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The Reason Behind NFL Players’ Anthem Sit-Downs

Things are starting to flare up in the NFL, not because of its games or the team’s standings, but because of its players’ sentiments. Yes, the nationalistic ideologies of players are among the hottest things that rocked the sporting world in the days past. And the situation just aggravated as more and more NFL players are hopping on the equality bandwagon.

Racial Hate Resurfaces in America

Ever since Donald Trump has been elected as the Commander-in-Chief of the “almighty” America, the number of race-related violence skyrocketed. Some say it’s because of Trump’s supposed racist ideology, while there are those that say it’s just a matter of time for these unsettled racial disputes of the 1800s to resurface.

And that’s just what happened in the Charlottesville tragedy last weekend. White supremacists and counter protesters clashed with each other, and out of nowhere, two cars drove straight into the pro-equality group, injuring several people and killing one person.

Instead of condemning the obviously extremist and terroristic approach of the white supremacists, President Trump reiterates that the two sides are to blame. And there you have it — the easiest way to ignite the sentiments of the racial minority in America has just been done.

The result? National anthem protests happening nationwide, the NFL being the forerunner of it.

Lynch and Bennet’s Disgruntlement

Colin Kaepernick is one of the most popular NFL players to have stood his ground when it comes to these societal problems. Last season, Kaepernick started the national anthem protest in the NFL by sitting down while everyone else stood up singing the anthem before their game.

Now, Marshawn Lynch and Michael Bennet have just shown the trend is back as they followed Kaepernick’s footsteps in showing their dissatisfaction with the government’s approach to the unfortunate incident. Lynch’s way of doing it was in-style as he sat down on a cooler before the Raiders’ game against the Cardinals took off.

Then there was Bennett who took his stand to the media. In one of his interviews, the Seahawks player says that he just wanted to use his platform to express his ideas and emotions regarding the things that have been going on in the past few months.

He went on to say that the latest happening in Charlottesville was the one which ignited his need to voice out his dissatisfaction in the “injustice” that’s happening. Bennett concludes his statement by saying that he is against segregation, oppression, gender slander, and inequality.

On the other hand, Oakland Head Coach Jack Del Rio was the one who talked about Lynch’s actions. Del Rio says that it was Lynch’s way of being himself.

Ongoing List of Anthem “Protests”

Sitting down during the singing of the American national anthem isn’t the only way for NFL players to show their disgruntlement on the racist disputes. The Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins proved this as he instead raised his fist during the national anthem in all of their games last season.

According to him, he wants to show his strength in fighting for what is right. With all of these things being said, it sure is a tough time for America, especially that the ongoing hate between the whites against the multi-ethnic population has resurfaced.

All we can do now is just to hope that things will start to get better in the days to come.

The Effect of the Protest on Results & Betting

Colin Kaepernick is one of the most popular players in the NFL because of his skills, talent, and surprising personality. Despite this, he is currently a “team-less” free agent. There are a lot of reasons as to why it’s happening.

One of these reasons is that it might be because of his kneeling gesture during one of his games with his previous team. This happened before the game while the national anthem was going on. He says it was his way of showing discontent with the racial issue in the U.S.

It has already been a year he remained jobless, and despite the many high-profile teams showing interest, he’s still a lone wolf. Either it’s because of his ideals and political views or it’s just because of his lack of skill and talent in the game.

Reports have it that the only way for Kaepernick to get back to the game is if a team gets an injured player. If that happens, it’s pretty sure that Kaepernick will be sought after and will eventually result to turning the betting odds around this midseason.

The 2017-18 NFL season is just a few weeks away as it’ll kick off on Sept. 8, and the latest NFL betting offers having been laid out. The season’s opening game will be against the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots.

The Chiefs are the underdog having 14/5 while the Patriots get 5/18, becoming the favorite. The underdog, New York Jets, get 12/5 against the favorite Buffalo Bills with 1/3. Meanwhile, Lynch’s Raiders get 5/6 against the evens odds of the Tennessee Titans.

Then there’s Bennett’s Seattle Seahawks who are the underdog with 7/5 against the strong 20/33 of the Green Bay Packers.

By James Thomas

Part-time writer, full-time sports fan, and lifetime fantasy sports fanatic.