Start and Sit Week 11

It is the last time this season we will have to deal with the dreaded bye week.

I would assume if you are no longer in your playoff race that you probably aren’t reading this, but if you are out of the playoffs or essentially eliminated, don’t give up.  Be the team that plays spoiler in your league and beats a team fighting for a playoff spot. Many of us play fantasy with our friends, and there is nothing better than being the one who pulls off an upset in the final few weeks of the season – well, I mean winning a championship is pretty nice too.

As always if you have any direct start player A or player B questions you can ask me on Twitter @TheSportsGuy40 or in the comment section below and I will try to help you figure out the best option.



Carson Palmer vs. Bengals (70% started): Palmer showed last week against the Seahawks that he is pretty much matchup proof. I see this game turning into a shootout as well. Even if Palmer is down a receiver he can make things happen for fantasy.

Philip Rivers vs. Chiefs (55% started): Rivers is missing some of his top options in the passing game, but I still think he has a solid game against the Chiefs. The running game is poor (at best), and the Chargers are forced to throw the ball game in and game out. When this one ends I would be more surprised if Rivers has under 30 attempts than if he had more than 50.

Tony Romo at Dolphins (30% started): He is back, finally. Romo has been throwing for weeks and some reports have said he could have returned sooner if allowed. I am not worried about rust with Romo; that doesn’t mean I expect him to step on the field and immediately return to what he was before his injury, but with some nice quarterbacks on bye Romo is an easy top-10 option for me this week. 


Matt Ryan vs. Colts (47% started): Ryan keeps underwhelming with what he is doing on the field, although he has been able to turn out some decent fantasy games. I don’t like the way that his play is trending and I think the Falcons lean on the run against the Colts.

Andy Dalton at Cardinals (62% started): I am not worried about his rest of season value after one game. This is more of a feeling about the Cardinals defense getting after him and forcing a few turnovers.

Russell Wilson vs. 49ers (48% started): Wilson hasn’t put up great numbers this season. If you want a low ceiling with an OK floor Wilson is your guy. For me, I want a guy who has a good chance for 300 yards and two touchdowns and Wilson provides very little chance for that. He didn’t do much in his first meeting with the 49ers and I would expect the same this week.

Digging Deep

Mark Sanchez vs. Buccaneers (4% started): I think he can have a decent fantasy day based on opportunities in the offense. It will be ugly, and if you start him I don’t recommend watching the game – it might drive you insane when he misses wide open receivers.



Giovani Bernard at Cardinals (62% started): This feels like a formula for Bernard to thrive. The Bengals want to bounce back this week and they don’t have time to try and get Jeremy Hill going in the running game early against a great Cardinals team. Bernard should get nice usage in both the run and pass game.

Danny Woodhead vs. Chiefs (53% started): Woodhead’s usage should go up with Malcom Floyd’s injury. He may not be used out of the backfield as much, but he should see an increase in snaps and touches. He will keep going underrated and put up a nice 80-90 total yards statline with a chance to get into the endzone.

Jeremy Langford vs. Broncos (73% started): At this point his workload is big enough that he is startable in every game until Matt Forte returns.


Jeremy Hill at Cardinals (40% started): Pretty much every week he is eligible he is a sit for me. He hasn’t done anything in weeks, and if people didn’t invest an early round pick on him he would have been dropped in a lot of leagues by now. Keep Hill owned for sure, but I have a hard time believing he turns his season around against Arizona.

Chris Johnson vs. Bengals (62% started): Johnson’s yards per carry have really fallen over the past few weeks, and Andre Ellington will continue to get more work in the offense. Johnson is 30 and his age might start catching up to him as the season progresses.

James Starks at Vikings (49% started): The Vikings are good against the run and Eddie Lacy will be back this week. Starks was underwhelming when he had the backfield to himself last week.

Digging Deep

Melvin Gordon vs. Chiefs (27% started): I like him as a pure volume play. I think he is a flex worthy start, but there are a lot of receivers I would start over him. If you are desperate he is a really nice option.

C.J. Anderson at Bears (26% started): I think he fits the offense better and the Broncos should be running more this week.



Danny Amendola vs. Bills (60% started): His targets should increase, up to about 10, and 10 targets coming from Tom Brady in that offense is worth a start every week. Don’t expect him to be Julian Edelman though; they aren’t the same player.

T.Y. Hilton at Falcons (56% started): No Andrew Luck this week, and that could be a cause for concern, but the Falcons got beat by Blaine Gabbert last time they played. Hilton has not impressed that much this season, but he is still start worthy.

Stevie Johnson vs. Chiefs (48% started): He should get a lot of targets against a team that I think has a bad pass defense, even though the stats have shown an improved defense over the past few weeks. Johnson should be one of the primary targets in an offense that throws early and often.


Emmanuel Sanders at Bears (59% started): He gets more and more dinged up every week it seems. Now he is without his starting quarterback, although some can make an argument that is a good thing. 

Jordan Matthews vs. Buccaneers (55% started): I am not buying into the “Jordan Matthews will be good with Mark Sanchez” hype. This isn’t the same offense it was last year and Matthews still isn’t able to be the number one target in an NFL passing offense.

A.J. Green at Cardinals (96% started): Can you sit him? Probably not? Should you? Maybe. Green will most likely see a lot of Patrick Peterson this week and could be limited. He hasn’t had many big games this season. The Bengals have a lot of weapons, it isn’t just the A.J. Green show like in previous seasons.

Digging Deep

Tedd Ginn vs. Redskins (14% started): If only he could catch. Ginn has had some decent numbers this year, but if he had better hands he might have top-30 type fantasy points. Take a chance that he puts glue on his gloves and he can catch something.

Dontrelle Inman vs. Chiefs (2% started): Should be starting for the Chargers this week as the second receiver.



Jordan Reed at Panthers (60% started): He is a start for me every week – even if you have Rob Gronkowski Reed could be a viable flex play.

Antonio Gates vs. Chiefs 50(% started): He hasn’t had a great career against Kansas City but I think you have to go with the talent and opportunity this week. Like Johnson, he benefits from San Diego’s lack of viable receiving options.

Eric Ebron vs. Raiders (25% started): The Raiders can’t defend the tight end and Ebron has played well in a majority of his games this season. He could have a huge game.


Jimmy Graham vs. 49ers (73% started): Just a name. If he wasn’t Jimmy Graham he would have been dropped in a lot of leagues and possible left on the waiver wire. He has only had three games all season where you were happy to start him based on the outcome.

Martellus Bennett vs. Broncos (68% started): He might be getting passed up in the tight end depth chart. He wasn’t doing a lot over the past few weeks and he is now potentially losing snaps.

Richard Rodgers at Vikings (32% started): Another guy who had production taken away from him by a second string tight end. Rodgers is a touchdown hope and that is it.

Digging Deep

Coby Fleener at Falcons (20% started): A new offensive coordinator who likes using the tight end and a backup quarterback for the Colts. I think the Colts draw up a lot of safer throws to the tight ends in this game to keep Matt Hasselbeck out of trouble.



Houston Texans vs. Jets (46% owned): The defense is starting to come alive and Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t afraid to force throws.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Colts (42% owned): I think they can get after the quarterback and force him into a couple bad throws and possible interceptions.

Kansas City Chiefs at Chargers (40% owned): They can get sacks and that could lead to some hurried throws by Rivers who has been known to have some turnover heavy games in his career.


Buffalo Bills at Patriots (77% owned): Nothing really needs to be said here, right?

Minnesota Vikings vs. Packers (52% owned): I have a hard time starting a defense against Aaron Rodgers even if he is struggling. At any point the Packers can put up 40 points and not turn it over.

Cincinnati Bengals at Cardinals (57% owned): I think the Bengals defense is overrated and the Cardinals have a great offense. I see this one turning into a high scoring game.



Connor Barth at Eagles (13% owned): He had his first non double-digit game last week. I shouldn’t have recommended him once I realized they were calling for high winds. Plug Barth back into your lineups this week against the Eagles.

Chandler Catanzaro vs. Bengals (42% owned): He gets multiple field goal attempts just about every week.


Dan Carpenter at Patriots (23% started): There aren’t a lot of kickers that I would completely avoid this week. However, I will stick with my don’t start a kicker against the Patriots.



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8 thoughts on “Start and Sit Week 11”

  1. I had Yeldon and Hurns already play this week for unfortunately a combined 8pts so i’m looking for the best flex to play. Who would u start out of Inman, Givens, and Ajayi? And which one has the highest ceiling this week? I’m debating if i need to start the boom or bust player due to a tough match up and only having 8pts from 2 players. Thanks!

      1. He is available. Would u pick him up and drop Givens? I know these can be inaccurate, but Jackson is projected to score 7pts while the others are less (Inman 6 and Givens 5.) Start Jackson over Inman? Tough call. Who has the higher ceiling/better match up?

        1. I would start Inman just because I trust him and his offense more. The Buccaneers are going to throw around 25 times a game where the Chargers are going to throw 35 plus times more often than not.

          Jackson has nice bench and stash upside for the future but I wouldnt start him. I would rather have him than Givens though.

      2. The more I read about Jackson…the less attractive he is. Tough call. I may even keep Givens as Flacco usually turns it on late in the year making Givens more valuable than Jackson. Tough call. Thoughts?

      3. Freeman out for the game. I’m glad I still have coleman… But wow. Traded Marshall and Forsett for him. I can’t catch a break with these injuries. Hope u have coleman ;).

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