Baseball Betting Lines Explained

Gambling is not only restricted to casinos and races. Sports betting is also gaining importance with time. Sports betting mean betting in any of the sports like cricket, football, baseball, basket ball, etc.  Whatever kinds of online betting you want to do, whether it’s in sports or games or races or poker, whatever it is, Betfair Slots provide you with the best experience in this field of betting and gambling. Sports betting are done in different ways. The different ways in which betting in sports takes place are:-

  • Short term betting as on the result of each single game
  • Betting on any particular player’s performance
  • Long term betting as to the result of the entire series
  • Betting on the score to be made by any single team

These are just a few types in which sports betting are generally done. In sports baseball betting is very common. But it is not as easy as betting in any other mode. In sports betting, and especially in baseball betting, you need to have a lot of knowledge about the sport – then only you can come out as a winner. It is not just a matter of luck or chance, but experience also speaks well in baseball betting.


5 basic methods of betting in baseball

1. Betting as per strategy – Before placing your bet you must make a strategy as to how to bet and how the game would be played. The factors to be kept in mind while making the strategy are: the performance of the team, its background, performance of the pitcher, etc.

2. Betting on the basis of money line – Money line means the result of the particular game. In this type of betting only the result of the game matters. Money is put in both ways i.e. on both the teams as to which would win and which would lose.

3. Betting MLB tools – It is also known as the betting on Over/Under Total, which means that bet, is made on the total runs. It can be whether on the total runs to be scored by one side or the total runs to be scored by both the teams together.

4. Betting as per MLB run line – Similar to football where betting is generally made on by how many goals a team would win, in baseball run line means a team is to going to lead by how many runs. However, the run line is usually set at 1.5.

5. Betting MLB Futures, Props & Parlays – In baseball, MLB futures means betting on the records of the entire season, i.e. as to which team would win the entire World Series. Prop bets are different from all other kinds of bets as it does not take into consideration the runs of the whole team as one, but it is based on the performance of individual players. Parlays means that you can combine two or more bets of your for a bigger outcome.

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