Buy Low Sell High Week 7


This week will be a big week for trading. A lot of teams trying to cover for the six-team bye week, and a lot of teams trying to take advantage of others that need the help.

Just remember, don’t kill your season long hopes even if you are hurting from the byes. If you are 5-2 or better you can afford to take a loss, but if you are 2-5 or worse you need to do everything you can to prevent another loss.

Happy trading this week, and don’t forget to give me a follow on Twitter for Sunday morning active and inactive players as well as in-game injury news and anything else football related.

Buy Low

RB – Todd Gurley

The Rams have a favorable rest of season schedule, including games against the Saints and 49ers, and at this point just about everyone who drafted Gordon is fed up with him. Gurley isn’t much different than a guy you will find on the sell-high portion of the list, except Gurley has the talent. The bad news for Gurley is he is not playing the snaps you want to see from someone with his ability. Benny Cunningham really cuts into his passing downs work, which is insane.

Potential buy-low offer: Brandin Cooks for Gurley

WR – Dez Bryant

It might not be a real buy low anymore. Bryant is about to return and Dak Prescott has looked great even without Bryant. The worry with him early in the season was he couldn’t do anything without Romo because other quarterbacks haven’t been good. Bryant might not get force-fed like in the past with Romo, and the Cowboys are a run first offense, but Bryant is the no questioned number one. With Prescott improving with each and every game, Bryant should be back on the wide receiver one radar.

Potential buy-low offer: Frank Gore for Bryant

WR – Alshon Jeffery

Don’t be surprised when Jay Cutler is miraculously healthy this week. Jay “I have never seen a pass I won’t try to complete” Cutler has force-fed Jeffery plenty in the past and probably will again once he returns. Jeffery is one of the unluckiest receivers this year in terms of catches and yards and not scoring a touchdown. You might be able to wait another week to buy Jeffery has a matchup against the Vikings coming up and then a bye. He will almost always be a headache week-to-week as you watch the practice reports, but when he and Cutler are on the field together he is a top-15 receiver.

Potential buy-low offer: Jonathan Stewart for Jeffery

WR – Amari Cooper

You wouldn’t believe how quickly people forget about back-to-back 100-yard games. Cooper might not score 10 touchdowns, but let’s be honest; how many receivers do. He is on pace for 1,300 yards. I would be surprised if he continued at that pace and didn’t score at least five touchdowns by the end of the season. Trust yards when evaluating players, not touchdowns.

Potential buy-low offer: Matt Forte for Cooper


RB – Jeremy Hill

Hill had a huge day, his biggest since his breakout rookie season. He missed some time again with another injury. We haven’t seen this Hill often in the past year and a half. I would use this great game against a really bad Browns defense as a chance to sell.

Potential sell-high offer: Hill for Marvin Jones

RB – Melvin Gordon

He has been listed here too many times to count. Gordon is a top-10 running back, there is no doubt about it, so don’t just go selling him for anything. But the touchdown rate does not go with the yardage totals. Gordon is a 50/50 bet to score every week and he will have decent yardage totals, but those touchdowns will dry up. Right now you can probably sell him at near top-five value. Do it, but like I said before, if you can’t get that kind of value hang on to him.

Potential sell-high offer: Gordon for Mike Evans

WR – Marvin Jones

Jones has been the poster child for consistency, at least seven points in every game this season. Sure there have been some extreme booms, but that is what you get with a receiver. The Lions are nearing a bad stretch in the schedule. They get the Texans, the Vikings twice and have a bye over the next five weeks. If you are 6-1 or 5-2 and can deal with Jones struggling, hang on to him as he has some nice matchups after this rough stretch.

Potential sell-high offer: Jones for C.J. Anderson

WR – Ty Montgomery 

What we saw Thursday night was great. Montgomery was used as a running back and totaled over 100 yards. It is nice as a one week thing, but running an offense like this won’t continue. Knile Davis wasn’t able to play because he only had two days with the team and no chance to learn any of the playbook or blitz pickups. Don’t forget James Starks isn’t out for the year. He has a couple more weeks on the sidelines, and once he returns he is more than likely going to be the primary running back. The best, and worst, part of the Thursday night games are everyone has their eyes on it, and in Montgomery’s case that should boost his trade value.

Potential sell-high offer: Montgomery for Isaiah Crowell


RB – Spencer Ware

You will see a little more on this down below. Ware has been great the past two weeks and shows no signs of slowing down. This is Ware’s backfield right now – as long as he does not start fumbling, and even if he does he could be a top-10, possibly top-five, running back for the rest of the year. The Chiefs are always are going to be a run first team, and even if the game calls for it Ware has been great in the passing game this season. For what it is worth, the following offer is how high I would be willing to go, I would obviously try to start lower.

Potential buy-high offer: T.Y. Hilton for Ware


RB – Jamaal Charles

I am sorry. If any of you out there took him or traded for him because of me, my apologies. The injury took a lot longer to heal than expected, and in the meantime Spencer Ware has dominated turning the once all-pro into a change of pace back. Once the knee swelled up again Friday it became real that Charles’ hope for 2016 was just that, hope. You most likely won’t get the third round value from draft day or anything close to it. Maybe you have a Charles dreamer in your league or you can sell him to the Ware owner. Just get out while you still can.

Potential sell-low offer: Charles and Cole Beasley for Julian Edelman


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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

57 thoughts on “Buy Low Sell High Week 7”

  1. What is your take on A. Robinson after that disappointment this week? Would Robinson for Ware be a fair trade at this point? Ware owner has Hopkins, Jeffery, Cooks, Freeman, and Gore. I am debating if I should try to deal Charles and Robinson for another back…or try to get Ware. Can you help me make a deal? Trade options i was coming up with… (I know he likes miller so maybe sell high on him before tonight’s game?) As always, thanks Andy!
    1. Lamar Miller and Robinson for Ware, Freeman, and Hopkins/Jeffery
    2. Lamar Miller for Ware and Hopkins/Jeffery
    3. Robinson and Charles for Ware and Cooks/Jeffery
    4. Charles and Tyrell Williams for Cooks/Jeffery

    1. I would trade Robinson for Ware right now.

      I dont like option 1 or 2. I dont want to deal Miller in any case unless I get one of the elites.

      I would just try Robinson for Ware first. Maybe preseason values can help you get that done. Can always try to add random bench pieces to it to try to get Ware if he doesnt want Robinson for Ware straight up.

      1. Is Robinson even worth starting until he plays a good game? I looked at his target numbers, and he is getting thrown to quite frequently, about 9 times a game, but that has not translated into WR1, or even WR2 numbers. My other WRs are A.J. Green, Snead, Benjamin, Coates, and Enunwa, and the soon-to-be-back Moncrief. I am trying to make a move for Amari Cooper or Larry Fitzgerald, but am wondering if I can have Moncrief as my WR2. What should I do? PPR league. Also, Ivory or Booker as a bench RB?

        1. Its really bad right now for him. I own him in a start 3 WR and 2 flex league and I am sitting him this week.

          His targets are decent but the quality of the targets arent. And the passes he is catching are not going very far. The “good” news is the Jags are about to get some bad matchups which in reality might be good for Robinson as the Jags should be getting beat and have a half worth of garbage time.

          Based on your receivers I would probably still start him. There is no one there with his upside and they all have a similar floor.

          I would move him for Cooper or Fitz if you can sell on the preseason value. Right now he is a low-end WR2. And the only reason he is a WR2 is because of his preseason/last season outlook.

      2. He did not react the trade (still out there) and responded wanting Miller for Ware, Ryan Matthews, and Cameron Meredith. I quickly rejected. Are either of those guys worthwhile? Would you sweeten the deal with Bernard/Ivory/Tyrell Williams or try to work either of the 2 guys he offered in the counter?

        1. I am not completely bailing on Meredith like some are. Sure he was being targeted like crazy with Hoyer but its not like he is now just not going to play.

          Mathews is a flex option at best. Pretty much what you want as a bye week filler.

          I almost never like doing trades where I give up the best player. I would need to be really desperate for starting options and be in a dire situation with my season.

  2. An owner in my league is looking to sell Ajayi or Blount cheap due to extensive RB depth and no WR depth. He’d be willing to give up either player for Golden Tate. Any preference ROS for Ajayi vs. Blount. 10 team PPR and I am short on RB depth (Melvin Gordon, James White, Matt Jones) and plentiful at WR (A. Brown, Mike Evans, K. Benjamin, Golden Tate, Willie Snead). Any input is appreciated.

    Loving the weekly articles, thanks for the great work!

    1. Wow. I would take either for Golden Tate in a heartbeat.

      Ajayi is more of a league winner type. He is doing some pretty amazing things right now with some metrics.

      Blount is what he is. He is touchdown dependent most weeks. He will have his weeks like this.

      I would say go with Ajayi. His upside is enormous and he probably has a similar floor to Blount.

      1. Yes, I was very surprised as well but it sounds as if he is not very high on the Dolphins offense and is desperate at WR. Works for me! Thanks for the help, Andy.

  3. I have Gurley/Michael/Howard/Matthews at RB
    I have Robinson/D. Thomas/Cooks/AJ Green/Hurns
    I have Wilson at QB

    I can trade something here to get Ajayi and M. Ryan

    The guy needs a Top WR. and thoughts on an offer?

    1. I wouldnt do Green. Ryan has been great but quarterbacks are replacable.

      Thomas plus maybe Wilson and like Mathews or Howard maybe? I dont know if that will get it don for you but I would try. Cooks and Robinson could go instead of Demaryius. All in the same range, just give him his preference.

  4. What are your opinions on C. Mike ROS? I’m thinking it’s time to sell before Rawls comes back. Thoughts on who to target?

    1. I think it is a good idea to put feelers out there. What I saw Sunday night was not a good sign for Michael. The Seahawks couldnt do anything in the passing game and still didnt try to run the ball much.

      I think it turns into a timeshare and maybe leans in Rawls favor once he is truly healthy. Right now you can probably sell Michael at top-20 RB value.

      If you’re looking for a receiver in a deal Amari Cooper, Marshall, and guys in that high end WR2 area. If you want a RB Hyde, Anderson, Ware, Ajayi should all be solid targets

      1. Thanks! The kicker is that I’ve had Rawls stashed all season. Hoping to get some value from C. Mike, and potentially still end up with the lead back in Seattle come playoff time.

        1. I would do it if you can. I wouldnt be surprised if the owner also wanted Rawls in the deal just to secure the backfield. Even in that case I would probably do it. Freeman has probably 2-3 weeks of being an elite back with Coleman out.

  5. Sorry this got a bit confusing as I posted in the wrong spot up there…so i figured I’d post down here. I took the offers for Ware off the table as i Just got an offer of Charles, Ivory, and Tyrell Williams for Ajayi accepted. (what’s insane is Charles was my #1 draft pick and Ajayi was my #11 pick…) I’m really hoping Ajayi is a rb1 ROS. Thanks Andy. Debating if I should continue to look for trade targets for Robinson. Would you take jeffery over Robinson? I feel like that’s kind of a stretch at this point.

    1. Jeffery I think I would rather take the chance on at this point. I think you might be able to wait on him because odds are he is going to get shut down this week and then he goes on his bye.

      In that time he is borderline unstartable and Robinson you can at least take the chance that he has a nice week or 2 in that stretch. And if he doesnt you can probably still do the trade before week 10.

  6. Hi. In a trade does J. Matthews and Rudolph = Gronk? Is this a balanced or uneven trade? What’s your thoughts? Thanks.

      1. Great! Cause I traded away Rudolph and J. Matthews for Gronk. Last week I was trying to use that combo to trade for rb, but no takers. It’s not essy to trade for rb in my league. No one wants to part with their guys. Although, I still need rb help I tried this trade and it worked. As long as no one vetoes it.
        L. Murray Rb is he in the same situation as Langford? A threeway committee? The owner has McCoy and I own his handcuff Gillislee. So, he may be willing to make a deal. I can try for Gillislee and Brown wr arz for ? Cooks wr or Try for Murray?

        1. I want Murray over Langford. I think Murray actually is a good running back. I dont think Langford is. I would try for Murray if you could throw Gillislee plus some thing for Murray.

          Murray isnt special. He is a solid mid to low end RB2 but he has weekly upside.

          1. You’re right about people being frustrated with certain player and are ready to move on. WOW! I contacted the owner of McCoy and asked him if he wanted secure the Buffalo back field or sell and move on. He said he wanted to hold onto McCoy and handcuff with Gillislee. So, I then told him I would be interested in Murray. He just accepted an offer straight up Gillislee for Murray. Wow! He said he was going to say no, but he’s worried about McCoy’s hammy and doesn’t want to lose a run first team. I’ll let you know if it goes through and is not vetoed. Thanks for the idea to target Murray. I needed a rb.

        2. Solid deal there to secure a nice playoff roster player for what is just a bench piece in Gilislee. There has never been a time where Gilislee has been great as a starter, although he never really had the chance.

          Murray probably isnt much different than Gillislee is when McCoy is out. And with McCoy healthy you have no use for Gillislee.

  7. Will Beckham be a top-3 WR rest of season? I have Carr as a backup, should I trade Brady for OBJ? Do I need more? I’m a lock for playoffs. Any particular players with great playoff schedules I should target?

    1. Alternatively I could target Cooper and ride Oakland against the Chiefs, Chargers, and Colts in playoffs.

    2. Probably not top 3. But that is really just an arbitrary number. He is in that range among the elites. I would probably rank them Julio, Brown, Green, Evans, Beckham and I can see Beckham slotting in anywhere from third to fifth.

      Brady for Beckham is a good deal. If you can get more go for it but Brady is replaceable. You have Carr who can put up 20 point weeks week in and week out. Beckham I would assume is a much larger upgrade over your worst receiver than Brady is over Carr.

      For playoff schedules
      The Chargers and Falcons passing game
      Latavius Murray
      Cowboys passing game

      1. Hi, hope you don’t mind, but checking in on this last note. So, you think wrs on Chargers, Falcons, and Cowboys should be targeted? And, wrs or rbs on Bucs? Murray and wrs on Raiders?

        1. No problem.
          The Chargers get the Panthers, Raiders and Browns weeks 14-16. Great matchup every week there.

          Falcons are going to be hard to acquire but they get the 49ers and Panthers in weeks 15 and 16. The Freeman/Coleman combination might run for 300 against the 49ers.

          Cowboys on a much lower level because of how their offense is. But Bucs and Lions in weeks 15 and 16.

          Bucs just everything. They get the Saints in weeks 14 and 16. The Cowboys are sandwiched in between so that could be difficult but two Saints matchups are great.

          You really could target all Raiders but I like Latavius as the easiest to acquire guy and best matchup for the Raiders. They get the Chargers and Colts in weeks 15 and 16. Chargers have been surprisingly decent against the pass and have given up a decent amount of touchdowns. The Colts run defense is really bad the Raiders might just lean on the ground game.

          1. Tevin or Corey? Either way I would just hang on to Gore. Watkins is a complete unknown. I think he is eligible to return week 12 and there is no saying he will return then.

            If its Corey Coleman its an easy no. If its Tevin its at least closer but Tevin might be missing a couple weeks with a hamstring injury

  8. My team
    Qb D. Carr
    Wr D. Hopkins
    Wr D. Thomas
    Wr Dez
    Rb Bernard
    Rb D. Johnson (clev)
    Te Gates
    Flex Edelman
    Bench T. Coleman (rb atl), Zenner, K. Davis, T. Williams (wr sd), Huntly, Fleener.
    IR Starks

    opponents team
    Qb Brees
    Wr Crowder
    Wr Diggs
    Wr Empty Slot
    Rb David Johnson
    Rb J. White
    Te Bennet
    flex Ingram
    Bench McCoy, Gillislee, V. Cruz, Smith sr., Powell, D. Williams (rb pit)

    He”s been trying to get wr for rb, but after he low balled a newbie in our league (Crowder + Ingram for Julio; league vetoed trade), no wants to trade with him. However, he has rbs and I have wrs. So, I’m willing to try to negotiate a deal for a good deal. How do you think this should be approached? Thanks as always.

    1. The obvious thing I see first when I see his team is David Johnson. He would have to be nearly impossible to get at this point but it never hurts to try. Just ask what 2 players it would take to get Johnson.

      You could also try throwing any of your receivers plus someone like Zenner/Davis/Duke for the Buffalo backfield. I would take a healthy McCoy over all of your receivers. You might have to deal 2 weeks without him but once he comes back he is a difference maker for the playoff run.

  9. I am trying to deal Gillislee to the McCoy owner. I have out out Gillislee, Robinson and Dalton for Cooper and Matt Ryan (and also substituted cam for ryan) and have not heard anything back… Am I close to even on those trades or would I need to go higher? Also I see talk of buying in on Murray… What is his value currently? Would Jacquizz Rogers be a good person to deal for Murray?

    1. That trade definitely favors you but its not one of those where I would be shocked if it was accepted.

      If you are looking strictly long term for Murray like weeks 14-16 Quizz is fine. But Quizz might be a top 12 back for the next 2 weeks helping you get to the playoffs.

      1. Murray owner rejected Quizz for Murray straight up. How high would you go on him? Would you package Robinson with Quizz for Doug Baldwin and Murray?

        1. I wouldnt go crazy for Murray. He has a nice playoff schedule but its not like he is a safe play. He still is in a committee. Any deal with Robinson wont go through until after the week anyway. I dont like making a deal where I could risk someone getting hurt before I can even play them.

  10. I to drop one player:Enunwa, Coates, or Ertz. My WRs are A.J. Green, Allen Robinson, Willie Snead, Travis Benjamin, and Route Moncrief. My other TE is Barnidge, who,despite his lack of TDs, is very consistent.

    1. I would drop Coates. Bye week plus he hasnt dont anything since Ben has been out. Ben might be back post bye but no guarantee. You can probably get him back fairly easily this time next week if you wanted to

  11. Andy, I hope you’re around to help, because I’ve got know what you would do. OR any of the other reader on this site. I’m leaning YES. So, here it is … This week I trades. 1st I traded J. Matthews and Rudolph for Gronk. CHA-GING! 2nd I trade Gillislee for L. Murray. SOLID. 3rd I sent a trade proposal for Julio. I offered Brady and Hopkins. I’ve been countered for Hopkins and Booker.

    Here’s my team before trade:
    Qb Brady
    Wr Evans
    Wr Hopkins
    Wr Landry
    Rb D. Booker
    Rb L. Murray
    Te Gronk
    Flex J. White
    Bench Eifert, Fiedorowicz, DeAngelo Williams, A. Morris, L. Murray, John Brown

    After trade:
    Qb Brady
    Wr Julio
    Wr Evans
    Wr Landry
    Rb L. Murray
    Rb J. White
    Te Gronk
    Flex G. Bernard
    Bench Eifert, Fiedorowicz, D. Williams, A. Morris, John Brown

    So, What do you think? Yes or No?

    1. It isnt a bad deal. I love Julio. Easily the best player in the deal.

      I think I would do it. Right now for you Booker is house money. You havent had him playing all year and he essentially lets you take a big upgrade from Hopkins to Julio.

      I get it that Booker might be an RB1 from here on out but there is risk. Once he steps on the field and if he doesnt have a great game his value plummets. Guys like this are best to deal before anything happens.

      It is a difficult deal though. I usually see deals and can decide in under a minute or lean one way or another. I actually asked a friend about this deal because it was that close.

      I would say do it but its a tough tought call. Try to get something small thrown back in if you can but if you cant I would go for it.

      1. His team
        Qb Bortles
        Wr Julio
        Wr Dez
        Wr Snead
        Rb Crowell
        Rb R. Matthews
        Te Kelce
        Flex D. Adams
        Bench R. Jennings, C. Beasley, R. Rodgers (te BG)

        You said try and to see if he would throw something in on the deal. Well here’s his team.

        In response, I think I may take the deal. If my flyiers are helping me upgrade, then why not. Rudolph combo got me Gronk, Gillislee got me Murray, and Booker gets me Julio.

        1. If you could get Beasley that wouldnt be a bad idea. Nothing special there but a really nice bench receiver.

          If youre looking for more RB fliers Kapri Bibbs, Peyton Barber, Paul Perkins are solid options

    2. Sorry. The 1st team should have G. Bernard too (bench). Anyways, the trade is Julio for Hopkins and Booker. My other rbs would be G. Bernard, L. Murray, J. White, D. Williams, A. Morris.

      1. I think I would still do it. You have 3 startable backs and only have to start 2. You have good tight end options that you can start as flexes if you have to. And might even be able to flip one of them for a lower end running back that no one likes just to add a little depth

        1. Hi, Andy. Thanks for all the advise so far this season. Well, I’m in need of some again. A trade I made was vetoed in my league (J. Matthews and Rudolph for Gronk). We were under the impression it would come through today. There was not indication that anyone disagreed with this trade or felt there was collusion, but it was vetoed with no reason. So, I wrote to the league and tried to find out what’s up and if there’s no valid reason then I requested the commissioner intervene and override this BS. Well, the commissioner said it was a league setting and if I wanted to I can try the trade again. One of the individuals who voted against the trade said he did so because he felt it was “unbalanced”, but that if I put the trade in again he would not vote against it. Now, none this makes sense to me. First, everyone had days to voice a concern, but refused to and remain silent. Second, doesn’t the commissioner have to set this right. It messes with the integrity if the league. Anyone at any time can veto and it’s ok. I’m …….. writing to much. What do think? Cause if that trade was vetoed then the other two trades I spent time on are going to be done in too.

          1. I hate vetos. I dont think any league should have one unless there is collusion. Part of the negotiation process is getting the best deal you can.

            I hate when people veto for the sake of “I want that guy for that price. Maybe I can trade for him now.”

            I would say offer it again and try to get it accepted. What sucks is that now that the owner on the other end of this trade saw it vetoed he might want more.

            Had a commenter on the waiver wire article have the same thing happened. Once it got vetoed he had to pony up more to get the guy he had just traded for.

            Negotiating a trade with one person is hard enough. If you then have to worry about not only that owner accepting it but then the league as a whole its even worse.

            I say offer it again. Maybe throw in a little sweetner bench piece if you want to try to bypass the veto. Not much else you can do. Owner that veto like that for the sense of strategy are the worst.

            Between baseball and football I have probably played 100s of seasons, when you count multiple teams each year. This includes ones with friends and ones where I didnt know a single person in the league.

            There were 3 trades vetoed that I can remember. One was rightfully vetoed. It was two friends and on friend was out of it and he essentially gutted his roster to trade to his playoff bound friend.

            The other ones were the classic ones where another owner doesnt want you getting the good deal or is vetoing so one of his competitors gets better, those were both baseball and dynasties which makes vetoes even worse.

            I went on a bit of a rant there but all in all I hate vetoing. I am not going to say leave the league because I know a lot of people like playing with their friends and thats one of the things that makes this game so fun. My favorite home league with my friends I would never leave. Even if we went down to no buy in and it was all pride it would be my number one league. But if you have other leagues and have looking to cut down, maybe this is the one you cut out.

            In the easiest way possible…
            No collusion = no veto

  12. Sell Bernard and Gillislee to the McCoy owner for Coleman and Sanu? I realize Coleman is out for 2-3 weeks, but assuming that is it a good deal?

  13. With C.J. Anderson out, I now have 3 RB1s. Lamar Miller, Devonta Freeman, and Devontae Booker should all produce elite numbers. Also, my depth is solid, with Terrance West and Jerick McKinnon. Should I attempt to move one of those guys to bolster my weak WRs? I was looking at Freeman’s schedule, and it is seriously concerningly difficult, making him look like a prime trade candidate, with Booker facing a relatively easy schedule.

    1. The one I would want to move the most assuming you can get the value is Booker. RB1 has been thrown around a lot with him and he should be a great option the rest of the way but all he really did was show up great, one time, on national television.

      I think immediately vaulting him to an RB1, and I actually called him that before but really shouldnt have, is a bit of an overreaction. Anderson himself was a borderline RB1 and until this week wasnt sharing much work with Booker, his season high in touches before this week was 10. If people want to immediately give him Andersons numbers that is fine but remember Anderson wasnt doing a ton if he didnt score.

      No one really knows if Booker is going to be the one and only guy. For all we know the Broncos still want to use a shared backfield and its 65/35 Booker and Bibbs.

      I would rather keep the running backs but if I am dealing one right now its Booker. You can almost always find flex worthy receivers on the waiver wire. Finding a RB on the waiver wire that you actually want to start at this point in the season doesnt happen too often

  14. Hi Andy,

    Cool site. Quick buy low question. One of the squads in my league has been decimated with injuries and is at the bottom of the league. I (along with virtually everyone else) miscalculated the extent of Jamaal Charles’s knee recovery, which has put me in a bind at RB. I’d like to acquire Todd Gurley while his stock is low. I’m offering Matt Jones and T.J. Yeldon. All the trade analyzers say this is a fair trade. What are your thoughts?

    Below are the teams. Thanks!

    12-Team PPR

    My Team (3-4)
    QB: Derek Carr
    WR: Mike Evans
    WR: Amari Cooper
    RB: Ezekiel Elliott
    RB: Mike Gillislee
    TE: C.J. Fiedorowicz
    Flex (W/R/T): Kelvin Benjamin
    Bench: Dennis Pitta, Matt Jones, T.J. Yeldon, Steve Smith Sr, Jamaal Charles, Jameis Winston

    Opponent’s Team (1-6)
    QB: Tyrod Taylor
    WR: Terrelle Pryor Sr.
    WR: Doug Baldwin
    RB: Matt Asiata
    RB: Bilal Powell
    TE: Travis Kelce
    Flex (W/R/T): Tyrell Williams
    Bench: Doug Martin, Todd Gurley, Carson Palmer, Robert Woods, Cameron Brate, Eddie Royal

    1. I feel like you’re going to have to give up some more. One thing that kills those analyzers is the 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 type deals. They will say that they are fair just because the math adds up for the guy getting 2.

      Jones injury plus his benching from week 7 are going to kill his value right now. Yeldon also hasnt shown a ton.

      In order to get Gurley post bye I would assume you have to give up like Benjamin plus maybe both backs. I would try Benjamin and a back. If he wants that back to be Charles I would just do it. Rid yourself of him, I know I want to in the league I own him.

      If I owned Gurley I would need at least one piece that is an RB2 or WR2. Jones and Yeldon are middle tier RB3 and not enough of an upgrade over Asiata or Powell to make it worth moving Gurley.

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