NFL Waiver Wire Week 12

In most leagues there are only a few weeks left where you will be battling it out with the whole league for waivers. As I have been saying for a week or two, at this point waivers are now really dependant on the situation of your team.

This time of the year is about handcuffing and streaming.

With that being said: from here on out the waiver article will be different from what you are used to seeing. There will still be a lot of players featured, but rather than a 1-20 list I am going to try to break them into groups to better help you with your waiver wire needs.

At this point ownership percentages can get a little wonky with some teams zoned out already. So I am going to widen the parameters for the first group. They probably owned but just in case (players owned in 33-60% of leagues), I would be using a waiver claim on the first four on this list.

As usual, feel free to ask any questions and I will try to help you figure out the best course of action. You can also reach me on twitter –

   Player Position FAAB
1 Greg Olsen TE 50+%
2 Corey Davis WR 10-15%
3 David Johnson RB 10-15%
4 Danny Woodhead RB 10-15%
5 Rex Burkhead RB 5-10%

Greg Olsen – A top option at tight end. Sure he might be limited, but it doesn’t take much to be usable, or even great, at tight end nowadays.

Corey Davis – Speculation that he can turn his talents into points down the stretch. The Titans have a couple nice matchups he could exploit.

David Johnson – Pure speculative add. I am 50/50 on him even playing again this year, but add him to a team that is in the playoffs and you have a title contender immediately.

Danny Woodhead – Ran a pass route on 12 of 13 snaps, he had a carry on the one snap he didn’t run a route, and had five catches. He is right back into the role he was supposed to have. The Ravens aren’t going to blow teams out every week.

Rex Burkhead – Might have been punished for the fumble. Really, we never know exactly what is going to happen. I would grab him if you needed a play this week, but other than that I am not super excited.

Streaming QB options

  1. Philip Rivers
  2. Tyrod Taylor
  3. Marcus Mariota
  4. Jacoby Brissett
  5. Blake Bortles

I had to mess with the parameters here a little bit to make it worth doing. Quarterback ownership percentages are always wonky. When it comes to the single start positions you are better off asking me about who you should grab than me trying to guess who is available.

The normal waiver wire (under 33% owned)

   Player Position FAAB
1 Samaje Perine RB All
2 Damien Williams RB 30+%
3 Marlon Mack RB 20-25%
4 Corey Coleman WR 20-25%
5 Kenny Stills WR 15-20%
6 Devontae Booker RB 10-15%
7 Josh Doctson WR 7-12%
8 Josh Gordon WR 7-12%
9 Elijah McGuire RB 5-10%
10 Rod Smith RB 5-10%

Samaje Perine – Basically what you have been waiting for if you have FAAB left. Perine isn’t a great player, but there is no competition for work in the backfield. If you wait for someone better you might not get another chance.

Damien Williams –

Marlon Mack – Has the chance for more work down the stretch, but until Gore misses a game or the team shows you there is a change he can’t be started.

Corey Coleman – Came back and immediately was the best passing option in a really tough matchup. He should be a flex rest of season.

Kenny Stills – If Matt Moore starts I think he needs to be started. For whatever reason Matt Moore plus Kenny Stills equals fantasy goodness.

Devontae Booker – CJ Anderson might be losing the backfield to Booker. Even if Booker becomes the number one back there are too many guys there in a bad offense – I can’t get excited.

Josh Doctson – With Terrell Pryor and Chris Thompson out for the year, someone has to get more targets. I would personally prefer Crowder because of the target share, but Doctson gets the more exciting downfield type targets.

Josh Gordon – Just because.

Elijah McGuire – No knowing if Matt Forte will be back as of now. He should be in a pretty even split with Powell if Forte is out.

Rod Smith – The Cowboys are a mess right now and Smith is the playing from behind passing downs back.

Pure Handcuffs

  1. James Conner
  2. Austin Ekeler
  3. T.J. Yeldon / Chris Ivory
  4. Alfred Blue
  5. Jonathan Williams
  6. Matt Breida


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