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Field of Streams logoGreeting, ladies and germs! Wow, so much time, so little to do! Nope, wait, strike that, reverse it. Before I get my apologies ready for Padres, Yankees and Royals fans, let’s see how last weekend’s streamers fared!

Well, the #killthewin campaign grew stronger this past weekend, as a few of the six streamers that ended up taking the hill ended up not getting wins despite pitching well enough to get one. Oh well, c’est la vie! Those six streamers went 0-3, with a 4.98 ERA, a 1.31 WHIP and a 7.87 K/9. No, not exactly eye-popping numbers overall, but of course there were Ins, Outs and What Have Yous!

Mike Fiers
7 3 0 2 5 ND
Kevin Gausman Orioles 6 4 1 2 3 ND
Rich Hill Athletics 6 2 4 2 4 L
Robbie Ray
Diamondbacks 4 7 2 5 5 L
Ross Stripling
4.2 7 2 5 6 L
What have you  
J.A. Happ
Blue Jays
6.2 6 3 3 7 ND
Total 34.1 29 12 19 29 0-3-3

Quality starts in four out of six streams? I’ll take that!
Anyways enough looking at the past, onto the future…


Jesse Hahn, Athletics (@ Orioles) – Let me tell you, Friday’s streaming forecast is quite bleak. Not to take away from Jesse Hahn, cause I do feel confident streaming him, but I am just saying that beyond Hahn, I really don’t trust anyone else to stream. But I do trust Hahn.

In two shortened seasons Hahn has produced decent numbers for his owners, as evidenced by his career ERA of 3.11 (that of just 31 games). Sample size is still small, but nevertheless the numbers have been very usable. Hahn made his 2016 debut this past Saturday against the Astros, and all he did was throw six and two-thirds scoreless innings. Hahn is not one of them fancy strikeout pitchers, but he can have his moments, and you have to like the fact that not only did a little over three-fourths of balls in play against him get hit on the ground, but less than a fifth of those batted balls were considered hard contact. Excuse the long sentence, but I got excited.

Now if you are scared of this matchup for Hahn Solo, despite his propensity for getting grounders, maybe you should know the O’s have been struggling a tad at the plate, lately. Yep, over this past fortnight only four teams in the majors have posted a lower ISO, and they are in the bottom third of the league in wOBA and runs scored in that time period. Because I love you all, I am Hahn-ding this beautiful stream to you
9.0% owned in ESPN, 7% owned in Yahoo!


Bartolo Colon, Mets (@ Padres) – I don’t think it’s a secret that the Padres offense has not been good, but what seems to be a bit of a secret is how well Bartolo has been pitching. I mean I am basing that on BFBC’s ownership numbers. Colon is sporting a 2.56 ERA, a K/9 just a shade under eight, and a WHIP of 1.14. In case you think those numbers are a mirage, look at Bartolo’s 2.82 FIP and a 3.23 SIERA. Yeah, seems like Colon’s numbers are legit, and combine those numbers with the light hitting Padres offensive numbers and you got yourself a nice little stream dream.
28.6% owned in ESPN, 26% owned in Yahoo!

Nate Karns, Mariners (@ Astros) – I was somewhat high on Karnsey before the season started, but he has not quite delivered on my high-ish expectations. Well, had not delivered. See Karns’ first three starts were not spectacular. He did not get out of the sixth inning in any of them and had an ERA over five to show for it. Things were not looking so ducky for Nate, but then, then came his next two starts. Karns has now tossed back-to-back quality starts, including one against the Astros – the very same Astros that happen to be Saturday’s opponent. In that start, Karns pitched seven scoreless innings, allowing just two hits while walking three and striking out six. Karns also had a ground ball rate of almost 60% in that game, and although the SIERA was close to four, even that is manageable enough for a stream. It also doesn’t hurt that only four teams in the majors have scored fewer runs the Astros over this past fortnight, so I like Karnsey to continue his quality start streak.
15.9% owned in ESPN, 28.1% owned in Yahoo!


Steven Wright, Red Sox (@ Yankees) – Knuckleballers can be unpredictable and thus a bit iffy as a streamers, but there has been nothing wrong with Wright thus far this season. Five starts this season, and every one of them has been quality for Wright. He is sporting a 3.26 FIP with his SIERA sitting at 4.07, so that sub-two ERA is probably not warranted, but Wright gets the Yankees on Sunday. These are not your father’s Yankees, kids. Oh, no, these Yankees are much different. These Yankees are not quite hitting, to put it mildly. Over the past two weeks, the only team with a lower wOBA and a lower ISO than the Yanks is the Braves. Oh, and over those two weeks no team has scored fewer runs than the Yankees, so I like Wright’s chances in this one.
29.4% owned in ESPN, 42% owned in Yahoo!

Josh Tomlin, Indians (vs. Royals) – That’s right Josh Tomlin is now relevant. Maybe, kind of? Well, we can slow the relevancy bus down a bit, but Tomlin is 4-0 with a 3.13 ERA and a 1.09 WHIP. Beneath the surface though, well, it looks like he has pitched like a fella that should be toting an ERA near four to the ballpark. Could’ve, should’ve, hasn’t. No, I’m not buying those superficial numbers,  but Tomlin is getting the job done so far, and even though the strikeout and groundball rates are lower than I’d like, I still like him this weekend. Why is that you ask? Well the Royals have not been hitting. The Royals happen to be 25th in the majors in wOBA, 28th in the majors in ISO, and 26th in runs scored. I know those are season numbers, but they are not improving folks. In fact, over the past week the Royals are dead last in wOBA, dead last in ISO, and, wait for it… dead last in runs scored. I know a week is hardly telling, but given the overall numbers it doesn’t seem like KC is a tough draw for pitchers right now. Go forth with Tomlin!
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That’s it. That’s all I got for ya. Go on, get outta here, go stream!

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