Waiver Wire Week 6

This is a fairly boring week on waivers. There are a few interesting names, but I think you will have to pay up if you want to get them.

If you are in desperate need of a running back to fill in for Jerick McKinnon or the Buccaneers running back situation, you are out of luck for a good option unless Eddie Lacy is going to miss this week.

My overall strategy for this week would be to place a decent bid on Coates, but not go overboard and grab Dion Lewis as a cheap stash if that claim falls through, assuming you can afford a stash on your bench. 

Keep an eye on who gets dropped this week. This is usually the time where people give up on their mid-round draft busts and you might be able to take a flier on someone like Arian Foster if an owner has given up on him.

All of these players are owned in 40 percent or less of ESPN leagues at the time of this writing. If someone in your league is unowned but wouldn’t qualify for this list, Terrance West for example, feel free to ask in the comment section below to find out what to do with that player.

If there are any players in your league that don’t show up on the list feel free to ask in the comment section below or on Twitter.

And like I said before, you know your league better than I do. Some of these bids might be far too high, some too low. Depth of the league and your roster construction has a lot to do with how much to bid as well.

  Player Pos
FAAB Burn Waiver Priority?


Sammie Coates WR 10-15% Yes


Chris Hogan WR 8-15% Yes


James Starks RB 7-10% Yes


Dion Lewis RB 3-10% No


Jeremy Kerley WR 3-8% No


Cameron Meredith WR 3-8% No


James White RB 3-8% No


Alfred Morris RB 3-8% No


Devontae Booker RB 3-8% No


Jacquizz Rodgers RB 3-8% No


Davante Adams WR 0-5% No


Brian Hoyer QB 0-5% No


Kenneth Dixon RB 0-5% No


Matt Asiata RB 0-3% No


Mike Wallace WR 0-1% No

Sammie Coates – The only real league winning potential player on this week’s wire I think. He could also go back to nothing next week. Coates has terrible hands and he is going to drop a lot of passes. He has the ability in a great offense to take any fly route to the house when safeties, smartly, go to cover Brown.

Chris Hogan – I am interested, but not overly excited. I think Hogan will have some random big games like this, but he is, at best, the fourth passing option on this team and probably fifth when Dion Lewis returns.

James Starks – If Eddie Lacy has an injury that keeps him out a while or if he has a minor injury that isn’t expected to miss time, Starks value could change drastically. I was shocked to see he was under 10 percent owned.

Dion Lewis – He is here now above White because of his potential when he returns. You will likely need to wait until at least week eight to use him, but once he returns he should be a solid second running back every week.

Jeremy Kerley – He had a couple nice weeks in a row. I can’t trust him to have great games weekly when the quarterbacks aren’t going to throw for 200 yards.

Cameron Meredith – Big breakout game with Kevin White hurt. He is getting a ton of snaps and Hoyer refuses to look at his best receiver so the other guys benefit. He should be a WR3/4 with White out.

James White – I only really want him at this point if I need a running back to start in the next two weeks. Solid flex type play with Brady, but nothing more.

Alfred Morris – Look at what that offensive line is doing in Dallas. Morris could win some weeks if Elliott misses any time.

Devontae Booker – Slowly increasing his snaps every week since week one. I guess he is the passing downs back as well. He got work early in the game and a lot of work late in catchup mode.

Davante Adams – He is becoming what people wanted last year.

Brian Hoyer – I am not sure if he keeps the job when Cutler is healthy, but Hoyer has thrown for 300 yards in every game he has started this season.

Kenneth Dixon – He isn’t going to take the role unless West really falters, and he isn’t showing signs of that yet.

Matt Asiata – He could get 15 carries for 30 yards a lot of weeks. He might also take three of those carries at the one and get three touchdowns.

Jacquizz Rodgers – He is essentially the new Charles Sims. Don’t be fooled by this workload. They are heading into the bye and likely not going to need him so they worked him a ton.

Mike Wallace – He has been getting some nice target production the past two weeks. I think the offensive coordinator change helps the big play threat.

Deep league targets

Quarterback: Marcus Mariota (TEN), Colin Kaepernick (SF), Tony Romo (DAL)
Running Back: Mike Gillislee (BUF), Paul Perkins (NYG), Bobby Rainey (NYG), Andre Ellington (ARZ)
Wide Receiver: Corey Coleman (CLE), Anquan Boldin (DET), Cordarelle Patterson (MIN), Brandon LaFell (CIN)

QB Streamers

Marcus Mariota vs. Browns – If you grab him now not only do you have a nice matchup with the Browns now, but the Colts, Jaguars, Chargers, Packers, Colts, and Bears are all in a row before the bye.

Brian Hoyer vs. Jaguars – Great matchup and he has been throwing for a lot of yards.

Colin Kaepernick @ Bills – Flier here if he is announced as the starter this week. He has the tantalizing running ability for the Chip Kelly offense that could make him a great fantasy option.

D/ST Streamers

Steelers @ Dolphins – The Dolphins have been terrible, and even a beat up Steelers defense has been having success the past two weeks.

Titans vs. Browns – The Titans defense has player better than expected. Playing at home against the Browns should provide a nice fantasy day.

Ravens @ Giants – If you’re a little desperate, the Giants offense has looked putrid and the Ravens really haven’t been too bad on defense.


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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

4 thoughts on “Waiver Wire Week 6”

  1. Hey Andy, hope you’re doing well….I feel like we’re old friends at this point….

    I dropped the ball last week….the Minnesota Defense was just sitting there on the FA list and I didn’t even notice. Someone picked them up on Friday….had I dropped Houston for them, I woulda won my matchup.

    QB: Carr
    RB: Michael, Gore, Stewart, Powell
    WR: Hopkins, Robinson, Baldwin, Parker, Fuller, Watkins
    TE: Rudolph (bye)
    D: Houston

    Dion Lewis is available…though if I could hold off til next week, that would help my roster crunch

    Also, Fleener is available at TE. I hate to waste an acquisition on a one-week filler for Rudolph, but Fleener in that saints offense could be worth keeping (or trading one of the two if I can pull it off)

    The Buffalo defense is available and has nearly double the points of Houston….should I consider making the switch there? There’s also a chance Minnesota might be dropped due to their bye….if so, I think I might pick them up and drop Houston next week.

    I’m up to 8 acquisitions already, out of 20, and we’re keeping 4 players going into next year. Is Watkins worth the wasted roster spot? At this point, Hopkins, Robinson, and Michael are my surefire keepers….I’m not sure if Watkins is worth the effort?

    I’m thinking my ideal set of moves would be to pickup Fleener for Powell and Minnesota for Watkins, then next week, Lewis for Houston….what say you?

    1. I dont think you can keep Watkins at this point. There will be a ton of questions surrounding that foot in the offseason. And by the end of the season I bet there will be a random “pop” player like a David Johnson, just not to the extreme that Johnson went from nothing to stud in one yer, where you can grab a guy late in the season that turns out to be a solid keeper.

      Although I really cant fault you iif you want to hang on in a keeper because he does have that top 12 receiver upside. I think I would dump him for Lewis though.

      I really dont want anything to do with Fleener at this point. I would take Jesse James if hes out there. The targets arent there but the TDs are. I would take a chance on him over Fleener for 1 week. I assume Hunter Henry is gone but if he isnt he would be my first option

  2. Thanks….I went with Henry in place of Powell….I can probably wait one more week for Lewis, and at that point I can drop one of the two TE’s or swing a trade.

    One other question….for this week would you recommend starting Stewart at flex or Baldwin?

    1. I like both guys this week. If you have to sit one I think I am sitting Stewart. The matchup is fantastic but I wouldnt be surprised if on Sunday morning we hear he is going to get eased in then he only gets like 10 carries

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