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When you’re planning ahead for five years, age is certainly a factor. Another point to consider is whether a player is going to stick at a certain position, and that’s particularly hard for middle infielders. That being said, it’s impossible to predict whether the Rangers move Kinsler to 1B, or whether Profar heads to the OF (or becomes the full-time SS because Texas trades Andrus). I have not attempted to anticipate many (if any) changes in position in my approach to this list. However, I did leave off Rosario and DeShields because there is already information about them moving to OF; otherwise I would have slotted them around #20, near Zobrist.

Also, in my rankings I was quick to discount the value of aging players like Utley, Uggla, who don’t even make the top-24. Someone like Zobrist (age 33 in 2014) is as old as I’d allow on my list, but you’ll notice that despite being a top-5 2B in some 2013 leagues, he takes a big drop because he’d be 38 by the end of the 5-year dynasty concept, and because some of his skills (like speed) are already fading.

  1. Jason Kipnis – Already a stud at 2B, and just entering the age peak years.
  2. Robinson Cano – Cano the short-term champ, but age and future team could harm him in years 4-5.
  3. Dustin Pedroia – I don’t anticipate a major age-related collapse in his stats.
  4. Jurickson Profar – Still an elite prospect who should play well when he settles into a full-time role.
  5. Dan Murphy – Finally added to an empty BA, should be good for prime age production.
  6. Ian Kinsler – Power-speed production should continue for a few more years.
  7. Matt Carpenter – May move off of 2B, but likely to have eligibility there for next 2+ years.
  8. Anthony Rendon – Could move to 3B, but until he does, a nice bat for middle infield.
  9. Aaron Hill – Underrated hitter, but that’s because he gets hurt, and now wrong side of 30.
  10. Jose Altuve – Maybe in 5 years HOU will have enough offense to help him out.
  11. Kolten Wong – Good BA/SB guy with a bit of HR thrown in; future leadoff for STL boosts value.
  12. Neil Walker – Underappreciated each year, but long-term value only average.
  13. Jedd Gyorko – The power is legit; he’s the new Uggla until he moves off 2B for Spangenberg.
  14. Brandon Phillips – His value often tied to high AB, and aging doesn’t help players stay healthy.
  15. Nick Franklin – BA a major short-term concern, but has nice approach and should mature.
  16. Scooter Gennett – Sleeper value in small market; likely to come cheap and help you across the board.
  17. Josh Rutledge – I still have faith he can produce above average stats at 2B.
  18. Brian Dozier – With some more experience, maybe he can improve that BA.
  19. Arismendy Alcantara – The Cubs won’t let Barney remain the starter, and Alcantara had a great year in 2013.
  20. Ben Zobrist – If you’re covered long-term with a 2B prospect, he’s still good for a few years.
  21. Jonathan Schoop – Should soon get chance to play full-time; could produce good BA, 15 HR.
  22. Cory Spangenberg – Could turn out to be just a BA/SB producer, which isn’t that valuable.
  23. Howie Kendrick – He gets the job done, but wrong side of 30 for dynasty leagues, so no upside.
  24. Omar Infante – Solid BA and handful of HR/SB means he’ll still be worth using.

An honorable mention goes to Rougned Odor. He’s likely too young to contribute in the next few years, especially with the full MI situation in Texas.

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Kevin Jebens

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Fantasy baseball player since 2000; winning leagues ranging from 12-team H2H to 18-team experts 5x5. Has written for various baseball blogs, including the 2013 Bleed Cubbie Blue Annual.

7 thoughts on “Second Base: Top 24 for Dynasty”

  1. You’re right that Semien is an upgrade over Beckham. I’m not positive where he’ll end up full-time, but I wouldn’t argue with a placement above #15. Why the lack of faith? It’s one year at AA-ball that he broke out, and he was 23, which isn’t exactly young for that level. Though a small sample size, his stats dropped off some at AAA (triple slash, wOBA, BB%). If he were 20-21 that season at AA would’ve impressed me more. As it is, given he wasn’t a top prospect before this year, I’m wary to jump on the bandwagon.

  2. I wouldn’t put Semien among the bright young second basemen of the future either. Could be a nice flier in deep leagues with MI slot. 2B is tough to rank for this long a term…so much player movement at this position. Nice job Kevin!

  3. All excellent points. I guess I’m going to have to cross my fingers with Semien since that’s who I have for my 18 team dynasty league.
    Nice work Kevin

  4. Nice piece Kevin.

    Tough call on where to put Profar. I wouldn’t be mad at anybody taking him ahead of Kipnis and Cano in a new dynasty league if they were taking the long term approach. He is going to be a special player. I like the aggressive rankings for him and Rendon.

    1. Thanks, Tommy. This was a particularly hard list to compile. I originally had Zobrist last, at #24. But despite his age, I worry about all the prospects with mostly unproven records, so I bumped Zobrist up some because he may be old but he’s a known quantity.

      Of course, I was harsh on Semien for being unknown, yet others made it. My general disclaimer is simply that all prospects are suspect for a 5-year outlook, but those that have started highly touted and continued that for a few years (Profar, Rendon) get the benefit of the doubt. That being said, take a look at previous years’ lists of Cubs prospects, and note the continued presence of Brett Jackson and Josh Vitters, both of who now seem unlikely to ever be worthy of even “solid regular” status.

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