until a slew of young pitchers) I go with healthy consistency (hence soriano & butler in round 8-9). Braun was a potential first round value, but I wanted to depict my mancrush for Freeman first. My overreach for Marte is based on balancing my approach so I didn’t have to draft speed without production in other categories later. Is Myers due for regression or gambler’s fallacy? I’ll go with the latter and expect a 80-20-80-8-265 as a worse case scenario.

Carpenter is a sure thing at 2B. Some may think Gyorko to be a reach, but 25 HR from 2B/MI is uber-valuable. I took Lucroy were I did because I thought I might get bamboozled waiting for the turn to get back to me. In the past, in re-draft leagues I stayed away from 1st/2nd year potential aces. I think Sonny will regress but Tony & Danny… I think they will provide above value here.

I was content with the value on the 3 tier 3 closers I took with consecutive picks. Okay, fine, Arenado does not have much power, but he’ll have production in front of him to drive in and he could develop power in Coors sooner than later. Eaton was getting drafted much earlier last year. This draft position shows me Marte was a HUGE reach, but that’s okay…(2) 10-15HR,25-40SB guys with runs and .avg potential are great assets.

Estrada’s GB/FB ratio in Milwaukee is ugly, but stellar K/BB ratio and expected ERA’s were better than his surface 3.86 ERA, which still wasn’t that bad. Don’t be scared by super low BABIP; He gets infield flyballs and doesn’t give up a ton of line drives . I think he’ll provide solid value if you can land him in the 20’s.

Wong completed my speed requirement. He should provide more value than Friese by ’14. I assume they’ll trade Friese opening 3b for Carpenter and 2b for Wong.

Peter Waterman- Fantasy Assembly

C- Matt Wieters- Rd. 13
1B- Mark Trumbo- Rd. 5
2B- Jason Kipnis- Rd. 2
SS- Hanley Ramirez- Rd. 1
3B- Manny Machado- Rd. 4
MI- Ben Zobrist- Rd. 7
CI- Mike Moustakas- Rd. 14
OF- Matt Kemp- Rd. 3
OF- Desmond Jennings- Rd. 8
OF- Billy Hamilton- Rd. 9
OF- Darin Ruf- Rd. 18
U- Victor Martinez- Rd. 17
SP- Justin Verlander- Rd. 6
SP- Jered Weaver- Rd. 12
SP- Derek Holland- Rd. 15
SP- Dan Straily- Rd. 16
RP- Trevor Rosenthal- Rd. 10
RP- Jim Johnson- Rd. 11
P- Bruce Rondon- Rd. 19
P- Ryan Cook- Rd. 20
B- Brandon Beachy- Rd. 21
B- Alexei Ogando- Rd. 22
B- Danny Duffy- Rd. 23
B- Felix Doubront- Rd. 24
B- Josh Rutledge- Rd. 25

Team Outlook:
I drafted my team as I would if I was playing in a roto league. With the 10th pick I ended up with Hanley Ramirez, who I see as the top SS in 2014. Then in a bit of a reach perhaps I took Kipnis in round 2. I felt that having a top-tier MI was important. Matt Kemp was a nice sleeper pick in round 3. Machado was certainly a reach in round 4. Billy Hamilton might win me steals by himself, and while the Trumbo pick can be debated, his 40 homer potential was worth selecting him. Verlander, Weaver, Holland and Beachy give me a solid staff, but in roto I would simply stream for wins at the end of the year. I added some setup guys with high K/9 who could be closers in Rondon and Cook.

Steal of Draft:
Cliff Lee in round 5. Not only is Lee paired with Scherzer to make a dynamic 1-2 punch, but Lee finished 4th in SP according to the ESPN player rater. He will deliver 200 K’s and a minuscule ERA and WHIP.

Carl Crawford in round 21. I know Crawford disappointed in LA as he did in Boston, but there are reasons to think he could turn it around. First, he looked good in the playoffs, hitting a robust 0.310 with 4 HR, 6 rbi, 1 steal and a 0.975 OPS. Second, he could find himself traded out of LA due to the fact that the Dodgers have a bounty of riches in the OF. Perhaps a smaller market would do him wonders.

Reach of Draft:
Adam Jones at #6 overall. I like Jones, I think his slash line looks like a corner infielder and not an OF. However, as an OF I think he was a reach. He was picked just ahead of Carlos Gonzalez who I would much rather own for upside. IMO Jones would have been there in round 2.

Jose Abreau in round 9. Drafted to fill the CI or UT slot on Paul’s team, I see the upside potential, but I think he would have been there several rounds later.

Strong Teams:
Asfar did a great job, which is not overly tough to do when you can add Mike Trout with the #1 pick. But he balanced that out drafting Pedroia, Bryce Harper and steal nominee Felix Hernandez with his next 3 picks. I think Felix, Hamels, Gio and Lester give him a solid rotation. He certainly has some power in his lineup, but could suffer in steals and possibly saves.

I also like Daniel Kelly’s team. With the 8th pick he selected Tulo giving him my #2 SS. He added Darvish in round 2, a definite ace. He then added a lot of potential homers before pairing Darvish with Matt Cain who I really like. Good closers as well, I think he has a very balanced team.

There may be a possibility that this league ends up getting played out after all. If so, we will surely be providing updates as the season goes along. Hopefully these draft results along with the roster breakdowns can help you start to form a draft strategy for your 2014 season. It will be here before you know it and whether you realize it or not, your championship push has already begun.

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  1. You did a great job breaking down this draft Tommy. Thanks a lot!
    I can’t understand why everyone didn’t pick my team as the unstoppable force it is though 🙂
    Looking forward to the next one.

  2. Thanks Paul.

    In all honestly, I had the same thoughts about this draft as I did about your team in the MBBRL after last year’s draft. I thought you had too much youth and too few established players. Then, you proceeded to destroy everybody with a near wire to wire victory.

    I do not think you have the best draft today, but I will not discount the possibility that your team ends up being a total powerhouse if a few of your upside picks end up hitting.

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