Hold/Fold: Season Finale

“Tell me how am supposed to live without you?
Now that I’ve been lovin’ you so long
How am I supposed to live without you?
And how am I supposed to carry on?” ~ Michael Bolton “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You”

I may have mentioned before that I hate the fantasy playoffs. The playoffs always coincide with the time of year that teams that are way ahead or way behind start to rest or shut down injured players. So tell me how am I supposed to win without you?

Seriously, how is my points league team supposed to contend with Paddack and Ketel Marte shut down, and Freddie Freeman not playing until Friday? They’d all be playing if it was the real playoffs. Maybe not Marte, but you get the point. I have no idea who will play or sit on any given day – I don’t really know how to give advice without knowing that… so I’m not going to.

All of these guys may or may not play down the stretch, but I like them for next year.

Hold ‘Em

Tommy Edman

He’s got an OPS over 1.000 this month with 5 hr and 5 steals. He’s eligible all over the infield and in the outfield. He seems to be cementing himself as a big part of the Cardinals plans going forward. If you can still get him (I just did in my points league to replace Marte), do so. He’ll help you now, and in the future.

Kevin Ginkel

Another guy I recently added – albeit the day after my team in the 20 team league lost in the quarterfinals. He’s been more than a bit lucky, but there’s also no one blocking his path to a significant late-inning role. While his ERA won’t stay below 2, his upper minor league numbers do suggest that high-level performance is within his capabilities.

Dansby Swanson

This is for this year only. If your team is in sink or swim mode, Dansby is the one guy I think I can guarantee will get 15 at-bats this week. The Braves play 5 times this week, and they’d really like to know if he can snap out of his offensive and defensive funk, or if they need to turn to Hechavarria in the playoffs. He could kill you. I acknowledge that. But the Braves have every reason to give him 5 more games to round into form. If he happens to do that on your team, so much the better.

Going forward, I don’t like him. The slumps and the injuries are both far too common. He’ll be the Braves shortstop again, but it’s telling that Albies got an extension and Dansby hasn’t. Atlanta doesn’t know what to make of Dansby either, and that should make dynasty owners very wary.

Fold ‘Em

Matt Carpenter

This one hurts. I loved Carp going into this season, and he let me down. I don’t know who he’s going to be in the future, but his 13 home runs probably aren’t worth holding onto for now or next season. You could take the loss of power given how much he walks and how many doubles he hits but despite great power production, he has never been a true slugger. Which makes this year’s strikeout spike even more worrisome. He’s on pace for the 3rd most strikeouts in his career, and he’s going to do it in less than 500 PA. Considering he’s had 700 PA twice, and 600 PA 3 more times, that’s a huge spike in Ks for the 33 year old.

Wade Miley

Something about 23 hits and 18 runs in less than 8 innings suggests he’s tired. Do not be the person who loses a championship by playing him. That’s an awful stretch, no matter the reason.

Luke Jackson

Probably not going to make the postseason roster. Over his last 9 appearances, hitters are putting up numbers better than any of this year’s MVP contenders against him. Fold with confidence.


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