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Field of Streams logoGood day, my people! Welcome once again to the laugh riot that is Field of Streams. Not much small talk today; gonna get right into things by taking a look at last weekend’s streamers.

Last weekend’s streamers did alright for themselves, going 2-2 with a 2.07 ERA, a 1.11 WHIP, and a 9.65 K/9. Pretty darned decent stuff there, probably cause when it came down to the Ins, Outs and What Have Yous, they were like Mike McDermott in his last hand against Teddy KGB…all in!

All Ins IP H BB ER K W/L
Bartolo Colon
6.1 9 1 2 5 W
Jeremy Hellickson
Phillies 7 7 1 2 8 W
Ervin Santana
Twins 7 4 1 1 10 L
Chad Green
Yankees 6 5 1 1 5 L
Total 26.1 25 4 6 28 2-2

Enough of the appetizers, let us get to the main course!


Bartolo Colon, Mets (vs. Phillies) – Bartolo is back on the low implodability factor horse. Over his last six starts, big ol’ Bartolo has allowed more than two earned runs just once, which is darned nifty. Plus he faces the Phillies, who have not (for the most part) been very good at the hitting. Colon also has three very decent starts against the Phils this season, and I don’t see what would really stop him from putting up another one.
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Ryan Vogelsong, Pirates (@ Brewers) – I feel like i always have to mention that I am not now, nor have I ever really been, a fan of Ryan Vogelsong. I mean, he could be a nice enough human being, but from a pitching standpoint, I have never really been on board. That being said, RV has a 2.98 ERA this season, so he at least warrants a looksie in the streaming realm, I suppose. The sub-seven K/9 and 4.60 FIP makes it seem like that 2.98 is a mirage or something; nevertheless, three of his last four starts have been quality. For a bit of bright spot, well maybe a speck, a bright speck, Vogelsong has managed a sub-two FIP in three of his five starts. Speck of fantasy goodness, no? Since the Brew Crew is something of a middling offense right now, my gut is making a good portion of this recommendation, so take it with a grain of salt, but I am in on Vogs this time around.
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Jimmy Nelson, Brewers (vs. Pirates) – I am not really about to dazzle you with stats for Nelson. No, I’m not, because there has not been much dazzle from Jimmy lately. The glimmer of hope comes with the nice little quality start he put up his last time out. It kind of came out of nowhere since, prior to that, Nelson had been pretty, um, awful? Seems, I’m using more of my gut once again for this weekend,  but not to worry, with my love of chicken wings and beer there’s still plenty of gut left.

Let’s start with the nice start last  time out and add in Nelson’s ability to keep the ball on the ground – his ground ball rate being just a hair below 50%. Okay, still not much to go on, but how about we include the Pirates struggling at Miller Park? Oh, oh, wait, how about factoring in the Pirates 24th ranking in wOBA and their 27th ranking in ISO over the past two weeks? Still on the fence? Well, last thing I got is that Nelson’s only start against the Buccos this season was a quality one. Sure, I would like a bit more to go on, and I wouldn’t recommend Nelson 100%, but the streaming options are light on Saturday so he may be your best bet if you are a streamin’.
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Jeremy Hellickson, Philles (at Mets) – Unlike with Ryan Vogelsong, I have long been a fan of Jeremy Hellickson, or Hellboy as he is affectionately known. This season Hellboy has shown a fairly low implodability factor, allowing more than three earned runs in only six of his 25 starts, and only thrice has he allowed more than four earned runs. So, when one has gone with Hellickson in 2016, they have much more likely been helped than hurt. His  4.02 FIP makes it somewhat apparent as to why he is still pretty widely available to stream, and against the Mets, stream I shall. Sure, two of his three starts against the Mets this season have not been spectacular, but the Mets are not exactly knocking the cover off of ball with their bats of late. Over the most recent fortnight the Metropolitans are 23rd in both ISO and wOBA, and I like Hellboy to not allow those rankings to improve much.
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Anibal Sanchez, Tigers (@ Angels) – Anibal has now thrown a quality start in four of his last five starts, and over those five starts he is sporting a 3.66 ERA. Now, the FIP is over four, but the one non-quality start in there was really non-quality, as his FIP in that start was over 15. Let’s not focus too much on that start, but rather on the other four quality starts. In only one of those starts did his FIP rise over four, and in two of them the FIP was below three. I will grant you it is tough to gauge FIP game by game, but there is at least a little sliver of something to dem numbers, I reckon. What adds to me thinking that the quality start train will be rolling through Anaheim on Sunday is the simple fact this matchup is taking place in Anaheim. That means Sanchez is facing the Angels who have been kind of light hitters of late. In the past two weeks, the Halos are 27th in wOBA, 25th in ISO and dead last in runs scored. You smell that? It’s the aroma of an upcoming quality stream.
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Kevin Gausman, Orioles (@ Yankees) – Gausman has not been super consistent, sure, but five of his last eight starts have been quality – more quality starts than non-quality starts. That’s something, right? Just a bit? Sure it is, but you know what; we need to focus on Gaus’ opponent come Sunday. Big Kev faces the Yankees who he has had great success against this season. All three of his starts against the Pinstripes have been quality, and he has allowed just three runs in 18.2 innings against them. The FIP and xFIP even looked good in those three starts, so I think another quality start against the Yanks is in the cards.
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Well, that’s all I got. Seriously, go on, get outta here, go stream!

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