The Baseball Show Episode 2: Red Sox Hot Stove

Trades, Prospects, Breakouts and Busts: join us each week as we talk about baseball from a fantasy angle – but not exclusively. This is the Baseball Show Episode 2

We hope you enjoyed our debut episode. Today we return and dive into the Boston Red Sox. Retirements and blockbuster trades highlight the odds on favorite to take home the American League pennant. It’s Hot Stove season, and we’re going over all the transactions – our likes and dislikes, as well as how minor leaguers are affected by the moves. Leave your comments, and keep the conversation going!

So get on board, and join Andy Singleton (@PeoplezPen), Tehol Beddict (@LordBeddict) and Ralph Lifshitz (@RalphLifshitzBB) as we discuss the potential 2017 potential World Series contenders, the Boston Red Sox.

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