Start and Sit: Week 14

Dance with the ones who brought you.” This is something a lot of fantasy people will say this time of the year.

I both agree and disagree with this statement. The basis behind the statement is to start your studs or the guys who were a big part of why you are in the playoffs. Some people will play the matchups and some people will play their studs. In different instances with different players both will be right and both will be wrong. I think in many cases you need to start your stud and not shy away from a bad matchup.

This week we have choices that might sit with us all off-season.

If it comes down to Julio Jones or Doug Baldwin, how would you feel if Baldwin put up 60 yards and Julio was himself and went for 120 yards and two touchdowns? What people need to remember is that these studs are, in fact, studs. They have the ability to overcome tough matchups. For the defenses Julio Jones is a tough matchup.

A lot of the decisions you will make will come down to can you stomach losing if stud player A goes off on your bench and you started player B who had a nice matchup.  As always, post any questions you may have in the comment section below or hit me up on twitter @TheSportsGuy40.



Russell Wilson at Ravens (75% started): Wilson has been on fire over the past three games. This week he gets a bad Baltimore secondary that he should again be able to torch. One thing that is worrisome about Wilson is his production has been very touchdown dependent. Only once, against Pittsburgh, has Wilson thrown for 300 yards in a game this season.

Ben Roethlisberger at Bengals (59% started): I must be missing something here with Big Ben. For yet another week he is not highly started. I don’t hold the last matchup with the Bengals against him; it was his first game back from injury. Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh offense should be able to continue rolling along. He has thrown for either 300 yards or three touchdowns in six of eight games. The only two he failed to do it was when he got hurt against St. Louis and his first game back against the Bengals.

Blake Bortles vs. Colts (% started): Bortles is in a nice matchup with the Colts who are typically thrown on with success. I think you can trust Bortles in what is a do or die week for many owners.


Drew Brees at Buccaneers (54% started): No Ingram might mean Brees throws more this week, but Brees has struggled outdoors all season. Brees has not reached 17 fantasy points outdoors once this season. For Brees, and the Saints offense, I am actually really buying into that split.

Matt Ryan at Panthers (19% started): It looks like a lot of owners have jumped off the bandwagon. For those still on it I would look elsewhere. There are a lot of quarterbacks that are lightly owned that I would trust over Ryan against Carolina, or against anyone, down the stretch run.

Philip Rivers at Chiefs (18% started): The pass catching options are disappearing every week. Rivers still has the talent, but you need more than one reliable piece in an offense to have success.

Digging Deep

Matt Stafford at Rams (30% started): Stafford is really having a good second half and the Rams defense is falling off big time.

For additional quarterback options, Tommy Landseadel covered streamer quarterback options earlier in the week which you can view Here.



T.J. Yeldon vs. Colts (70% started): Last week they finally gave him goal line carries, and as crazy as it sounds, he converted! It seems crazy that giving the ball to your best running back at the goal line might result in a score. The Steelers just ran for 146 yards last week against the Colts and I expect something similar this week, as long as Jacksonville sticks to running the ball.

Shaun Draughn at Browns (62% started): This has nothing to do with talent; it is all about the opportunity for Draughn. Draughn never comes off the field and is about as close to a lock as anyone in the league for 15 touches per game. The Browns don’t have a great defense and Draughn could really do some damage against the Browns.

Giovani Bernard vs. Steelers (41% started): He has had some letdown weeks recently and it could be hard to bank on him in the playoffs now that Hill has had a few nice weeks. I think the Bengals will need to keep the tempo up and Bernard should see the field a lot in what I think will be a very offense driven game for both teams.


Todd Gurley vs. Lions (86% started): When it comes to ability Gurley might be one of the top three backs in the NFL. There are so many things going against Gurley that it is too hard to count on him. There aren’t a lot of great running back options this week and Gurley’s upside might make it worth a start if you don’t have great alternatives. I would have a hard time sitting him in the playoffs, but I think it might be the right call.

Charcandrick West vs. Chargers (63% started): The backfield split isn’t something I want to mess with. West struggled before getting injured the last time these two teams played and Spencer Ware came in and ran very well. That is just another thing that makes me worried about West getting a lot of work this week

Frank Gore at Jaguars (59% started): No 100-yard games this year and he only has a total of 103 yards in the last three games on 46 carries for a whopping 2.2 yards per carry. The Jaguars have been one of the best teams at defending the run, in terms of yards per carry, in the NFL this year.

Digging Deep

Ronnie Hillman/Juwan Thompson vs. Raiders: I don’t see C.J. Anderson suiting up this week. If Hillman plays he is a good option, and if Hillman is out Thompson might be a top-15 play. I wouldn’t start Thompson if Hillman is active.

Ryan Mathews vs. Bills (4% started): He is looking good to go this week and I think he will lead the team in touches this week. I don’t think he will be a workhorse in terms of getting 20 touches, but Mathews has the ability to put up some good numbers with limited touches in this offense.



Danny Amendola at Texans (63% started): He is the only really reliable target for Brady until Gronkowsi returns. Fire him up as a second receiver.

Doug Baldwin at Ravens (55% started): Like his quarterback he has been on fire over the last couple of games. I like Baldwin as a top-20 receiver this week in a nice matchup. Many people might be thinking it, but no I am not starting Baldwin over Julio Jones.

Martavis Bryant at Bengals (76% Started): High upside in one of the best offenses in football right now. For Bryant not being the best receiver on his team is a big benefit as teams will roll coverage away from him a lot of times and leave him in some juicy one-on-one matchups.


Amari Cooper at Broncos (57% started): I hate this matchup and no matter what happens he is going to get tough coverage. Last time these two teams played he only had four catches for 47 yards.

Michael Crabtree at Broncos (56% started): His yardage numbers haven’t been great lately, and again I hate this matchup. I would be looking elsewhere if I had either Oakland receiver.

Jeremy Maclin vs. Chargers (65% started): I don’t think the Chiefs are put in a position where they have to pass a lot. I don’t see the Chiefs airing it out a lot this week and that will hurt Maclin’s numbers.

Digging Deep

Vincent Jackson vs. Saints (26% started): It is all about the matchup. I don’t know how much work he will get because of how much the Buccaneers typically pass the ball, but the Saints defense is so bad I am willing to play anyone against them if I am in a pinch.

Allen Hurns vs. Colts (26% started): Because of the ability for any Jacksonville game to turn into a shootout I like Hurns. Julius Thomas is taking targets away, but I still like him in a nice matchup.

DeVante Parker vs. Giants (17% started): With the starting role looking like it is his to lose, I like Parker a lot this week. The Giants defense is far from good and Parker has big play upside.

Tyler Lockett at Ravens (8% started): I am on Wilson and Baldwin so why not add Lockett to that list. I don’t have nearly as much confidence in Lockett, but I like the upside if you need a flier at your Flex position.



Gary Barnidge vs. 49ers (61% started): He gets a nice matchup and he has been a top-level tight end all season. This is an easy recommendation.

Julius Thomas vs. Colts (60% started): Only 15 yards last week but he found the endzone again. As surprising as it is, the Jaguars are a high-flying offense, specifically the passing attack, and Thomas can be a big part of that in any given week.

Scott Chandler at Texans (59% started): it might be tough to start him because of the uncertainty, but he has as good of a chance to score as any tight end in the league right now.


Rob Gronkowski at Texans (5% started): I am putting this here to enforce the fact that I don’t think he plays this week. If you have a good tight end option playing early on Sunday then play them. If you don’t, grab Will Tye and wait it out. Personally in leagues that I have Gronk I am rolling with Jordan Reed and Delanie Walker because I can’t take the chance to get a 0 if he doesn’t play.

Richard Rodgers vs. Cowboys (36% started): A lot of people might jump to play Rodgers after last week. That was the first time all season Rodgers had more than 45 yards in a game. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think he catches a hail mary again this week

Antonio Gates at Chiefs (50% started): This is a bad matchup and the Chargers offense is struggling of late.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins vs. Saints (24% started): He played limited snaps last week but he got six targets.


I again refer you to Tommy Landseadel’s article on streamer options for weeks 14 and 15 which you can read Here.  Most of the better options for week 14 are probably rostered, and if that is the case you might want to grab the best week 15 defensive unit off waivers now.


Fantasy Rundown BannerNeed more start/sit options, position battles, injury news, waiver wire pick-ups, etc.., head on over to Fantasy Rundown.

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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

8 thoughts on “Start and Sit: Week 14”

  1. Howdy Andy. Great stuff, I really enjoy both your articles and insight. I would appreciate it if you would weigh in on my TE dilemma; Barnidge, who has to be one of fantasy’s biggest surprises, Delanie Walker or Tyler Eifert. Eifert has an intriguing tilt against a Steeler squad that has struggled to contain opposing TEs.
    Happy holidays!

    1. Wow a lot of good options there. I like Walker the most. He has the best floor/ceiling combination. He gets peppered with targets every week and is actually leading all tight ends in receptions this season. The touchdown chance isn’t as high with Walker as it is with Eifert though.

      Eifert might blow up but he is very touchdown dependent, Eifert only has 3 games all season with more than 55 yards. I don’t necessarily take a ton into account when factoring in tight end matchups, for example Eifert has a great one this week in Pittsburgh but I wouldnt really factor that into my decision.

      When it comes to Barnidge, normally I would be starting him this week but with a less than stellar passing quarterback back there in Manziel I would go with either of the other two options.

      In the end I feel a lot more confident going with Walker’s 80 yards with a chance at a touchdown than Eifert’s 35 with a touchdown. I can’t fault you if you want to go with Eiferts 2 or 3 touchdown upside, but I would roll with Walker.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying things here! Hope to see you back again next week after a win! Happy holidays to you too.

  2. Hey Andy,

    I’m guessing you may have missed my last comments on the QB streamer article…

    I was wondering if it is crazy to pickup the Lions/Dolphins/Redskins/Vikings/Steelers/Falcons/Colts DST for Ware? I like your point about not starting Ware over my other backs. This would give me depth at the one position I am struggling with and I can stash Rams DST for Championship week (week 17 for me). I could hold and wait till next week to make moves to see if something happens to West before dropping Ware…After further analysis, this week is not a must win for me.. .i’ll make the playoffs either way… so I guess i’m looking ahead for pickups for weeks 15 through 17.

    Thank you!

    1. Ya I guess I did. We had a little issue with some technical stuff here Friday so if you posted while that was going then that could be why I never got a notification email. I like the Lions the most out of that group as a streamer, I am personally rolling with them in the three leagues I have a game in this week.

      It is between Yeldon and Hurns for me. I think I would go with Yeldon. I like the fact that they finally gave him goal line carries and he converted on one.

      For weeks 15-17 I know the Buccaneers get the Rams next week so I like that defense. If you grab the Lions and can somehow hang on to them they get the 49ers in week 16.

      If you want to take a chance on the Eagles situation it now looks like Sproles is the lead back according to a report. If you want to grab him and see how it plays out you could do that.

      The report is coming from a high level NFL reporter, but he does tend to be wrong/leak a lot of reports that someone else refutes not long after and the other person ends up being right. Essentially you could take it with a grain of salt unless someone else jumps in and reports the same thing.

      1. Thanks Andy. I am rolling with Yeldon then. Unfortunately both Tampa Bay’s DST and Sproles are unavailable in my league. It doesn’t sound like dropping Ware for anyone else this week is too urgent tho… I could stash the Lions for week 16..and then either start them vs NO or Rams vs TB week 15. The only other option for week 15 I see available is Miami vs SD. So I guess would you stash lions or Miami now or stay put with Ware…Thank you.

  3. So, with a decent dollar figure awaiting a win in the first round this week… I’m agonizing over starting Aaron Rodgers….OR, Tyrod Taylor and his far more palatable tilt.

    Many thanks!!!

    1. So sorry I didn’t get to this earlier in the day. I had something unexpected come up that kept me out of the house most of the day. I would have went with Rodgers if it means anything to you now.

      For future reference, when it comes to Sunday morning questions that you need a quick answer to ask me on Twitter and I am more likely to get back to you in a hurry no matter where I am. I have trouble answering comment questions in here from my phone.

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