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Field of Streams logoWell, here I am folks, back from my brief hiatus to provide you some streaming options for this upcoming weekend. A big thanks to Jim Finch for filling in, in my absence. Let’s see how he fared.

Last weeks streamers went 3-1 with a 3.17 ERA, a 1.15 WHIP, and a 5.48 K/9. The strikeouts could have been a little better, but overall, not too shabby! Good Work!

Matt Wisler
6.2 5 2 1 7 W
Tyler Chatwood Rockies 6 6 2 1 2 ND
Jerad Eickhoff Phillies 7 5 1 0 3 W
Sean Manaea
A’s 6.2 6 2 5 4 L
What have you  
Matt Andriese
Rays 5.1 5 2 4 3 W
Total 31.2 27 9 11 19 3-1-1

Now that you’ve had the apps, let’s get onto the main course…


Adam Conley, Marlins (@ Braves) – Conley has not exactly been an ace this season, but even at face value a 4.15 ERA is decent enough for some random streaming. The plus side here is Conley has a very good strikeout rate and an above average groundball rate, so the potential is certainly there. Also, the FIP is at 3.57 on the season, and he does have some nice starts under his belt in 2016.

Conley is still a bit raw, and the walks are of some concern, but come Friday he gets to face the Braves. Now, this is hardly uncharted territory here at Field of Streams, the Braves offense is, well, not good. Actually “not good” is a bit of an understatement. The Braves are dead last in the majors in wOBA, ISO and, not surprisingly given that information, runs scored. Anyone at least average has a an above average shot at a quality start against the Bravos.
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Robbie Ray, Diamondbacks (vs. Padres) – You can take a lot from the above blurb about Adam Conley’s matchup and put in this space. Ray has a similar ERA. While his FIP is not as good, he does have a higher K-rate and groundball rate than Conley. Ray has not allowed more than three earned runs in his last four starts, although only one of them has actually been quality. The last two starts however have seen Ray only allowed a total of three earned runs over 12 innings which is promising.

The other similarity with Conley on Friday is he gets to face a not so good offense. Obviously, based on the numbers, no team looks worse offensively than the Braves, but the Padres can sure give them a run for their money. The Friars are 29th in wOBA, 27th in ISO and 27th in runs scored on the season, so while they are not quite the Braves, they are also not a powder keg offense. So, for pretty much the same reasons you should stream Conley you should stream Ray.
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Tyler Chatwood, Rockies (vs. Giants) – Seems a bit surprising that a pitcher with a 3.02 ERA is available for streaming, doesn’t it? Well, okay, the FIP and xFIP put that ERA closer to four, but for our purposes that is certainly respectable and usable. Chatwood does not strikeout a lot of batters, but he does induce grounders at rate of almost 60% which is great, especially for a pitcher who starts half his games in Denver. Chatty has also been turning it on of late with quality starts in four of his last five outings. Combine that with the fact the Giants have recently been struggling a bit offensively. Over the past two weeks, the Giants are 22nd in wOBA and 28th in ISO, so Chatty has a good shot at making it five quality starts in six outings.
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Wade Miley, Mariners (vs. Twins) – Yes, back to the Wade Miley well we go. While his 4.50 ERA is nit sparkling, Miley has thrown a quality start in three of last five outings, including a complete game shutout. Consistency has not been Miley’s strong point, but he is currently alternating between quality and not so quality starts which means this next start should be quality. I know, that is not the strongest argument, but let’s add the Twins factor. Did you know the Twins are 29th in both ISO and wOBA when facing southpaws this season? Well, they are, and if you are not so quick on the uptake, I mention this because Wade Miley happens to be a southpaw. For me that’s good enough to roll the dice on streaming Miley.
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Bartolo Colon, Mets (vs. Dodgers) – Bartolo is defying, I dunno, science, logic – lots of things really, by pitching as well as he has been. Bartolo has a 3.44 ERA. There have been a few iffy starts recently, but Bartolo has still only allowed more than three earned runs in one of his nine starts this season. Colon has been very darned good at home though with an ERA of 2.66 and a K/9 over eight. His FIP at home is in the mid-three’s, so not quite as good as the ERA, but still very respectable, and quite stream worthy. Now one of those recent iffy starts was against these very same Dodgers, so I can understand some hesitancy. Well the other iffy start was against the Nationals, but when he got the Nats the second time around he tossed a high quality start, so I think at home and with a second go at the Dodger lineup Bartolo will be fine.
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Nathan Eovaldi, Yankees (@ Rays) – Nate the Great has long been a Field of Streams favorite, and it can usually be due to him pitching like he has been of late. Three of Nate’s last four starts have been quality, and in the non-quality start he only allowed three runs in five innings, so he wasn’t quite knocked around. Generally the strikeouts have been there this season, and that couples well with his stellar ground ball rate of over 50%. The FIP, xFIP and SIERA all point to an ERA in the low-to-mid three’s so you can see that Eovaldi has it in him to give you good starts. Although the Rays are hitting well of late, I still like Eovaldi to put up a quality start in this one.
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That’s it. That’s all I got for ya. Go on, get outta here, go stream!

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