Buy Low/Sell High: Week 2

Buying low and selling high is hard to do after week one. Draft day value is still attached to every player. People don’t, and shouldn’t, want to sell their top picks after a bad week.

Week two gives that second data point, and second panic point.

One week and the thought is it was just one week. Two weeks and you start to ask yourself if you were wrong. Is this what this player is?

I tend to not drastically change my mind on a player until we get three weeks of games. Another week or two and we can start looking at the next few weeks of a player’s schedule and start selecting defenses that are worth picking on.

This early in the year all the names that appear here are going to feel or seem obvious because, well… they are. I want you to buy the guys that were in the early rounds and are extremely talented that had a bad game or two.


WR – Brandin Cooks

The only Patriot that was a let down this week. Narrative street took an “L” on this one as Cooks didn’t go off in a revenge game. I truly hate that narrative.

Deep play threats, as are all receivers, are bound for these down games. The Patriots got out in front early in this one too and didn’t air it out quite as much in the second half.

The Patriots lost pass catchers left and right in this game. Cooks was the last man standing when the game was over, although not all the injuries appear to be serious.

Cooks could have better numbers for the season; in week one he lost some chunk plays, and if I recall correctly two potential touchdowns to pass interference calls.

There will be numerous buy-low opportunities for Cooks this year as he will have down games. He is also going to have league winning weeks.

RB – Ezekiel Elliott

Nothing of value to tell anyone here. He is a great athlete, and maybe you have someone panicking at the performance plus the court things going on. He and the next guy on this list are pretty easily the top two fantasy assets.

RB – Le’Veon Bell

Some crazy person out there is going to panic because Bell hasn’t gone off for a big game. Just like Elliott, if you can pull something off for what would be closer to top 10 player value than top two player value, run to hit accept.

Bengals – All of the fantasy relevant ones that is

Joe Mixon might have one more week with a legitimate buying opportunity. He started getting run opportunities at the end of that ugly loss Thursday night and looked solid – great compared to Hill. I can’t imagine he will be second or third fiddle for more than one more week at most.

The obvious target is A.J. Green. You know how you get love in your first game as a coordinator? You feed your star. Green has already been getting decent target numbers, and he might get even more next week. It isn’t like he put up a goose egg this week either.

Andy Dalton is likely waiver wire fodder at this point. I still think he can turn things around, but you don’t need to add him now. There are so many quarterback options. Pick one currently playing well.

WR – Amari Cooper

Game was a blow out. Maybe he gets a little more work if the game is closer. People will likely be freaking out over Crabtree being the one having a huge game, and when I say likely, I mean I have already seen it on Twitter.

Last week everyone was on the “Cooper is getting red zone looks and this is going to be a great year” train. Now people are already giving up on that.

I think it is in the middle, and if anything it is leaning towards Cooper having a great year.


RB – Marshawn Lynch

I really thought he would have a better game in this spot, but big plays and a big lead let them not use Lynch a lot.

I don’t think Lynch is going to be a big workhorse this season. More often than not I think he falls closer to 15 touches than 20.

You probably won’t be able to get much more than draft day value, maybe from a running back starved owner you can get a number one receiver.

WR – Emmanuel Sanders

I did this a couple of times last year. Someone that could be both a buy and a sell simply depending on the league.

This one is a bit of a tough call. Sanders at this point in the season could easily have four touchdowns, two near misses in week one on top of the two he got in week two.

Trevor Siemian is looking better, and I think that could be a big boost for Sanders.

When taking that into account maybe he’s a buy candidate. I put him in here because I have a feeling someone is willing to buy him as a middle or high-end second receiver when I see him more as a borderline two or three.

So, if you own him I would look to move him and a running back if you could for an upgrade at running back. If you don’t, throw out a flex option or two for him. Someone might be looking to sell.


RB – C.J. Anderson

He went a lot later in drafts than he should have gone. Like I mentioned with Sanders, Siemian looks like a better quarterback this year. That will always open things up for a running back.

As long as Anderson can stay healthy he is a locked and loaded RB2, and likely a high-end one at that.


WR – Larry Fitzgerald

Carson Palmer looks borderline done this season, and with no David Johnson to lean on this offense could be in trouble all year.

Fitzgerald is older so you don’t get that upside hype you might get out of an Amari Cooper type if you try to trade him.

I wouldn’t sell for anything, but I would be looking for more of a middle of the road third receiver with a better offense along with a bench type running back.


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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

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  1. I’m lucky enough to have Hunt, Fournette and Montgomery. I have a trade offer of AJ Green for Montgomery. Fair deal? Maybe counter with Fournette instead of Ty?

    1. I would do it for sure. I think Montgomery and Fournette are pretty close in value now. PPR I would try Fournette. If it is standard it is pretty even. Montgomery is always going to be involved in the game plan. Fournette can get taken out if they Jags are getting crushed.

        1. Ya in that case I would do it for sure.

          At .5 PPR I think Fournette is the one I would trade, but it is really a toss up.

          As a Montgomery owner myself I would do it if I had to but it would hurt to give him up. Montgomery definitely deserves to be a top-10 back at this point.

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