NFL Waiver Wire Report: Week 6

After a week where there were players to be had everywhere, this week the waiver wire has a lot less to offer.

This week’s injuries didn’t lead to obvious replacements like last week’s injuries did. If you really need a plug and play starter you might be out of luck.

You may have some options in leagues where players such as Deshaun Watson, Aaron Jones, Danny Amendola, etc.., are still available.

I wouldn’t be going all out for anyone this week. If you are 1-4 and desperately need an option or injury/bye-week replacement –  I guess you can blow it on McGuire, but I wouldn’t feel good about it. If Jones was out there and I was 1-4 I would be willing to blow a lot for potentially two weeks of Jones.

Jerick McKinnon did make things interesting for those leagues that let him slip through. I still don’t know if he takes over the role completely.

If you need tight end streamers, Ryan Griffin and A.J. Derby are sitting in prime matchups. Everyone’s tight end sucks this year; might as well throw darts at the good matchups.

As usual, feel free to ask any questions and I will try to help you figure out the best course of action. You can also reach me on twitter –

Players listed are owned in less than one-third of ESPN leagues. If multiple players are listed with the same FAAB range it means they are relatively equal, but in a pinch the ranking on the left is the order I would rank them.

Burn Waiver Claim FAAB ESPN %Owned
1 Jerick McKinnon RB Yes 10-15% 28.90%
2 Elijah McGuire RB Yes 7-15% 14.60%
3 Wayne Gallman RB No 7-15% 26.90%
4 Marlon Mack RB No 7-10% 3.30%
5 Matt Breida RB No 5-10% 7.10%
6 Shane Vereen RB No 5-8% 20.30%
7 D’Onta Foreman RB No 5-8% 19.30%
8 Orleans Darkwa RB No 0-5% 1.30%
9 JuJu Smith-Schuster WR No 0-5% 3.10%
10 Charcandrick West RB No 0-5% 10.00%
11 Corey Clement RB No 0-5% 4.20%
12 Jaron Brown WR No 0-5% 24.60%
13 Zay Jones WR No 0-5% 23..4%
14 Paul Richardson WR No 0-3% 9.20%
15 Tyler Lockett WR No 0-3% 25.20%
16 C.J. Prosise RB No 0-3% 21.10%
17 Charles Sims RB No 0-3% 11.20%
18 Ricardo Louis WR No 0-3% 0.40%
19 Albert Wilson WR No 0-3% 0.80%
20 Austin Ekler RB No 0-3% 1.50%

1. Jerick McKinnon: I had him a couple spots lower on the list but his usage Monday night bumped him to here. He is an explosive player in space, nothing changed there. I have just seen this so many times before with him. I can’t be convinced they will use him as the lead back now when they didn’t when the competition was Matt Asiata in the past.

2. Elijah McGuire: It feels like Powell won’t play as of this moment. It is a tough but not tough matchup. McGuire has nice pass catching skills, and while the Jets should be down early, he should be in the game a ton. If you need a one week play I would be willing to pay more, but I wouldn’t go nuts.

3. Wayne Gallman: They have to give him a shot at some point. The season is a lost cause. Of all the guys on this list, he has the best chance to take over a lead back role in the next few weeks.

4. Marlon Mack: He looked good in limited work coming back from the shoulder injury. It is going to be tough to overtake Frank Gore, even though maybe he should. A Gore injury is the only way I think he ends up as “the guy” in Indy.

5. Matt Breida: Some people need to cool the jets a little bit on Breida. He is an interesting stash, but I saw him touted as taking the job from Hyde; that isn’t happening. You want Breida for Hyde’s injury risk.

6. Shane Vereen: All the pass catchers are hurt. I wouldn’t be surprised if Vereen played a ton this week. The Broncos are a tough matchup for receivers too. Verren might get a lot done in the passing game.

7. D’Onta Foreman: Little has changed with Foreman. If Miller goes down he is really interesting – if not, he has desperation flex value. He had less than 10 touches for the first time since week one. I assume he ends up with close to 10 more often than not.

8. Orleans Darkwa: Maybe he is the guy that takes over. Maybe not. In reality I don’t even know if you want anyone on the Giants at this point other than maybe Vereen as a desperation play.

9. Juju Smith-Schuster: Played more than Bryant again. The offense is struggling right now so I don’t know how much can be supported outside of Brown and Bell. I am not willing to say the team is done. The Jaguars are a really tough matchup.

10. Charcandrick West: I am not going too crazy. He is a handcuff and noting more. Even then, he isn’t a must own by any means.

11. Corey Clement: Didn’t do a lot in a blowout where Smallwood didn’t play. Hard to get too excited.

12. Jaron Brown: The musical chairs of success that is the Arizona passing game went to JJ Nelson this week. They pass so much that both of them will have their big weeks.

13. Zay Jones: Everyone in the passing game is hurt. This is a by default waiver wire add. This offense will be McCoy, McCoy, and more McCoy.

14. Paul Richardson: When you have a light waiver wire week things get a little ugly when you get this far down. I guess you could add him if you are desperate.

15. Tyler Lockett: See above.

16. C.J. Prosise: He didn’t play, but that might have moved him up the depth chart. I still think he is really talented, but injury prone. If he gets a chance to take the full-time role I think he can win it.

17. Charles Sims: The passing downs back. That’s it.

18. Ricardo Louis: He has 135 yards in the last two games on a team that is often playing from behind.

19. Albert Wilson: Chris Conley is out for the year. Wilson gets a bump in targets. But if you didn’t own Conley don’t bother getting Wilson.

20. Austin Ekler: Just in case something changes with Melvin Gordon’s knee.


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    1. Brown already in a crowded situation Williams is soon to be.

      I would rather have Brown. Better player I think and the Cardinals are passing at a league leading rate

    1. Louis. I like Griffin as a lower end tight end streamer but I would take most receivers over him.

      Griffin likely hinges on getting in the end zone. Louis likely gets 60-80 yards and still has the chance to score.

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