2016 Dynasty/Keeper Rankings: Top 200

2016 Dynasty Rankings LogoWe wrap up our dynasty/keeper league rankings today with our top 200.  Just like with all the previous rankings, players are ranked with the next five years of production in mind, so the higher ranked player is not always the best short-term solution.

Taking part in our dynasty rankings will be Paul Hartman, Kevin Jebens, Jim Finch, Ron Vackar and Michael Zakhar. Our five experts each ranked their top 200 players; those marked N/R were not ranked inside the top 200 by that particular person.

Previous Positional Dynasty/Keeper Rankings
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Rank Player Position Kevin Zak Jim Ron Paul
1 Mike Trout OF 2 1 1 1 2
2 Paul Goldschmidt 1B 1 3 2 4 3
3 Bryce Harper OF 8 2 4 2 1
4 Clayton Kershaw SP 7 4 5 10 9
5 Nolan Arenado 3B 5 13 9 6 6
6 Carlos Correa SS 11 10 10 3 7
7 Anthony Rizzo 1B 12 7 7 7 12
8 Andrew McCutchen OF 4 18 3 11 10
9 Giancarlo Stanton OF 22 5 6 9 5
10 Manny Machado 3B 18 8 14 5 4
11 Kris Bryant 3B 13 9 12 8 8
12 Josh Donaldson 3B 3 14 8 16 11
13 Jose Altuve 2B 6 23 13 14 14
14 Miguel Cabrera 1B 9 12 20 21 13
15 Mookie Betts OF 20 6 23 12 21
16 Jose Abreu 1B 16 11 11 22 26
17 Chris Sale SP 40 15 17 13 24
18 Madison Bumgarner SP 10 32 16 17 35
19 Jose Fernandez SP 54 19 15 18 18
20 Gerrit Cole SP 15 28 22 25 36
21 George Springer OF 32 17 43 20 20
22 Buster Posey C 27 21 30 34 33
23 Xander Bogaerts SS 24 45 18 45 17
24 Dee Gordon 2B 29 30 26 38 29
25 Edwin Encarnacion 1B 30 27 34 29 34
26 Jakek Arrieta SP 36 31 41 26 23
26 Max Scherzer SP 51 20 28 36 22
28 A.J. Pollock OF 28 25 38 15 52
29 David Price SP 35 50 21 24 31
29 Joey Votto 1B 23 26 49 23 40
31 Troy Tulowitzki SS 34 67 19 42 16
32 Chris Davis 1B 25 34 48 30 43
32 J.D Martinez OF 14 40 47 47 32
34 Matt Harvey SP 69 22 24 19 51
35 Justin Upton OF 58 24 27 32 48
36 Starling Marte OF 45 16 25 31 83
37 Stephen Strasburg SP 53 29 32 72 15
38 Miguel Sano 3B 37 37 71 41 19
39 Jacob deGrom SP 68 35 36 27 41
40 Todd Frazier 3B 21 48 35 40 63
41 Corey Seager SS 17 46 79 43 25
42 Noah Syndergaard SP 80 33 33 35 42
43 Chris Archer SP 52 49 55 28 45
44 Jose Bautista OF 57 41 58 52 28
45 Francisco Lindor SS 38 66 59 44 37
46 Anthony Rendon 3B 19 58 40 61 67
47 Zack Greinke SP 71 52 45 37 49
48 Yoenis Cespedes OF 44 71 57 46 38
49 Lorenzo Cain OF 43 61 46 62 53
50 Dallas Keuchel SP 74 65 44 39 44

You can argue and disagree with the order, but with the exception of a few rogue rankings – the players ranked inside the top 50 belong in the top 50.  There are 15 starting pitchers ranked inside the top 50; the next highest position is the outfield with 13.  That’s 28 out of the top 50 between two positions.  For the infield we have 7 each at both corners, 5 shortstops, 2 second basemen and a catcher. 

These are important numbers to consider if you are starting a new keeper or dynasty league.  It would be in your best interest to come away with at least one corner player (maybe two), an elite outfielder and a starting pitcher.  If you only go with one corner player, you have the option of getting a second top pitcher/outfielder or grabbing one of the top middle infielders.  You could ignore the outfield and pitching all together if you so choose and put together an elite infield; some actually prefer this strategy.

Rank Player Position Kevin Zak Jim Ron Paul
51 Felix Hernandez SP 72 43 29 55 69
52 Adam Jones OF 56 47 51 33 89
53 Michael Brantley OF 55 39 42 50 92
54 Corey Kluber SP 70 42 66 48 55
55 Carlos Gonzalez OF 42 75 73 54 46
56 Charlie Blackmon OF 67 70 39 53 82
57 Brian Dozier 2B 26 88 63 83 60
58 Aroldis Chapman RP 75 89 31 76 50
59 Carlos Gomez OF 118 51 37 70 47
60 Kyle Schwarber C/OF 99 36 82 68 39
61 Addison Russell SS 41 53 122 80 30
62 Freddie Freeman 1B 94 59 53 67 56
63 Corey Dickerson OF 65 78 69 64 59
64 Ryan Braun OF 84 44 72 51 85
65 Eric Hosmer 1B 63 56 68 71 86
66 Robinson Cano 2B 33 84 89 82 62
67 Kyle Seager 3B 50 57 70 66 109
68 Rougned Odor 2B 47 64 84 93 66
69 Jason Heyward OF 83 63 90 59 74
70 Jason Kipnis 2B 60 55 88 90 79
70 Yu Darvish SP 79 77 50 56 110
72 Carlos Carrasco SP 89 54 101 65 64
73 Byron Buxton OF 73 82 100 69 54
73 Danny Salazar SP 97 60 94 57 70
75 Cole Hamels SP 78 96 77 58 71
76 Adrian Gonzalez 1B 61 68 52 78 125
76 Gregory Polanco OF 66 79 104 74 61
76 Maikel Franco 3B 39 81 75 85 104
79 Sonny Gray SP 82 80 64 49 113
80 Kenley Jansen RP 98 90 62 88 57
81 Joc Pederson OF 76 92 67 97 73
81 Michael Wacha SP 100 76 54 73 102
83 Craig Kimbrel RP 91 91 61 77 93
84 Matt Carpenter 3B 48 174 85 84 27
85 Nelson Cruz OF 49 120 130 60 68
86 Prince Fielder 1B 85 69 74 92 115
87 Jon Lester SP 77 97 97 86 81
88 Kolten Wong 2B 62 74 87 100 117
89 Ian Kinsler 2B 59 102 112 91 87
90 Yasiel Puig OF 105 38 103 132 78
91 Albert Pujols 1B 46 125 96 94 100
92 Ian Desmond SS 134 110 56 81 88
93 Jordan Zimmermann SP 88 99 76 111 103
94 Wade Davis RP 125 118 80 87 75
95 Evan Longoria 3B 124 98 60 95 111
96 Christian Yelich OF 116 62 170 63 80
97 Marcus Stroman SP 143 85 91 104 76
98 Johnny Cueto SP 119 86 65 102 131
98 Kole Calhoun OF 64 117 95 75 152
100 Carlos Rodon SP 109 94 109 128 65
Page 2: Players 101 – 200

The next 50 are the same as the first, except there are 15 outfielders here and just 13 starting pitchers.  If you decided to fill up your infield early there is plenty of outfield and pitching to be had here.  Next up are the corners with 9 players, 5 first basemen and 4 third basemen.  If you waited on either corner in the early rounds, now would be the time to fill that hole. 

Top shortstop talent is already thin with just 2 players here and 7 total in the top 100.  Neither option here is top shelf, but they are a step above the shortstops in the next tier.  At second base we have 6 players, most of whom are established veterans, but there are a couple young upside options so something for everyone.  The final five slots are between closers and catchers.  Considering how volatile the closer position is, you might not want to invest in anyone other than Aroldis Chapman.

Page 2: Players 101 – 200

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A combined effort of the greatest fantasy sports minds money can buy. Maybe that is an exaggeration..... but it sounds good.

79 thoughts on “2016 Dynasty/Keeper Rankings: Top 200”

  1. I really appreciate the great work you guys do though out the year and this piece is great. Thanks and I will look forward to each position . Merry Christmas to all.

    1. Thanks Bob. You’ve been with us from the start back in 2013; glad to see you’re still with us:) Merry Christmas to you as well.

      Our first set of 2016 rankings will be out on January 10, and the first set of prospect rankings will be out a few days prior.

    2. Hey great read, glad I stumbled onto the site. First year of fantasy baseball, just wondered how this trade I was offered stacks up.
      Machado $22 for Cespedes $26 Xander Bogs $9 Steven Matz $3
      I think I should pull the trigger

      1. Value wise it isn’t bad. Bogaerts should be a top 5 SS for years, Matz isn’t a top 25 guys, but he could be one of those nice stable arms for your rotation. Cespedes I think played over his head last year, but overall he isn’t a bad outfielder. Machado is far ahead of all three players, and while combined it looks like a good deal, I’m not sure I’d take it and think you might be able to do better – a 2-1 with Xander and a better player for Machado.

  2. Nice rankings, fellas. You’ve made me go from ignoring baseball until around March to obsessing about it all year long.

    Hey, that’s a good thing, right? 😉

  3. Love that you didn’t overemphasize youth on here. Too many people try to tell the future instead of just pick the best players over the next 3 to 4 years.

    1. I hear you on that. Many times dynasty rankings resemble prospect rankings, and while I love prospects I can’t justify ranking them above major league ready talent. There are a few exceptions, but overall I can’t see taking prospects over anyone in the first 10-12 rounds in a standard 12 team league.

  4. Hey Gents!

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

    Can’t wait for new season to start! I’m defending champ in the league I want to ask you about. 10 team points league with 7 keepers and 4 farm slots. $260 auction draft. Starting to think about my keepers. Figured I’d get some early insight.

    Locked in:

    Sale $17 (year 3 of 3)
    Abreu $17 (year 2 of 3)
    Rendon $11 (year 2 of 3) – could buy out for $6 but would lose the keeper spot so I figure I should just roll with him.

    Feel like I have to keep:

    Mccutchen $35
    Scherzer $19
    Salazar $7
    Ortiz $1

    Others to consider:

    Mcculers $1
    Cueto $20
    Strasburg $35
    Darnaud $1
    Blackmon $13

    I also automatically get giolito and Stephenson from reds at $0 for what that’s worth.

    In general in a 10 person league, I know it’s good to get really top level talent since depth types generally available late in draft or on the wire. Cueto going to SF is really interesting to me but there should be about 10 ace types in draft so thinking I may be able to get him or Strasbourg back cheaper. I’m also all in on carrasco this year and will pay like $20 for him.

    I figure great keepers, 2-3 big purchases, and then just feast on value types I’m expecting from recency bias/post hype guys.

    Thanks in advance for the help and can’t wait for the season to start!

  5. Cueto is interesting, but when I compare his price to that of Sale, Scherzer & Salazar it doesn’t seem worth it – even more so in the case of the 35 dollar Strasburg. I like d’Arnaud at $1, but looking at the 2016 rankings I can see a half dozen potential $1 options you can have late that could produce similar numbers.

    Blackmon on the other hand I really like, and $13 is a very good price for him considering the runs and steals he’ll bring to the table. I would throw Ortiz back. Sure he’s only $1, but I can’t see him hitting .275 again, and I don’t see him staying healthy for the entire season. Blackmon will easily give you a better batting average, more runs and his HR/SB totals combined will top those of Ortiz. It’s Papi’s final season, and not that many 40 year olds go out on top so cut your losses a year early. You’ll be thankful when 2017 rolls around and you can keep Blackmon again.

    1. Hi Jim,

      Appreciate the response on NYE! It is a points league so categories and average don’t matter as much. Just to give you an idea : papi was 3.4 ppg and Blackmon was 2.9 ppg.

      Not sure if that has any influence on your opinion. Know he’s old, but tough to throw back $1 top 11 hitter. I do want to figure out a way to make some moves to save some $ too though bc lot of talent going back into the draft.

      I feel like cutch is going to rebound to being a top 6 guy this year but $35 is basically at cost. Would love to save a few bucks there if I can somehow swing it.


      1. I covered Ortiz at the beginning of the season and gave a list of other hitters very similar to him at age 39.


        While Ortiz exceeded all expectations in 2015, if you look at the hitters listed, almost all of them fell apart the following year at age 40. Blackmon scored .5 less than Ortiz last season, but given his age and potential for regression, how close do you think he will come to that total in 2016? I think the safer play would be Blackmon.

        I might look at what McCutchen scored in 2014 and match that to Blackmon. If they were close, maybe look to trade him away for a cheaper younger option and save some money there. McCutchen lost some points of average and steals for the second year in a row, but other than that it was a typical McCutchen year. While the average may bounce back (which you said doesn’t matter as much), how much more can he give you that he didn’t already give you in 2015. I love McCutchen, but he gives you the best chance to cut some real salary if that’s what you need for a few big purchases in the draft.

        1. Hi Again Jim,

          Our keeper declaration is coming up soon as is our prospect draft so I’m pretty much at full speed. Wanted to run by some trade ideas to keep talent on my roster at a similar level but also save me some $ since there will be a lot of pitching talent in the draft.

          My thought process is to turn one of my big arms into a big bat since there isn’t as much batting in the draft as there is pitching. Best hitter available will probably be cano or maybe adam jones or nelson cruz. Whereas pitching will have greinke, degrom, harvey, arrietta, wainwright, zimmerman, yu, hamels, carrasco, price, felix, strasburg, and felix in the mix. I have to think if I have more $ I can get at least 2 of them plus I already have scherzer. Also putting too much stock in pitchers scares me a bit since they’re so UCL prone these days.

          Just to refresh you memory, it’s a 10 team points league with up to 7 keepers

          Trade ideas:

          Cutch $35 and Sale $17 for Harper $24 and Gray $20 (where I can also just drop gray if I want to bc of unique contract rule and use that $20 towards one of those pitchers listed above that will probably fall)

          Cutch $35 and Sale $17 for Donaldson $21 (or $26 if I 3 year him) and Posey $20

          Cutch $35 and Sale $17 for Bautista $27 and Betts $4

          Sale $17 for $4 Mookie Betts

          Salazar $7 for JD Martinez $8

          Salazar $7 for $1 Eaton

          Salazar $7 for Lindor $5

          Salazar $7 for $2 Xander Boeg

          Hope you’re having an awesome new year so far and thanks as always for the input.


          1. Frist my No’s:

            Salazar $7 for Lindor $5. It’s not that I don’t like LIndor, it’s more of a fact that I have a hard time believing in his power. With an average flyball distance in the 260 range and a high groundball rate, I can’t see him clearing double digits. Plus he wasn’t more than a .280 hitter in the minors so I’m skeptical of the average as well. It’s not a bad risk, but it is when I can get Martinez for the same price.

            Salazar $7 for $1 Eaton. Basically everything I said about Lindor applies here.

            Cutch $35 and Sale $17 for Bautista $27 and Betts $4. This isn’t exactly a no, but it is compared to the other 3 proposals. Bautista is up there in age and there are some injury concerns. If you’re just looking at one year of Bautista and none of the other 3 trades with Cutch/Sale work out it is easily something to consider since Betts is/will be a top 10 outfielder.

            Now the Yes’

            Salazar $7 for JD Martinez $8 OR Salazar $7 for $2 Xander Bogaerts. I like both these trades. If you need help as SS I’d go Bogaerts. He doesn’t profile as a big power hitter, but he should reach double digits in both power and speed and unlike LIndor should be able to maintain an average in the .300 range. He’s also worked through his growing pains so it’s less of a risk. You already know what you’re getting with Martinez so no need to explain here. I’d be happy with either player. Try for Bogaerts and if that doesn’t work then try Martinez.

            Sale $17 for $4 Mookie Betts. This one makes the most financial sense. A top pitcher for a top outfielder and you save some money. Nice and simple

            Cutch $35 and Sale $17 for Harper $24 and Gray $20. You can drop Gray here which makes it a 2-1 deal, and with the pitchers potentially available that makes sense. Overall I’d rather have Betts who is a step below, but could be just as productive. If you don’t do the Sale for Betts trade I’d probably go here next, but the next trade is very close and could be considered depending on your team needs.

            Cutch $35 and Sale $17 for Donaldson $21 (or $26 if I 3 year him) and Posey $20. You only save a few bucks here so if payroll relief is part of your objective this one doesn’t make a lot of sense. From a points standpoint you get a top third baseman and catcher you can lock up for three years which is great, even if this is a 1 catcher league. If you don’t need to save money I actually prefer this one over the Harper/Gray trade. It also sets you up for another potential trade where you send Donaldson and X for Arenado, Machado or Bryant which could save you money (thinking one step ahead).

        2. Hi Jim,

          Thanks so much for the input. I really appreciate it. I think I really like the Cutch/Sale for Donaldson/Posey deal. I save $11 bucks and get best player at two positions. The same owner also has JD Martinez and loves Salazar so maybe I even just add that on to the deal and only save $10. Then I still have $159 to spend and I’m starting with pretty good mashers in Posey, Abreu, Rendon, Donaldson, JD, and Ortiz to pair with Scherzer. $159 would put me at 4th on the money list too which would be pretty sweet considering my keepers are currently projected for most points and would be 2nd best gained $ value. Just draft a few aces to put around scherzer and I might be in business for a title defense. Thanks again for the help and will talk soon.


          1. Depending on the price, I might drop Ortiz. He has aged well and exceeded expectations so far, but when a player gets to that age I always worry about a cliff year. I’d hate to see you keep him and get burned if he costs you more than a few dollars.

        3. Ortiz is only $1. He was a top 12 hitter in my league last year and the draft is sort of short of hitting so I can’t make myself throw him back. I know you said Blackmon is better bet at $14 and I love Mccullers at $1 even ahead of $13 salazar… But the hitting in the pool is just so weak compared to the pitching. I also worry about blackmon getting traded from coors plus he was worth considerably less points last year. Roto/Cats I’d be singing a different tune I’m sure. But in a league where 2.8ppg is pretty good for a hitter… Ortiz was around 3.4 last year and blackmon 2.9 which was a total of almost 60 points on the year and 15 places on the player rater. There’s like 12 people in the draft that can lead your staff plus a bunch of others who are greats 2nd-3rds that I think will come at a value.

          I feel like I’m going to be able to get guys like wainwright or hamels at a HUGE discounts and I’m hot on getting strasburg back as well bc of the NL least situation. I think people will be down on him too. I feel like arrietta, Degrom, price, and Harvey will go for too much and then the more boring guys like hamels, stras, felix, shields, cueto, yu, and carrasco will come at a value. My goal is to get at least 2-3 of those names to pair with scherzer and my good bats. I think there will be a lot of value in the OF with unsexy names like pence, werth, choo, eaton, etc. I might also pay for upton depending on where he lands b/c my league hates him since he’s so streaky and the negative K points but if he ends up in say Bmore- I think he could be a monster. But generally i think my plan is to get one good OF whether it’s JD or in the draft and then get value guys… maybe spend on Reyes/Tulo at SS if they go for under 18 or so and if not I’ll take Brandon Crawford or Peralta or some other punt guy (I’d be open to any creative ss ideas you might have as well). But I think general plan is load up on high end pitching in the draft plus one or two medium bats and one or two top 10 closers since they’re overvalued in points. 10 team league it’s really important to get high end talent/upside guys since the depth at the back matters less. Like last year Aoki and Fowler were on wire for most of the year for example.

          Thanks for letting me talk about my passion so early in the draft season! As always, thanks for the perspective.


          1. For $1 you can’t really go wrong so never mind. Guess you missed the news, Upton signed with Detroit (almost as good as Baltimore) so he could make a nice target if your league hates him.

            If Blackmon scored less points last year with the year that he had, I get your point; he’s not going to beat his 2015 numbers.

            Good luck to you, and feel free to ramble on any time 🙂

        4. That’s awesome. Def am going to target him then. Makes me wanna give you one more trade offer. I don’t think he’d take this b/c he’s very high on correa, but just for argument’s sake:

          Cutch/Sale for $42 total for Correa $5 or $10 if 3 year and Upton $17. Or is that too much for a guy who only played 3/4 of a year.


          1. It’s definitely too much, but, unfortunately, it is what you might have to shell out ot get someone like Correa. I might try a cheaper option, McCutchen or Sale straight up for Bogaerts. If you can’t have the best, go for the next best thing. He’s not Correa, but he should be a top 5 shortstop for years.

  6. Only found fantasy assembly a few months ago. Very glad I did. Great job on the rankings fellas. They have helped me plenty already in crafting my keeper decisions and strategy.

    1. Happy to have you as a reader and glad our rankings could help. 2016 rankings begin this coming week if you’re interested. Any keeper questions, feel free to post them or click on the ask the assembly tab at the bottom of the page.

    2. This is how I got hooked on these guys last year. Love the keeper/dynasty talk and it makes Christmas all the more enjoyable. Keep it up.

  7. 12 team H2H keeper league
    Keep 10 keepers and 7 minor leaguers.
    OBP, Total bases, RB I, R, SB
    Wins +qs, K, Era, whip, holds +saves.
    C,C, 1B,2b, 3B, SS, CI, MI, 5 of, u
    6sp, 3rp

    I have too many keepers and I am trying to get younger.

    Current keepers
    Jose Abreu
    Nolan Arenado
    Krisk Bryant

    Didn’t make the cut
    Hanley ramirez
    Francisco Liriano
    Dilson Herrera
    Gleybar Torres
    Nomar Mazara
    Blake snell
    Hunter Harvey
    Braden Shipley

    Would you trade Edwin and Cargo for Marte and Felix Hernandez. I have too many jays players and edwin is getting older and may not resign with the jays. Cargo is always an injuey riakIs there risk with Hernandez? I have the first pick in both he minor league and major league draft this year. What do yiu guys thunk?

    1. Having too many players from one team is never a problem when that team is a powerhouse of hitters. That said, you have a point with Edwin aging and I totally agree on trading Cargo given his injury history (last year be damned). I might be a wise move to sell a year early on Edwin (especially with Abreu to man first base) and definately move Cargo after the season he had.

      Some may say you’re not getting enough, and part of me agrees with that at first glance. But, when you consider the potential floor of Cargo the deal isn’t that bad. Marte came in at #8 in our dynasty outfield rankings coming in between 5 and 13 and 5 of the 6 lists. That’s 10 slots better than Cargo at 18 who had 3 rankings between 21 and 29; those will only get worse as the years go on. Edwin comes in at #6 for first base while Felix ranks 12th; both somewhat equal rankings wise when you consider how many pitchers there are.

      Looking overall it looks a little more lopsided with Edwin at 25, Marte 36, Felix 51 and Cargo 55. Overall, given Cargo’s injury potential and the chance he could get traded, the deal is fair. Marte is a 20/30 threat where Cargo is no longer a speed threat which lowers his value. Felix will only turn 30 this year (feels like he’s been around forever) and hasn’t sniffed the DL (it’s rare for a pitcher, but it happens).

      While this move does make sense, I think trading Cargo and Bautista in a package makes even more sense. Joey Bats is 35 (2 1/2 years older than Edwin) and plays the outfield (outfielders are easier to pick up or acquire than infielders). Edwin leaving Toronto isn’t a deal breaker – only 95 of his 268 homers were at Rogers Centre so he has power elsewhere. Bautista is also a free agent in 2016 and his home run power is more dependent on Rogers Centre than Edwin with 126 out of 286. Bautista’s batting average is also much better in Toronto where EE only suffers a slight dropoff on the road.

      All things considered, EE & Cargo for Marte and Hernandez is fair, but if you’re looking to get younger I’d look to package Cargo and Bautista and hold on to EE. Odds are you can get more for Edwin from a first base starved owner during the season.

      1. Thans for the comment. I ended up trading EE and Cargo for King Felix and Marte. He wouldn’t do Bautista. I tried to sub Archer for Felix as he is younger with less miles on his arm but no go.

        Anyways, now that I have Felix should I consider moving Arrieta for Altuve. I may have to add a prospect such as Mazaro or I may be able to trade him straight up. I think I have to make the move even though I like Arrieta more than Felix. I still have kluber.


        1. I would easily do that. I like what Arrieta did last year, but he will be 30 this year so makes me wonder if he’s a late bloomer (like Chris Carpenter was) or if he was just playing over his head. Plus he went from 150 innings in 2014 to 250 in 2015. I worry about all those extra innings since he has never threw that many. I can see regression coming here so yea, I’d take the top second baseman if you can swap them straight up.

          Maybe shop Bautista around as well. You may not be able to get a youngster for him, but if you can get someone that is 29 or 30 that is almost as good, you could potentially flip that player for someone even younger later. Think 2 steps ahead when trading older players – what can the guy I’m getting get me down the road.

          1. Hey Jim. I was able to trade Arrieta straight up for Altuve. I have a deal in place that would send Bautista and the 1st overall pick in the draft this year for George springer and a 10th round pick.The 1st overall pick is like the 121st pick after keepers. I have had this pick several times in the league and have landed such keepers as Bautista, Cargo, Edwin, to name a few. I was hoping to get a top pitcher with the pick. I won’t have another pick until the end of the second round. What do you think?

          2. At first glance I want to say yes. Springer added to your current crop of youngsters gives you a great core unit to carry your team for years. But, after hearing about some of the players you’ve gotten in the past with that first pick, I’m on the fence.

            You’re already set up for the future, and this trade would solidify that future. If you make it though, that player you could have gotten in the first round could cost you your shot this year. Since Tulowitzki and Bautista are your only two age risk players I’m thinking no, but I can’t fault you for saying yes.

            Love your infield now of Abreu, Altuve, Tulowitzki (injuries & all), Bryant and Arenado.
            OF is strong with Marte, Brantley (when healthy) and Bautista
            Kluber & Felix make a nice pair as your 1-2.
            You don’t necessarily Need Springer here, but if you think you can still win this year without that first round pick then go ahead and make the deal.

          3. I like Springer but does he have the potential to be another Jay Bruce who strikes out a ton and hits for a low average?

          4. What if I could get Betts instead? I feel better getting him but not having a pick until the end of the 2nd round will sting. I may be able to trade hanley or one of my catchers for an early second round pick

          5. I do like Mookie more than Springer. Springer could be a Bruce with speed, but if he can cu down on the K’s he could be a Mike Cameron who hits in the .260 range putting up 20/20 seasons. Betts is definitely the safer pick here though, and as much as it would hurt I’d be more comfortable giving up my first round pick for him.

            If you can trade Hanley or one or one of your catchers for a 2nd/3rd round pick don’t even give it a second thought; you’re gonna lose them anyway. Any pick you could get for them is a bonus so try that regardless of what you decide to do with Betts/Springer.

          6. Hey Jim

            Current Keepers after trades,
            Starling Marte
            Kris Bryant
            King Felix

            Should I trade Arenado for Harper?

          7. The team wants me to add something to arenado to get the deal done but would do kris bryant straight up for harper. what do you think?

          8. Considering the value of each player there is no need to add anything to an Arenado/Harper deal. Bryant straight up for Harper is fair. I do expect some regression from Bryant this year, but overall his value is similar to Harper. The only thing that would make me hesitate is if Bryant qualifies for the OF in your league. If so it lessens the need to make this trade as you already have an outfielder in Bryant that is equal in talent to Harper, and you also have the best backup available to Arenado should something happen. Plus is Bryant does live up to expectations you’ll be able to trade him for Harper or another top 5 type player next year or in the future (maybe even Carlos Correa)

          9. He is eligible at OF. He will lose it after this year likely. I see what you are saying. This may be my only chance to get Harper. We have OBP as a category so he really helps withe everything(I expect him to have a few more SB this year). The owner seems higher on bryant than Arenado and will do bryant for harper. Tough choice!

          10. I’m not against the trade, I just hate the idea of trading a potential top infielder for an outfielder. That said, If you like the idea of the trade and it blocks your top competitor at the same time, go right ahead and make the deal.

            I might, however, inquire with the Correa owner and see if a Bryant/Correa trade is possible. Correa has the potential to reach Harper levels, and he will do so at a position that lacks the depth of players equal to Correa. Tell the Harper owner to give you one more day to consider the Bryant/Harper trade; that will give you 24 hours to see if the Correa owner is interested and put a hold on Harper potentially getting shipped away while you’re exploring an alternative.

          11. He has several offers for him. I know one offer has him going to a serious contender and the move would significantly improve his team. It’s another reason I want to make the deal

          12. I do see your point. Harper shouldnt be much ahead of Bryant this year and I have bryant as a backup if Arenado gets hurt. I just don’t think bryant will reach harpers level which is why I’m considering the trade

          13. Hey Jim,

            Current keepers
            Felix Hernandez

            I have first pick in the upcoming draft. Keepers have not been declared yet but there is already some nice pieces available with the first pick. Salazar, odor, and belt are available. Who would you pick. My gut days odor but I have altuve at 2b and I think Salazar is a top 10-15 sp. I could shop altuve and try to get a significant piece back and choose odor with the first pick. I also have the 15th pick in the draft (acquired through trade. I likely could choose odor and trade altuve at deadline for an upgrade. Thoughts? Thanks

          14. No need to trade Altuve, you’ve already got an all-star infield with him Arenado, Abreu and Tulowitzki (health permitted).
            With only 2 starters on board I’d go with Salazar. He was ranked inside the top 30 on 5 out of 6 for Dynasty Rankings and everyone ranked him inside the top 30 for 2016. He’s your pick, unless by some miracle a team is so stacked they drop a better player (Marcus Stroman would be nice).

  8. Alright guys I need a little help fine tuning my keepers. Just like the most recent post I have a few too many and go back and forth almost daily. I know there’s always the trade route but they are very hard to come by in this league. The league we’re talking about is a 10 team AL only 5×5 std roto where we only keep 8 a year. Roster construction is

    3 Bench

    My bats are Dozier, Correa, Trout, Prince, Calhoun and Odor.

    Then I have my fringe bats; Y Gomes, Choo, Cron and Gallo. I realize they are not likely keepers but I include them in case of some catastrophic injury or in Gomes case because it’s a 2 catcher league.

    Pitching Stroman, Rodon, Tai Walker, Gausman, C Allen, W Davis, Doolittle, Heaney and Cobb

    Again not all keepers but I like the Heaney potential and maybe Gausman puts it together finally?

    Thanks for any insight.


    1. OK, you need 2 keepers out of that group so lets narrow down the list.

      I’m throwing back Gallo (not ready), Choo (aging and regressing), Gausman (better options), Heaney (see Gausman), Doolittle (Allen & Davis are better), Allen (don’t need more than one closer), and Cobb (coming off injury so stuff in question for now)

      That leaves Y.Gomes & Cron for hitters and Stroman, Rodon, Walker & Davis for pitchers. You’re keeping 6 hitters already so my instincts tell me to throw back Cron (who I really like in an only league) and Gomes (which hurts in a 2 catcher league. You need (in my opinion) to keep a few pitchers here. Stroman & Rodon both have upside and have shown they can hang at the major league level. Walker potentially has more upside, but he has shown a lot of inconsistencies which makes me question if/when he’ll finally put things all together. That makes him the odd man out for me out of the three pitchers.

      That brings us to Wade Davis, and this is a roto league so he has to factor into this equation. If saves are hard to come by in your league he has to be kept. I’m tempted to say throw back one of the pitchers, but an alternative would be to throw back Calhoun. He is equal in talent and upside as those two pitchers, but he did take a step back last year so there is some questions. It’s an only league so our rankings here go somewhat out the window and more down to what your league mates value more. If pitching has been thin in the draft in the past then release Calhoun. If you think you can get pitching easier than throw back Stroman/Rodon (flip a coin).

      1. Thanks Jim. Saves are extremely hard to come by I think an owner kept 2 last year then whatever closers aren’t kept are gone by round 4. I ended up taking Davis in the mid rounds and just stood my ground with him all year and traded away Cespedes, just in time, for Allen. Cron is a favorite of mine as well. Could’ve kept him last year, didn’t of course, then reached a round or two for him and rode out his rough stretch. I decided sometime this off season that Dozier has to go so I guess I’ll package and then beg and plead with one of the two owners that will trade. I may be able to come away with Kluber or something since that owner is really low on keepers. Do you think it would be worth trading away Prince, Dozier and Gallo if I can land a Sale or Kluber? Gallo of course would be just a throw in to sweeten the deal so we’re really talking about Prince and Dozier.

        1. you have enough extra players to where if you can do a 2-1 or even a 3-1 deal I’d do it.
          Correa, Odor, Trout and Davis (now that I know saves are valuable) would be my untouchables. Everyone else should be up for negotiation.

          I don’t think I would move Prince unless I was getting someone else for first base. Does the Abreu owner have weak keepers in his 6-8 slot? If so Prince and maybe Rodon or Stroman is worth exploring. Maybe even Prince and Calhoun, possible a 3rd player throw in that you’re not considering. Hosmer would be my second target for Prince. Prince and a low end player could get that done. If you do trade Prince away and don’t get a first baseman, you’ll need to target one quick in the draft. Byung-Ho Park would be first suggestion. I think he can easily hit 25 home runs with a better than average BA.

          Dozier is an easy trade consideration since you have second and short filled. Maybe Dozier and Stroman or Rodon could get you an upgrade at pitcher, and a throw in of Doolittle my get you someone even better.

          If you do pull off a trade to get a top arm, trading the other of Stroman or Rodon should be considered and maybe you might have a spot for Allen.

          Check out all the teams with weak 6-8 keepers; those will be the guys more willing to deal in most cases.

          1. Hola Jim. I’ve finally found an interested trade party and we’ve been discussing Springer. My original offer was Dozier, Davis and Walker he’s balked at the Walker part of the deal. I should mention that I’m now open to trading Davis after taking a look at the draft pool for the upcoming year, I may have to invest a first or second round pick to get a closer but there are a handful that have joined the AL this year. Anyway on to my question. Is Dozier, Davis and Stroman/Rodon too much to give up for Springer? I could probably make that same deal and ask for Betts. Other thought was Davis, Dozier and Calhoun for either. Thanks again!!

          2. I like Springer, but if I had to choose between him and Betts I’d go Betts. All three players seem a little much; I’d see if you can get another useful player in the deal. Of the two pitchers, I’d trade Rodon first. He has some upside, but Stroman has the potential to be a top 20. If Stroman is included in any deal I would make sure I got back a better than average player. Walker and Stroman are two great future aces for your staff, and I can see Stroman having more future value than both hitters you’re trading.

          3. The issue I’m running into with asking for another player in return is them crackin my top 8(only keep 8). Assuming I get Springer/Betts it would look like this. Trout, Correa, Odor, Springer/Betts, Prince, Calhoun, Stromman and Walker. I just don’t see a player on his roster that can make Calhound expendable. It’s not that I even want to trade, really love my squad, but when 2-3 of the players I don’t keep will go inside the top 10 I think I need to take advantage of that.

          4. Gotcha. Didn’t know you only kept 8, and in that case a 3-1 makes sense (I try and do the same thing every year). Dozier/Davis/Rodon for Betts would be great, but all three for Springer is just as good. Of your 8 keepers, Calhoun is the most expendable (IMO) so if you had to substitute him for Dozier you’d still be good with Doz as your 8th (I’m assuming you use a MI slot). I can even see Dozier/Davis/Calhoun if you have a somewhat halfway decent option for an 8th guy (not thrilled with Rodon, but you could do worse). With Trout/Correa/Betts-Springer/Odor/Stroman/Walker, you’ve got 6 guys that will easily be on your team in 2017 and 2018 – maybe one more year with Prince provided he can do what he did last year. Your final two keepers should have some flexibility since odds are you’ll draft, pick up or trade for someone better to replace them anyway during the season.

          5. Thanks for the insight on my trade question I ended up getting Springer for only Davis and Dozier, he didn’t want Walker or Rodon so his loss. Follow up question though…now I’m sitting with three SP that I really like and feel that I should keep. Here’s the backround info on the league.

            The league we’re talking about is a 10 team AL only 5×5 std roto where we only keep 8 a year. Roster construction is

            3 Bench

            I’ve got 9 players that are potential keepers; Trout, Correa, Odor, Prince, Springer, Stroman, Rodon, Calhoun and Walker. The last two are #8 and #9 in my book. Would I be crazy to keep Walker over Calhoun? If all goes well I could have 3 SP that I can roll with week in and out never worrying. If I don’t keep Calhoun he immediately becomes a top 10 pick and may not make it to me at #9. Whereas with Walker I may be able to get him at #9 and if all goes well there’s a shot he could be there at #18, although a long shot. Thanks again. And whoever gets this tell Paul to stop trading away all his starters in “The Big Leagues”……. ;p)

          6. Like I said before, or I think it was you, you only keep 8 so as long as your top 6 are strong and potentially keeper worthy into 2017 you’ve got some flexibility in the final two. Of the final three I like Walker the best and think he can take that next step this year. I think the final choice is between Calhoun and Rodon. Rodon is the obvious long-term choice, but I can see a lot of growing pains this year that might make you regret keeping him. If you can see the same thing then drop him and let someone else deal with it. The odds are strong if he doesn’t produce he won’t be kept and you can scoop him back up next year – I’m assuming you got Walker in a similar fashion since I don’t think you’ve kept him for years. Calhoun isn’t the greatest outfielder, but he is a solid #3 behind Trout & Springer, and he makes a great place holder until something better comes along.

            As for Paul, there’s no stopping him once he starts trading.

  9. Im after Brendan Rogers but the crook that owns him wants either Urias, Giolito, AJ Reed, or Devers (Red Sox fan here, not happening). Would you trade any of those players for Rogers?

    1. You’re right to be skeptical.
      As much as I’d love to turn a SP prospect into a SS prospect, in this case I’m going to pass.
      He’s asking for the moon… I would too with Rodgers, but I wouldn’t pay it just yet. He’ll probably end up better than 1 or 2 of them… maybe even three, but right now his value isn’t as high. And.. with so much that can happen in one year’s development I couldn’t wager a guess to which one may slip below him.
      Hang tight for now. My only waver would be if you were loaded at 1B and really had no SS for the future. Then I’d be tempted to move Reed.

    2. I agree with Paul on not being able to do that trade.

      The only one I could consider doing is Reed. He is a top first base prospect now but he didn’t come with a top level prospect pedigree so last season could easily end up being a big boos from the hitter friendly Cal League.

      I don’t necessarily think that is the case but if you wanted to talk yourself into trading Reed for Rodgers I could see the understanding.

      In the end I think both Reed and Rodgers will have good major league careers, but I like taking the guy who is a lot closer to contributing at the major league level when they are as close as they are. There is a lot less that can go wrong between Reed now and being an MLB starter than there is for Rodgers.

      1. I really like both of those arms…but I will almost always trade a SP prospect for a hitting prospect.
        I’d definitely do Manaea and push come to shove I’d do Iglesias too. If you’re competing and have XB and Russell already, it’s definitely going to hurt you this year though and next. Manaea is an easy deal, but as good as he is, you’ll need to sweeten offer there.

  10. Hey Again Jim,

    I had some more trade developments and ideas to compare and contrast with you as well as the originals we had spoken about. I apologize if this double posts but I didn’t see my first one come up. It’s still 10 team points league with 7 keepers. Starts capped at 12/week, daily moves, OF/LF/CF/RF no CI or MI and just one Util. There is also a $5/year inflation if you decide to 3 year someone.

    New developments/ideas:

    Cutch $35 and Sale $17 for Donaldson $21 and Posey $20 (this is the one you and I both had previously liked)

    Cutch $35 for Wade Davis $1 and Betts $4 (or 9 if 3 year)

    Cutch $35 for Betts $4 (or 9 if 3 yr) and $1 Hosmer (I would then keep him at Util instead of $1 Ortiz since younger)

    Sale $17 for Frazier $1

    Sale $17 for Posey $20

    Sale $17 for Crush $20 (little scared just b/c of minus for Ks in points but still 3.2ppg last yr and multi eligible)

    Sale $17 and Salazar $7 for $21 Donaldson

    The ones I’m most between:

    The initial one of Cutch/Sale for Donaldson/Posey leaves me w $166 to draft

    Cutch for Wade Davis/Betts and then Sale for Frazier and maybe prospect consideration leaves me with $202 in the draft

    Cutch for Wade Davis/Betts and then Sale for Posey and prospect draft consideration leaves me with $180 in the draft.

    Thanks as always for the input!


    1. I think with some of the new offers the Donaldson/Posey for Cutch/Sale is off the table.

      I like the Cutch for Betts & either Davis or Hosmer. Undecided which second player though. You know best which is easier to get in your league between closers and CI/1B guys so use that and pick one. You can’t go wrong with either guy as your second player though. I’d be just happy with Betts, so the extra guy is a nice bonus.

      The Sale one is just as tough to decide on. I love Posey and Frazier is a man crush of mine. I lean towards Posey only because you have Rendon so 3B is technically covered. You don’t save as much, but you cut salary with the Cutch trade so not really a necessity here. I thought about the Sale/Salazar one, but in the end Frazier is not that far of a dropoff from Donaldson when thinking long term, and I like Frazier moving to Chicago hitting in front of Abreu – which makes me lean towards him over Posey. If this weren’t a points league I’d probably go Frazier, but it is so Posey it is for me.

  11. Yeah that’s sort of where my head was at also. I think I’m leaning Wade Davis bc a top closer is worth about a top 20-25 sp in my league… like I legit would need to keep him over Salazar at $7 b/c they should be worth about the same unless Salazar makes another leap. For example, Mark Melancon was worth about the same as Carlos Martinez last year and year before Aroldis Chapman was worth as much as a top 18 SP.

    I think I am also leaning Posey. Assuming health… he is generally good for 100 points more than the next catcher (unless maybe lucroy rebounds fully). Plus the guy who has Frazier would then start with Harper, Kershaw, Kluber, Sale… Part of me wants to block that from happening. Even if it does he won’t have much to spend though at least. It’s def tough between posey/frazier though- I agree. It’s either save the extra $19 or get a guy who gives you a big advantage at a shallow position. And $182 is still a lot of money in the draft if I do take the more expensive option.

    I also think guys like Beltre and Maikel Franco are going to be very cheap and I’ll be less inclined to take advantage of that if I have Rendon and Frazier already. I have a man crush on Franco. I think he’s going to be really good in a points league and I might get him for $1 as a bench guy to start. Beltre was also sneaky good last year in points… just obv old as dirt and I already have one of those in Ortiz.

    Last thing… do you take conservative approach and 1 year Betts for $4 or no reservation about three yearing him for $9 this year, $14 next, and $19 the last year?

    You’re the man, Jim!

    1. Tough call. I know the feeling of not wanting that team stacked with talent already to get another prized possession. And totally get not wanting Frazier when you could potentially get someone like Franco cheap. Still, you’re taking Posey away from him, and arms tend to break or falter more than bats. If the point total between Posey and Sale are close I’d do it.

      As for Betts, I would lock him up without hesitation.

      1. Last year’s points:

        Sale: 454
        Posey: 459
        Frazier: 454

        I think I’m gonna get him to give me Posey and swap picks in prospect draft so I pick 7th instead of 10th and have a better shot at Dansby Swanson, Rogers, or Arcia. I have Giolito and Stephenson on the farm but could use a bat down there too.

        Exciting stuff! I’m still trying to get into some other leagues too. I think I decided against the NFBC b/c I don’t like the no trade rule. Trying to get into some soft leagues too.


  12. Haha fair enough. I think I’m gonna get him to give me his 2 picks better prospect draft position the $3 difference too haha.

    One more dumb question. No reason to buy out Rendon for $3-$4 of that $11 right? Only way he’s bad again is if he gets hurt in which case I’ll buy him out next year for $4-5 instead. He was a top 8 player year before and I like him to rebound if he’s healthy but like I said- dumb question.

    I spend a lot of time in my head on the subway so it makes me doubt smart moves like that posey/sale trade, 3 yearing betts, or even keeping an $11 former MVP candidate.

    1. If you can wait a year to buy out Rendon I would. He was a top player coming into this year, but he has also only had one good year so better safe than sorry. He’ll still be worth the buyout next year if he produces at the same level as 2014.

  13. Love this site, boys. Thanks for the great content + advice.

    I’m deciding between the following keepers for my last keeper spot – rest are no-brainers. Note: Each team keeps up to 15 players, so early rounds are already pretty thin. And, round cost is forever.

    -Bruce @ 10th round
    -Longoria @ 13th round
    -Desmond @ 16th round

    If it’s close at all, not keeping any other 3B or RF. And, only other SS is JP Crawford @ 30th round value.

    Thanks for any input!

    1. I’d cross off Bruce narrowing things to Desmond, Longoria (possibly Crawford). I’m leaning towards Longoria. He’s isn’t a top 5 anymore, but he is a 6-10 guy similar to Seager who will give you reliable numbers. If you use a MI slot though I might be swayed to keep Desmond. His average “might” rebound, but if it doesn’t he should at least give you decent power and above average numbers for runs and RBIs. Neither player is a long term option though. Shortstop added some much needed youth last year and there are still a few more guys on the way which brings me back to Longoria, but also makes me consider Crawford who could be up by mid-season.

      If your team is built to win with the core of players you’ve assembled I’d go Longoria. If you have some good players who are young that may take a year or two to fully develop into what they could be I’d go with Crawford as he could be your future shortstop. I think the final answer will come down to how rookie happy your league mates are and if you think you can get Crawford back in the draft – Longoria will go quick to a 3B starved owner.

      1. Super solid feedback – thank you! I’m definitely keeping Crawford @ 30 (sorry, that was confusing – I wasn’t considering him at risk with the others)… this league is very skewed young, so a talent like that at a life-long 30th round is too valuable to pass up. Totally agree on Longoria vs Desmond. We do have a MI – so Desmond would have a leg up. I’ll likely try to swing a deal in the meantime to make the decision easier. Thanks again!

  14. I play in a 13 team dynasty league with 26 spots. I’m torn on about 5 or 6 players to hold or keep before my draft. I’m rolling with Singleton at 1b because I have AJ Reed waiting in the bench. I’ve got Kendrick at 2 B with Moncada on the bench. Maikel Franco at 3rd, Correa at SS, Tomas at CI, and a blank at the MI spot. My OF is Conforto, Polanco, Buxton, Castillo and Aaron Judge. I’ve got the Schwarbs at Churchill and Hunter Renfroe and Kepler for my last spots offensively. I know this is a lot to decipher through but I could really use some help on a few to let go that aren’t no brainers.

  15. I’m always interested in different rankings and I like your layout but I couldn’t help but notice some differences and I’m hoping you can help me understand. I was reviewing the outfielders for my upcoming draft and noticed that in your overall rankings that you had Cain (49) listed ahead of Brantley (52) and Jones (53) yet in the OF section they are Cain (13), Brantley (11), and Jones (12). I realize we’re talking about a small difference and that Will was added in the OF rankings (but his would have hurt Cain more actually) but this doesn’t make sense. Am I missing something or did you do each category separately? It just seems like they should all match up. Anyway, thanks for your time.

    1. There are a number of reasons for deviations like this, but there is one main one, and I’ll use Paul as an example. He ranked Cain 13, Jones 26 and Brantley 27. When moving all the players together for a top 200 list, there are not just 13-14 players separating Cain from Jones/Brantley, but another potential 30-40 from other positions. That is why you’ll see Cain on Paul’s list at 53 (somewhat in line with the rest of the group), but Jones and Brantley at 89 and 92.(far from the rest of the group).

      There is also the fact (as you pointed out already) that Will did not get his top 200 in so he was not included. He ranked Jones and Brantley 14 & 17, and Cain was ranked 25. Like with the example above, that 8-11 player difference between Cain and the other two might have move Cain down enough to where he would have appeared below both outfielders.

      Even if Will was included, you do get cases where one players higher or lower rank can affect their overall standings by a few spots. There is also the fact that OF ranks were done 5 weeks prior to the top 200 – even longer for the other positions, so if you see deviations like this from other positions, it is also possible someone (or several someones) adjusted their rankings and moved someone up or down a few based upon recent signings, team news, injury updates, etc..,

      While most players will follow along with the individual rankings, you do get cases like this throughout.

  16. Love this site! Thanks for the great advice!

    Please pick a side in a forever drafted round keeper league. Keep 8-15 players.

    I’d get:
    Springer (30th round cost)

    I’d give away:
    Odor (20th round cost)
    Salazar (27th round)

    I have the option to switch Odor for JP Crawford (30th round).

    Springer is most proven – and at amazing cost value, but can’t get away from Odor’s age (just turned 22) – and at an infield position. I also traded for Salazar at the half last year, really liking his upside – which has paid off so far.

    Thoughts? And, thanks!

    1. Knowing you can substitute Crawford for Odor makes this easier for me. I’d trade Salazar and Crawford for Springer. I like Salazar and his strikeout potential, but he ranks in the bottom half of the top 20 – some don’t even rank him in the top 20.

      Crawford could be a decent shortstop, but so many shortstops, or I should say middle infielders in general, struggle and fail to make an impact. Odor has already taken those first few steps, showed signs of improvement, and gotten a lot of those early growing pains out of the way. If Crawford is successful, it will probably take a few years of struggles to find out.

      Springer can and should be a top 10, borderline top 5 outfielder for years to come. Anytime you can take a pitcher who is not a top 10 guy and flip him for a potential elite bat, take it.

      The only way I don’t do this is if you are Really thin on pitching and outfield heavy. Even then, if you are full in the OF you could flip one of them for a starter ranked in the 20-30 range and be in good shape.

  17. Great article first of all. Im in a standard 12 team roto league with six keepers. Guys I know I’m keeping are Mike trout, corey seager, Kris Bryant, Justin Upton,. After that I am unsure of whether to take a chance on puig, or Carlos Gomez ( not usually big on loading up OF). My pitchers to pick from include strausburg, syndergaard or Chris Archer. Who would you keep given this situation

    1. You’re already keeping 2 outfielders, so why keep a questionable third when you’ve got three stud pitchers to choose from. I’d keep 2 pitchers. My choices would be Syndergaard and Strasburg, but they are so close in value and talent that you really can’t pick a wrong one so pick your two favorites

  18. Gents, big fan of the site. I’ve gotten great advice before, coming back for more! I’m trying to broaden my pitching in a deep, forever-cost keeper league, and am weighing the following:

    In order to get Archer, I’m contemplating the following:

    I give: Odor (20th round cost), and Longoria (13th round)
    I get: Archer (22nd round cost), and Dozier (11th round cost)

    Out of 15 keepers, I’m down to 2 pitchers – so adding a solid, young 3rd will leave me with much better chances to win. That said, I love Odor and he just turned 22, which is crazy. Hate to give him up. Longoria is more of a throw in at a nice round, but an expiring asset in a keeper league. Dozier is an ok replacement, but not as complete as Odor. Thoughts? Would you do it?

    1. I think the deal is a no brainer, as long as you have an adequate replacement at third base. You already know Archer’s value so no need to rehash that, and like you said Longoria’s time is expiring. I like Odor, but second base is deep in talent and every year 2-3 guys on waivers step up to be top 10 guys so it’s not hard to find a replacement if you need one. Dozier is horrid for batting average, but he delivers everywhere else, plus his draft cost is close to Longoria and he should produce better overall numbers than him.

      If you were trading away a young potentially top first or third base guy I’d say no, but Odor is replaceable.
      I wrote this up on the depth at second base, maybe you’ll find it useful in giving you that final push if you’re still hesitating.

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