Week 15 Start or Sit

If you’re reading still, congrats on still being alive.

Week 15 has a couple interesting storylines heading into the weekend. The cold and the bad quarterback situation.

Weather in the Packers/Bears and Chiefs/Titans games are going to be below freezing. While cold isn’t typically a big deal, below freezing is a different story. If I have someone in the passing game in those games and someone of nearly equal value, I am going with the guy not playing in sub-zero temperatures. No, I am not just benching Rodgers, but if you somehow have Rodgers and Kirk Cousins I might go Cousins.

Top quarterbacks are also in tough matchups, and the quarterbacks sitting in good matchups are ones that typically end up in the back half of the top-20. 

We want these decisions to be easy, but a lot of times they aren’t. Like I have said before, do the research and don’t second guess. 

Also don’t forget, if you own a Dolphin or Jet, they play Saturday night. Make sure your lineups are set.

If you have any players you have a question on feel free to ask in the comment section below or on Twitter.

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No HalfTime BannerQuarterback


Kirk Cousins vs. Panthers: Cousins is on a nice roll, and the Panthers, outside of a Rivers turnover fest last week, have been a nice matchup. 

What you can expect: 300 yards, two touchdowns

Derek Carr @ Chargers: He had a bad game on a short week in cold weather. The extra layoff in a nice weather game against a beat up defense is perfect for a bounce back game.

What you can expect: 275 yards, two touchdowns

Joe Flacco vs. Eagles: Over the past six games the Eagles are allowing 8.8 yards per attempt; for a point of reference this would be second to only Matt Ryan if it was an individual player.

What you can expect: 275 yards, two touchdowns


Matt Stafford @ Giants: The Giants have been great on defense, and Stafford has a finger injury. It is a tough week for quarterbacks, but I would prefer Flacco or even Alex Smith to Stafford this week.

What you can expect: 225 yards, one touchdown, one interception

Andy Dalton vs. Steelers: The Steelers have been good this season against quarterbacks, and Dalton is without (at least I expect) a healthy AJ Green. If Green is active I wouldn’t expect a full workload.

What you can expect: 250 yards, one touchdown

Andrew Luck @ Vikings: He is battling an issue with his throwing arm and this isn’t a great matchup for him. While Moncrief hasn’t been a great fantasy asset, other than touchdowns, him not playing hurts Luck.

What you can expect: 250 yards, one touchdown, two interceptions

Running Back


Doug Martin @ Cowboys: Despite a poor yards per carry, it is and always will be a misleading stat, Martin has played great if you watch him. He is going to lead the way with touches and provide solid numbers again this week.

What you can expect: 70 yards rushing, one touchdown, two catches for 15 yards

Bilal Powell vs. Dolphins: Forte shouldn’t be a big factor if he plays, and Powell should handle a big workload. The matchup isn’t great, but it shouldn’t matter if he gets more than 20 touches.

What you can expect: 85 yards, one touchdown, four catches for 30 yards

Tevin Coleman vs. 49ers: This is a dream matchup for a running back. The bad news is Coleman doesn’t get the backfield to himself. His week isn’t going to be one of those expected from him this week. He has a very wide range of outcomes. It could be a blowout and he is a non factor in the third quarter or he could run wild.

What you can expect: 50 yards rushing, three catches for 30 yards receiving, one touchdown

LeGarrette Blount @ Broncos: My feeling is that the Patriots use the ground game early and often against Denver. Blount should be in line for about 20 carries and his usual better than 50/50 shot at a touchdown. Blount is a locked in starter this week.

What you can expect: 90 yards rushing, one touchdown


Devontae Booker vs. Patriots: He was a bad start and then Forsett came in and pretty much took the lead back role even after a fumble on his first carry. Avoid Booker at all cost.

What you can expect: 20 yards rushing

Mark Ingram @ Cardinals: Since Tim Hightower became involved in week eight Ingram’s snap percentage has gone 8, 38, 43, 33, 57, 33, 30. Ingram is a part time player at this point. Do I believe he is the better back? Yes, but that doesn’t matter if he isn’t getting the work.

What you can expect: 40 yards rushing

Digging deep

Kenneth Farrow vs. Raiders: He is going to get a nice workload this week. I don’t think Hillman factors in that much.

What you can expect: 70 yards rushing, two catches for 10 yards

Kenneth Dixon vs. Eagles: He had his coming out party on Monday night. The numbers weren’t great, but the game film showed a lot of promise.

What you can expect: 65 yards rushing, four catches for 35 yards

Wide Receiver


Jamison Crowder vs. Panthers: Carolina has struggled against the slot and that is where Crowder primarily plays. Crowder has been one of the most consistent fantasy receivers out there this year.

What you can expect: Six catches for 90 yards, one touchdown

Tyreek Hill vs. Titans: It is going to be really cold for this game, but I still want Hill if I have the opportunity. The Titans secondary is awful and Hill is the number one receiver/number two pass catcher, in the offense at this point in the season.

What you can expect: Five catches for 85 yards

Sammy Watkins vs. Browns: He played almost every snap last week and came out of it without any setbacks. Watkins is in a fantastic spot against the Browns this week.

What you can expect: Six catches for 90 yards


DeAndre Hopkins vs. Jaguars: The Jaguars are actually good on defense and have some talented corners. I think Hopkins struggles this week, again.

What you can expect: Four catches for 50 yards

Allen Robinson @ Texans: I actually straight up dropped him this week and it felt fantastic. If you have faith to play him this week that is great because you can have faith in anything.

What you can expect: Two catches 30 yards

Stefon Diggs vs. Colts: He has had a weird season. A few huge games have made people prop him up higher than he should be. The Vikings have turned into a short passing game offense. He might get 12 targets, but he might only have 80 yards.

What you can expect: Five catches 60 yards

Digging deep

Robby Anderson vs. Dolphins: It is a risk to play him in the fantasy playoffs because of the small sample. I believe in his deep threat ability and how much he is being targeted.

What you can expect: Six catches for 90 yards, one touchdown

Taylor Gabriel vs 49ers: Julio Jones is out again. This week could be like last week where the Falcons aren;t doing much with the passing game in the second half so there is risk, but Gabriel can do damage with only a few touches.

What you can expect: Four catches 70 yards, one touchdown, 10 yards rushing

Dontrelle Inman vs. Raiders: My contractually obligated Inman recommendation.

What you can expect: Four catches for 75 yards, one touchdown

Ty Montgomery @ Bears: He is going to get a lot of work this week. James Starks is in the concussion protocol, and in a game with weather expected to be below freezing I think the Packers go to the short passing game and run game a lot.

What you can expect: 60 yards rushing, five catches for 40 yards

Tight End


Zach Ertz @ Ravens: He is an easy start if you own him. Just putting him here just in case you were thinking of a different option because of the matchup.

What you can expect: Six catches for 70 yards, one touchdown

Jack Doyle @ Vikings: If Moncrief doesn’t play I expect Doyle to have a nice game – for a tight end.

What you can expect: Five catches for 70 yards

Ryan Griffin vs. Jaguars: He gets vaulted to the starting spot with Fiedorowicz ruled out. For what it is worth I am starting him over Doyle in a league. I think he has a better chance to score. This could also be an insanely cheap DFS play.

What you can expect: Five catches for 60 yards, one touchdown


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Andy Germani

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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

8 thoughts on “Week 15 Start or Sit”

  1. Congrats to you as well. Should be a good week of football. I need 1 WR, 1 RB and a flex out of Farrow, J. Stewart, Tyrell Williams, Cooks, and Dixon. I’m leaning towards Williams, Stewart and Farrow. Also, as far as TE, I’m liking the matchup for ladarius green over Bennet even though Bennet looked great last week. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    1. I agree with the RB/WR/Flex.

      It is a tough call because Green can be a complete non factor if the Steelers decide to run. If they go into running formations he just doesnt play.

      I actually like the matchup for Bennett because the Broncos do have great corners but their coverage linebackers arent great. Teams that actually use their tight ends do fine against the Patriots. Olsen 7-73, Brate 5-67, Henry 6-83 TD, Gates 4-33 TD, Kelce 8-101.

      Really the only ones that you would ever consider in fantasy that they did well against were Fiedorowicz (and lets be honest he is a borderline TE1/2 every week), and Walker last week where Mariota only threw for like 70 yards.

      1. Err….i read my lineup wrong. I only need 1 WR and a flex. I still like Williams but am torn between Stewart and Farrow. I’m leaning Stewart.

        Thanks for the great in depth info on Bennett and his matchup. I did not realize it was that close between him and green.

          1. Is Ware still a must start even with the tough matchup and cold weather this week? He had been rather underwhelming lately with his coach pulling him on a lot of third downs etc. Would Cooks, M. Thomas, Dixon, Farrow, or AP be a start over ware this week?

            Also, as a Steeler’s fan… with the lack of snow in the game forecasted for tomorrow does that lead more to a passing game that would favor Green… Or is it just too unpredictable?

          2. Im fine with Ware this week. He is what he is. And cold games tend to mean big workloads for running backs.

            The Steelers are pretty unpredictable. It pretty much just comes down to whatever is working that game.

    1. Thats tough. I think I would go Williams and Crowder. If Demaryius doesnt score he isnt going to do much. They are all close enough that whatever one you would bench I wouldnt say that is a crazy call.

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