Buy Low Sell High Week 9


We made it. The back-to-back six-team bye weeks are behind us and we now only have three bye weeks left. I think now is the time to start dealing away depth you don’t need if you are a playoff bound team.

When you wait until week 11 or 12 everyone is looking to deal depth for an upgrade to the starting lineup right before the playoffs.

Make two for ones and trade unnecessary depth while adding your running back’s handcuffs.

If you are in trouble, throw some hail Mary’s. Throw something out there hoping past studs like DeAndre Hopkins and Todd Gurley turn it around.

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Buy Low

QB – Ben Roethlisberger

It might be a little hard to buy low because by the time the game was over his stats were fine, including a completely unexpected rushing touchdown. I think there will be a decent bit of talk radio type talk this week that says he wasn’t healthy enough to play or wasn’t ready or something in that area. This was a great first game for him in terms of how little time he missed and how, it appears, he came out fine.

Potential buy-low offer: Marcus Mariota and Ty Montgomery for Roethlisberger

RB – Le’Veon Bell

I don’t think people are viewing him as the top level running back that he is. He still hasn’t scored a touchdown, but this was his first bad game. It was bad and he still totaled 70 yards. The floor is about that every week because he is so involved in the passing game. Bell will start finding the end zone. I think you can steal him at a low-end running back one value from a frustrated owner.

Potential buy-low offer: Devonta Freeman and Corey Coleman for Bell

RB – Jonathan Stewart

He had a rough game against a pretty tough Rams front seven. Take a look at the upcoming schedule. He gets nice matchups with the Saints and Raiders and then in the fantasy playoffs the Redskins and Falcons. Don’t fear Stewart. Many don’t like him because they think Cam scores all the touchdowns, he will steal some, but will get his yards and find the end zone every once in a while.

Potential buy-low offer: Donte Moncrief and Isaiah Crowell for Stewart

RB – Tevin Coleman/Doug Martin

It is always a risk to buy injured players, Martin showed why already this year. I think both of these guys come back relatively soon. At this point in the year I don’t mind buying injured players because depth becomes less and less important. Weeks 10 and 11 have four teams on bye and then week 13 only sees the Browns and Titans on bye. If you can buy and wait on one, or both, of these guys I think they can help down the stretch. Coleman was averaging 13 points per game when he got hurt and Martin has a great fantasy schedule down the stretch.

Potential buy-low offer (Coleman): Marvin Jones and T.J. Yeldon for Coleman
Potential buy-low offer (Martin):
Cole Beasley and Terrance West for Martin

WR – Dez Bryant 

Oh how quickly our minds change on a player. Last week he was back and everyone was really excited. One week of low yards and he is immediately dead to a lot of people. If you look around the league at receiver there are maybe three that are studs week in and week out. Receivers have always been volatile on a week-to-week basis.

Potential buy-low offer: Brandin Cooks and J.J. Nelson for Bryant

WR – Kelvin Benjamin

Like Stewart, Benjamin has some nice matchups coming up. He has had at least 70 yards or a touchdown in all but one game this season. The hype might have gotten a little out of control after week two, but this is still a solid receiver that is flying under the radar. He won’t have many week winning type weeks but those Saints, Raiders, and Falcons game could be pretty great.

Potential buy-low offer: Jarvis Landry and Darren Sproles for Benjamin


RB – Mark Ingram

Confused? After last week I had him as a buy low because people were freaking out about his benching. This week he broke out, helped by a 75-yard touchdown run. He is a sell is because he played second fiddle to Tim Hightower. Ingram did get more work after he got the hot hand, but we saw how short his leash is and this was the first time he did this all season. Don’t sell just to sell, sell if you can get about his draft day value of a borderline running back one or two.

Potential sell-high offer: Ingram and DeAndre Hopkins and for A.J. Green

WR – Allen Robinson

If you can use today’s outing as a glimmer of hope that he returns to 2015 form. The matchups are about to get a little rough. The Texans pop up on the schedule twice as well as Denver and Minnesota. If Darius Slay is healthy in week 11, that one could be rough as well.

Potential sell-high offer: Robinson and Christine Michael for Spencer Ware


WR – Michael Thomas

The breakout is real. He is on pace to have one of the best rookie receiver season in fantasy history. He has been the most consistent option in the offense; five of his last six games have been in the double digits, and should be an easy wide receiver two the rest of the way.

Potential buy-high offer: Jeremy Hill for Thomas


RB – Ryan Mathews

I believe he landed here once before, but after another eight snap performances, I should never have to write out in a word instead of a number for a players snap count; he needs to be off your team. Mathews has been faking fantasy success by punching in some short touchdowns on extremely limited carries. He is a less exciting option than Matt Asiata right now.

Potential sell-low offer: Mathews for just about anything you can get at this point


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11 thoughts on “Buy Low Sell High Week 9”

  1. Alshon Jeffery vs Michael Thomas ROS? I’m 6-3 (non-PPR) and looking towards playoffs. I have Jeffery and Denver DST currently.. i’m wondering is Denver a bit of a sell high with NE and OAK during the playoffs and their bye week coming up? This week vs OAK did not turn out too well. I’m thinking of pairing them with Jeffery to try to get Thomas from the top team in my league. Thank you.

    1. Jeffery vs. Thomas is a very good value point. I would consider them a toss up rest of season. Right now the lean would be towards Thomas.

      If you are looking specifically at playoff weeks (14-16) I like Thomas’s more. Gets Tampa twice and at home in the all important week 16. Jeffery is looking at a tough matchup with Slay in week 14 and Norman in week 16.

      Thomas is set up for a down week next week against the Broncos so you might be able to get away with waiting another week but there is always risk in doing that.

      If you can ever get something of value for a defense I am all for it. I wouldnt be surprised if you could get Thomas plus something for that combination. People sometimes have an irrational value of defenses and there is that allure of Jeffery returning to form.

      Only risk I see with Thomas right now is him hitting the rookie wall, I am not worried but it is something worth noting.

      1. Thank you. This league has playoffs 15-17 if that changes anything. Do you think I’d have a shot at Rivers? How about Jeffery and Denver for Rivers and Thomas (he has Wilson and Palmer too)…that probably isn’t enough though.

        1. I would lean more towards Thomas in that case.

          Its worth offering for Rivers. I wouldnt be surprised to see it accepted. Denver is an elite defense, Rivers is a good quarterback. And both play very replaceable positions. With Wilson and Palmer there he can afford to lose Rivers, even if Rivers is the best of the three.

    1. I would go Bibbs with my first choice but I am not as head over heels as some out there are.

      Full waiver list will be out tomorrow. Almost all of these names will be on there in some form.

  2. Is J-Stew still a buy low in a PPR? He’s frustrating, because he’ll have games where he runs for 120 yards and 2 TDs and gets a catch for 15, but if a weak rushing game, like last week, isn’t buoyed by a TD, he doesn’t have the receiving prowess to salvage a fantasy relevant game.

    1. He is a little less interesting in a PPR because he really doesnt do much in the passing game. Unless otherwise stated the advice is geared towards PPR so his value is lower there.

      He will have his weeks like last where he is bottled up but that comes with anyone outside of the elites. I love his down the stretch schedule. It should provide plenty of yards and scoring opportunities.

      PPR knocks him a few spots. Probably from 15-16ish to closer to 18-19ish off the top of my head.

      As the unquestioned number one back, PPR might even be a better place to buy. Sure he will give 2-3 less points per week in the passing game but what he does in the run game is better than most of the guys in the middle of the RB2 landscape.

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