Start or Sit Week 4

The bye weeks are here, which means those great lineups you had in weeks one through three might be without some key players from now through the end of the fantasy season.

Through three weeks all those high upside plays on your bench might look great for future potential, but do you have the confidence to start them?

Is the safe and boring Cole Beasley a better start than the high upside Kevin White? The bench lottery tickets are always great to have, but when it comes to fielding a weekly lineup sometimes it can harm your roster.

If you have any players you have a question on feel free to ask in the comment section below or on Twitter.

And don’t forget we have an early 9:30 kickoff because of the London game. So if you have any Colts or Jaguars in make sure those players are where you want them in your fantasy lineup.

Finally, please check out No Halftime, it is the ultimate start and sit DFS platform. Think Eli Manning outscores Cam Newton? Put a contest out there and put your money where your mouth is, or find an existing challenge to accept. No Halftime also has contests in other sports as well.

No HalfTime BannerQuarterback


Matt Stafford @ Bears: Holy cow people. I hate putting him in here almost every week, but start this guy already! He is almost a lock for 15 points as a floor. Weekly I am more surprised when he throws for under 300 yards than I am if he throws for more than 325. Stafford is again part of this week’s No Halftime contest. Join the group to see who it’s against.

What you can expect: 325 yards and two touchdowns

Philip Rivers vs. Saints: If you weren’t watching the debate you were probably watching the Falcons tear apart the Saints’ defense. Rivers should have a nice day even without most of his weapons.

What you can expect: 350 yards and two touchdowns

Kirk Cousins vs. Browns: The Browns are almost as bad as the Saints on defense. Cousins has quietly thrown for the second most yards in the NFL. Where his fantasy value is killed is his red zone scoring, keep Dustin Hopkins in mind if you need a kicker for this week. He will have more luck with the scoring and it could come this week.

What you can expect: 325 yards and one touchdown


Eli Manning @ Vikings: The Vikings have one of the best defenses in the NFL but aren’t being treated that way. Manning hasn’t had a great season so far, and in a tough matchup I can’t expect it to come this week. Although knowing Manning that means he will probably throw for 400 yards and three touchdowns.

What you can expect: 250 yards, one touchdown, one interception

Russell Wilson @ Jets: He is nursing yet another injury. The mobility isn’t where you want it to be for Wilson and the matchup with the Jets is tough. Keep sitting Wilson and hope he is ready to go once they come out of the bye.

What you can expect: 250 yards, one touchdown, 10 yards rushing

Matt Ryan vs. Panthers: Ryan and the Falcons are about to enter one of the toughest stretches they could face. He has been a top option so far this year but the Panthers have yet to allow a team to throw for more than 250 yards.

What you can expect: 250 yards, one touchdown, one interception

Digging deep

Joe Flacco vs. Raiders: The Raiders held Marcus Mariota in check last week. What is different for Flacco is the Ravens have no run game. Flacco should be throwing early and often on his way to a nice fantasy day.

What you can expect: 275 yards, two touchdowns

Alex Smith @ Steelers: The Steelers tend to offer game scripts that benefit opposing quarterbacks. The Steelers also lost a handful of defenders to injury last week. With the defense missing players or dinged up and the Steeler offense in a spot to put up points, Smith should have a decent game.

What you can expect: 275 yards and one touchdown

Running Back


LeGarrette Blount vs. Bills: I expect a heavy dose of Blount this week no matter who the quarterback is. The Patriots should win and Blount is best used as a clock killer. It doesn’t hurt that the Bills have allowed five rushing touchdowns in the last two weeks.

What you can expect: 100 yards and one touchdown

Christine Michael @ Jets: It’s a tough matchup and his quarterback is nursing two leg injuries. It doesn’t matter for Michael because of the huge workload he should get. Any back that is going to get 20 plus touches is worth a start in any week.

What you can expect: 80 yards and one touchdown

Jordan Howard vs. Lions: The Lions might show up in your league rankings as a good defense against the run, but that is only because they haven’t allowed a rushing touchdown. The past two weeks they have allowed 231 yards on 39 carries. Howard by default has to get all the work for the Bears. Even if they are coming from behind he should be used as a check down option in the passing game.

What you can expect: 75 yards rushing, one touchdown, three catches 30 yards receiving


Charles Sims vs. Broncos: It’s hard to sit him after touting guys like Michael and Howard because Sims should get nearly every running back touch. This matchup is really bad for Sims. If you start him you need to hope for passing game usage in an expected catch-up mode.

What you can expect: 50 yards rushing, three catches 30 yards receiving

Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman vs. Panthers: They don’t kill each others value, but a bad matchup and splitting work isn’t good news.

What you can expect (Freeman): 60 yards rushing, two catches 20 yards 
What you can expect (Coleman):
40 yards rushing, 2 catches 20 yards

Digging deep

Dwayne Washington @ Bears: The matchup is nice; the Bears have allowed 365 yards and four rushing touchdowns to running backs so far this season. The Bears are hurting on both sides of the ball which should let the Lions get a lead and be able to run the ball throughout the fourth quarter. 

What you can expect: 65 yards rushing, one touchdown, one catch for 10 yards 

Cameron Artis-Payne @ Falcons: The Falcons have allowed 230 yards and two touchdowns to running backs over the last two weeks. CAP might not find the end zone, but he should be the lead back and get 12-15 touches. It doesn’t hurt that the Panthers are road favorites.

What you can expect: 75 yards rushing

Wide Receiver


T.Y. Hilton vs. Jaguars: This is one of the highest over/under games for the week. The “much improved” Jaguars’ defense might not be as good as many thought. All it takes for Hilton is to break one catch. Hilton is getting targeted a lot (34 through three games) and for someone with Hilton’s play making ability he can have a huge day.

What you can expect: 6 catches 110 yards receiving and one touchdown

Travis Benjamin and Tyrell Williams vs. Saints: If you didn’t know, the Saints defense is really bad. By being active for the game almost starts every receiver with five points. Yes, the Saints held Julio Jones in check last week, but they were giving up huge chunks of yards everywhere else.

What you can expect (Benjamin): 5 catches for 100 yards
What you can expect (Williams):
4 catches for 85 yards

Demaryius Thomas @ Buccaneers: Seven. The Buccaneers have allowed seven touchdowns to receivers through three weeks and are coming off allowing two to the Case Keenum led Rams.

What you can expect: 6 catches for 100 yards and a touchdown


Brandon Marshall vs. Seahawks: The matchup is terrible and he is dinged up. With Decker out the defensive attention should go to Marshall. Marshall did play a lot of the snaps last weekend and received 10 targets so maybe his injury was blown out of proportion. The Seahawks haven’t faced much in terms of opposing receivers, but they haven’t allowed a receiver to score. Looking back to last season the Seahawks were third best against opposing receivers allowing 16 points per game combined to all opposing receivers.

What you can expect (Marshall): 5 catches for 70 yards

Julian Edelman vs. Bills: It’s either going to be Jacoby Brissett or an injured Jimmy Garoppolo. I don’t want to start anyone other than Blount in this game, I would start Gronk, but only because tight end is such a mess. I heard a stat, forgive me if I am off by one or two, but when Brissett played quarterback he threw 23 screens. Essentially if you start Edelman you are hoping he breaks one of those screens.

What you can expect: 4 catches for 50 yards

Digging deep

John Brown vs. Rams: He got a big bump in snap counts and targets posting a season high in both categories. Michael Floyd hasn’t been playing well this year and it might lead to targets and snaps going elsewhere.

What you can expect: 6 catches for 85 yards

Dontrelle Inman vs. Saints: This is the dart throw of the week for me. Inman has played the most snaps of all Chargers receivers so far and couldn’t ask for a better matchup this week. While Inman has played the most snaps he obviously hasn’t made the most of them from a fantasy perspective. If Inman can play another 50-60 snaps this week he could be on the good end of a few passes that could lead to a good day for those in deep leagues.

What you can expect: 5 catches for 75 yards

Quincy Enunwa vs. Seahawks: He is pushed into a prime role but in a terrible matchup. His expected targets say flex play. Just don’t be surprised if he is held for three for 30.

What you can expect: 6 catches for 75 yards

Tight End


Dennis Pitta vs. Raiders: Pitta has 20 targets in the past two games. That is more than enough for any tight end to start regardless of matchup.

What you can expect: 5 catches for 60 yards and a touchdown

Eric Ebron @ Bears: He would be much more respected if he didn’t have touchdowns called back due to a penalty in week two. Ebron is in a nice matchup for the pass happy Lions.

What you can expect: 5 catches for 55 yards and a touchdown

Kyle Rudolph vs. Giants: He has 26 targets through three games and touchdowns in back to back weeks. He isn’t going to score, but he is obviously the number two option in the passing game.

What you can expect: 6 catches for 70 yards

Zach Miller vs. Lions: As long as Brian Hoyer is his quarterback he is a starting caliber tight end.

What you can expect: 6 catches for 70 yards and a touchdown


Jacob Tamme vs. Panthers: I hate the matchup and the targets took a dip in a game where everyone got involved against the Saints.

What you can expect: 4 catches for 40 yards

Dwayne Allen vs. Jaguars: He doesn’t seem like the tight end to own for the Colts anymore – that is Jack Doyle.

What you can expect: 4 catches for 40 yards


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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

12 thoughts on “Start or Sit Week 4”

    1. I dont like carrying 2 QBs unless its a deeper league like 16 teams or something. You wont ever start someone over Brady other than his bye week. If you can flip Carr plus a RB or WR for a slight upgrade at one of those spots I would do it. Then just add a QB with a good matchup the week of Brady’s bye.

          1. Wow, any updates? I wish I had a better drop for Powell, but all I have left to play is McKinnon and Charles. I’m guessing McKinnon is not drop able for Powell even if Forte is out.

  1. Need a Flex (already starting Howard and planning on sitting Charles) out of McKinnon, Snead, Dwayne Washington, Floyd, and Tyrell Williams. I”m thinking Williams due to his matchup (or Snead). Any thoughts? Thanks!

    1. Agreed on Williams because of the matchup. If you’re looking for a second option Washington would be next also because of his matchup. Williams would be my clear number 1 though.

      1. First of, all, Thank Andy. Appreciate you helping us out early this morning. Also, just wondering how close Williams is to Snead and Washington. Is Washington more of a high ceiling low floor guy… Cuz in looking at the “what to expect” part it seems his point total would be the highest. And I mean this strictly wondering why you might b think this is the case…. But I did post on rotoworld last night and everyone seemed very high on Snead above the others. Are they just going by name on that one? Again, I realize u mentioned Williams as your clear #1 but just wondering. And as always, thanks again! Have a great one!

        1. Williams is close enough to Snead that I cant fault if you want to go Snead. I like Williams more for the matchup and Snead is coming off the toe injury.

          Washington I like because I think he gets around 15-18 touches today and against the Bears that could be a double digit point day because I think he can find the end zone.

          I think Washington can find the end zone. Williams easily could too. The floor is lower for Washington and Williams has the higher ceiling.

          Typically you want to start the guy that is going to get the yards and not have to bank on a touchdown for good production.

          In general I expect Williams to finish with more yards but if Washington does find the end zone and Williams doesnt Washington will end up with more points.

          Touchdowns are flukey, for lack of a better term obviously some are more likely to score than others, I want the guy that has the better chance to put up yards.

          And there is a legitimate chance Washington finishes with a 40 yard day and doesnt find the end zone like last week, I dont think he does that but he hasnt really shown that he should be an easy start. I dont see that low of an output as a real possibility for Williams.

          Long story short, Williams has a better floor (6ish points) and ceiling (18 ish) than Washington (about 4 and 14).

    1. If you can buy extremely low, like WR4 low, I would buy. Mainly because the upside is worth it. But if you have to buy him at any starter value I wouldnt. We have no idea how long he is going to be out and he might reinjure it. So if you can throw a bench flier and a receiver for him like an Enunwa and Dwayne Washington, assuming you dont need the RB depth, sure I would do that. But if its give up like Tevin Coleman, I wouldnt.

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