NFL Waiver Wire Report: Week 2

Week two provides a little more clarity as we get a second week of sample sizes. A couple of players that were on waiver wires last week are still there, but the price just got a lot higher – in the same way the price has gone down on several others.

I think people sometimes get the idea that they have to make a move every week. It isn’t all that necessary. Sometimes waiver picks pan out and sometimes they don’t. I know Earth shattering revaluation there.

If the top two guys slipped through waivers last week I would be willing to empty half of the FAAB this week.

The difference between this week and last week lies there. Luckily if you spent as much as I said to spend last week I feel like you should have gotten one or both of Allen and Carson because I think I was willing to spend more on them than most, while others targeted Cardinals backs and Cohen.

If you need a plug and play starter, the good news is there are plenty of options on the wire for week three. If you have a question specific to a player or situation feel free to ask in the comment section below and I will do my best to help you out. You can also reach me on twitter –  

Players that make this list are owned in less than a third of ESPN leagues. If multiple players are listed with the same FAAB range it means they are relatively equal, but in a pinch the ranking on the left is the order I would rank them.

  Player Position FAAB Burn wavier Claim ESPN %Owned
1 Javorius “Buck” Allen RB 25-45% Yes 7.8
2 Chris Carson RB 25-45% Yes 7.9
3 Samaje Perine RB 10-15%   1.8
4 J.J. Nelson WR 10-15%   15
5 D’Onta Foreman RB 5-10%   4.7
6 Chris Johnson RB 3-8%   3.3
7 Andre Ellington RB 3-8%   1.4
8 Kerwynn Williams RB 3-8%   28.2
8 Alex Collins RB 3-8%   0
9 Alvin Kamara RB 3-8%   14.9
10 Jermaine Kearse WR 3-8%   5.5
11 Rashard Higgins WR 3-8%   0.3
12 Mohamed Sanu WR 3-8%   20.5
13 Jaron Brown WR 0-5%   0.6
14 Kendall Wright WR 0-5%   7.4
16 Marqise Lee WR 0-5%   30.2
17 Wendell Smallwood RB 0-5%   1.5
18 Jalen Richard RB 0-5%   1.7
19 Elijah McGuire RB 0-5%   0.1
20 Mike Tolbert RB 0-5%   4.7

1. Javorius “Buck” Allen – If you didn’t get him last week, the price just got a whole lot more expensive. I don’t play on Yahoo, but from what I understand he is a lot more owned there than ESPN. Either way; if he is out there he needs a big bid.

2. Chris Carson – Looks to be taking over as the lead back sooner than I expected. The only reason he is number two is because I think Prosise still has a role and I don’t know if Rawls is dead to the Seahawks yet. I have no problem if you prefer him over Allen though.

3. Samaje Perine – Rob Kelley left with what sounds like (as of now) a bruised rib. I don’t think Perine is a great talent, but overall I do think he is better than Rob Kelley. If he can just hold on to the ball he could be a slightly better Rob Kelley.

4. J.J. Nelson – When the oft injured John Brown is hurt he is a top-30 play. Even when he isn’t he is a fine hail-mary flex.

5. D’Onta Foreman – The Thursday night guys get forgotten about a lot when everything goes down on Sunday. Foreman got a lot of work in a close game and was decent with it. Not great, but decent. I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned into the goal line back and got 10-12 touches per week, but I don’t think he has any chance to take the starting role from Miller.

6. Chris Johnson – I think he is in line for more work, but I wouldn’t get too excited as this offense just isn’t going to be good this year.

7. Andre Ellington – Played the most snaps in a game that was close from the get go. Don’t forget Ellington was once a first few rounds fantasy pick before injuries derailed his career.

8. Kerwynn Williams – Seemed to have swing and missed on his first crack at the starting job. If he somehow made it through your waivers unclaimed last week you can likely get him a lot cheaper now. Still worth a flier.

9. Alex Collins – West is a little banged up and Collins was recently promoted to the practice squad and performed well in mop up duty of the Browns. I do think Collins has better physical ability than Allen and West, but this is a different situation than Allen was in a few weeks ago. He still has players to climb over.

10. Alvin Kamara – The clear number two, and possibly number one, in a high-powered offense.

11. Jermaine Kearse – The number one option in the passing game. That is a nice thing to say right? That is about all I have here.

12. Rashard Higgins – Corey Coleman is out, Kenny Britt is Kenny Britt, and Higgins had a pretty nice game this week. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the number one receiver after what Kenny Britt put on film Sunday.

13. Mohamed Sanu – Outside of Julio and the backs, someone will do well every week. Last week it was Hooper – this week Sanu. I cold never count on him every week, but would lock him in as a fourth receiver that is a nice play in a bye week or injury crunch.

14. Jaron  Brown – He played a lot of snaps and got targets. Nelson is the player I would rather have as I believe he is the better receiver, but if you lost out on him throw a dart at Brown.

15. Kendall Wright – The Bears receivers are a mess right now.

16. Marqise Lee – Did about what I expected this week, and this is probably as good as it gets minus a random touchdown.

17. Wendell Smallwood – Blount is getting pushed to the back burner. In a game they mostly trailed Sproles got the work. Maybe if the game is closer Smallwood gets that work. Or maybe it just goes to Blount. Doesn’t hurt to take a cheap flier though

18. Jalen Richard – I don’t know which back ends up taking over if something happens to Lynch. I think it ends up a committee like last year, but on a weekly basis I will probably end up touting the back that did better on the bottom half of this list.

19. Elijah McGuire – The third back on a terrible team. I don’t even know why I am recommending him. If you are in a super deep league and want a back, you could do worse, maybe.

20. Mike Tolbert – The backup to a running back that seems to get hurt but keep playing every week. He has some stand alone value in deep leagues as a touchdown type prayer.


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