NFL Waiver Wire Week 10

If you are ok with your starting lineup for the most part this is a week for you to let others use their money and you pick up some handcuffs or high upside players cheap.

If you need a win or some upside this is where you shoot your shot and blow what you have to to make your team better and get a win.

Overall it is a really boring week, and barring injury most will be this time of the year. For the most part we know who is good and who is bad. The players that we have seen random nice games from and we are waiting for them to takeover the job are owned, like Marlon Mack, Alex Collins, etc.

People say you can’t take your money with you when you die, and that is basically the case with FAAB. You can’t take it with you when the season is over, so use it before you lose the chance to.

As usual, feel free to ask any questions and I will try to help you figure out the best course of action. You can also reach me on twitter –

Players listed are owned in less than 33% of ESPN leagues. If multiple players are listed with the same FAAB range it means they are relatively equal, but in a pinch the ranking on the left is the order I would rank them.

    Position Burn Waiver Claim FAAB %


Corey Davis WR No 10-20%


Damien Williams RB No 7-15%


Danny Woodhead RB No 7-15%


D’Onta Foreman RB No 5-10%


Rex Burkhead RB No 5-10%


Charles Clay TE No 5-10%


Thomas Rawls RB No 0-5%


Rod Smith RB No 0-5%


Josh Doctson WR No 0-5%


Josh Gordon WR No 0-5%


Curtis Samuel WR No 0-5%


Marquise Goodwin WR No 0-5%


Robert Woods WR No 0-5%


Deonte Thompson WR No 0-5%


Elijah McGuire RB No 0-5%


Devontae Booker RB No 0-5%


James Conner RB No 0-5%


Malcolm Brown RB No 0-5%


Patriots DST No 0-5%


Bears DST No 0-5%

Corey Davis – The only high upside play I see with a high likelihood of panning out. If you have FAAB and he is out there he should be worth the shot, but if you want to wait for an injured running backs backup it is understandable.

Damien Williams – I can’t get too excited about him even if he had a good first game without Ajayi.

Danny Woodhead – If he comes back out of the bye he should get his role back. He just might have to split time even more than we expected him to in the preseason.

D’Onta Foreman – He was back in the backup spot after the demotion. If Lamar Miller misses time he is going to be the hot waiver claim.

Rex Burkhead – I will be interested to see if he gets more work with Chris Hogan hurt and Burkhead getting healthier.

Charles Clay – He is expected back this week and the tight end position is a dumpster fire. If you own Ertz he should be your top claim, or if you just need a tight end.

Thomas Rawls – Eddie Lacy might be out, even then I can’t get overly excited.

Rod Smith – I’d take Morris over him but I would be grabbing Smith just in case.

Josh Doctson – It is all hypothetical upside at this point.

Josh Gordon – Just because I don’t want someone else having him blow up on their roster in the playoffs, and he is down far enough on the list that you aren’t missing out on much by adding him.

Curtis Samuel – He got just five targets, but in terms of target share (21%) that isn’t that bad. He played a lot of snaps too. Don’t be surprised if he does things similarly to what Tyreek Hill did down the stretch last season, just don’t expect it.

Marquise Goodwin – A deep threat in an offense that is constantly trailing.

Robert Woods – If it wasn’t for his upcoming schedule he would be higher.

Deonte Thompson – Two games with the  Bills and two good fantasy games.

Elijah McGuire – The third back on an unexciting offense.

Devontae Booker – This is a timeshare and Booker might be the guy if Anderson goes down.

James Conner – Pure handcuff.

Malcolm Brown – See above.

Patriots – They get the Broncos this week. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Patriots are favored by 15 plus.

Bears – They get Brett Hundley and the Packers.


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