Buy low/sell high

This week is the last week of byes and where depth should no longer matter.

There are very little fantasy ramifications for this week as well. With only the Colts, 49ers, Jets, and Panthers on bye, no team is really going to be devastated unless it is a super deep league.

I have been saying it for a few weeks now to sell your depth, and if you haven’t done it already you may have missed your chance.

If you have any hope left of selling your depth, try to target a team in a tough spot with injuries because you likely won’t find a bye week desperate owner.

Also, if you can set up your flex as a spot to be streamed on good matchups and upgrade somewhere else, it might help lead to a championship.

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RB: Tyrod Taylor

The game against the Saints was terrible. Nothing worked out in a matchup that we were loving at the beginning of the season that we have to buy into as a bad one at this point.

Taylor has a great schedule down the stretch. He starts with a meh matchup against the Chargers but then he gets the Chiefs, Patriots, Colts, Dolphins, and wraps up with the Patriots in week 16.

Matchups rarely ever scare me with Taylor because he can do it in the air or on the ground. He has virtually a free touchdown in his rushing yards every week to offset a potentially bad passing matchup.

Kelvin Benjamin might take a while to get accustomed to the offense completely, but also remember Taylor was performing well before Benjamin. Don’t forget Charles Clay just returned too.

RB: Jerick McKinnon

McKinnon has consistently been getting touches, but every week he doesn’t score or break off a long play I think you can bait the McKinnon owner into believing this is a true running back by committee.

This week McKinnon outsnapped Murray 31-30. Since the injury it has been McKinnon getting more work. There has only been one other game this year where Murray has been within 10 snaps of McKinnon.

RB: Joe Mixon

Mixon didn’t do much this week, again. The Bengals offense has been just plain terrible for much of this year. So why have I, and why do I continue to, bang the drum for people to buy?

There are so few good running backs in good situations. Jeremy Hill going on the IR opens up 10-15 more snaps per game that can go to Mixon. This week Mixon led the backfield with snaps totaling 30 out of 51 snaps. I expect more of the same going forward with Mixon potentially being a legitimate three down back.

I still see league winning potential down the stretch.

WR: Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree

Cooper has a nice matchup with the Patriots next week, but gets basically an unplayable matchup with the Broncos in week 12. Then he gets the hopeless Giants, the not good Chiefs defense, and the Cowboys. The toughest game in that stretch is the week 16 finale against the Eagles.

Cooper is more of a flex play grab and you will likely want to see it again before you trust him in a playoff game.

Crabtree is a weekly borderline WR1, and the good schedule in the big fantasy weeks could win people some championships.

RB: Chris Thompson

It feels like Rob Kelley might miss a game or two, and while they don’t fit the same role, Thompson will play more snaps. In the two games Kelley missed Thompson had more than 28 total points in standard leagues.

There is risk with backs like Thompson, but there is also a pretty decent floor because they are going to be involved in the passing game.

I have a feeling a lot of owners will have no problem selling Thompson because they likely don’t believe in him, but it won’t be a secret as to why you are trying to trade for him when Kelley starts missing practices.

Rod Smith

I think you can buy insanely low here. He is likely unowned in a ton of leagues anyway so even if he is owned he should not cost much..

Smith played 30 snaps, Morris 21, and McFadden 1. I have the feeling that if one of these backs breaks out while Elliott is suspended that it will be Smith.


RB: DeMarco Murray

This might finally be the selling opportunity people who bought low or have owned him all year have been looking for.

I have been saying buy him forever because the backfield has been mainly his from a snap standpoint. The offensive line hasn’t played as well, and overall the offense hasn’t been as good as it was last year.

If you are selling I would still be trying to get mid level RB2 value. If you don’t sell, DeMarco might help you get to the championship with a juicy matchup against the 49ers in week 15.

RB: Latavius Murray

Any chance I get to sell a player like, this I am running to do it. You likely will have to do it as part of a bigger deal where he is a throw in piece to someone who needs depth.

He is the less exciting half of a split backfield.

Davante Adams/Packers in general

If you have any opportunity to sell any part of the Packers offense you have to do it.

I don’t trust a single player on this offense on a weekly basis. There will likely be a random piece that has a good game every week, but good job trying to guess which player it is.


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