The Benefits of Using Lineup Optimizer for DFS

Written by: Adam McDonald

If you’re new to daily fantasy sports or simply trying to make playing easier, a daily fantasy lineup optimizer may be for you. There are many great services across the industry to help you build and enter contests. Once you experiment with a few of the great optimizer providers, you will get a feel for what they can and can’t do for your DFS career. In short, an optimizer can simplify the whole process for yourself.

Using an optimizer has many benefits. They allow you to input your own projections, find value you overlooked, and mass build hundreds of lineups in minutes. Many optimizers allow you to tinker with many settings. For example, if you want to build a safer cash lineup you can set the program to run safer plays with less upside. On the flip side, you can also use it to run GPP lineups which carry greater risk, but higher upside. Being able to run a program that matches your playing personality is a great advantage to take into your DFS contests.

One of my favorite things to do with an optimizer is being able to follow the daily trends. Being able to analyze all the daily matchups with Vegas odds or ballpark factors (for baseball) all in one place saves so much time. Another advantage is the ability to view a player’s recent performance over his last five to ten games. For example, you may sort through minutes played per player over the last five games to see a minimum salary basketball player is receiving more minutes than he has all year per game. This could be due to “Tanking” or an injury to a teammate that has opened up minutes. The point is, there are so many little things the mind may skip past, than an optimizer is always going to pick up on.

Finding an optimizer that fits everything you’re looking for is much easier today than it was a year ago. The advantages are endless once you learn all the ins and outs to using an optimization service. I love being able to input my own projections to see how they correlate with a system much smarter than my brain will ever be. Optimizers are also really good for players that like to lock in a core to build around. The optimizer will spit out 150 lineups with your core group of player locked into every single lineup. It is amazing how easy building mass lineups around a core is with an optimizer.

All in all, using an optimizer is something every player should look into doing. If not even for the lineup building aspect, being able to access projections and trends is well worth it in my opinion. DFS is a game of numbers, why not use an optimizer to your advantage? The short answer is give it a shot. Almost all services offer a free trial or way to allow you to see the possibilities before committing to anything. I fully recommend looking into an optimizer, it will greatly simplify your process.


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