New Way of Calculating Strength of Schedule for 2017

Both NFL and Fantasy experts can be critical of the typical strength of schedule (SOS) rankings that are calculated each season because it measures teams based on last year’s win-loss records.

Proponents of the SOS counter that it may at least put a spotlight on certain skill players who may have to face tougher defenses.

While I can see both sides of the argument, I’ve personally had issues with the SOS simply because it is based solely on win-loss records.

In my opinion, this is not an accurate gauge of a team’s strength or vulnerability. We don’t manage fantasy leagues based on whether a player will win or lose. Projections are predicated primarily on yardage and scoring.

On the defensive side of the ball, fantasy leagues will score “yards allowed,” “points allowed,” turnovers (interceptions + fumbles recovered), and sacks.

Using these defensive categories, what if this is how we measured the strength of a player’s schedule?

We’ll, you don’t have to wonder.

The ranking to the right calculates each NFL team’s weekly opponent and factors the rankings of these individual categories (yards allowed, points allowed, turnovers and sacks) from 2016 and combines them for the 2017 NFL schedule.

Teams at the top of the list will likely have a tougher time of things against stingier defensive units.

Teams at the bottom of the list will will face off against some of the softest, most porous defenses.





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