Ask The Assembly

You have questions?  We have answers!
In order for us to better serve you and provide you with the best possible answer, please supply us with as much relevant information about your league.  Use the checklist below when asking questions, the more information we have the better the response will be.

  •  What kind of league are you in?  Is it H2H, Rotisserie, Points?
  • Is this a mixed league, AL or NL only?
  • How many teams are in your league?
  • If it’s something other than a standard 5×5, what scoring categories do you use?
  • What positions do you use?  How many catchers, outfielders, etc.., do you use a CI or MI slot, have multiple utility slots, standard OF or RF, CF, LF.
  • Do you set your roster weekly or do you have daily changes.
  • If you are in a salary cap league, how much does each player cost?

And if you are in a keeper league:

  • How many players do you keep?
  • How many years can you keep a player or the particular player you’re asking about?
  • Are they kept in a certain round and what round?  Do they move up rounds for each year you keep them?

If you don’t see something on this list that you feel is important, please include that information as well.  We will answer all questions submitted to us.