Merry Christmas from the Fantasy Assembly Team

On behalf of everyone here and Fantasy Assembly I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


As we prepare for the upcoming 2019 season there are a number of announcements.

First off: September marked the five year anniversary of Fantasy Assembly. We started the site primarily focused on baseball, and after a few years we slowly expanded our fantasy coverage to include football. Recently we attempted to expand things even further to cover both basketball and hockey.

Unfortunately we have experienced a number of setbacks which limited our coverage of the two new sports, and also spread our team thin among all four sports. As a result, our main topics (baseball and football) have suffered – a mistake we intend to rectify.

Effective immediately we will be discontinuing our NBA and NHL coverage – getting back to basis on what we do best – baseball and football… and DFS of course. Fantasy Baseball (and football) is where we made our bones so that’s what we’ll stick to (for now).

While we have a number of writers on staff we are always on the lookout for new additions. If you are interested in writing about fantasy baseball or would like to help with offseason coverage of the NFL (and eventually 2019 rankings) we’d like to hear from you. Click Here to fill out an application (just a formality) or DM Jim Finch on twitter at @TheJimFinch.

As for what to expect this upcoming year, we are already preparing our 2019 rankings and prospect rankings which will start with catcher and move around the diamond. Each week we will have corresponding articles to the position being covered and will end each Sunday with our positional rankings.

Paul Hartman will return and join Andy Germani in rolling out our 2019 prospect rankings which will include players to target, avoid, trade and look out for in keeper/dynasty leagues.

Eric Braun, Joe Mica and hopefully Dan Marcus will be covering the NFL during the offseason which will include draft coverage, keeper and dynasty league advice, and recent NFL trades and signings along with their fantasy impact.

And mixed in there we will have our DFS coverage from Mister Clutch “Eric” and our resident PGA expert Mark Lee.

Hopefully by returning to daily baseball articles mixed with NFL and DFS we can return to the high standards our readers have become accustomed to. Thanks to all those who have stuck with us through this experiment, and welcome back to those who turned elsewhere while our content was lacking.  You deserve better, and our goal is to deliver that better to you (don’t question my bad English).

The Fantasy Assembly Team

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