Minor League Report: Week 10

In the middle of June many people already know if they have any chance of winning a roto league, as sad as that is to say. One of the downsides to the format.

But it also helps get the rebuilding process going early, which is always fun. Almost as fun as pushing in all the chips for a title run, almost.

With that being said some of the players below might be guys you want to target as you start looking towards next season.


Chris Paddack

37 1/3 IP, 1.93 ERA, 0.78 WHIP, K%: 43.6, BB% 1.4

Paddack very well might be having the best year of any minor league pitcher.

He likely won’t be hanging around in high-A much longer as he is thoroughly dominating the level.

Paddack is a borderline must get if you are rebuilding right now. The price is still relatively cheap as he wasn’t on any top-100 lists before the season. He will be on a lot of them in a month.

Khalil Lee

.285/.426/.445, 4 HR, K% 23.5, BB% 17.5, 12 SB

Lee is having a pretty awesome month of June. In the month he is hitting .371/.450/.714 with two homers, he has hit safely in nine of 10 games.

The hope of all-around production is starting to show through as Lee is hitting for average he hadn’t shown in previous seasons.

I think his speed is more reliable than his power and the old hope of a 20/20 season is probably more of a 15/25. Lee is still worth owning in leagues with 200 prospects owned, even if Matias gets all the accolades.

Jhailyn Ortiz

.277/.327/.416, 4 HR, K% 30.6, BB% 4.8, 1 SB

Ortiz is known for his power potential since he was one of the big international signees in 2014.

He had a down 2016 in his first taste of rookie ball. He hit just .231/.325/.434 with eight homers.

Last year he shot back up the prospect radar. The big difference between his down season and his good seasons have been a huge difference in BABIP.

In 2016 his BABIP was .286, his good seasons have both been over .380.

Ortiz profile isn’t as a high BABIP guy. He isn’t fast at all. So these successful seasons might be a bit of BABIP luck.

I like Ortiz, but it kind of looks like it might be a good time to sell. His 45/7 strikeout to walk ratio doesn’t feel to great either.

Isan Diaz

.240/.365/.383, 5 HR, K% 26.5, BB% 15.2, 6 SB

The season-long numbers don’t feel like someone who could be doing well, but over the past few weeks, Diaz has been on fire.

He has hits in seven straight and 11 of 14, and is hitting .367/.475/.510 in that 14 game stretch since returning from the DL.

Diaz was a big hype guy a few years ago when he hit .360/.436/.640 in 68 games back in 2015.

After underwhelming 2016 and 2017 seasons as well as being in the third system of his brief minor league career, prospect fatigue might have caught up to Diaz.

Diaz is still just 22 and if he can keep this streak going at AA he could be part of the Marlins future.

Brent Rooker

.270/.327/.478, 9 HR, K% 27.2, BB% 7.5, 1 SB

Rooker burst onto the scene last year with 18 homers after being drafted and playing just 62 games.

While it was impressive, the hype was kept in check because he was an advanced college bat doing it between rookie ball and high-A.

Rooker’s power is his best skill set as the homer totals to this point would suggest.

He doesn’t have the 35 plus homer potential that the small sample sizes would suggest, but 25-30 is easily within reach.

He should be a fast mover as an older college bat, he is already 23.

Fernando Tatis Jr

.277/.352/.510, 11 HR, K% 27.0, BB% 8.9, 7 SB

He was kind of the forgotten man of the big name preseason prospects. Ohtani, Vlad Jr., Acuña all had plenty of buzz in spring and early season. Tatis got off to a slow start and just fell by the wayside.

Injuries to the guys ahead of him, have him as the last man standing from that group.

Since the beginning of May, he is hitting .340/.424/.621 with eight homers and a 23.7% K rate. A huge difference from hist .177/.231/.333 April.

His season-long numbers are going to hold him back if owners in your leagues aren’t paying close attention. Use it to your advantage and get him now. He is on a superstar kind of path.

Ibandel Isabel

.252/.335/.596, 15 HR, K% 34.1, BB% 9.4

Full disclosure, I have literally never heard of him before and I don’t really have much in terms of scouting reports to read.

From the little video I have, I don’t love his extra bat movement. It might work at the lower level minors but I can see it being a bigger issue as he climbs the ladder.

He is 23 and repeating high-A. He hit 28 homers in the minors last year and already has 15 this year. Even if he is old for the level it is hard to ignore that production. He does have an all or nothing type approach. Last year that meant a 35% K rate and this year 34.1.

Andy Germani

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